Criminal Intent: Episode 3

“Simon, how are we doing in terms of districts twelve through nineteen? I don’t have anybody down for those,” Sam said seriously. She looked down at the map in front of her and tried to imagine the various Alenkans and few Influxxers working their way through the maze that was the city of Alenkas.

“Twelve and fourteen have George, thirteen and sixteen have Ivan, fifteen and up have Lucas and Aiden,” Simon repeated, looking up from the small sheet of paper that had everyone’s names on it. Sam nodded, and quickly filled in the pieces of the map that had lain out.

“Too bad we can’t just use the IDM to plan this, it’d be a lot easier,” Sam muttered. Simon nodded, but shrugged. Sometimes that’s how things went, and the tools that they had weren’t the best tools for the job, so they had to make do with what they had.

She sighed, relaxing into a chair after a moment. “Do you think this’ll even work, Simon? I mean, when we’re up against the IDM it took us months. This time we’re up against organized crime, and we’re on a time limit.”

The squirrel looked at his lover. He shrugged, “I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I ever can know. But what I do know is this; we’re going to try damn hard. Besides, we’ve had ten months of a head start to learn Alenkas. These guys? A month. No matter how often they switch hiding places they won’t be able to hide for long. I give them a month.”

“That’s still a month too long.”

“Which is why we’re here,” Simon said, smirking. He motioned around the Tree, the library filled with the thousands of books that slowly started to be filled in once NuVO was aware of it. “If we weren’t coordinating everything, I give them a month. Because we are? I say two weeks at most.”

“I just hope they aren’t in too much pain,” Sam exclaimed sullenly. She sighed loudly, knowing the kind of pain that her friends of other people, whether she knew them or not, was going through. She had an opportunity now, to do what many other people wanted. To help out, to be part of a solution to an unconquerable problem…one that they could solve.

“I hope they aren’t too. This is one of those times I have to curse my ever-thinking head,” Simon responded. He too, looked saddened and worried about what they knew, or what they thought they knew, was going on. Sam nodded, before she looked at the time.

One of the things that she had first realized, even after the Heats that had plagued them stopped, was that Alenkas as a normalcy made all of their hormones simple numbers. Every thought they had was still theirs, but all of their bodily functions? Reduced to mere numbers and ‘statistics’.

What this meant is that it was very easy for them to get turned on. Sam hated herself for even thinking it -she knew it wasn’t her fault, just the system’s failure that Simon was slowly working on fixing, but it was a bug embedded into the very kernel of Alenkas itself- but she was slowly getting turned on again. Whether it was from Simon, just standing there looking as serious as he usually was, or being in the Tree, she didn’t know.

She could tell that Simon was starting to feel the urge too. It wasn’t a Heat urge, some subtle pin-prickling of despair and lust that crawled up their spine, warming every part of their body. Simon had told her that was the sign of a number being forcibly changed in her player profile, a casual snaking of lust and hatred for the self.

This was a bit different. It started at her head, for one, rather than her pussy. Her mind had shot back to the time that she and another, Kara Tyson, one of Simon’s old friends, had taken him both. It was the first threesome she’d ever been in, and one that she knew that all of her friends raved about. She knew why, now.

“Have you heard from Kara, lately?” Sam asked lightly. She shimmied out of her shorts, leaving them on the wooden floor of the Tree. If someone would walk in, they’d see her almost naked body, and the thought only made her wetter.

Simon shook his head. He hadn’t looked up yet. Sam grinned, and casually reached up to take off her tank top, now completely nude. She could see the stretching of his pants, the tent that showed that he too was thinking of something sexual. Like her, he was probably hating himself for it.

She gripped his arms, and before he could turn and recognize that they were both feeling the same urge she turned him forcefully and took his mouth into a deep searing kiss. His lips felt magical on hers, turning her insides to mush as they usually did whenever she kissed him. Her hands went from gripping his arms to gripping his back, pushing his chest and shirt into her own. She felt, rather than saw, his eyes widen, before they nodded in understanding.

Talk was silent, and they didn’t need to. They both knew what they wanted, and weren’t worried about getting caught -except by Haley, but Cal was currently out with her in a nearby park- and Simon’s clothes were quickly practically dismantled by Sam’s roving hands. His shirt and pants barely took more than a few moments, releasing his straining cock from its bounds.

Sam gave a light chuckle as it popped up against her stomach. She gripped it gently, giving it a quick few strokes while staring at Simon’s face, watching his face and shoulders simply melt into her touch. She kept it up, only wandering downward once his eyes closed and he threw his head back slowly.

It made it a surprise when she took his cock into her mouth, and her ears easily picked up the loud moan that was torn from his mouth. She grinned around him, slowly taking more and more into her throat, gently blowing him, coating him with everything she had. Her tongue danced around the tip, the bottom, all around him as best she could. She remembered all of the various experiences she’d had, even before Alenkas, and did her best to ensure that Simon kept up those loud moans that she loved hearing.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, trying to pry her off. She gave one last lick before she looked up innocently at Simon’s face. She had to try hard not to laugh at how close Simon looked, the pleasure etched on him. He picked her up gently and pushed her towards the table.

She grinned, lifting up her tail as she got into the position that he wanted. He measured his cock next to her pussy, slowly moving it and getting it wet around her hole, occasionally flicking it up towards her clit. She gave a quick quiet moan every time he did so, the pleasure rushing through her spine.

Finally she moaned with savage relief as she felt his cock enter her. Stretching her wide, as he always did, he moaned next to her ear as he dove in as deep as he could. They waited just a moment, as they always did right at first, before Sam sighed with relief. Then Simon started moving, and their world melted into each others.

They felt nothing but each other, and they knew nothing beyond each others body and mind. Sam was panting, her mind on the squirrel on top of her and the cock in her pussy. She groaned with every harsh entry, stretching her pussy lips wide with every thrust. Her body was on fire, and she knew that Simon’s was too based on the way his hands gripped her hips, forcing her body back as his thrust forward.

Pleasure raced up her spine, through her entire body. She heard that familiar groaning on top of her, several minutes afterwards. She grinned, and tried to push herself to make her pussy tighter on the squirrel on top of her. He pushed on through, his body working on automatic now, and she moaned loudly almost constantly now.

She felt Simon push through, burying himself inside her as deep as he could go. She moaned loudly as she felt his cock kick inside her, sending as much semen and sperm inside her as he possibly could. She couldn’t quite feel the warmth, but knew it was there. She breathed heavily, simply relaxing after the quick fuck.

She felt Simon almost collapse on top of her, his cock still sending more spurts of his cum to her cum-hungry pussy. They rested for several long moments, before Sam spoke up quietly, “One of these days Simon, I’m going to have you fuck my ass.”

“Best not to let Haley hear that. And you might want to ask Cal about any tips ahead of time,” Simon responded. Sam grinned and nodded, and simply relaxed into the touch of her man on top of her.