Criminal Intent: Episode 25

George grinned with unrestrained delight as his hands found another of the goon’s faces. The guard went down like a light, and it was all George could do to stop himself from celebrating too early. They had just entered the house, and according to Emily -who had done and went and got gangbanged in order to serve as a distraction- there were twenty in the house all together.

He hoped for a fight. He wanted to let loose some of that pent up aggression he had. And if there was one thing he had a lot of, it was aggression. For the last week or two, he had been blindsided and overall made to feel useless, as the other Alenkans didn’t want him to charge in on his own.

He could understand that.

What he couldn’t understand is why they thought that sex would do it. Although he later found out that that wasn’t actually how they were told to distract him; they were told to just be there with him, get him to talk and open up.

Of course, they then had to get Lyla and Emma, two of the hottest bodies in Alenkas and definitely something that most warm-blooded males would give most of their hands to fuck, and who would definitely want it, to try and do it.

So one good thing and one bad thing. Wasn’t all bad. Besides, they later got Jen, one of the other Alenkans that he could actually stand, to help him. It also helped that she knew what she was doing when it came to her teasing, and she actually truthfully did need his help.

Sure, it was just moving plants, but sometimes ones gotta get what one’s gotta get.

“Oh shit, everyone run!” he heard a voice call out from in front of him. He grinned as Alex came to stand next to him. ‘Say it, come on, say it!’ he heard Alex whisper. He looked around, and saw the small army of Alenkans that had come to bail out the others of them.

“You’ve lost the most, George. By all rights, the next line is yours,” Kevin responded quietly. The horse’s hands were curled up, ready to pound anyone into dust. George’s own claws had done just that to quite a few others right outside. Emily was next to him, her steel pipe drawn and at the ready, looking all the world like a naked knight that had nothing to lose.

“Alright. Time to pay!” he roared, his voice carrying through the house easily. There was a beat of silence, before suddenly various other animals came from the woodwork. Leopards, cheetahs, a few bears and horses, and even a rhino or two.

There was a large opening room before several hallways branched out, but George quickly lost track of where he was in the house as the fighting started. Claws, paws, jaws, everything started flying quickly. The bear couldn’t tell where or how anyone else was faring, so he’d had to trust them to know exactly what they were doing, and although he did hear screams of pain -he knew those to be the Influxxers, as whenever they hit him it wasn’t exactly hurting as much as it should- he had a feeling they were doing pretty well.

He rolled underneath another bear’s fist, looking like a white furred version of himself, minus the great scar on his chest. He gave him a small hit just to check if it was real or not, before ignoring a cat’s paw on his back. He ducked another blow from the bear, rolling his fist with his momentum to knock away whichever brilliant cat thought it was a good idea to attack him.

There was a reason that most big cats didn’t go after bears. Asides from not living in the same general vicinity most of the time, of course. Although now that he thought about it, he might have to check on that. He felt a satisfying crunch from his fist as the cat got knocked away, pulling back for a sharp blow to the groin of the polar bear.

He didn’t waste much time, gripping both hands and smashing down on the other bear’s head as he was barreled over in pain. He was knocked onto the floor, and didn’t get back up, but slowly turned white and got logged out. “They log out when they’re knocked out!” George yelled.

“You heard him! Knock ’em out!” he heard Emily scream. He turned to see her jump over a cum-crusted couch, barely landing on the back with enough time to push herself off, swinging her pipe to knock out a jaguar on his head.

“Alex, Kevin, you two take that hallway! I’ll take this one!” George pointed out, pointing to a long hallway at the back of the room. He’d have to fight his way across, but that wasn’t a big deal to him. He didn’t hear the other two to know if they heard him or not, but he certainly saw Alex dive down to bite down on someone’s inner thigh, preventing them from doing anything but scream as Kevin knocked them out with an easy punch.

Most of them kept attacking him with every opportunity, but he didn’t slow down. Most of the scratches he ignored, and anything bigger, like bites, he simply moved out of the way and either kicked or punched to ensure they stopped moving.

