EcoBirth: Episode 1

Emma was an accountant. When she worked at NuVO, before the whole Alenkas tragedy, she was on the payroll crew. In other words, she made sure that everyone else had the money that they were supposed to have, and occasionally had to work with the government to make sure everyone had paid their taxes properly.

It was a difficult job that she was glad she didn’t have to do it all alone. But what that all meant is that if there was one thing she was good with, it was numbers. She didn’t show it often, especially in Alenkas -where the genius of Sam and Simon showed up more than anything- but she, too, knew how to problem solve.

Problem; A lot of the Influxxers had been complaining about the lack of ability to actually buy anything, or if they wanted clothes, or food, or whatever, it was practically impossible. Alenkas actually had a fully functioning money supply, and all of the original thirty had bank accounts set up that had still a considerable sum from when they were acting as testers. Alex had told her later that the original amounts put in were automatic. It didn’t help that it meant they couldn’t buy food easily, and going without food in Alenkas was a lot like going without food in the outside world.

When Simon flipped the switch to open Alenkas, it also activated the other part of that code, which stopped the automatic increases to their account. She had guessed it had to do with the fact that Alenkas would, by that time, be fully self-functioning and self-containing. Except that didn’t happen.

She had been informed via auto mail that Alenkas did have full-on credit card functionality now…but that was only useful for the Influxxers, as none of the Alenkans could access the outside internet to actually pay their bills.

As such, since the three weeks or so since the aftermath of the gang wars stopped, a lot more of the Influxxers have started to take on clothes, and generally started buying things around the city. It was almost impossible for a new person to tell an Influxxer and an Alenkan now, something that Emma was actually glad for; it meant less people recognized them on sight. Although most of the girls still were nude most of the time.

But what all that meant is that the ones that got screwed over were the Alenkans. Half of them were starting to skip meals because they couldn’t afford them, and there was no way for them to replenish their quickly diminishing money supply.

Emma had come to the Tree that day to show what she thought was a decent plan. And coming from an accountant with plenty of experience in coming up with estimations, her word was pretty damn good. The door was closed, as it had been the last couple of weeks so that Haley and Abby would get acclimated.

Last she’d heard, the two were actually doing well, and Haley was doing better than Abby was in many of the computer aspects that they were being trained in. It didn’t hurt either that the kitten was learning in an accelerated rate; she’d already gone up to Algebra 2 by the current system. Next step was Pre-calculus.

Haley wasn’t even thirteen yet.

Emma knocked loudly on the door, attracting the attention of some of the onlookers. They blatantly stared at her naked body as she showed it proudly, before having the usual compulsion of not paying attention to things that weren’t their business.

“Hey, uh…Miss, you know that that library hasn’t been open for weeks right? The owners closed it off for some reason or another,” a kind bull, obviously male by the way his chest was ripped right in front of her, told her.

Emma shrugged. “I know. But I also know the people in there, and it’s not like we don’t have an emergency going on!” she yelled the last part, trying to get Simon or Sam’s attention. The bull shrugged, before moving on to…wherever he was going. Emma didn’t care, and wasn’t paying much attention.

The door opened slowly, the visage of an orange male cat, his eyes dark with sleeplessness. “What. Oh, hey Emma,” Cal said quietly. Emma growled at him, pushing him aside as she welcomed her way in.

“What’s with you guys? Why has the Tree been closed for the last couple of weeks? And uh…you look horrible. Something happen?” she asked, sitting down in one of the chairs that had been strewn about. Most of the Tree looked like the same as it always had; a sea of paper and desks scattered about as if some designer has used far too much copy and paste.

Which, knowing Alenkas, was actually a possibility.

Emma had always felt comfortable with Cal. His real name was Calvin, but for some reason he’d always called himself Cal, to the point that it eventually had just stuck and everyone knew him by that instead. He was gay, and proudly acknowledged that, which meant to Emma that she didn’t have to even think about trying to control him via sex -as she’d done to many of the Influxxers so far- which was a breath of fresh air to her.

“Yeah…I don’t know if anybody’s told you. Tree’s been hell for a while. For one, Haley’s homesick badly right now, and while she knew her choice was permanent it’s one thing to know that and another to fully realize that. Abby’s even worse, because the only two that she’ll even talk to are Sam and Haley.”

Emma blinked. “Ah. Yeah that’d be bad. How come it’s closed then though? Might be helpful for them if they have more opportunities to talk with others.”

Cal groaned. “Because there’s been a lot of crying going on, and when we had it open when it first started… hoo boy did we get a lot of concerns,” he rolled his eyes. “Of course, Haley likes to curl up with me to sleep, which makes Abby jealous, so then Haley goes to her, and Sam and Simon are just watching this…and each time she gets up, it wakes me up…”

“That can’t be easy.”

