Ecobirth: Episode 3

Jen calmly cut small fronds off the bush she was trimming. Her full name was Jennifer, but much like Cal, only went by Jen most of the time, and just like him, that term crossed over into Alenkas as well.

She was an arctic wolf, one of the few for the Alenkans. Although it wasn’t as if many of the animals chosen by the original team of thirty crossed over into many. It was a miracle that there were two horses, although there were several dogs, wolves, and foxes. And cats. Most of the more basic household animals seemed to have been chosen more.

She lived on the outskirts of the south side of Alenkas, far away from the Influxxers and even many of the other Alenkans. In fact, there was even a barrier that prevented the Influxxers from going any further than the river, a kind of invisible wall that was extremely prevalent in three dimensional games.

What that all meant was that Jen was mostly alone all day, alone with her plants. It was for the best, in her thoughts, as she had been the closest to falling into the sexual trap that was Alenkas. Her body had demanded more and more with each heat that had fallen for her, to the point it was near impossible to satiate it.

Then the heats had stopped once the IDM had been found. But that didn’t mean the feelings stopped. Worried not just for her own safety but for many others, she had taken over one of the warehouses, a small one, on the far side of Alenkas. She hoped that by limiting any human interaction to basically none, it would allow her body to reorient itself more to her current mind.

It had worked, to a degree. Her libido was still uncomfortably high, but at least she was sane enough now that she could concentrate on other things. Things like gardening, which was rather surprising that it worked at all. Simon had told her the chance of anything growing was slim to none, as Alenkas wasn’t built with that kind of long-term growth in mind.

And yet, Jen smiled as she plucked off another bit of new growth off her blueberry bush, it worked just fine. Just as it did out in the real world. Hell, it actually worked better here, as she didn’t have to worry about temperature specific species. She knew that not all plants were created equal, and yet here were blueberries growing next to bananas growing next to cacti!

Unfortunately, her plan to limit human interaction to none didn’t work. When her best friend Mia had been taken by gangbangers, Jen had volunteered to try to keep the closest thing to her husband, George, company. For normal Alenkans, that meant a lot of sex, but Jen knew better. There was a bond between George and Mia that she didn’t want to get between, so instead she just let the bear talk it out…with only a bit of sex, because Alenkas.

However, when the four that were taken were granted their freedom, there was one other that had been affected nearly as badly as she’d been. New to Alenkas, the horse Surana had originally lived with Emma and Kevin, due to Kevin having lived on a farm years and years ago.

Despite Kevin’s best attempts, Surana wasn’t doing any better. She was always quiet around everyone, and barely opened up to anyone. With that in mind, Emma asked Jen if the arctic wolf had minded if Surana moved to her place, as maybe the monotony and quiet of the outskirts would do the horse some good. Jen agreed, as long as Surana agreed. She did.

Most days though they barely saw each other. Jen had the side of the warehouse closest to Alenkas, full of fruits and veggies that made up most of her diet. Surana had the other side, and was more of the beautiful fields of flowers that everyone would expect from a wild world. Jen didn’t disagree either; it was fascinating to watch the flowers bloom open in the early morning sun.

Jen didn’t try to push Surana, and in turn the horse didn’t try to open up unnecessarily. She was making progress though, Jen knew. Some people just needed a lot of peace and quiet to adjust to a radically different situation. And there was little that could be compared to ‘practically dying and being reborn in a virtual world’.

“Hello Jen,” the arctic wolf heard a deep voice next to her field. She rolled her eyes, knowing that George was only trying to scare her. He was a brown bear, giant for most people in Alenkas, with a large X scar on his chest. She had figured out early on that he had put that there himself during character creation.

“Hey George. Hold on a sec,” she said absentmindedly as she trimmed another twig off. She was almost done, and George seemed to recognize that as he merely stayed quiet, waiting for the wolf to finish. It took another five minutes, but finish she did. “Sorry about that. What’s up? You don’t usually come out this far.”

“Ah. Emma has a plan. I assume she spoke to you about financial issues?” George asked quietly. He hid the worry marks easy enough with his fur, but Jen could still tell solely by tone of voice. Despite having much interaction, she was actually getting better at reading people.

“Yeah, she told me. Something about only having enough money to get by for two months, and that’s only if people start eating one meal a day and go hungry most of the other times?”

“Yes. I want to ask your opinion on something.”

“Go for it.”

“I’m thinking about starting a fighting arena.”

Jen stopped and stared for a moment. The bear was a gentle giant, but she heard what he had done to those that had taken Mia. He was a force of nature when he wanted to be, and Jen had no doubt that he could seriously put some damage on people if he wanted to. “Alright…what would it entail.”

“Think professional boxing, only with more animals,” George said. Jen nodded. It would make sense; they’d make money off entrants, off of people getting tickets, hell, even betting if he wanted to go that route. The problem was that George wasn’t an accountant, or anyone with any actual financial experience. He was a visual designer of all things.

