Criminal Intent: Episode 8

George sighed. He wasn’t sure what to make of everything right now. Although that had been true ever since Mia had been taken, but still there was a bit more real to it right now than he was familiar with.

It didn’t help that Lyla and Emma had decided to help ‘forget’ his troubles today, which inevitably meant they were going to try and seduce him. He rolled his eyes, and wondered how long it’d take for them to realize that this wasn’t something that he could just ‘fuck away’ like so many other Alenkan’s problems. But that was exactly what the both of them wanted.

They were supposed to be keeping an eye on him, making sure he didn’t do something that would blow the entire Alenkas up in a massive run of scandal. He shrugged; he could understand their worry -his first thought was, incidentally, run up and bash some heads, and as a bear he could fucking do it- but it wasn’t something he was just going to do out of the blue.

No, he was going to find the fuckers first, then he was going to bash their heads in. He was a damned pissed off bear, and as any hunters would know, when there is a pissed off bear coming your way the first thing you do is run the fuck away. Then hide, and then pray, because that bear, if it’s pissed off at you, will find you.

He would not stop until they find out what death in Alenkas feels like. And he had a feeling that Mia would be right there with him. He almost had to do it when the NPC’s had attacked the warehouse, back when they found the IDM. Instead, Emma had decided to do a distraction her way. Granted, it worked, but it was still something George wasn’t sure would work again the next time.

He sighed loudly as he saw the vixen and the wolfess just barge into his house slowly. Lyla was at least being cautious about it, but Emma apparently didn’t care about her physical safety. Maybe he would just talk, and they wouldn’t try to bug him much? Nah, the chances of that actually worked were slim to none. And creating a risky plan that didn’t have much chance of working wasn’t something George was in the habit of doing.

Which made this entire ‘Great Hunt’ seem ominous to him; because the chance of it working this time were practically zero. The gang had to have some lookouts who would let them know whenever the Alenkans got close, but as they had no other way, he supposed that it was the only plan that had any nonzero chance of working.

Of course the two had to be naked too. Although he didn’t mind it as much, but it made him miss Mia more and more. He would’ve thought by now that they would understand that as much as he likes to simply have sex, having an emotional connection means so much more to him. It was why he stuck by Mia for so long, having had a crush on her in the real world -not that she knew that- and only eventually branching out to close friends.

Although, if he had to be honest, Lyla was as close to a friend as she could possibly be without going into other territories like ‘friend with benefits’ -albeit she very much so is- ‘best friend’ -again, another technicality in that Mia is his best friend, with Alex taking a second- or ‘romantic partner’.

Lyla said something, not that George caught it. He was too deep into his thoughts, and his brown pants hid anything that his body couldn’t hide from the girls naturally. He looked up after a moment, seeing Emma kiss Lyla directly on the lips, the wolf’s hands naturally going straight to the vixen’s pussy. He blinked.

Of course Emma would do this. Try to get him so riled up he couldn’t do anything but want to join in. Apparently she forgot that this was George, and not someone with low willpower, like, say Simon. Although he did hear that she tried this same thing on him and got the same inevitable result, so maybe the squirrel didn’t have low willpower. George didn’t know.

Actually, now that he thought about it, Simon was actually one of the stronger ones. Although he had to admit that most of the Alenkans were fairly strong in their own ways. They kept it together, even though they had all technically died.

Oh yeah, that was just another problem of many that he had to deal with. He looked up at Lyla’s moan, the vixen’s pussy getting lapped at by Emma, who was drilling her entire face in there. They were sixty nining, Emma on top and busy putting her face into Lyla’s pussy while Lyla’s own dainty tongue was lapping at Emma’s.

It was all George could do to stop himself from the inevitable jokes. It would’ve been way too easy, and although it would’ve been good for a laugh from him he doubted the other two would’ve seen it that way. ‘Careful, you don’t know where that’s been,’ George thought, ‘yeah, definitely not appropriate.’

Where was he? Oh yeah, being dead. That was an experience he honestly wished he could have done without. Finding out, at least. It’d been rather painless, as all of his brain had uploaded into Alenkas pretty much at login. Of course, here he was now, essentially being a moderator over a world he had no power in.

Simon was busy trying to get them that power. But until then, there wasn’t much that any of them could do on their own. His attention was once again pushed to the ground in front of him, where Emma and Lyla were doing their best to literally fuck each other in front of him. Their legs were stretched around each other, rubbing their pussies together as best they could.

George had to admit the sight was fairly hot, but it was a good thing he had loose pants on. He wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of knowing that’s what he thought. So instead he hid his mouth behind his hands, hoping that his pants would start pitching a tent.

At this point it was more a game to the bear than anything. They obviously didn’t know the meaning of ‘try not to do anything that might set him off’, or if they did they just thought fucking in front of him was a good thing to try, because why not?

He wondered how Mia was doing. She’d probably be having a good time on the floor with the other girls right now if she was here, teaching them the best way to work their own bodies. George would probably be laughing and their jokes, and it’d be a very difference scene.

