Aftermath: Episode 1

“I’m just honestly not sure how to start,” the white rabbit exclaimed suddenly. Mia was in her living room, her and George’s living room really, sitting on one of the couches. George, a massive brown bear with a notorious X mark shape on his chest, was sitting next to her, making her look smaller than she felt, and she felt pretty small right now.

Across the room was the red fox, Lyla, and one of her friends. Alex, a grey wolf who was essentially Lyla’s boyfriend, or as close to a boyfriend as anyone could get in the virtual city of Alenkas, sat next to her. Jen, an arctic wolf and her closest female friend, and Sam, an albino cat with shockingly pretty and long hair, sat a bit aways from them.

The girls were all dressed in the most normal of wear in Alenkas; nudity. The boys weren’t much better, having on sweatpants while leaving their chest uncovered. This wasn’t for heat purposes, although the city was fairly warm, but rather because they had been through so much, and Alenkas had affected them all.

They were part of the original team of alpha testers, having had worked for NuVO, the original company that made the ‘rehabilitation center’, as it was supposed to have been. Unfortunately when they first entered the virtual realm, something went wrong, causing their bodies to have perished but their minds to stay alive within the city.

This meant they had no way of getting home. For some, this wasn’t too big a deal, and the original test was designed to last three years. It had barely been one year in real life since they had first entered. Of course, then they also had to deal with the system interfering with them, which to them probably was what caused their decision to stop wearing most of their clothes. For quicker sex.

“How about when you were first taken?” Lyla asked quietly. She had been a lead for NuVO and the Alenkas Project, although that hadn’t spared her when she first came into the system. Fortunately for all of them, that was all behind them.

What wasn’t behind them was when Simon, the lead developer on the project, had found the Internal Debugging Module, and used it to open the floodgates and allow people from the outside world in. He reckoned that way NuVO wouldn’t shut them down, and it would give a nice big ‘fuck you’ to all of them who tried to make money of their sexual misadventures.

It allowed some interesting people in; William, a mountain lion, Emily, a grey fox, Haley, a black cat, and many hundreds of others.

It also allowed the scum in. The gangbangers. The ones who took what they wanted, when they wanted, and didn’t care about anything else. The rapists, the murderers, the people that everyday people wanted to avoid at all costs. They, too, had come into the system.

They had taken four girls to use as their primary source of income. Surana, a horse, had been taken first. Then it had been Riven, an arctic fox, then Mia. And finally Abigail, a calico cat who was now living with Sam and Simon in the library that had been renamed to “The Tree”.

“It went quick. I was having a good time in the park with you and George, remember that? Then I went down to head to the river, because I felt I needed a drink,” Mia explained. Her hands were tied up in each other, slowly gripping each one to pieces. “I felt something strange behind me, and when I looked no one was there. That’s when they reached from behind me, covered my mouth, and groped me everywhere.

“Rabbits are generally quiet, except in life threatening circumstances, at least in the real world. I couldn’t call out even though I wanted to. He kept his hand measured over my throat and my mouth the entire time. I tried to bite him; his skin was as thick as leather. It wasn’t until later I learned he was a rhino.”

Alex nodded, keeping his eyes on Mia. He knew this couldn’t be easy for her. They had noticed that over the last week that most of the survivors from the gangbangers had been down on themselves, that they try to get together and talk through it.

“He took me to one of the wooden crates around, shoving me in. From there, they were taking me somewhere, but I couldn’t tell, and they had obviously some cloth from somewhere because they used that to gag me.”

“Probably stolen,” Sam muttered quietly. Mia nodded her head. She knew that of the four, she was the most stable, and the most likely to be able to talk about things. Not to mention she’d already been a victim of Alenkas, and the system’s effect on her wasn’t unheard of. She smirked underneath her breath, making sure to keep it from being visible from the others.

“They took me to their lair, where they chained me up next to Riven. They had taken a few pipes around to use as a spreader bar, making sure that my pussy and ass were level for them. They took bets when the ‘snow bitch’ would break. They attempted to try taking me right there.”

She grinned with a horrifying smirk as she looked up at the other five. “I kicked him right in the balls. Over and over. It felt great. They knew then that they’d have a harder time trying to break me, so they kept at me for a while. Each one I would scream nonsense at them through the gag, showing that they wouldn’t break me. That’s when they brought in Abigail.”

“How long do you think Surana and Riven were there before you got there?” Alex asked. Mia relaxed slightly, nuzzling into the comforting fur of George right next to her.

“Not long. Probably only a few days. They went after me the most, I know that because they kept telling me I was the most ‘stuck up little cunt’ they had ever seen. I don’t think they realized that it made me fight harder,” Mia snickered. She had been the victim of a violent gangrape…but that was long before the Influx.

The Heats of Alenkas had prepared her very well mentally for such a challenge as this.

“So what happened after that,” Lyla asked, ending the long silence. Mia shook her head out of her reverie, knowing that her friends still didn’t know the lengths to which the gangbangers had tried to go.

“It was pretty normal for us after that. There’d be an almost constant stream of guys, and even some girls, who would try to take us, and hurt us. They didn’t use weapons, or knives or anything, but their claws would get a lot of use. Thank the character team for the fur, I guess,” Mia joked. Alex frowned slightly, but let it pass.

