Criminal Intent: Episode 15

Emily wandered almost aimlessly around Alenkas, not knowing where she was going to stop. There was a sinking feeling in her gut, something that she’d never truly experienced before, and it was similar to the feeling she had right after Abigail had been taken, and she chased the man for as long as she could.

It had been far too long since then. Sure, she’d been busy -how her school didn’t even realize anything was up yet, she didn’t know- but she thought about how Abigail had just been…taken. Just like that…and no one noticed. She had searched online for a missing person’s report…and found nothing.

It was as if she had never existed, except that Emily knew for a fact she had. It was a heavy head that she found the bar she had been told to go towards. It took a loss of her pride to try and find information…any information. The person who came forward told her to meet him in Alenkas, and get ready to be fucked.

She didn’t mind, truth be told. Alenkas was relatively safe. Well..not really, but that was why she had contacted William, her…friend, for lack of a better term, to try and accompany her. This was the first person she had contacted that had any amount of information, and she hoped and prayed that he’d have something that they could actually use, something that was actionable.

The grey fox looked towards the bar. It was an old bar that Simon and Emma had found, so long ago. ‘The Watering Hole’, it was called. Exactly as the guy that had contacted her online had said. She covered her boobs and pussy with both of her arms, waiting for the mountain lion that was William.

She waited only a minute or two before she saw what looked like a…a small generic red fox standing in the door of the Watering Hole. She blinked, wondering if this was who she was to meet. He was naked, as she was, which meant he was an Influxxer, and her eyes naturally rode down to take a look at his erect cock. It was surprisingly large, she thought, and she knew that most foxes had relatively small ones. Still large for her, but considering that the new guy was nearly two heads taller than she was…

“Don’t hide yourself, lass. You look good, in both worlds,” the fox said quietly, his voice echoing ominously in the silence of where they were. She blinked. “Seriously, you got me hard already, just thinking about your precious little pink pussy…good enough to eat, I’d say.”

“Yeah…cause that’s not creepy,” Emily muttered. The fox’s ears perked up, trying to hear what she said under her breath. He gave her a cheshire smile, his entire face lighting up, and he rose and lowered his eyebrows suggestively as he stroked his cock simply.

“Why don’t you put out first, show me that precious little pussy first, then I’ll tell you what I know,” he grinned.

“Yeah, cause that’s not creepy,” William’s voice said loudly. Emily’s shoulders sagged with relief as she heard him. The fox’s ears perked up even more as he saw this. He grinned at her a second later.

“Haha, she should be used to it. Have you seen the pics of her? Man, she’s gorgeous, in both worlds!” the fox continued leering at her. “Besides, she knows the trade. Sex for the info.”

“How about your name, first?” William asked as the puma walked next to her.

“Names, huh? I don’t usually share my name…you can call me Kaido,” the fox said. He was a bare-bones model, William noticed; almost no details besides ‘large dick’. Definitely an ‘asshole’ type person, he thought. Also a fake name…well, that meant he, too, could use a fake name. That would work…

“I’m Rook,” he answered back. Emily’s eyes widened as she realized the chess theme. She nodded slightly, showing the puma that she understood what he was trying to get at.

Kaido gave another wide grin. “A fake name! Someone’s played this game before. What about you, lassy? Before you bounce on my dick, what should I be yelling out? Pawn? Queen?” he teased.

“Knight,” Emily said quietly. Kaido lost his grin a second later.

“You…are serious about this, aren’t you. Right then…you were serious in the real world, when you sent me those other pics. Alright…I’ll give it to you piecemeal. Then for each piece, you do something I say. Deal?” Kaido asked.

“I’m not going to question what kind of deal you made online or where you found this guy, but you can always back out,” William said quietly.

“She could. But then you’d not have any information. First piece; they change their address weekly, in order to keep people like the Alenkan testers from finding them. Now blow me,” Kaido grinned. William shot her a look, and Emily shrugged.

“Technically I haven’t said sure, yet. Except I tell you what’s considered to be ‘a piece of information’. And I can always substitute if I feel something is wrong. And Rook here stays with me the entire time. If all that works, deal,” Emily said quietly as she moved forward. Kaido smirked, as he pointed to his dick. He nodded a second later, keeping his smirk, as she fell to her knees.

It was one of those things that made Emily wonder what exactly she was doing. She licked the hot cock gently at first, before she took the head in her mouth. Kaido moaned slightly above her, and she gave a gentle suck as she took more of it in her mouth.

It reminded her of Lucas’ cock, only bigger and a lot more…well, in general worse. The arctic fox was always gentle, always kind and it was something that she never minded. Kaido’s on the other hand…she wasn’t sure. It definitely was her choice, but she still felt a bit cornered for it. But all the frustration she felt at the situation she used to power her oral on Kaido.

She felt Kaido’s hands on the back of her head, and she prepared herself for him to start fucking her throat. Exactly as she had known, he shoved his cock down her throat, going as deep inside her mouth as possible. “Yes, that’s how it’s done. I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” Kaido muttered. Emily’s ears perked as he gripped her head harder, shoving himself in and out.

She relaxed, letting him do most of the work. Finally he shoved himself in harder, as deep as he could, and groaned loudly. She knelt there, his cock in her mouth and throat, as he came inside her. She didn’t feel much, as he was too far inside her mouth, but she patiently waited for him to pull out.

He groaned loudly as he pulled himself out of her mouth. “Man, you have a good mouth too. What I wouldn’t give to just fuck you over and over…oh well. I may have to ask you to do that again before the I give you the final piece!” Kaido grinned maliciously. His cock was still relatively hard, small drips of cum popping out from the head.

“What’s the second piece. She did as you asked,” William interrupted.

“Yeah, ok. Have you tried her mouth? It’s good, man. Well, they switch districts every week. This week, for the next four days, they’re in the slums. Next week will be in the south eastern district. There, is that enough for a fuck?” Kaido asked.

Emily thought about it. It was, definitely, far more information then she had had before. William’s eyes nodded, showing that he was taking notes. He was also doing more than that, based on his hard cock, sticking out proudly in his pants -William was one of the few that the Alenkans had given some clothes too, as NuVO’s system was…still not decent-.

“Fine,” Emily said, getting up and walking to the door of the Watering Hole. She stood with her back to them, pushing out her ass and waving her tail slowly, teasing the both of them with the slight vision of her pussy and ass.

Kaido grinned and grabbed her tail roughly, shoving himself into her pussy. She groaned as she was filled suddenly. Kaido groaned happily, enjoying the warmth as her pussy fluttered over him. He gripped her hips, and at first he went slow, ensuring that her pussy was as wet as possible for him.

She relaxed into the fuck, resting her head against the doorway as he fucked her slowly. Gradually he sped up, and started to be rougher and rougher, obviously just in this for his own pleasure. Emily’s breath hitched as the cock roughly filled her over and over. It felt good, but at the same time she felt like it shouldn’t.

William stood to the side as he watched them fuck. Kaido was obviously not being kind, shoving himself as rough as possible, filling her pussy entirely with his entire cock with each thrust. Emily moved her hands to rest her head against them, as she groaned in pleasure as Kaido truly well fucked her.

“God, your pussy is good too! Is your ass as good too? Fuck!” Kaido muttered. Emily shivered as she felt him shove himself in even more. He kept moving, not slowing down at all, and in fact speeding up as she felt him shiver above her.

“Fuck. I really can’t hold it long when it’s that good, can I?” Kaido said quietly. Emily shivered, knowing he had just cum in her pussy, filling it with his hot seed. She could feel the bare of it, filling her pussy and her womb. ‘God, it’s a good thing I can’t get pregnant here…’ she thought.