Aftermath: Episode 3

Surana was always weirded out by how quickly events had taken her. Not just how quickly she’d come to Kevin’s home, but just how quick things were in Alenkas in general. It hadn’t been all that long before her sister, only a few years younger than her, had told her of ‘a brand new virtual reality game! It creates an entire world and-‘

She had stopped paying attention. She hadn’t had any interest in playing games like that; she was just too busy with real life as it was. Why would she want to waste more time in a useless setting like that?

Then an unexpected day off had her lounging around. She had plans for the next few days, but for that day itself…she didn’t. It was one of those rare days where she had no plans, nothing had to get done…and she saw it. Her sister’s virtual reality NuVO helmet thing, just lying around. She remembered how excited her sister was when she first brought it up.

So she said fuck it. And went to try it. And she had to admit, the process felt freeing to her. Like she could try to pretend to be somebody she wasn’t. She’d never fuck anybody she didn’t date for at least four months to touch her, and yet here in Alenkas, the first time someone offered to her, she took them up on it.

Now she knew why her sister was always trying to get home quickly to play it. It was surprising, actually. And yet here she was now, stuck in that same world, no longer encountering any freedom from it but just another jail, another section of walls that had been her life so far.

She hadn’t been playing for another week or so from that first encounter, but eventually she went back and put the helmet back on. Two times became three, three became five…and then on the sixth, her ability and will to fight back had been taken from her.

She had been the first one taken. When she first had been raped, she hadn’t actually thought it was permanent. ‘Oh, I can get out of this at anytime,’ she had thought. So she had reciprocated, enjoying the fucks for what they were. And her partners hadn’t been nice, but they hadn’t been mean yet. They were still testing their own waters as well.

She would admit it, at first. She had liked it. Having that much attention on her had been the first in her life -it was one of the reasons she had only had three boyfriends in her life. The actual nice guys that truly cared for her. The only reason she had broken up with any of them was because she had been too young to see what kind of guys she had nabbed. She regretted that now- but then they brought in Riven.

The arctic vixen immediately had a lot more fight in her than she had. That was one of the reasons that Surana figured that Riven didn’t like her, or outright hated her. When they were first brought in, they constantly compared the two. From attitude, to looks, to feeling…all was laid bare.

And then night had come. She had tried to log out then, although Riven had done so much earlier. When she couldn’t, she wondered just how much was lost, then. Why her sister hadn’t taken off the helmet, she didn’t know. She hoped, now, that they hadn’t taken her death too hard.

After that Mia had come in, and the rabbit had tried to convey her feelings to them. Then Abigail…and the nightmares had truly started. The strangers, the people that were in there only because they had paid their way in, the ones that didn’t care for anything except themselves…

Surana shuddered. The apartment wasn’t spacious, and it had a kind of musky scent to it that set her at unease. Emma and Kevin had graciously offered themselves her place, or rather Emma had and Kevin had gone along with it. The male horse had told her that he was once that kind of jerk, the ones who would take what they wanted and leave nothing behind, but his time in Alenkas had changed him, almost fundamentally.

For once, Alenkas had done the job it was intended to do. She hadn’t spoken much, and both of the other two had let her be. They didn’t try to integrate with her, and just let her do it at her own pace. She was glad. She didn’t think that she could handle being forced to talk with the other two.

It was almost a week after she had come into their home that she heard it. Kevin and Emma talking to each other, which was surprisingly rare as she had found out, in the bedroom with the door closed. Her hearing as a horse was more sensitive than it was as a human, and she could barely make out the words.

“I worry for her, Kev. She’s barely said more than two words to me, and I don’t think she’s said even a word to you. I mean, what are we doing wrong!?” Emma said.

“We aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s not us, and it’s not her. I think some people just take longer to come back from something like that.”

“We did! And we’re fine!”

“Emma, the pot’s calling you a kettle.”

“Oh shut up. Any good ideas there, then?”

“Why don’t you talk to Mia, then? Last I heard, she settled in just fine, but she’s also one of us. Surana is too, but she’s practically a psychologist. Talk with her, maybe she can help. Or drag out some other ideas.”

Surana didn’t hear anything except the traditional moans after that, which meant they were done talking. That was another thing that bothered her about the two of them; they were almost constantly having sex. And it wasn’t the type of sex that she wouldn’t feel weird about either, the loving and caring kind. It was rough, sounded painful, and she knew that Emma was having the time of her life.

The next day, Emma came out to her. “Hey,” she started, sitting down on the couch next to her spot. She had taken up using a chair folded down for her bed, but every morning before they got up she’d fold up her sheets and blankets, and put them off to the side. “Kevin and I got to talking last night, and since whatever it is you’re going through, I and he have no idea how to help with, you wanna come talk to Mia with me? Maybe she can do more help than we can.”

Surana already knew this, and carefully shrugged. She figured that she was going to be pawned off on another of the Alenkans, but Mia…maybe Mia could help. She was the one who never quit fighting during the kidnapping and rapes, and kept a lot of heat and pressure off her and the others.

Surana had never quite seen the city of Alenkas the way that Emma had showed her now. The grey wolf knew almost everything about the city in a way that Surana was not exactly the most comfortable with knowing. “That place was where Jen and I first met each other. We ate each other out, and that girl has quite a tongue,” she said, pointing to a random meeting of roads.

She pointed to another alleyway, “And that’s where Kevin and I first fucked.I’ll tell you now, that son of a bitch hurt like shit. But man, I never knew I was a masochist until then.”

Surana kept trying to blank out the words that Emma kept laying into her. It seemed as if Emma had a never-ending supply of lewd stories to tell, and it wasn’t until they got to Mia and George’s apartment, nearly ten minutes later, that she felt she could actually breathe again.

