Criminal Intent: Episode 20

“So we are thinking that we haven’t been the best at disguises, right? Everyone in the world knows who we are…at least if they watch porn. And to be fair, if they’re in Alenkas, it’s fair to say that they do. Often,” Lyla snarked as she and Alex hid behind another of the infamous wooden crates.

They didn’t have anyone in the locations team in the system, as far as they knew, but Alex had once figured out exactly why there are so many of the large boxes; it was a simple effective box, with an easy texture, that they copy and pasted in order take up more space. And to make certain areas seem more ‘unique’.

“Yeah, but I’ve seen a lot of red foxes around. Lots of grey wolves too, as they’re what most people think of when you say ‘fox’ and ‘wolf’. Both female and male, and neither of us spent a whole lot of time in the ‘decoration’ part of character creation. For right now, I’m glad we didn’t,” Alex responded.

They were just up the street from where Emily had said they’d find them. Both of them had decent vision of the two sides right outside of their alleyway, and they could just barely see a tall cheetah on the outside of a seemingly random building. It was only because of Emily’s information that they could tell that he was guarding something.

Right down the street was a large rhino, nearly as big as George himself was, and they realized that they had the right place. But they knew that there were probably more guards hidden around, they just didn’t know where.

“Yeah, but we, ourselves, are well known. Hell, these people had months to learn what we looked like.”

“And how many of them, honestly, do you think did? Here’s the thing about porn; most people don’t care about what the actors look like, they just care about the act. I doubt that even if you went up to someone and said ‘hi, I’m Lyla’ they’d even know who you are…or care. I doubt they put that much research into us; I have a feeling they mostly just want to watch out for those wearing clothes,” Alex reasoned.

Lyla shrugged. “Makes sense, I guess. The only ones that do are us, at least until they finish that damn economy they said they would. So how do we do this?”

Alex stayed silent for a moment, a look of thinking engraved upon his wolfish face. “Not sure yet. We could probably just walk around for a while, see what we see.”

Lyla shook her head. “No, I don’t think we should. At least not the forward thing. What if we go one at a time, I go first and then you follow me? That way it makes it seem like I’m nothing more than a booty call you want to fuck. That’s something they should be able to understand easy enough,” Lyla thought aloud.

“Hmm…I’m not fond of this particular plan,” Alex said plainly. Lyla shrugged, before giving him a look that essentially said ‘well, what else you got?’. Alex gave a low growl, one that made Lyla chuckle lightly under her breath. After a few long moments, he sighed. “Fine. But I’ll be right behind you,” Alex said.

Lyla groaned as she fought to get up. She’d been kneeling for too long, and that wasn’t because she was doing something she normally would’ve done. She watched Alex for only a moment as he threw off his sweatpants, the only clothes he actually wore these days, and quickly folded them into a neat pair, hiding them in the crate they’d been hiding behind.

Knowing that he’d be following her soon, she walked out into the sunlight, and gave a good look at the nearby area, as if she was going to this area for the first time. She’d been through Alenkas enough to know exactly where she was; but she liked to think she was putting on a good enough show.

“Hey Lady, you lost? I bet I can help find your way!” The cheetah said once he noticed her. He made a pelvic thrust in her direction, showing exactly how large his cock was. Ordinarily Lyla would roll her eyes and move on, but she was supposed to be keeping track of things. It couldn’t hurt to act a bit.

“I’m sure you could, big boy,” she attempted to flirt. She just barely heard Alex’s head hit the side of a building. Or his hand, sometimes she wasn’t sure. She wanted to turn around and give a harsh glare at the wolf; so sue her if she couldn’t flirt worth a damn. It’s not like knowing how had ever helped her in the past!

But somehow the cheetah seemed to glow lightly at the faint praise. “Just tell me where you’re trying to go, and I’ll let you know. If you know. If you don’t…well, that’s fine. Maybe we can still spend some quality time together, if you get my meaning…” the cheetah said faintly.

“Careful of the barbs though foxy! Joey’s always been a bit on the rough side!” another person called out. Lyla turned to look at him; aside from the rhino and cheetah there were three others, just loitering outside various steps. She made her eyes specifically avoid the building she was looking for, but in her peripheral vision, she tried to make as many notes as she could.

There were two entrances, one on some steps made it look like a house, with a small garage like door that probably led somewhere else. There was a window at the top, and it looked like there was a small cat up on the roof watching her carefully. He blended in perfectly with the roof, and if he hadn’t given a quick motion, she probably wouldn’t have seen him.

