Criminal Intent: Episode 10

“Nothing, then?” Simon asked as Kara walked in to the Tree. They, meaning Simon, Sam, and Cal, were all busily looking over a map of Alenkas, similar to their positions so long ago when they had first organized a Great Hunt.

The german shepherd shook her head. “Nothing. I don’t know if it’s just them being really good at hiding, or if there’s something legitimately blocking me. I put out some feelers on the Dark Web as well, so hopefully something will turn up. I’ll give them a day or two before I try to pull them back.”

Sam sighed, crashing down onto one of the chairs scattered about. “Makes me wish we had some kind of pull out in the real world for cases like this. How’s NuVO treating us?” she asked Simon. The squirrel shook his head.

“Not good. They’re working on something, but they don’t want to interfere too much because that could cause a ‘interference between the brain and computer simulation’. Expospeak for ‘they don’t want to do it.'” Simon grumbled. The four of them sighed, and Kara took a moment to look over the map.

She noticed something immediately; there was a small section, to the southern part, that was completely clear of any and all colors. “What’s with the empty area down here? Why haven’t you searched here?” she asked. Simon took a peek before sighing.

“That was the area we found the IDM. None of the Influxxers can go past this point here, only the original thirty Alenkans can,” Simon said, pointing to a small bridge that allowed them to traverse from the northern side to the south side of the river, “so that automatically rules it out. We’ve noticed that there’s a small community of people right there who try to walk past an artificial barrier there. That’s how I know NuVO’s explanation is bullshit.”

“Ah. But what if they just put Mia there or something? What if an Alenkan is actually doing all this? Or worse, helping them do it?” Kara supplied.

“We’ve thought about that. The only one who isn’t completely clean is Dave, and he’s the stellar’s jay that went and locked himself in the northern tower. The only ones that can really get him to talk are Lucas and Aiden, and, well…obviously he wouldn’t be helping anyone.”

“A jay? I didn’t think birds were able to be in Alenkas. I’ve never seen one.”

“There’s only the one. I think they tightened the character creation modules, making sure that a few animals couldn’t be chosen for some reason. Again, they aren’t talking to me,” Simon growled.

As Kara tried to look to the other two, to see if they tried, they both nodded. “Us either. Anyone that tries gets locked out for a time,” Sam explained. “So the best we can do is…just keep doing what we’re doing. And hope in you all out there.”

“Ah. I’m sorry to disappoint you all then,” Kara replied softly.

The three of them shook their heads. “Nah, you didn’t disappoint. We knew it was a long shot, and there’s no reason you can’t continue once you log back out. We have time, and we know that Mia is strong enough to last any amount of time, no matter what they’re doing to her,” Cal said.

The four of them let that statement sink into their minds. “Well, since I’m here, what say you guys we go and do some searching then?” Kara asked. Simon and Cal nodded, but Sam shook her head, her long white hair shaking to and fro as she did. She looked at them for a moment.

“You two can go, but someone’s gotta stay here to man the map. You two go, have fun,” Sam said. The other two nodded and shrugged to each other, before they got up and moved to leave. Simon grabbed kara’s arm lightly, tugging her along as they left.

“There’s something I’m missing, isn’t there?” Kara asked as she watched her friend and his friend pull her out of the Tree. The light of Alenkas was blinding, so used to the darkness of the library, and she had to wince as the light permeated her eyes.

“Not really. I think Sam just needs a break. She went and saw George yesterday, the bear whose…lover, I guess?… was taken. She and Jen went, Sam came back alone. I think she planned that, or maybe Jen did, I’m not sure,” Simon explained.

“But why would…oh. Oh…does that actually help?” Kara asked. Cal shrugged, an action repeated by the squirrel next to her a moment later. She felt a kind of wetness squeak down her legs, and she knew that just the thought of doing something naughty while they should be doing something productive…it was kind of exhilarating. She shook her head to get that thought out of her head. It wasn’t like her to think something like that.

“It does a little bit. Why, you want a demonstration?” Simon asked, smirking lightly. Cal’s jaw dropped as he stared in shock. “What?” Simon turned to him.

“Holy crap, that was actually smooth! A bit forced, yeah, but fairly smooth. Who are you and what have you done to Simon?” Cal teased, grinning widely as he spotted a quick alleyway. “Here, you two go and get it out of your systems. I’ll be out here. Take your time,” he said, pushing the dog and squirrel into the rocky alley. He disappeared around the corner a moment later.

“Wait, does he actually expect for us to…” she said, interrupted by a soft moan as Simon reached around her chest, groping one of her breasts lightly, with his other hand teasing her pussy. She felt her body grow more aroused, her mind starting to cloud over. He was doing it lightly, more than lightly enough for her to say ‘no’ if she wanted to…but right now she didn’t want to.

Her tail wagged from side to side quickly, and she felt behind her for that thickening of the cock that she wanted inside her. She found it with ease, and gave a sultry smile to the squirrel behind her, slowly stroking it to full hardness. When Simon had gotten out of his pants, she didn’t know.

“We have time for a quickie at least,” Simon muttered into her ears. She nodded quickly, putting her hands on the sides of one of the buildings, spreading her legs and waiting with impatience as Simon grabbed her hips, aligning his cock with her pussy.

She moaned with wanton lust as she felt him get his cock wet with her juices, plentiful as they were. “Take me as fast as you can,” she urged on, moaning as Simon did as she wanted, slamming all the way to his balls in a single thrust. She was more than wet enough, and threw her head back as she was filled.

Simon took her quickly, and she was left with struggling to keep her head above the wall, as all she wanted to do was rest and enjoy the pleasureable sensations of Simon fucking her pussy. He was reaming into her, throwing himself at her wetness, burying himself deep inside her. “Damn you’re wet…” Simon muttered into her ear.

“And you’re so hard,” she responded quietly, moaning abruptly as he shoved himself in harder. She spread her legs a bit wider, trying to give as much room to the squirrel behind her as she could, letting his cock stuff itself into her pussy.

The duo moaned, Simon occasionally changing his rhythm as he enjoyed the tight and wet hole underneath him. With every thrust, he was stirring up something inside her, juices making a ‘schlick’ sound as they came into contact with his cock. “Faster, please…” Kara said, groaning into the building.

Simon did as she wanted him to, and gripped her hips harder as he forced her body to meet his thrusts. She moaned into the air as he groaned behind her, and she had the feeling that he was about ready to cum. “Cum inside…” she said with a wry smile. He groaned and thrust faster for a few moments, before shoving himself as deep as he could, his balls just barely resting on the outside of her pussy lips.

She moaned as she felt his cock pump cum directly inside her, knowing that with each jump more and more of his seed was pushed up her pussy to her womb. She knew that it couldn’t get her pregnant, if it could then every Alenkan would have long since been, but still the feeling of his cum inside her set her off, her pussy tightening down on his cock and cum, forcing him to pump more inside.

The duo rested, breathing heavily. “Feel better?” Simon asked quietly. Another jump of his cock inside her as she nodded slowly.

“I do, but…normally I’m not like this. Is there something else that’s affecting all of us?” she asked and responded in the same method as Simon had. She wiggled her butt around a bit, making sure to get as much cum from him inside her as possible.

“I don’t think so. We took care of the Heats a while ago…but at the same time…” Simon muttered, a new thought taking place in his head. “One problem at a time. This one isn’t hurting anything yet, let’s take care of the others first, then we’ll come back to it,” Simon answered finally. Kara nodded, and a sigh of discontent, Simon pulled back, letting his cock flop out of her pussy, small streams of cum following it.