Criminal Intent: Episode 23

Emily sauntered throughout the slums of Alenkas. Everybody else was making preparations, she knew, which meant the way was clear for her at the moment. She knew that this was probably going to be an extremely stupid decision, but she felt that she had to make it. Abigail, Mia…everyone they had caught was counting on her.

Not truly counting on her, so to speak, but counting on everyone else. And she considered it her job to help them, to make their path easier, even at the cost of her own mind…or body as she was planning.

She waited only fifteen minutes, long enough to see that there were Alenkans starting to gather on the edges. She figured that Michael would have tattled on himself and her, told them that she was coming…this persona of “Knight”.

If they wanted to see a Knight they would. She grinned to herself, knowing that before long she’d probably either be in pain or being fucked. She felt someone kneel down next to her. “I saw that look in your eyes, I can tell what you’re planning,” Emma said quietly.

The grey fox looked surprised at the grey wolf. “Wait, how can you tell?” she asked, whispering to make sure that the six or seven -she took a quick look out of the corner of her eye, there were at least nine now, they were definitely expecting someone- weren’t going to notice her.

“I had that same look in my eyes when I went out. The feeling that ‘I have to do this, because otherwise this path will be far bloodier than it needs to be’. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes before,” Emma answered. Emily sighed.

“Any tips?” she asked, uncertain.

“Well, there’s the obvious one. You don’t have the Heats to help you as they did with me, so it’s probably best if you get warmed up out here. You’re going to be fucked for a long time. There’s the other obvious one, which is you don’t actually have to do this. We have enough manpower that we’d just curbstomp them.”

“I have a feeling there’s more guards inside than out here. I don’t want you all to…what’s the word, spend your wad before you get closer to the goal. Not if I can help it.”

“That’s true enough. Most of us don’t have any fighting experience. I know George does, and I’m pretty sure Kevin was raised by wolves at some point, but the rest of us? Nah. I’d go out with you but that’d probably give up the game. We can’t quite do that just yet.”

“I know, I wasn’t about to ask,” Emily said. She breathed a sigh up to the sky, before putting her hand down onto her pussy. The thought of what she was going to go through, willingly, made her wonder if this was a bad idea. Her pussy was dry as a bone…and then she had to stifle her gasp.

Emma had crouched down, licking her pussy easily. She came up for a second, winked at Emily, before going back down on her. Emily had to hand it to her, that was probably the fastest way that she could get ready down there. She could feel her body starting to get aroused, could feel her thinking change. Before long she was breathing hard, struggling to control herself.

Emma wrapped her tongue all around the inside of the grey fox’s pussy, comparing it internally to Lyla’s. They were both foxes, so they should be similar, right? Emily’s was a bit smaller, but that was due to smaller body size. Emily had a sweeter taste, although Lyla’s was more…cummy. Which made sense, considering how many men have came inside the red fox’s pussy.

“Alright, alright, stop,” Emily whispered out. Emma pulled up immediately. The grey fox breathed heavy, her breasts heaving with each one. “If you keep going I’m going to cum, and I don’t think I could control myself if that was the case,” Emily explained. “How long do you think we have until the attack begins?”

“You mean how long do you have to fuck them. About fifteen minutes, maybe thirty at the most. Get out there girl. Know that we’re behind you one hundred percent,” Emma said. She held out her fist, and Emily grinned lightly before hitting it.

The grey fox stood up straight, putting on a face of seriousness. Time to kill time, and made sure the road was paved for everyone else. She walked out into the street, and wasn’t surprised to see that nine people had grown to ten. Everywhere she looked, naked men -and one woman- looked at her with a hint of surprise.

Rhinos, horses, wolves, cats…there were more animals here than she’d seen except when she first entered Alenkas and when she was at the Tree. But she knew these were people, not Alenkans. The variety she’d only ever seen at the zoo.

“You must be Knight. Raphael told us you’d be coming,” one of the cats, a leopard with a not hidden cock at all, said as she walked closer. Emily nodded slowly, not trusting her voice.

“She thinks she can take us all on. Maybe she can…maybe she can take all of our cocks. What’s that, bitch, you want to be our cocksleeve?” another said. The others laughed, obviously trying to get underneath her skin. She pulled a smirk to her face. “Oh, methinks this ‘Knight’ is going for it!”

“I’ll do more than that. By the time I’m done, you won’t know what’s comin-” she started, only to feel a hit on the back of her head. She barreled onto the ground, rolling a few feet as she tried to get back to her feet. She saw another cat, landing on the ground lightly as if he’d just jumped from the rooftops. Her arms were grabbed seconds later by others, and she knew she was royally fucked.

‘Heh. Called it,’ she thought to herself. One of the leopards thrust instantly into her pussy as two of the others held her arms to make sure she couldn’t go anywhere. She grunted as she felt the barbs enter her sensitive area, before she was pulled to the ground. Another cock was next to her mouth, and she refused to open it on purpose. They’d have to work for it, even as the leopard was tearing up her pussy. “God damn, bitch’s cunt is wet already! She’s no Knight, she’s just another slut!” the leopard that was taking her pussy said.

