Criminal Intent: Episode 1

“Did this happen last time too?” William asked as various others of the Alenkans were running around, specifically Simon and Sam, like chickens with their heads cut off. Emma looked at him, before shrugging.

“I have no idea. I’ll say this though, it certainly didn’t take them very long to come up with half a plan,” Emma said.

The virtual world of Alenkas had experienced its more than fair share of problems during its so far short existence. It had only been online for a month, a mere thirty days, and already people were figuring out how to break the law within the world.

There were multiple reasons for it, most of them thought, but all of them boiled down to Simon, a squirrel and the main head programmer for the entire Alenkas project, turned the servers on early. They didn’t blame him though, as all of the Alenkans were just the testers that had been essentially killed in the real world and trapped within the project itself.

A week ago, one of the Influxxers -the name that the Alenkans had given to those that had come in the virtual city since the servers were turned on, people that had a body in both the outside world and Alenkas- had been kidnapped in broad daylight. Emily, a grey fox who had been with her at the time, lost the bull that had kidnapped her within the labrynth that was the city, and had started to do everything in her power to get her friend back.

Unfortunately, it was soon evident that it wasn’t just one person missing. Mia, a white rabbit who’d been a tester and who most of the Alenkans knew well, had also turned out to be missing.

It took some time, but eventually Simon, Sam, and Cal, the three that were essentially the ‘leaders’ of Alenkas since they had the Internal Debugging Module, organized another ‘Great Hunt’, where all of the Alenkans took turns searching each and every portion of the city for the missing duo.

It took them months last time to get set up to the point they could actively track each and every person in Alenkas, although that might’ve been due to the Heats that would strike seemingly randomly, increasing each person’s lust to the point of breaking.

It took them one day.

“I’m just surprised George isn’t here. I’d expect him to have shown up by now,” Emma said. She was a grey wolf, and one of the more notorious ones. Rumors said a person could just show her their cock and she’d go down on them, or let them fuck her immediately. William knew that wasn’t true; it took a bit more work than that, even in Alenkas, where sex was rampant almost all the time.

“George…he’s the bear, right?” William asked. He was a mountain lion, and one of the first Influxxers to visit Alenkas, if he wasn’t the absolute first one.

Emma nodded, “Yeah, he has a giant scar shaped like an X on his chest. Nice guy, although I don’t want to seem him pissed off. I’ve seen what Kevin could do when he was upset, and I don’t want to know what a bear could do.” Kevin was a horse, and Emma’s ‘roommate’.

“No idea then. He seemed fairly close to Mia to me, when I first saw them,” the cougar said quietly.

“Close, yeah, that’s one way to put it. He was as close to her as Alex is to Lyla, or Sam is to Simon,” Emma answered. “Come on, I have district 34, and I noticed you have 36. They’re right next to each other, let’s go together,” she volunteered.

William looked down at his paper, the small map that had each district carefully labeled out. He wasn’t sure about this whole Great Hunt thing, especially Emily’s latest finding that turned the entire thing on its head.

This wasn’t the work of a single person; it was the work of an entire organization.

But the other Alenkans…it was all they could do. They couldn’t go into the outside world, they couldn’t contact the police without going through NuVO, and even then NuVO was working on something that required most of their attention, and they didn’t seem to think that having a bunch of people just up and disappear was something to worry about.

“Yeah…sure,” William said quietly. Emma grinned widely, posing in such a way that it pushed out her breasts, making them look bigger than they actually were -although William could easily tell, especially since the wolf was naked, that they were fairly large already- and suddenly he realized what Emma had in mind. He’d have to rethink his opinion of the wolf.

“Is this really the time for something like that?” he asked, following the wolf’s shaking ass as she led him through Alenkas, going surprisingly quickly and hopping fences like they were nothing.

“It’s always the time for a fuck. You know how many times I fucked during the Heats, during the first search? Hundreds, if not thousands of times. Mia did too, as did almost all of us. When we’re stressed out, like I am now, I just want to forget the world for at least a few minutes. You have moments like that, don’t you?” Emma asked, casually jumping up onto a wooden crate like it was nothing.

“Of course I do, but don’t you think we should do something about the source of the stress before we de-stress?” William asked. He was all for sex, but sometimes even he had other things on his mind. At least today was Monday, he didn’t have any classes today.