Flashes of white enraptured his vision for a moment as half of the ones on the ground logged out simultaneously. And at the same time there were more that were coming in from the hallways, as if they were logging in to try and buy as much time as possible.

George shoved aside a raccoon, barely taking the time to ensure he was knocked out before throwing him to the ground. His eyes widened as he felt the house’s ground to start to shake, seeing the lowered horn of a rhino charging him. He growled as he dove to the side, proving surprisingly agile as he tore off to the side at his landing, barely avoiding the rhino’s stomps.

“Alex! What are a rhino’s weaknesses!?” he yelled as he barely dodged another punch. “Bipedal, if you could!”

“Uh…let’s see, really tough skin, horns are made of keratin, really strong-“

“He asked for their weaknesses! Stop giving him the reasons why he should give up!” Emily’s voice yelled. The grey fox was darting around, often knocking out the kneecaps of everyone she came across, before she finished at George’s side. “Any ideas then, while Bio major over there figures out what I meant?” she asked.

The rhino glared, his eyes narrowing intensely as he lowered his head, starting another charge. “One. But won’t like it,” George responded quietly. Emily shrugged, ducking out of the charge easily as George grabbed a nearby couch and ripped it off the ground, shattering it against the rhino’s head.

The shattered object broke apart to hundreds of sharp wooden pieces, none of which seemed to affect any of the Alenkans or Influxxers, and barely seemed to knock the rhino off his path. Suddenly he was knocked off balance by…something, George wasn’t sure what, as he went careening off into the wall, shattering it effortlessly.

“So, he’s male, obviously. Makes me glad that all you perverts are the one that made Alenkas,” Emily grinned as she showed her now bent steel pipe. “You’re clear now, go! Find them!” she yelled, going back into the fray despite her weapon of choice’s fragility.

George grinned as well, knowing what had happened. He shoved another wolf -not Alex, who was currently in an argument with Kevin as they proceeded down their George-designated hallway- off to the side, rushing straight down it.

Most of the newer guards were of the smaller variety, mostly cats -jaguars, leopards, and lions were the favorites apparently- with a few canines thrown in good measure. He threw them around with ease, not even trying to knock them out anymore. Their scratches, claws, and jaws had practically no effect on him.

He was a bear on a mission.

And damn if he wasn’t going to finish it. No matter what they threw at him, he’d throw them just as hard back at it. The hallway was a long one, nearing fifteen to twenty feet long with dozens of rooms alongside it. He barely glanced at them, knowing that it was unlikely they’d store the kidnappees in some random room. He thought the basement was the best area for something like that.

It only took a minute or two, but as he saw the end of the hallway, he saw a quick door that led to some stairs heading down. He tested the wooden boards under him, and knew that they could take a lot of weight…so it was probably best to just go down the stairs.

He forced himself onto the walls, gathering as much height as possible before he jumped down with as much effort as he could, crashing down onto the floor with crushing force. Alenkas was designed to be as close to realistic of the real world as possible.

This includes collapsing floors when enough pressure is put on them, especially from a sudden impact force. Such as a falling bear with the intention of surprising whoever was downstairs. He grinned as he fell through, wooden shards and pieces digging into his skin. He shrugged it all off though as he saw the look on the other guards faces.

He was right in the end; the stairs were covered by dozens of guards. And he fell right behind the main force of them, right in the middle of a bunch of them, mostly with smaller animals behind him and dozens of the bigger ones covering the stairs.

He grinned as he threw the door closed, breaking its hinges easily. It’d be a mess to bring everyone out quickly, but on the other hand it’d take a lot more force that he thought they’d be willing to give to break it down again. He looked at the five guards in front of him, all things like squirrels or foxes. There was a door on the other side, complete with loud screaming for help.

He gave them a simple look, and the guards didn’t bother fighting, merely running to the side of the room. With a proud yank, he pulled the door out of its doorway, hinges and all, throwing it to the side effortlessly.