“After a while, they’d take down the bar we were chained to, and led us to a big wooden box, the kind that’s just laying around Alenkas. From there we’d be moved somewhere else, but also probably a cellar or dungeon somewhere, and it’d start again. They moved us twice because you guys got too close, but that was when they finally decided to take off our gags. It’d been a week and a half since we were taken by then.”

“We had words for them, for sure. The first thing Abigail tried to do was log out, only to discover it wouldn’t work. I knew then what happened, but was shocked that it could happen again at all. I mean, wasn’t there some kind of block or debug program to prevent that very thing?” Mia asked Sam.

Sam shrugged. “There should have been. According to Simon there was, but for some reason it had been turned off and no one at NuVO had turned it back on. We turned it on shortly after we rescued you four, but by then it had already been too late.”

“Anyways, that’s about the story. I was taken, raped by hundreds, and then finally rescued by you all. Any other questions?” Mia asked. Lyla, Alex, and Sam all shook their heads. They kept their heads down low, not knowing what they’d do in the same situation, and how well they’d take it. They wouldn’t be nearly as strong as Mia was.

“Come on, we should let her rest a bit,” Jen said, winking at George as she shuffled the other three out. The bear groaned silently, knowing the rest of the teams would look down on him for taking advantage of the small trusting girl that Mia was. They didn’t know her like he did. If anything, she was taking advantage of him.

“Well, that’s that!” Mia said, hopping on top of him as she gave him a quick hug and kiss. Her pussy, soaking wet, rubbed against were his crotch was. “Come on, thinking about all that made me realize how much I don’t want to think about all that.”

George felt his cock slowly rise to the stimulation, and the promise of her pussy. “Are you certain? Getting rid of the thoughts of sex with more sex generally doesn’t work out the way you think it will.”

“Are you kidding? Of course it will work out,” Mia said, her eyes staring straight into George’s. Her hind legs worked deftly, pulling down his pants enough for his cock to spring out. Mia didn’t waste more than a moment before she sank down, moaning softly as she was filled once more. “I always miss your cock, you know that. The Heats kind of ensured I’d be addicted to it by now.”

Her pussy was filled marvelously by George’s dick. It was average for a bear, which meant for a rabbit it was more than she would usually take. But Alenkas had ensured that she could, and so she felt nothing but pleasure as it filled her up to the brim. It was hot, and hard, inside her, kicking every so often as George had to check himself.

She grinned at him as she put her hind legs on his legs, using them to push herself off of him. She let gravity and her own wetness take her back down, almost as quick as she had pushed herself up, and she moaned as the hot iron rod filled her up.

She had skipped about half the things that were done to her; but she didn’t care to remember those things. George knew most of them, so she could talk freely with him, but the others she wanted to spare for as long as she could.

Mia heard George moan above her, knowing that he was enjoying her tight wetness as much as she was enjoying his cock. “Having fun?” she asked quietly. George glared at her gently. She pushed his arms onto her hips, struggling to ensure he got a good grip. “Good. Because now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard!” she said.

At first the bear didn’t, just continuing at the pace she had set. In and out, in and out, their combined juices meeting with a ‘schlick’ with each entry. Mia was tensing up already, as George was hitting that one spot inside her, the one that drove her crazy with every thrust. “Come on!” she groaned, closing her eyes. She wanted him so badly to keep hitting that one spot inside her, over and over, as fast as possible.

She heard a sigh from above, and knew that meant ‘very well’. She grinned as he tightened his grip, and started ripping his cock violently from her pussy before thrusting it in to the hilt. She moaned with the first thrust, and then never stopped moaning as he kept up the increased pace, using Mia’s body as a functional pussy doll.

The gangbangers could never do this to her. They could fuck her, sure, and they could make her enjoy it to a degree. But to the point she could cum like no tomorrow? It took more than a big cock to do that for her. But George was a master of making her lose control.

She gritted her teeth, feeling so close to that edge that meant delightful oblivion, as George tore her tunnel in two. “Yes…!” she groaned. “Keep going, I’m so close!” she managed to get out. George noticed this, and kept up his pace despite his own groans signaling how close he was.

It took another minute or two, but in the end her muscles tensed, she let out a loud scream of pleasure, and she lost all mental faculties as her orgasm washed through her, starting in the center of her core and working around all the way to her hands and toes.

She relaxed into the fuck now, letting George have his way with her body. “Yes…fuck me. Cum in me! Wash their nasty cum out with your own!” she whispered into his ear. He fucked her a bit faster, going now for his own finish rather than hers. She grinned and moaned into him, giving him a soft whimper of happiness as he sank her all the way down his cock, and let her stay there.

She could feel each pulse of his cock bouncing in her core, each one shooting more cum inside her. Alenkas cum was sterile, or at the least no girls had gotten pregnant while they were there. Alex had tried to explain it to her once, as he’d been on the character team, but honestly, Mia hadn’t cared.

What she did care for was the feeling of the bear’s surging strength underneath her, and she relaxed into his chest, a sleepy smile carved into her face.