“Could work. Would you do betting or anything?” Jen asked.

George shook his head. “No. I have no experience with that kind of calculation. I can design signs and model, create animations easy enough. But math is…beyond my ability. I was never too good at it. Good enough to get by. What were you planning on doing for food shortage?”

Jen gave him a look, and motioned to the plants around her. “Really?” she asked quietly. George gave a soft chuckle before changing it to a booming laugh. Jen laughed with him for a short time before refocusing. “Sometimes people have forgotten the most basic of basics. If you have a food shortage or can’t buy food…just grow your own. It’s easy for the most part, the hardest part is the upkeep. And even then, if you only have a few, it’s less than a day. Hell, less than a few hours if you keep it up regularly.”

“To be honest, I had not thought of that. Why have you not informed the others?”

“Mostly because I know what their comments would be,” Jen shrugged, bending down to a basket. She pulled a large cucumber, a bit smaller than one would find at a grocery store somewhere. “I think Surana and I calculated it out to be somewhere in the lines of hundreds, if not thousands, if we manage to grow our own. Ancient humans did it, and we have a lot less people to feed than they did.”

“I do not think that others would want to care for plants all day, every day. Some would be fine with it, certainly, but not many others.”

“There are other things that you can do with homegrown food,” she continued. She waved up the cucumber, and gently flicked its tip, as if gauging it for something. Finding it satisfactory, she spread her legs a bit and moved the vegetable downwards, aiming for her core. “Like this. Want to watch?” Jen asked with a horny smirk. She lifted up her tail and waved her ass at the bear, showing off her pussy and ass.

George sent her a look. “I would, but Mia is expecting me back soon. I will let her know,” he said, stomping off the usual George fashion -which wasn’t stomping, it was actually him trying to be quiet, but to be fair he was a bear- while Jen shrugged. It didn’t matter to her if she had an audience or not. To be honest, she was expecting him to join in.

She looked at the cucumber in her hands. “Well then friend, I guess it’ll just be you and me,” she said aloud, sitting on the ground, not caring if her bare ass was against the dirt. She spread her legs quickly, resting each foot against some other bush. She laid back, relaxing gently as she let the makeshift toy spread her pussy lips.

Usually, if she’d had an audience, she would wait and tease herself a bit. But to be fair, she knew exactly how wet she was at almost all times of the day, to the point where if she got any wetter -which was unfortunately often enough- she’d start to drip pussy juice. She didn’t just jam it in though; that would just be asking for trouble.

Instead she parted herself, and slowly slipped it in, skipping most of her own teasing phase. It was cold, far colder than her insides were. She shivered quietly as she felt it inside her, trying hard not to clench too hard around it. As she relaxed, the cold slowly became warm, and soon she was just left with a hard penetration inside of her.

Slowly, in and out, she rocked it. She breathed out and tried to relax every time she got to the cold part, before it slipped outside again. She could feel herself starting to tense up, lost in the pleasures of the flesh and her pussy. Faster and faster, she rocked it, spreading herself more and more deeper inside, letting the coolness of it spread further and further inside.

Her breath hitched as she hit a spot inside of her, at the perfect height and depth. She wasn’t aiming for as deep as she could go -although if she’d had her audience she probably would have- but kept going for that spot, over and over. Pleasure flushed into her brain and body, her hands and arms barely capable of enough thought to keep up the pace and pressure.

She grit her teeth and she felt herself almost at the edge. Her breathing was hitching with every breath, every time she pushed it deeper inside her. Half her mind was focusing solely on the pleasure, feeling it slowly overtake her senses, while her other half was focused on maintaining the same speed, or going faster.

Finally, she reached that peak, that edge that she so hoped for. She moaned loudly, letting it echo into the empty air around the warehouse. She felt her pussy clench tightly on the veggie inside her, but only in the back of her mind as most of it was focused solely on her orgasm.

She wasn’t sure how long it lasted. But she knew it lasted quite a while, at least in her pleasure-drained head. She relaxed into the bushes, her legs splayed lewdly with the cucumber still hanging out of her pussy, as she attempted to reel in and breath normally again. “Oh fuck I needed that,” Jen moaned out loud. Every movement sent pleasure shocks surging through her body as it moved the improvisational dildo.

“I can tell, I heard it from the other side,” Surana said as she came up from behind her. The horse peered over the bushes. “Feel better?” she asked with a smirk. Jen nodded plainly, her legs still refusing to move.

With a groan, Jen reached down to move the cucumber out of her, gripping it with an ease and gently pulling it out. It was covered with her pussy juice, as she knew it would be. At first, so long ago, she’d been hesitant to even acknowledge it, but now…now she’d thought it was merely an acquired taste, one that she had in droves.

“Come on, we’ll split this one,” Jen said, waving the wet veggie around. Surana rolled her eyes, before acquiescing and following the arctic wolf into the warehouse. She didn’t like to admit it, but privately, she thought that Jen’s pussy juice was also an acquired taste. One that she didn’t have just yet.