Criminal Intent: Episode 12

“When was the last time we had any time to ourselves?” Lucas asked abruptly. Aiden stopped and stared for a moment, then slowly looked up as he racked his brain for the obvious missed details. “See what I mean? It’s been a while since it was just us,” Lucas answered his own question.

Aiden rolled his eyes. “It’s been a while, yes. Since last arc, actually,” he answered. Lucas rolled his eyes. Depending on what he considered an ‘arc’, that was true. But it was more true that it had been a while for the both of them being alone, despite doing another Great Hunt.

They were in the eastern side, closest to the Tree. They weren’t searching, today was one of their few days off -they had since managed to go through a good sixty percent of Alenkas between the two of them. They were missing some areas, and it was obvious to them that by now the gangs had been hiding in one of the many unused buildings and areas. But exactly where…they didn’t know.

“Come on, it’d be fun. Just a day with the two of us. Hasn’t happened in a while. Swimming or something?” the arctic fox asked, pantomiming the patented doggy style swimming that most of the canines in Alenkas used.

“Swimming huh…could be fun. Just head to the river?” The husky asked right back. Lucas nodded, a small smirk growing on his head. Aiden couldn’t help but roll his eyes, knowing exactly what it is that Lucas planned. He wasn’t against it, but it was still odd that they, of the many Alenkans searching, would have the mandatory day off today.

In order to keep people from burning out too quickly, Simon had mandated that once a week each pair would have a day off. That said, that didn’t stop people from trying to get more days on -they were worried too much about Mia and Abigail to not be- but when Lucas and Aiden tried that this last time, things had gotten a bit…heated.

Which culminated in their literal first day off. Ever. Almost literally mandated by Simon, and when the pair looked at Cal and Sam to try and fight for them, both of the cats merely shrugged. They knew a losing fight when they saw one.

The way to the river was as clear as the day above them. There were a few clouds, but nothing too stormy approaching it seemed. Most of the Alenkans were on the west side, checking out the various hundreds of slums that they had guessed was the hiding spot for the gangs. Very few Influxxers stayed in this portion of Alenkas, most of them preferring the general vicinity of where they came in at.

The water was a sparkling blue as they approached the rocky shoreline, their paws crunching against the rocks as they walked to the edge. At the southern most tip of Alenkas was a large river, separating the southern side with several dozen warehouses -including Jen’s place, if they remembered right- and the more city-esque northern side. They preferred the city, having grown up in it most of their lives.

Lucas flopped down onto the rocks with a small thud, sunning himself nicely. He stretched out onto his back, letting his flat stomach absorb most of the sun. He sighed happily as the warmth flooded into both his back and stomach at the same time. “Rocks are the perfect temp!” he exclaimed happily.

“Sometimes I think you’re closer to a puppy than a fox,” Aiden said slyly as he quickly reached over to rub Lucas’ stomach. He pushed his hands underneath the shirt to get to the soft underbelly underneath, and Lucas let out a small groan of pleasure and happiness.

“Could be. All I know is that it feels good and don’t you dare stop,” Lucas breathed out. Aiden’s hands felt marvelous directly on his stomach, something that he wasn’t sure he knew why. Whether that was because he was getting more in tune with his Alenkan self, if that was even a thing for them anymore considering the whole ‘we’re actually dead’ thing…he didn’t know.

Truthfully, didn’t really care anyways. He wasn’t Simon, or Sam…or even Cal. He wasn’t a Lyla, or an Alex, he was just himself. He knew that Aiden felt much the same; that sometimes they were so far out of their normal bounds that they weren’t sure exactly what was their boundaries anymore.

“Hey…Aiden…what are our limits?” Lucas asked suddenly.

Aiden paused, a fact that made Lucas more than growl lightly. “Depends on what you mean by limits. If you mean what are we capable of…I think our normal situation proves everything. We’re sound designers Luke. Always have been. Always will be. Nothing wrong with that, but I think what we’re doing proves that we can be better than that. That we can do more.”

“More meaning finding missing people, stopping a gang profiteering exercise, and you know. More. You said it yourself; we’re sound designers. What the fuck are we doing,” Lucas said simply.

“The same thing we’ve always been doing. The same thing we always had been, and always will be. Living.”

“That answer would be a lot more epic if it was at the end of a story, rather than the middle,” Lucas noted.

Aiden laughed. “Wouldn’t it though? I mean, it is kind of a badass answer, at least for those who’ve played too many first person shooters.”

“Hey, I don’t appreciate those digs at me, Aiden. You know full well that I play those because I’m good at them,” Lucas said, grinning broadly. Aiden reciprocated.

“Well, you also play on console, so there’s that,” Aiden teased. “And as long as you don’t make fun of my platformers, I don’t really care.”

“When have I ever done that?”

“You know the times,” Aiden said. He reached down slowly for a water bottle he’d had in his pockets. Gripping it tightly, he took a quick swig of it before taking the cap off completely, and pouring it straight over Lucas’ still-exposed stomach.

The fox struggled for a moment. “What the hell Aiden? Not cool…although it did feel nice,” he yelled, sitting up quickly. He took in the sight of the laughing husky. “This is one of those times you’re not going to explain anything, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yep. So, pray tell, why do you think I did that. This should be good…” Aiden said, smiling widely.

“Probably as a joke to make me remember the time we started doing that during the Heats,” Lucas said. He grabbed his own water bottle, and tackled Aiden down to the soft rocks below. The husky didn’t fight back, merely enjoying the sight of his husband on top of him. Lucas glared at him for a moment before pouring his own bottle of cold water -he’d put ice in it just that morning- straight onto the husky’s chest.

He grinned as he felt Aiden freeze up. “Ok. I’m not going to do that again,” Aiden said. Lucas continued grinning, which quickly matched the one on Aiden’s face as he felt Lucas’ hand slowly go southward.

“Just relax Aiden,” Lucas intoned quietly, keeping the husky pushed down with a small shove. “I know exactly what you’re waiting for,” he continued. Aiden grinned widely; Lucas did know exactly what he was waiting for.