He saw four people, chained to a reinforced steel pipe. In the back were a few steel boxes, complete with some padding and looking like the normal wooden crates outside. There weren’t any guards in here, as they seemed to all have run off to try and fight.

Only one of them was gagged, but all of them had their legs chained to spread bars, forcing themselves to be bent over, their asses and pussies displayed for all to see. “I told you fuckers you’d pay!” Mia yelled, the white rabbit growling fiercely. Even George was taken aback to see the rabbit in such a state.

“Mia!” George yelled as he crossed the distance quickly. He gave a quick hug to the lagomorph, before yanking her chains off the bar easily. She returned the hug immediately as her arms were freed.

“Oh thank god you guys are here. I was wondering when that’d happen. I hope you’re tearing them up?” Mia asked. Her ears perked up as she heard the broken door get rammed open, finally. George nodded. “Good. The cat’s Abigail, the horse is Surana, and the fox is Riven. They gagged her this morning when she practically bit their bits off,” she said quietly.

“I see. Hold on one moment, I have some trash to clean up,” George said as he waited by the door for them to break in. He heard voices yell about how it worrying everything was quiet, before being pointed out that there was a hole in the ceiling.

Three of them, all of the larger and probably higher ranking gang members. A lion, his mane full of knots and signs of being beaten up. Another rhino, or the same one based on the way he was stepping tentatively around, and finally a female bear, standing there unamused by everyone’s actions.

“It’s just a few of the fuckers. This should not be hard,” the bear said quietly. She saw George standing there, fur full of knots and small scratches, and her eyes widened. “Oh, that’s why. They’re Alenkans,” she finished.

“Your little friend paid for her mistake. I hope you didn’t mind,” the rhino said, stamping his foot on the ground threateningly. George felt a blur of wind right behind him, and suddenly the rhino was curled over again.

“Oh fuck off you fucking son of a fucking bitch! I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Mia was shouting, using the chains that were still attached to her hands to rain total havoc on the rhino’s balls and penis, slamming them with every ounce of strength she had. George took that moment to charge, intent on ending the biggest threat possible as soon as he could.

The lion tried to do something, only to be hit in the head as Emily’s makeshift boomerang hit him right in the head as she, too, fell from the roof onto his head, grabbing the pipe and going to town on his head. The bear turned to run, using all of her formidable strength if she needed to, before seeing both Kevin and Alex standing there.

“Log out!” she growled, disappearing into a white light a second later. The rhino and lion followed her momentarily, and finally it was just the Alenkans and Emily standing there, panting with undisguised fury.

“Fuck!” Mia yelled, slamming her chains into the ground. Emily stared, before turning to the door and rushing through it. A few more slams from Mia as she worked out her aggression on the ground, before she paused, breathing deeply. “Sorry about that,” she said quietly and serenely.

They entered the other room, to find that Emily had already started taking apart the chains of Abigail’s holdings. Kevin and George took the other two, Surana flinching uncomfortably as Kevin walked up to her. With a simple nod, they changed places, letting George rescue the horse and the horse rescuing the vixen.

“Thanks,” Riven said quietly. She stared at Mia quietly for a moment. “I…thanks, Mia,” she finished.

Abigail nodded. “Yeah, I have to say thanks too. To all of you, Mia, Emily…George, right? Mia mentioned you a lot,” the calico cat said, muffled lightly as she spoke into Emily’s fur. The bear nodded his head.

They heard a voice from up top, “Hey, guys, you here? Holy crap what happened here…” they heard. George took a moment to identify the voice.

“Cal? We’re down here. We’re fine, we found them. All of the bangers are logged out,” George said. The orange cat’s head popped up from the hole in the ceiling of the room next to them.

“Yeah…we should probably head back. We should bring them too, it’s…a bit personal,” Cal said quietly. George sighed, knowing that his life had just become rather needlessly complicated.