“It’s easy enough. Just hard to get to sleep when they start giggling about something.”

Emma stared.

Cal shrugged. “I don’t even know, I’m tired as shit. I’m pretty sure I only got like two hours of sleep the last three days combined. And it doesn’t help that I’m between Haley and Abby, and Simon and Sam. So when those two start going at each other like rabbits, well…so what’s the emergency?”

Emma blinked. “Right. Uh, have you been hearing about what’s going on with everyone else? Specifically that most of us can only get about one meal a day, and even then if we keep going at it like that we’ll run out in only two months?” she asked.

Cal stared at her in surprise. “Wait, what? We’re still eating fine here, but that’s probably because we have more people…I didn’t realize the problem was that bad already.”

Emma nodded, “It’s bad. So I’m trying to stem the bleeding as best I can until we’re back on our feet. I brought a few ideas-” she said, grabbing the folder that she’d held for a long while, handing it over to Cal, “of ways for us to try to get an income. NuVO isn’t helping?”

“Not that I’ve heard. I’ll ask Simon though…what makes you think it’s going to work? I mean, I see that you’re trying to start a brothel -still? I thought you did that ages ago- but…what makes you think it’s gonna work?” He ignored the glare from her from his side comment.

“Because it will. Alenkas has coin money, it’s just rare. I checked with a few of the banks, people can load money into their accounts using the outside credit cards and have it come in as coin form.”

Cal raised an eyebrow, “I didn’t realize Alenkas used coins.”

“I did say it was rare.”

“No kidding then. Then you’re thought is to…what, exactly?”

Emma rolled her eyes, “We’ll charge using the coins. Because NuVO isn’t helping us actually use accounts for anything specfic, we have to make our own. They’ll take coins, as will the NPC stores, unmanned as they are.”

“Makes sense, and I get that,” Cal started, sitting down in a chair opposite to her, “but what makes you think people are going to go for this? What’s your business plan?”

Emma smirked at him. “You haven’t heard because it was only yesterday, but we tested it yesterday, Kevin, Ethan and myself. We basically did a small live porn show. One of us took the coins, and we had taken over one of the houses on the northwestern side. Sold out of room within hours.”

Cal blinked, “You’d think that’s something we’d have heard about.”

“We didn’t advertise it well. Trust me, people use Alenkas for sex all the time, to the point that I’m fairly certain when most people think of Alenkas they think of the triple X part. Hell, judging on what they were all yelling at them to do to me…I’m sure it’ll work.”

Cal gave her a look. “Alright, I’m going to hate myself for asking…what all happened.”

Emma grinned. “You want the whole low-down then?” she asked, sitting back in the chair, her legs uncrossed showing off her still cum-drenched pussy. Cal looked hesitant for a bit, before he sighed and nodded slowly. “Well, first it was Kevin at my pussy, pounnding all the way up here-” she said, motioning to her stomach.

“Then Ethan got beneath me, but he didn’t put it in my ass just yet. No, he and Kevin switched off, getting the crowd more and more rowdy. By the time they did double team me, I’d already cum at least once. I was kind of out of it, to be honest. But then I caught what the crowd was yelling ‘Double team her pussy!’, ‘Double team her ass!’, ‘Let her gape, show it all!’.”

She shivered with a happy look on her face, “And that’s exactly what they did. Two giant cocks in my pussy at once. Did you know that they hadn’t practiced that at all? We got a crapton of coins thrown at us for that, seeing that my reaction was actually real. Like I said, I think it’d work.”

Cal blinked at her. “Emma, that’s great and all, but unless you get more girls to sign up for this…I doubt even you could fuck as many people as you think you’d get every day for however long.”

“Is that a challenge?” Emma said, glaring at him lightly with a small smile, “trust me, I know. I was going to ask Sam or Abby if they wanted to help, but I’d guess that’d be a flat out no.”

“Yeah, I’d be able to tell you their answer. No. Sam only lets Simon touch her, for reasons obvious to you or me, or Kara. Other than that, no. Abby is an even bigger no.”

“Damn. You do have to admit though, we have to do something.”

“We do, but I don’t know what. I’ll go around to the others, see if we can’t find something for all of them. Hopefully not all as extreme as yours, but…well, like you said, it’s Alenkas. You should try Kathryn, I have no doubt she’d be up for it.”

Emma brightened up, her ears perking. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot about her. Thanks Cal!” she said as she ran out of the Tree. Cal sighed, before he picked up a small roll of tissue paper, grabbing one and wiping down the horsecum that had run down Emma’s thighs.

“You’d think she’d at least clean up afterwards…” he mumbled to himself.