Criminal Intent: Episode 17

“Oh gods, yes, keep going!” Sam screamed as her pussy fluttered over Simon’s dick. The squirrel’s hands were being kept busy, slowly fingering into Kara’s pussy. The albino cat was standing next to the german shepherd, with her back arched and pushing her boobs straight into the dog’s face. Her eyes were tightly shut as she struggled to contain herself from the feelings that her pussy stirred up.

They were in the Tree, as Simon and Sam almost always were, and had been talking about the next areas to check. Emily and William both hadn’t been heard from yet, and Kara had been worried when she came in earlier that day.

One thing led to another, and finally Sam had grabbed Simon’s hand and put it forcefully onto Kara’s pussy. “Just relax Kara, we’ll have things taken care of. It just takes time, that’s all. And what better way to kill a few hours?” she said.

Which led them to now. Kara’s pussy had already been filled with one load of Simon’s cum, and the squirrel was currently working on filling Sam with another one of his. Kara reached down with a sly smirk on her face, her legs spread as Simon’s hands worked their magic over her, and gently flicked Sam’s clit.

The cat froze, her face all but silently screaming her pleasure. Her eyes were shut tight, and Simon groaned from behind her. “I’m pretty sure that just made her cum,” the squirrel smirked. Kara nodded, smirking gently.

Sam sighed loudly as she forced herself to relax. Simon hadn’t cum yet, which meant he was still hard in her pussy. He did a few more experimental thrusts, gently at first making sure that Sam could still take him, before she pushed herself back onto him. He shrugged, and continued at his normal pace.

Kara watched as the emotions flushed through Sam’s face. At first it was undeniable pleasure and enjoyment, then it was simple to try and relax from the feelings from her pussy. She smirked again as she had a very naughty idea.

She grabbed Simon’s hand, taking it away from her pussy, and glanced at it briefly to make it was suitably cum-covered, and pushed it towards Sam’s ass. Her own hand reached down and coated her own hand with Simon’s cum, and put it right next to Sam’s face. “Here, have this,” she said, smirking as Sam’s eyes opened, getting a hint of excitement in them as she ran her tongue up and down the dog’s hand.

“You made her get wetter, you know?” Simon mentioned briefly. He was still fucking her pussy hard, but not rough, and he smiled quickly at the cat and dog underneath him. Kara returned it, reaching down with her own hand to cover her hand again.

“Fuck…why do you have so much stamina…” Sam moaned lightly. Simon gave her a questioning glance. “Just fuck my cunt!” she yelled, her ass pushing back to try and make the squirrel go faster inside her.

“Fuck her hard. Make it as hard as you can go,” Kara grinned. Simon shrugged before he gripped her hips and pulled her tighter onto his cock. She moaned into the air as Simon pounded her pussy as hard as he could go.

For the next few minutes, there was little discussion as Simon concentrated himself on fucking Sam. Finally he moaned loudly, “I’m going to cum soon!” Sam moaned loudly, her ass pushing back more with her pussy fluttering over him.

“Finally! Fill me!” she moaned, her eyes screwed shut again. As Simon sped up -instinct driving him more than his concious mind by that point- she yelled her pleasure to the sky. Kara smirked, reaching up and gripping her breasts tightly, massaging and manipulating them. Sam couldn’t take anymore, her pussy shut tight over Simon’s cock as she tightened every muscle in her body.

Simon moaned as he did one final thrust, burying himself as deep inside as he could, jets of cum shooting off to fill Sam’s pussy and womb with his seed. Sam’s pussy continued to tighten rhythmically over his cock, and he had to concentrate to not keep fucking her as he shot more cum into her.

A few moments later the two of them were able to relax again, Sam breathing heavily as she rested on top of Kara. The shepherd watched the two with a smile on her face. “Feel good?” she teased them lightly.

Sam nodded slowly. “Fuck…why is it that everytime you fuck me it feels better and better?” she asked lightly. Simon shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t know either. Fuck…that felt amazing,” she muttered as she collapsed onto Kara.

Simon groaned as he pulled himself out, a thick load of cum still sitting inside Sam’s pussy. A small droplet of cum appeared on the head as it flopped out. “I think I’m out for now,” he muttered quietly. Both girls nodded that they heard it anyways, although neither of them had any arguments. Sam’s position had been Kara’s not too long ago, although Simon had fucked Sam a lot longer than he had her. Kara blamed that he fucked Sam second.

There was a small knock on the door. “Come on in, we’re as decent as you can get,” Simon called out. Both girls laughed quietly, knowing the truth of that kind of statement. It opened slowly and silently, with both a grey fox and a mountain lion, the only one seen so far in Alenkas, wandered in.