Mia saw her, and without hesitation opened the door wide. “Come on in! Surana, Emma! How’re you two doing? How are you getting along?” she asked quickly. Emma smiled and let herself in, letting the huge horse that towered over the two of them come in after her.

“We’re doing well. But uh…Surana doesn’t really talk all that much. She won’t talk to me except for a few words here and there, and won’t talk to Kevin at all.”

“Well yeah, when you consider what she went through. Hmm…you know, maybe that was a bad idea then. I’m not sure…Surana, do you think you’d be more comfortable with less people, or the same?” Mia asked quietly. Emma looked around for George, not seeing the bear anywhere.

“Less.” she said quickly. Emma looked around, surprised at her voice. Surana had to withhold her internal eye roll. Just because she didn’t talk much, doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember how. The wolf could at least act like she was a real person, and not some leech.

“Hmm…You know what, see if Jen has any room in the south side of Alenkas. You remember the warehouses?” Mia asked. Emma visibly shuddered, and glared at the rabbit. “Just because you did it first doesn’t mean we haven’t adapted,” Mia retaliated. Surana blinked; there was some kind of conversation that was going on almost silently here that she seemed remiss on.

She remembered Jen, somewhat. An arctic wolf, staying silent in the corner. She didn’t know what the wolf’s role was when it came to learning about Alenkas, but the south side of the city was practically abandoned. Was there someone actually living there?

Emma shrugged, before slowly taking Surana’s hand in hers, and pulling her out of the apartment. Mia gave a slight wave, telling the horse to come back at anytime. Surana’s curiosity was aching at her, and yet the horse said nothing. And even the fifteen minute trip to the southern side was in complete silence, Emma not even talking about the various sexual encounters she’d had with various people at various places.

She stopped, suddenly, on a small bridge. It was one of the only bridges that led to the southern side of the river, and on the far side Surana could see several warehouse esque buildings far away sitting on the grass, almost as if they had just been plopped there by some lazy designer.

Surana stopped and stared. The wolf, usually so confident in everything she did, was frozen. Her eyes were staring far away at a single spot, and Surana had to blink in wonder. What had happened here that would cause Emma to freeze up like this? “Not far, is it?” she finally asked.

Her voice pierced into Emma’s head, breaking her out of her reverie. “No, no not far at all. Come on!” she said, her cheery facade coming back up as she ran to a seemingly random warehouse. It was one of the ones closest to the city, and even then it took another five minutes to get to.

It was one of the oddest things, for Surana. She had never felt grass underneath her as a horse, before, and she thought that with the hooves she had down there she wouldn’t feel much. And yet she could feel almost every single blade, slowly caressing her bare hooves.

She suddenly felt much smaller, and much more exposed, despite being the same naked that she’d been for ages in Alenkas, and with Emma, who was also fully nude. Emma didn’t bother saying anything, instead knocking loudly on a door. “Jen, you in?”

“Of course I’m in. Where else would I be? I put a sign up if I’m out!” another voice yelled from the side. Surana blinked in surprise as she saw the arctic wolf; bundled up in a single brown cloak that covered up her body from the elements, but still left her boobs and pussy fully exposed to anyone that so much as looked at her.

She had a small bucket filled to the brim with veggies. Surana could barely identify a few; kale, lettuce, even a bit of chard in there. Almost all varieties and a myriad of colors. “Who’s this? You’re…Surana, right?” Jen asked kindly. The horse nodded slowly. “Want to munch? Freshly picked!” Jen said, grinning broadly, holding out a small carrot.

“So you know what happened to her, right? She’s not getting any more comfortable in the city, so we’re thinking that-” Emma started.

“Of course she could stay here. Far away from everyone, just us, the ground, the garden…it’s a perfect spot to try and come to terms with everything. Trust me, I’d know better than anyone,” Jen said. Surana was taken by surprise again; she was left feeling unwanted, yes, but at the same time the sheer kindness from everyone was almost overwhelming. She wasn’t sure she deserved anything like this.

“Speaking of…how are you?” Emma said quietly, with far more reverence than Surana had heard from her before.

“I’m…doing better. I still feel the echoes, sometimes. When I do, I just go into the city, go for a quickie with someone. It’s just…it’s taking longer than I’d hoped,” Jen answered.

“Well…” Emma started, moving towards her. With a single motion, she thrust two fingers into Jen’s pussy and started moving them around, letting all three of them hear the wetness that came from there, “if you need any help and you’re in the area…ring me up,” she finished. She grinned as she pulled her fingers out from Jen’s pussy, soaking with with her juices, and slowly and erotically licked each finger, dragging as much of Jen’s juices out as she could.

Jen groaned, pushing Emma away with a smiled glare. “Not helping, Emma. You good with helping out in the garden every once in a while, Surana? It’s more than anything just something to do,” she asked. Surana slowly nodded, wondering if she’d get attacked in the same way from the grey wolf.

Emma sighed. “It’s been nice having you Surana, if you ever want to hang out you know where I am. And Jen…take care of her. Surana…take care of Jen. Feel free to ask for anything the moment you need them, no matter the time!” Emma said, waving with a grin as she ran.

“How badly do you need the brain bleach?” Jen asked immediately. Surana laughed suddenly, a heartful and warm sound that she hadn’t heard from herself in weeks.


Jen immediately held out a carrot. “I can’t say this’ll do the trick, but it might make you feel better,” she said with a false seriousness. “I know exactly what it’s like to hang out around that woman. I can’t imagine doing it for any long period of time.”