All in all, it looked exactly like everything else on the street. “Oh, barbs hm? I’ve always wanted to try out a kitty,” she teased, giving a wide grin. The other three; a rat, a horse, and what looked like a squirrel -oh god, she didn’t even squirrels could look as terrible as that guy did, it looked like he had mange or something- gave a loud ‘ooh’.

The cheetah stepped up to her. “Oh? So you do want some. How about this then; I fuck you, and you go off on your way all nice and filled.”

“Angel, wait!” Lyla heard Alex’s voice call out. ‘Good timing Alex, about damn time,’ she thought silently. She turned around, her ears perked up at the sound. “Luke! About time!” she yelled out, waiting for Alex’s familiar face. A few seconds later she saw him run from one of the alleyways, not the one that they had been hiding in.

She felt a hand on the back of her neck. “Well hey, I could go for a DP,” the cheetah moaned in her ear. She froze as the words registered. Well…if Emma could have done it a month ago, then she could do it now. Especially as it was only one. She quickly schooled her face to show something akin to shock with a bit of embarrassment.

Alex ran up to her. “I see you found someone. You want to try it? You ok with me joining in, right?” Alex said, giving a sly smirk. Lyla gave a quick wink, and went back to pushing her back against the cheetah. She felt his hand leave her neck, and head to her arms. She gave a quick nod, and Alex returned it, barely able to be noticed.

She felt the large cock right near her ass, and she wiggled it appreciatively, before groaning as the cheetah slammed it in. There were small sparks of pleasure that she knew were to be the barbs. She spread it her legs easy, groaning loudly -only mostly forced- as Alex got his own cock hard and slowly pushed in to her pussy.

“That’s the easy part, girl. Now here’s the hard one!” the cheetah said, grinning as he ripped his cock out of her ass. She screamed in both pain and pleasure as all feelings rushed through her body, and she heard Alex groan loudly as she squeezed down on him hard. She moaned a moment later as the cheetah pushed back in, stifling in her moans and pants as he pulled back out.

“Yeah, how do you like cat cocks now?” The cheetah said, continuing his assault on her ass. He brutalized her internally, every bit of it both hurting and pleasuring her as he fucked her ass. Alex was barely moving, knowing that Lyla would probably need the time to get used to the fuck.

“Fuck!” she moaned loudly. She was grateful that she got used to the feeling of her ass being fucked open and raw quickly. Her legs went around Alex’s waist, and got him to quickly start fucking her pussy harder, her mind going onto more of her pussy than her ass, but either way she put it she was feeling full from both ends.

“Yeah that’s what they all say. Tell me, you want my friends too? How about we just gangbang you for the day? You got nowhere else to be, right?” the cheetah said, holding her waist as he ripped his cock in and out of her ass. She groaned, half in pleasure and half in pain, as he did so.

“She can’t, she has an appointment with a doctor in a few hours. Speaking of, Angel, once he’s done we should probably go soon,” Alex said quickly. Lyla tried to remind herself to thank him at some point. The cheetah growled low, before grinning and fucking her ass harder.

“Fine, then I’ll just pound you good,” the tall cat said, bottoming out in her ass as he came, jets of cum shooting into her bowels. She moaned loudly as she felt the refreshing heat enter her, almost all of it faked. The cheetah grinned at her reaction, and waited a few minutes before gently -which surprised the hell out of Lyla- pulling himself out.

Alex’s cock was still standing tall and proud as he held her up, her legs still shaking from the pounding. “Come on Angel, let’s get out of here,” Alex said, holding her up as they tried to walk to an alleyway.

It seemed to last forever, before the guards shrugged and went back to their normal business. Alex sighed loudly as they finally reached a nearby alleyway, his heart going out to Lyla who was slightly whimpering. “Log out!” he called out, his voice echoing loudly into the abyss around them.

He heard the guards stay silent for a moment, before it picked up right where they had left off.

“You ok?” Alex asked hesitantly. Lyla glared at him for a moment, choosing to stay standing versus falling onto the ground. She used the edges of the alley has a makeshift crutch to hold herself up.

“I will be. Fuck that guy hurt like hell. How does Emma do it…? But we got the info we needed, but I didn’t hear any sign of them whatsoever. Did you?” Lyla asked. Alex shook his head.

“I didn’t hear them either. But that was the right building, and they almost all seemed like guards in some manner. Lucky for us they didn’t care if we walked into the open. I counted five, you?” Alex asked.

“Six. There was a cat on the roof, giving a quick look down. He can’t see us from here,” Lyla said. Alex nodded. “So six, then. Come on, I’ll help you get back,” Alex finished, hoisting Lyla up on his back easy enough. She groaned as she moved her legs around his waist. Without another word, the two disappeared back into the Alenkas side-streets, knowing the final destination; The Tree.