Aftermath: Episode 8

“Yes, fuck me!” Sam roared as her pussy was speared open by Simon’s cock. The squirrel was bending over the albino cat, her legs wrapped around his hips as he thrust as fast as he could into her beating pussy. He was breathing hard, fucking the fourth pussy in a single afternoon. Although it was only the second time for Sam.

The other two times had been in Kara’s, the german shepherd that had once worked at NuVO. Her own legs were spread open on the bed, fingering herself lightly as she kept herself afloat. She had already cum three times that afternoon, and had no doubt that she’d probably get herself off more. Sam was on the fourth, and Simon, too, was working on his fourth.

She had surprised them earlier that day as she popped up suddenly, grabbing both Simon and Sam and running off to some random house. She explained that she was horny as shit, as her husband had had the day off and so came up with a classic idea; she only had to work a half-shift, so why not stick a vibrator in her pussy that could be remote-controlled?

That was, without a doubt, both the best and worst work that she’d ever had. She was glad she was on desk duty that day, before no way could she have driven like that. But instead of letting her finish, her husband had kept her on the edge.

For four hours.

She came back, fucked the daylights out of him, and after he was done -three times later- she had gone into Alenkas to find other fuckbuddies because she was still horny as shit. The first thing Simon had said was “Hi, Kara!”. The first thing Kara had said, “Fuck you, I want you to fuck me, now, here, anywhere, come on!” and pulled down his pants to suck his dick.

Sam, meanwhile, had been laughing uproariously.

The three had broke into some random house that they knew wasn’t occupied, and immediately found the bed. Kara had ripped off Simon’s pants -he was glad he had a few more- before tossing him onto the bed, hopping on top of him almost instantly as she filled her pussy with his cock. Sam had stepped out of her own clothes, letting Simon lick her pussy and get her going -not that she needed any help with that, watching Kara take Simon was more than enough to make her wet-, and it was only moments before Kara had cum the first time.

Simon had taken another ten minutes of Kara riding him before he finished in her pussy, spending his seed deep inside her. Sam had switched places with her, and from there it was only a matter of time for everything else.

“Fuck yes, fuck me! Cum in me!” Sam cheered, her legs hooked around Simon’s waist. He buried himself deep into her, shivering as his cock came a fourth time in only two hours. The cat sighed happily as she felt his heat inside her, filling her womb and pussy with his seed.

The two rested for a moment, before Sam uncurled her legs from their place around his hips. She shimmied herself back, letting his cock, and some of his cum, flow freely from her pussy. “You’re turn again!” she said happily to the german shepherd, still fingering herself, now going at it much harder than before.

“About time!” she said, getting into position as her tail swept side to side. Her pussy was dripping wet, and had small specks of cum still easily visible from the first two times that Simon had cum inside her. Out in the real world, she had three inside her. She wanted to make it equal.

“Can you give me a moment? I’m not so good at the ‘constant going’ thing,” Simon said, breathing heavily. The two girls looked at each other, before shrugging and moving to kiss each other. They ran their hands over the others breasts, pulling and massaging them as they ground their hips together, Simon’s cum being mixed up with the juices from both their pussies.

Their hands roamed around each other, pulling each other closer, before they as one turned to look at the squirrel. He gave them a small deadpan look, the effect of which was lost because of his hard cock. “Really,” he said. They nodded and gave a soft smile.

The two kept going, Sam on the bottom and Kara on top as they laid down on the bed. They presented themselves perfectly for Simon to choose which pussy he wanted to fuck, and how. He pushed himself into Kara’s pussy, letting her moan into Sam’s mouth for a minute or two before he pulled out, shoving himself into Sam’s.

The two moaned with extra abandon. “So what did you want to talk about, Kara? Or was it just sex? Don’t get me wrong, I love this, but,” Sam asked lightly. Everything she said was interspersed with moans and shudders as Simon fucked her pussy every once in a while.

“Well, originally I was going to come in tomorrow to tell you guys, but Joe just got me so damn horny,” she answered, shivering and shuddering as her pussy was pushed open but Simon’s dick. “but this works too. I wanted to let you guys know the aftermath of what happened a few weeks ago.”

Sam moaned as her pussy was fucked open. “Yeah? What’s that? What happened?” she asked, her voice ripped out every time Simon changed who’s pussy he fucked. The squirrel himself could barely hear them, because although they weren’t whispering they were fairly quiet about it, and Simon had to focus on the two of them.

“Well, we tracked down a few of those addresses…and they all turned out to be in a nearby city. You guys know I work a police officer, right? I was glad I was on desk duty today, there was no way I could have dealt with everything while driving. Anyways, my precinct didn’t have jurisdiction over there…so we got a bit creative,” she said. “Oh fuck Simon, just like that!” she roared suddenly, her ass being spread open as Simon buried himself deep.

Sam responded by opening her legs wider, shoving her pussy against Kara’s while opening up her ass. “Yes, fuck my ass too! Oh fuck yes!” she yelled as Simon changed to her ass. “Fuck, oh god!” she whimpered as the feelings ripped through her body.

“So how’d you get creative?” Sam asked, occasionally shivering when Simon shoved in.

“We told them what was going on, and that we have legitimate proof. We got a judge on call for warrants like that, and he gave both precincts the ability to make arrests. Well…you won’t ever have to worry about that gang again. We got ’em alright, and with more than enough evidence to boot. They were doing more than just sex trafficking, they were responsible for drug trafficking, arsons, murders, you name it,” Kara finished. She shivered as Simon gripped her hips, propelling himself faster into her ass.

He stilled suddenly, and both girls knew that Simon had finished inside her ass. They let him be for a minute or two, before they both started rocking towards him. “You two are insatiable,” he moaned. They turned to grin at him, before turning and kissing each other, their arms wrapped around each other.

They rubbed their pussies together in front of him, their legs spread wide allowing for easy view. It wasn’t long again before Simon was ready for round six, his cock worn out and tired and yet still capable of holding an erection somehow. He went back to fucking their asses, only rarely going near their pussies.

Sam started breathing hard as Kara and Simon, together, hit a spot that sent her eyes watering. “Yes, just like that, keep going!” she moaned, feeling Kara’s pussy on top of her mashing against her own, their clits matching easy as Simon ripped at her ass, pounding into it for all he was worth. She wrapped her legs around Kara’s hips, and roared with a moan that made things even hotter as her orgasm washed through her.

Simon barely wasted a beat, letting her come down from her high gently as he went back to pounding into Kara’s pussy. The feeling of having her pussy bulldozed open constantly, having it mash against Sam’s pussy and clit, made Kara have her own set of whimpering.

But no matter the pressure, she didn’t seem to cum. It wasn’t until Sam moved her hand down to Kara’s ass, and started fingerbanging her, that the german shepherd had another orgasm of her own. Simon was tiring out, they knew, but like he had said, they were insatiable.

Thirty minutes and two more orgasms later for all of them, did they separate to catch their breaths. Both Sam and Kara were fingering themselves, and often each other, swapping smiles with ease. “So, we don’t have to worry about those guys again,” Sam had started.

Simon’s ears flicked. “I thought you girls were talking. You caught them, then?” he asked. Kara nodded happily, shivering lightly as Sam rubbed at her clit. Their pussies were covered with Simon’s cum, and their asses weren’t in much better shape. Simon, for all his good graces, and no matter how hot the two girls were -very-, he couldn’t get it up again.

The two girls continued until late into the night.