Anger rushed through him again, at the knowledge that such a thing had been taken away from him, but he pushed it back down. There was nothing he could do, yet. But once there was, then everyone should get out of his way. He had a feeling they would.

Emma and Lyla were now lying on the floor, their pussies rubbing against each other, kissing each other heavily as their hands roved each other’s bodies. Breasts, hands, legs, toes…nothing was off limit to the two of them. George rolled his eyes.

He went back to his thoughts. He heard about their secondary plan, despite them specifically trying not to let him hear it. They must have misunderstood when he said that bears have sharp hearing. It’s not as sharp as, say, a fox’s or dog’s, but it is damned good nonetheless.

And he approved of it. He felt bad for the three Influxxers that they had gotten to do it, Kara, one of the original designers of the Alenkas project -he wasn’t going to explain how he knew that little tidbit of information, but suffice to say he definitely did-, William, and Emily.

Especially the last two, as they were both still in school. Well, Emily was. William wasn’t, he was at some prestigious college or university somewhere. George hadn’t actually asked him which one, but the mountain lion had always said that it was just ‘a little school off in the distance’.

Whenever he was questioned, that was always what he’d respond with. Which meant, to George, that he was hidding something. Maybe he didn’t like his school? Maybe he didn’t want to go? It could be any number of things, and George wanted to pry in and let William let his heart out. But Mia had to be by his side to do it, which meant they had to find her first.

Emily was in an even worse place than that. She was still in high school apparently, still heavy in her teen years, and here they were demanding things that would make most adults balk.

Was that just her being her, or did she feel bad about something? He heard that she’d been the last one to see Abigail, another of the ones that had been taken, but he didn’t know if that actually had an effect or not. He suspected that it did, and there was nothing like Alenkas to bring two people that were complete unknowns together.

Speaking of unknowns, he moved his eyesight to the two girls, now Lyla was facing him with her legs spread wide, showing off her pink and tight pussy, slowly being invaded by several of Emma’s fingers at once. The wolf was going at quite a good pace, and Lyla was certainly enjoyed herself, moaning with every thrust. He could see her hand, slowly pushing into Emma’s core.

He blinked. Was she going to fist her? Against his better judgement, he leaned forward to get a better look. As soon as he did, Lyla came, her body quivering with pleasure as she leaned back and moaned loudly. Emma did a fist bump, then gasped as Lyla shot the rest of her hand inside the wolf.

“Oh fuck, just like that!” Emma said, holding her legs open wider, allowing Lyla to crawl closer, breathing heavy as she was, one of her hands stuck in Emma’s pussy all the way to her wrist. As she got closer, Lyla’s arm slowly sank into Emma’s pussy, going all the way to the vixen’s forearm, halfway to her elbow.

“Keep going, I want to feel everything,” Emma said, her body grunting with unbridled pleasure -somehow, George wasn’t sure how, wouldn’t that just be extremely painful!?- as Lyla forced more and more of her arm and elbow into Emma’s body.

By the time she reached her elbow, Emma was panting deeply. “Fuck…don’t move too much or I’ll cum!” Emma shouted. Lyla grinned at her, starting to slowly move the arm she had inside the wolf. Mostly just forcing herself to shake small amounts, before Emma’s pussy squeezed down tight on her.

The wolf came quickly, her moans and shouts of pleasure reaching straight into George’s cock. He wouldn’t act on it, but damn it was still fairly hot. Although wouldn’t that just be painful, being penetrated that far? Although he had to admit, she fucked horses a lot, maybe that had something to do with it?

“Kind of like that?” Lyla asked with a wide grin. She gave a quick kiss to Emma, before going back down and shaking her arm again. Emma shouted, not in pain but in pleasure, or agonized pleasure, George wasn’t sure which. Either way, Lyla kept it up, drawing Emma closer and closer with every second.

It hadn’t even been two minutes before the wolf came again, her body tensing up marvelously as she breathed heavy into the air. Lyla didn’t stop, and Emma didn’t tell her to. A few minutes later, another one was drawn from the wolfess. George could tell she was getting exhausted by this point, her pussy probably too sensitive to keep going.

And yet, they did. Lyla seemed to know exactly what to do now to draw the most moans and orgasms out of the girl underneath her, and all Emma could do was lay back and enjoy the ride, her pussy being stuffed to the brim with Lyla’s arm.

George didn’t keep track of the time, but by the time Emma muttered that it was time to go, he had to say it would’ve been at least half an hour or more, with each minute Emma having to orgasm. By then, wouldn’t that have been painful? He didn’t know if the wolf was still technically sane…but she wasn’t babbling incoherently. She just couldn’t move.

“Feel free to rest there. I get you some water,” George said, watching the wolf on the floor. Lyla lie next to her, her arm still stuck inside Emma’s pussy. The wolf nodded slowly, her entire face flushed madly.

“Now then, let’s see how many more I can drag out of you by the time he gets back,” he heard Lyla mutter, and suddenly he had a feeling he should take a lot longer than he would’ve ordinarily. As he kept hearing the moans and screams from the wolfess, he admitted that it was probably a douche thing to do. Oh well. It wasn’t as if he had anywhere else to be at the moment.