“Emily, William,” Kara said as she stood up. They looked exhausted, with cum leaking from all of Emily’s holes and William having to hold her up. “What happened, what’s going on?” she asked quickly a second later.

“Em decided that-” William started, only to get interrupted by Emily.

“I got the information, don’t ask me how, it’s pretty obvious. 1222 Alpha street, for the next day or two at the least. If they aren’t there, we have the next one that they’re going to move to. Gather everyone up,” Emily said quietly, her voice echoing inside the Tree’s silence.

Simon blinked in surprise. “Alright, give us a day to get the call out. Sam, you and I will go find Lucas and Aiden. Emergency warning’s out, we don’t have much time then,” Simon didn’t bother questioning how Emily found that all out. Just like she said, it was pretty obvious that she was forced to use her body for it.

“Right. You two, rest here or log out and rest in the real world,” Kara commanded. William nodded and quietly logged out. Emily sagged as she lost her support, only to quickly find the nearest wall. “You’re not leaving?” she asked. Emily shook her head.

“No, I want to hear the full plan. I can tell William later. Where’s Cal?” she asked.

Simon shrugged, “Off with Haley I think. We’ll fill him the second he gets back. Sam, you think you can find them or want me to go?” he asked quietly.

“I can go,” she said, before collapsing into a chair. She winced as her legs shut around her pussy. Simon glanced at her, “No, stay here. I’ll find them. You stay here and rest, make sure that Cal knows what’s going on. All others that come in, tell them immediately. You said we have at least a day or two, right?” Simon asked.

Emily nodded, “Yeah, at least. We found someone that knows. At first we thought it was bad information but they knew everything we had already figured out. So if that was all bad, then we have bigger problems.”

Sam nodded, “Ok. Simon, go find Lucas and Aiden, tell them to bring everyone here. Emily, tell me everything,” she exclaimed. The grey fox nodded slowly as the squirrel just up and left. They only had a bit of time before they hit the point of no return. There was no time to waste.

Simon ran out into the blinding light of the Alenkan main streets. He remembered that Lucas and Aiden had had the day off, for the first time since…almost ever really. “Ok, where did they say they’d go,” he muttered. Lucas had said he’d had a special plan for this day, something about water.

“Well, only one river in Alenkas!” he said, sprinting towards the southern edge. He was by no means the fastest runner -that belonged to Lucas and Aiden, almost interchangeable between the two of them- but he was fast enough that it took only fifteen minutes before he hit the river’s edge. He looked around wildly, hoping to find the two that he needed.

They would probably blend in with the whites of the rocks, what with Lucas being an arctic fox and Aiden being a husky, but they’d probably be together and moving easily. He looked towards the left, toward sthe beach that he knew to be about an hour away. Jen had showed him and Sam where the easiest place to get to it from was.

He doubted they went to the beach. They knew to be ‘on call’ at all times, just in case something like this popped up. Thoughts danced through his mind, centering on how to apologize for the two for putting them through this kind of crap…again. And taking their only day off in…well, a long time. Lucas had asked for this sometime ago, and Simon hadn’t had the heart to say no.

And then the second Great Hunt started. That always did have a way of making sure that their plans fell through quickly. He was still tired from the sex earlier, but he forced himself to run that much faster.

For another set of far too long -fifteen minutes- he finally hit the bridge that separated the main city of Alenkas to the warehouses that held the southern edge. Two figures, on the bridge itself, although Simon couldn’t tell exactly who.

“Where do we place these?” George asked kindly. He was carrying another few of the bigger potted plants, almost trees in how much they had grown. Jen, the arctic wolf in front of him, was carrying another few.

They were stopped by the sight of Simon, the squirrel who appeared to have ran the majority of Alenkas based on the way he was panting so much. “Simon? What’s up?” Jen asked quietly. Simon almost never left the Tree, unless something important came up. Maybe he had some new information for them? But then why wouldn’t he send Lucas and Aiden…unless he was trying to find them?

“We’ve found it. All of it, Emily found someone who knew it all. Head to the Tree immediately as soon as you’re done. Have you seen Lucas or Aiden?” Simon panted out. George blinked, as a large smirk covered his face.

“Yes, they’re beneath the bridge and head straight another two minutes. You were almost there. We’ll head to the Tree right away,” George said simply. Jen didn’t bother arguing, just running to catch up with the bear as he tore up the streets, all plants forgotten on the bridge’s edge.

Simon nodded, and after a quick moment to gather his breath, vaulted over the railing, hoping that he’d find the missing two runners quickly.