“Take her harder, I want to fuck her mouth,” the one in front of her said. She had no idea which animal he was, only that his cock was gigantic compared to her. She grunted more as she was filled faster and harder, the barbs running across the back of her pussy far quicker. She breathed a sigh of relief a minute later as the leopard was pushed out of the way.

“Fuck off, this is how you fuck a cunt,” they said, filling her with something obscene. Emily barely held back her scream, the thing was tearing her apart! Her legs were lifted into the air, and forcefully spread apart. She felt hands on her hips, and knew that it was best to just let them do it. No use fighting it now, they had her completely under their control.

She opened her mouth and wasn’t surprised to see that whoever it was had taken the opportunity to stuff his meat down her throat. She ignored the giggles and laughs from the people on top of her, concentrating solely on making sure she wouldn’t get killed for this. But as the minutes past, and her pussy got used to the insane stretching it had done, she started to get into it.

“Ha, bitch is liking it! Someone fuck her ass too,” someone said. Her feet were taken and used to pleasure other cocks of the guards surrounding her. She moaned loudly around the cock in her throat as her ass got filled a second later, by someone normally sized for once. Her hands had to be used to keep herself lifted up, as the guys seemed to have stopped caring, and were barely holding her up.

She felt a groan from behind her as the giant cock in her pussy sped up, finally subsiding a few moments later. She groaned dispassionately as he pulled out, a large swath of cum flowing from her abused hole. She felt her feet get let go of, and she could stand easily a second later. She saw the wolf that had been fucking her mouth give her a light smile, and the rhino behind her, his cock covered with cum and pussy juice.

“What, tired already?” she said in a challenging tone. The guards ‘ohh’ed and looked at one another. “You can’t get me tired by fucking me. Just try me,” she motioned. They looked to each other and shrugged, before pushing her back down and filling her pussy and ass.

Her mouth was a constant, whenever someone came they were pushed out of the way, their cum shooting out over her face and snout. Only a bit got caught in her mouth. She was glad for Emma’s advice; because if she had done this before, without being aroused, she had no doubt that they’d be having a lot more ‘fun’ at her expense. They weren’t actually all that good, only concerned about their own pleasure rather than hers, but she enjoyed the feelings that they stirred up on their insides.

Her favorite parts had to be whenever they came. And they came, a lot. Her pussy had to take in almost gallons of the stuff, her womb and vagina stuffed to the brim of the various loads of cum. Her ass wasn’t much better. They didn’t have all that much staying power, but what they lacked in one area they made up for it with the sheer amount they could cum. Some of them could go for three rounds, in a row, before being pushed away.

Some of them had thought the funnest game was when one of them pulled out of her pussy, rammed into her ass, and then came all over her back. Due to the size of their loads, and the amount of them, she was covered in very little time.

Her world had been reduced to nothing but cocks in her pussy, ass, and mouth. Her hands were used as masturbation aids, her feet and tail the same. Every inch of her body was used, her breasts squished and fondled roughly. “You enjoying this yet? Damn, you are something…” one of them said above her.

“You can’t fuck me to being tired!” Emily pointed out, even as another of them pushed into her ass. Her body was being used and abused, and now that she’d gotten into it -they realized quickly she didn’t freeze when in pain, which meant they couldn’t tell when they hurt her, so they stopped trying- she was enjoying herself. They weren’t good, or even halfway decent, but they made up for it with integrity.

“Damn, makes me wish we had picked you up! Fucking bastards in there don’t let us get any,” another said. He was quickly slapped to make him stay quiet. “What, she’s a bitch in heat. She ain’t gonna remember what we say.”

“It’s true, I won’t remember shit. How many are in there?” Emily asked. Her mouth was laviciously sucking on one of the leopard’s, trailing her tongue around his hard shaft. She felt the cock in her pussy cum again, shoving hard inside her.

She blinked. Was she actually feeling powerful over these assholes? That they could succumb to their baser selves so easily but she couldn’t? If she was…well, it was probably not to think about it in her current situation. Another cock filled her ass, and she moaned over the leopard cock.

“Ha, there’s twenty fucking assholes in there. Including that Raphael bitch. Hell, he’s probably banging away on that pretty little rabbit in there, or that snow fox. They’re both pretty tight from what I see,” the one fucking her ass said.

She smirked. Her ears perked up, and she could hear the sounds of people running closer. Her body didn’t want them too, but her mind intellectually did. And a small steel bar barreled into the leopard’s legs…putting it right next to her hand. “Got ya,” she said quietly. She grabbed the bar as she ripped herself off of the cocks in her pussy and ass, swinging the steel bar down one of their heads.

They didn’t have much time to react, as both Kevin and George came out of nowhere. Their tired bodies couldn’t do much except get pounded into the dirt. She grinned as they did so, knowing that the attack had started.

“You didn’t need to do that. We had it under control,” George said.

“I know, but I felt I needed to. Made it easy. There’s twenty of them in there. A couple of them may be busy,” Emily answered quietly. She felt the cum rush out of her body, and she flipped the bar in her hands with ease.

She popped her neck at the same time George and Kevin cracked their knuckles. “Well. Let’s go introduce ourselves shall we?” she said quietly. The other Alenkans were right behind them, and it took only two pushes for the door to open.