Criminal Intent: Episode 14

“So how does this help us?” George asked as he followed Jen passed the bridge. It was the only bridge that crossed the river of Alenkas, the one that separated the main city from the warehouses and open land to the south.

She had asked him for some help, not too long ago, when it came to moving some plants towards the northern parts of Alenkas proper. Why she asked him something like that, he had no idea. As it stands he had just started to open up after losing Mia. He had thought that maybe something like physical labor, something where he could just turn off his head, might help him.

“Well, it helps us because more people can maybe grow their stuff, which is good considering how many people in Alenkas have no idea how to grow food. And since NuVO cut off our funding, we only have a bit left, enough for maybe two months according to Emma. So we decided that if we made it easier for more people to take care of the plants, then maybe we could survive despite having no money,” the arctic wolf answered. She still wore that long black coat that went down to her legs, even though George knew that underneath it she was nude as the day she was born.

Honestly that idea was probably better than she knew it was. The bear was following her trudgingly. “I suppose that makes sense. I didn’t think we were that bad off though.”

Jen laughed. “Yeah, I didn’t either until Emma put the numbers in front of me. I’m not too good at following basics like that. I know that Simon is negotiating with NuVO about a lot, and as much as he wants to take this to them too, I don’t think he should.”

“Why’s that? The fact they aren’t listening to him about something more serious, or the fact that they’re completely ignoring the fact that we exist?” George snarked.

“Yep. To both of those, really. Any case, I took up the second warehouse, according to Simon,” Jen mentioned. The warehouses were just as George last remembered them; large silver buildings that were larger than the majority of the houses and other community buildings in Alenkas, just standing there towering over everything. They had small windows on the side, with a few of them looking like they had been taken out via brick.

Jen walked to the second one, ignoring the largest of the four, and the one that George knew was where the IDM had been hidden when they had gone there. He could almost see the point where Emma had given herself up as a distraction from the feral NPC’s, letting everyone get past long enough for them to find it.

The NPC’s still hadn’t made a return. George hadn’t questioned why, and he doubted anyone else would either. They’d come back if they came back, if they didn’t, then they didn’t. End of story.

“This is where you live now?” George asked as Jen quietly unlocked the main door, a wide warehouse-esque door. She pushed it up with a quiet grunt, motioning for George to follow her.

“Yep. I like it out here; it’s quiet, it gives me a lot of time to think. And yet not a lot of time at all…” she muttered. George looked around, seeing the various things that would let him know it was truly Jen’s. There were the dozens or so pots, many of them filled with soil with some small greens growing out of them, lined all along the walls.

The small office in the back had been transformed into a bedroom, with a single bed filling up most of it, and a few pictures and books that seemed to have been taken from the Tree, filling up the rest. The bear gently reached down and grabbed one of the few framed pictures. “I didn’t know they had pictures,” he said quietly.

“They generally don’t. Simon and Sam had to rig something up for the IDM in order to use it, and even then they just took it from my memories. It was from a mirror,” Jen answered. It was a picture of herself, standing in between George and Mia at Mia’s apartment during the initial testing phase.

“Ah. I wonder if they would be acceptable to doing this more often. I think we all could use more memories of the good times,” George said.

“Probably. You just have to catch them at a good time. I caught them just after…just after they told us,” Jen answered. George nodded.

He knew what she meant. The day they were told that they had been dead for over two months by that time. It had thrown most of them off guard, Emma more so than the others. He remembered his own thoughts to that day; ‘I may be dead in one world, but as I am still alive in this one therefore I am still alive. It is only when I can no longer think for myself in any world, that I am truly dead’.

And truthfully, as horrifying the world of Alenkas could be, George didn’t mind it too much. The sex didn’t hurt, as constant as it was -and he could smell Jen’s arousal already, her body wanting and warming up for his presence, which he no doubted already knew previously- but the world itself had a lot more potential than he thought it did.

And maybe…maybe he could do this. He’d find Mia, of course. He wouldn’t be able to make it much longer without her, truthfully. Everyone already knew that, hence why Jen asked him to come out here with her, but maybe he could do this.

He paid attention once more as he heard Jen’s coat drop to the ground. She gave a smirk behind her as she put her arms on the bed, spreading her legs and showing off her already soaking pussy and tight ass. Her tail swished gently, having it hide his view of her assets before showing them once more to him. “Take whichever hole you want…” she muttered.

George smirked. “And how hard would this lady want it?” he asked kindly. He dropped his sweatpants onto the ground, showing that he was already hard. He knew that this’d be coming, he just wasn’t sure when. But as soon as she showed him the way to her bedroom, he knew. She couldn’t wait any longer.

“As hard as you can!” Jen’s voice soared as he pushed into her pussy. George grinned as her warmth surrounded his cock. He had buried himself as deep as he could in one thrust, knowing exactly that the type of fuck she wanted.

He didn’t go easy on her, and still she stood, moaning her pleasure to the skies and the warehouse around them as he buried his cock into her over and over. She knew that he could go much harder, and she wanted to truly be broken. “Fuck me!” she groaned out, her voice barely carrying even to his sensitive ears.

George nodded slowly as he kept his pace, before gripping her hips and shoving himself into her as hard as he could. She groaned in pleasure, her face buried in the sheets of her bed. “Oh god, just like that!” she moaned out. Shrugging, George did so, carefully pulling back before fucking her as hard as he could. She moaned loudly again, and George could feel her pussy pulsate around him.

With each thrust, getting quicker and quicker, he could feel himself start to go towards that orgasmic peak that he wanted. Jen had been reduced to only moaning now, as her words escaped her completely, lost in the fields of lust that were her wet pussy and his hard dick.

“I’m going to cum soon,” George announced carefully, each word enunciated so that even through her haze Jen knew what was happening. Or at least, that’s what he hoped. He was fully aware that sometimes her lust got the better of her.

“God yes, please, fill me!” she moaned loudly. Another thrust, and George felt her pulsate around him, starting to stagger how it did so. He kept up his pace before suddenly he felt her squeeze down on him in time with her breaths as she threw her head back from the sheets, letting the warehouse know she was in the depths of a pleasure-filled hell.

George sped up as Jen continued moaning. He was close to the peak now, close to that edge, and he wanted to soar off it. Every few thrusts he would feel Jen’s pussy squeeze down on him, although she had lost the ability to moan he knew she was still having an orgasm. Finally that edge raced through him, starting with his cock and making it all the way to his brain and toes.

He shoved himself in harder than even he thought possible -Jen probably orgasmed again, by then he wasn’t sure- as he came, the ropes of semen filling her pussy faster than usual. He could feel her pussy selfishly squeezing more out of him, trying to get drunk off his cum. He breathed a bit harder after a long moment, knowing that he was still cumming in the arctic beauty underneath him.

“That was…that was great. Thanks George…I needed that,” Jen moaned quietly. Her arms had given up the ability to hold herself up.

“I can tell. What were plants that you needed moving?” George asked. Jen moaned again, weakly pointing to the hundreds of large pots dotting the shelves. “Oh. That explains why you asked for me.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t because I wanted to fuck you. That was just a good second reason,” Jen grinned, barely giving the effort to look him in the eyes. He shot a smile at her, and watched as she collapsed on the bed, small drips of cum leaking from her stuffed and filled pussy.