Criminal Intent: Episode 9

It’d been a few days, George thought, since anyone had come to visit him. The last time around, Emma and Lyla had tried to seduce him, and ended up seducing each other -which, to be fair to them, they were rather warm-blooded when it came to that sort of thing- however that had left George with a rather perplexing question.

He could try and join the Hunt for the missing people, or he could just…do as it was suggested to him and stay in his apartment, looking glumly over the overcast sky. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to do that though; he’d prefer if it was sunny so he could at least feel like some part of the world was normal.

That was the truth though, wasn’t it? There was nothing normal about this, nothing normal about what was going on. And for every day that he had normalcy, it was abnormal for someone else. It was a harrowing experience, he thought, as he focused on all the normal days he’d had, and how many of those days other people had horrible experiences happen to them.

Kara, Emily, and William. They were out there, almost every day, trying to find a way in, find an easier way to find the missing people. Kara was due back in the next day or two, but Emily and William were both back in school, and they wouldn’t have a day off for a while yet.

“George?” he heard the knock. He grunted loudly, knowing that by all rights he should speak but he wasn’t sure he wanted to at the moment. At least, not to Sam. He turned towards the door, only to see the albino cat slowly wander in carefully, her red eyes piercing into his.

Jen, an arctic wolf, slowly followed her. “Are you alright? We heard what Lyla and Emma tried to do…and what actually happened,” she asked caringly. George sighed, before he started to chuckle softly.

“They got ahead of themselves. They need to stop doing that,” George said, his deep voice booming and echoing across the empty apartment despite the low volume. Sam laughed quietly, and it took a moment before Jen did too.

“Well, they were just trying to help,” Jen answered after a moment. George sighed, finally looking at the two ladies. Sam was in her traditional garb, a tanktop and a pair of shorts that showed off her rather impressive legs. Jen, on the other hand, sported what seemed to be a long coat, hiding most of her body from view.

“Help they did. Each other though, but it was needed. I could tell they were stressed,” George responded. He sat down onto the couch again, hiding his discomfort as it squeaked underneath him. It had always done that though, even when it was just him and Mia back at their original apartment, back during the testing…

“We’re all stressed,” Sam said quietly, sitting on the floor with her legs crossed. George set his view to her, and she smiled softly. “You helped me find myself, George. You remember that?” she asked.

“Hard to forget that when you put breasts over cock,” George answered. Jen looked at the two of them wildly for a moment. She gave a questioning glance to George, who pointed to Sam. “You explain, you know full story better than I do.”

Sam grinned with a fake sigh. “Fine. So back during the original Great Hunt, I broke into a place because that was one of the only places that Simon, Cal, and myself hadn’t checked. Well, a few minutes goes by and this guy breaks in after me,” she responded with a smile. “We got to talking, and I mentioned how I felt like I was losing myself, and that everyone else was too. How could we hold on to our values, when everyone seemed perfectly content tossing them into the wind?” she continued.

“Everybody has their own choice. I remember that. I fail to see how that’s relevant to now,” George interrupted. Jen waved her hands around, opening the coat just enough that George could tell she was naked underneath it. He blinked, wondering if that was important or not.

“It’s always relevant. To each their own; to each person, their own choice. Remember that, George. We both know Mia, and we both know what she’d do in that type of situation. She’s not just going to lie down and take it…unless it eases up other people’s lives.”

“So what you are saying is that Mia made her choice?” George asked, fury rising up inside him. Sam gave him a look, and he quickly wilted down. It wasn’t that she was scary, rather far from it -he’d never tell her, but that look was far more cute than anything- but the way she looked at him…like he’d just missed something obvious.

“I’m saying she hasn’t made her choice…or rather she’d making it now. We both know that Mia could probably break out anytime she wanted, the second she figured a way out. But she’s probably seen a reason to stay,” Sam said.

“I agree with her, for what its worth,” Jen said. The white cat looked in surprise at her as she shrugged off the coat, showing her nudity to the world. George noticed that it was large on her, meaning it wasn’t built for someone her size. But it was…for someone his.

Sam got up slowly. “Well, I’m off to continue the Hunt. If you two need anything, let me know.”

“Find Mia,” George said. “That is all I need.”

She gave him a fake salute, before wandering out. “That’s kind of the plan, George!” she grinned, walking outside. The bear turned his attention to Jen, who had in the few moments between got on her knees in front of him. He blinked, wondering when he missed that.

“Shh…don’t worry George. I have a plan, to help solve everything. But first…I’ve been feeling really horny lately,” she said, looking into his eyes as she pulled off his pants. He begrudgingly got up, letting her slide his sweatpants down to his ankles, showing off his impressive length to the world as she quickly went and hid his cock again inside her mouth.

He groaned softly, relaxing back into the couch as Jen sucked on him. She knew exactly what made him tick, and it took only a few minutes before he reached full hardness. The arctic wolf grinned as she got up, straddling his hips with her own, slowly aligning his cock up to her pussy.

She got the tip wet, before she gripped it softly and moved it to her back hole. His eyes widened as she dove down, sinking his cock into her ass. She threw her head back and moaned as his length split her.

“Jen?” he asked quietly, doing his best to try to make it easy on the girl. She gave him a sweet grin, obviously out of it based on the half-lidded look in her eyes, as she continued riding him, his cock sinking all the way to the base inside her ass.

“I want you to take me. Pound me, with everything you got. You fucked my pussy to soreness…I want you to do the same to every hole I have,” she said. He blinked in surprise as she continued pounding her body down harder, trying to get everything she could inside her.

“If that is what you want…”

“I took Kevin in the ass, I’m pretty sure I could take you,” she goaded, moaning with anticipation as he quickly leapt up, turning her around so she could grip the couch without taking his cock out of her first. She felt his hands on her hips, and her world exploded as he started pounding her.

George wasn’t sure what to think. It felt amazing, as it always would, but damn if there wasn’t something sexy to him about Jen trying to goad him on to fuck her harder. And her ass, no less. He grinned as he felt himself get closer to that peak, but knew that she wanted to peak first. He could do that.

His body was more muscle that Kevin’s was, and so he could put more force into his thrusts, something that Jen loudly was moaning for. He shrugged internally, more focused on the minx below him than any particular reason. “Yes, oh god yes!” she yelled as he thrust into her harder.

He felt her body tense up after minutes of the rough sex. She grunted and groaned, moaning her pleasure to the world as he felt her ass compress down on his cock. He waited patiently for it to be over before he thrust into her again, making her moan once more. He was putting his own orgasm on edge, letting Jen get out of her rut, before he’d focus and try to cum.

He’d be at it for several minutes more, letting Jen get to that orgasmic peak twice more before she finally cried out, “Oh god, please, cum!” He took that as the time that he should stop holding back, and with several dozen more thrusts finally came deep inside her ass.

Her breath was heavy and heaving, and he felt tense up her ass every few breaths. “Fuck George…that was intense. I should try to egg you on more often,” she said quietly. He smiled gently, thrusting a few more times into her ass. She gave another soft moan.

“Now…what was your plan?”

“Oh, that was easy. You’re coming out too. Emily thinks she may have a lead.”