“Well, the source of said stress isn’t something that we can control at the moment, but the de-stressing? That is. So let’s go with what we can control, and then we’ll worry about the stuff that we can’t. Besides, it’s always easier to think with a clear head rather than one that says ‘Wow, I really want to fuck that nice wolf’s ass.'”

“I don’t want to fuck your ass.”

“Yes you do. I can see it in your eyes, William, or Alexander, or whatever you want to call yourself,” Emma said, turning around on the rooftop. William looked around, wondering when they had climbed to the top of a roof. He was fairly sure that last he checked he was on the ground, just watching Emma jump around fences and such.

“You didn’t even know that we climbed up here, your eyes were completely on my ass the entire time,” Emma stated, turning back around to show off her toned butt. She wrapped her hands around herself, spreading herself wide open and showing off her tight asshole. His eyes widened as she clenched it eagerly, her pussy in clear view practically dripping wet.

“Yep, definitely an ass-man. I noticed it before because my breasts didn’t get you hard, but my ass? That did. So take me, big man. I want to see what a cat’s cock feels like,” she moaned sexually, leaning over a small railing, her pussy and ass still on lewd display.

William could feel his body respond. She was right, more than he thought. He was already hard just from watching her jump around, but here she was very obviously willing to fuck him despite only knowing him for a short time. He remembered his first day at Alenkas, when he wondered if Emma had been lying when she had practically said she’d fuck him if he wanted to.

He shrugged off his shirt, and quickly got out of his pants, leaving them to cook on the rooftop as he carefully pulled up behind Emma. The wolf’s tail was wagging high in the air, controlled by her still-shaking ass. He stilled her, putting his hands on her hips, as he pushed his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

She moaned eagerly as her body accepted it easily. “Oh fuck those bumps feel fantastic…” she muttered as he pushed all the way in, his balls hitting her pussy lips lightly. He groaned as she tightened around him; her warmth, tightness, and wetness just pushed everything into delicious ecstasy focused on his cock.

He gripped her hips tigher, and carefully pushed out only to thrust back in quickly. She moaned heavily, her toes widening as pleasure surged through her brain. “Fuck that feels good…come on William, I’m not going to break,” she expressed her interest in getting to fuck her faster.

He smirked as he took her advice, starting to thrust as wildly as his body could go. He was glad he didn’t necessarily have to worry about muscle-breakdown here, as otherwise he’d already have been feeling it, but here he was more than free to go as fast as he could go.

And he could go damned fast. His cock stirred up her pussy easily, small drops of pussy juice dripping from her pussy as she held herself up, moaning her pleasure to the heavens above. The small bumps on his cock were driving her wild, caressing the inside of her pussy so easily that she instinctively tightened down on him often.

“Fuck, just like that!” she moaned as she arched her back. He went even faster, fucking her as fast as he could now, pushing his body to the limit. She groaned with every thrust, and oftentimes he’d moan too as she tightened up on him.

“God damn, you’re so wet. You really wanted this, didn’t you?” he whispered into her ear. He pounded her ass hard, slapping her butt lightly.

“Fuck yes I did! Oh god, harder! Fuck me harder!” Emma cried out as she felt pleasure surge through her again. “Oh god, I was so wet for you, please!” she begged, pushing herself against him just as fast as he was pounding her.

It was far too soon that she felt her peak sneak up on her, and she clenched down as she moaned loudly, her entire body tensing as pleasure and ecstasy flooded her body and mind. Her pussy became even wetter, and William moaned into her ear how close he was. She said nothing, simply continuing to clench tightly down onto him.

He pounded her for all he was worth, before finally the constant tightness got the better of him, and he buried himself as deep inside her as he could go. He gripped her ass tight, shoving herself against his cock as he shot his load deep inside her. He groaned with every spurt, and Emma moaned loudly with each one.

The two breathed heavily as William lay on top of her, his cock still buried deep inside her, occasionally spurting more of his cum into her pussy. “How was that?” William said, his voice breathless as he whispered into her ear.

“Fucking amazing. God damn, I love Alenkas. Like I said, de-stressing…” Emma answered, also out of breath. “Once we catch our breath, let’s do our assigned area. Won’t take too long, and if you’re good…” she said, clenching down tightly onto his cock again. She leaned up, and pushed her snout into the cougar’s ears, “you get to take my ass too,” she finished. His cock jumped a little, spurting more cum inside her.