Influx: Episode 26

Simon trudged back into the Tree with a confidence that belied his current amount of insanity running thoughts. Not insane running thoughts, but insanity running thoughts. He had met with Lyla earlier in the day, trying to find Haley, only to be met with a giant sigh and a ‘another one?’ comment from her.

Needless to say, he wasn’t on speaking terms with her at the moment. They’ll probably fix that given a day or two, but with everything happening around him, and him unable to do anything to really help…he was a planner.

He could plan things. He was the heart of the Great Search, the hunt for the Internal Debugging Module. He, with Sam and Cal, directed nearly twenty-five people at different times, directing them to separate parts of the city, checking and double-checking whenever he felt he had to.

But all of this, with Haley disappearing now too -his mind refused to substitute the word for kidnap- that meant that now there were three of them missing, and he had been hearing rumors of more than that. They were just that, rumors, mostly going about the Influxxers.

NuVO was, needless to say, moving at their own snail pace. It was times like this he missed Revan Kurt, another of the lead programmers and one of the few friends he had made before Alenkas. He, Kara Tyson, and two others were the original masterminds behind the Alenkas project, but what happened was never what he intended.

Most of the others had saved him from blame. He was here, living with them, hell, he’d been helping them through it. He was just as affected as they were, and although very few of them felt that he should still feel worse than he did, most of the others had absolved him from any blame, especially once the full story had come out.

That didn’t mean he felt like he could shoulder the world though. He was a planner. He wasn’t a…he didn’t take chances that he didn’t calculate out beforehand. He never had. Maybe that was the squirrel in his heart showing him the path, or maybe it was the system taking its toll on his head and sanity. He didn’t know, and truthfully he didn’t care.

He was Simon. That was all that he needed to know. Therefore, everyone in Alenkas, both Influxxer and Alenkan, were his responsibility. He would be strong, for them. For all of them. He was on the verge of using another Great Hunt, but considering the toll and the time it took last time, he was afraid he didn’t have that much time.

No, this would take…others. They would have to be his arms and legs, his pawns to use as he set up the chess board. He didn’t like playing the game, feeling that any plan in which a sacrifice was necessary was a bad one, but he understood that there was no analogy closer to what he thought he might have to pull.

To be the one pulling the strings. If NuVO wasn’t going to do it, and they didn’t allow him to have the authority to do it, then he’d get others to do it for him. His visage hardened as he stepped into the quiet of the Tree. He fully expected Sam and Cal to be out of their mind with worry; he’d been gone a lot longer than he had originally thought.

For the past week, he’d spent maybe four hours in the Tree. Total. He was tired, and wanting nothing more to rest for the moment. Despite the massive amount of responsibility on his shoulders, he’d need a rest. And while resting, he probably would think about how to solve the conundrums presented to him. And he would. Because that was who he was.

Sam was out the door the same time he was getting in it. “Oh Simon, you’re back!” she said excitedly. At first he blinked, wondering if this meant that Sam was horny at the moment and wanted him to fuck her. He wouldn’t be against it, but damn he was tired.

“Yeah, I’m back. What’s wrong?” he asked. Sam gave him a light smirk, her red eyes piercing into his. She flicked her tail around like she was toying with someone, and Simon tensed up a bit. Sam had been getting more and more in touch with her animal side, and to be honest that did worry him. He was a squirrel. Squirrels and cats did not get along well, what with being on very different sides of the predator-prey controversy.

“We just met someone that thinks they might know you from before Alenkas. We were talking in our room. Hold on and I’ll introduce you,” Sam said quietly. Simon blinked tiredly, before accepting her invitation in.

He really liked his room. A large bed, big enough for at least two if not three people, a few small windows that looked over Alenkas, and books. Stacks and stacks of books, most of them written by Cal -the cat had gotten a lot better at writing, having been doing it for months on end by now- and in the center was a drop-dead gorgeous german shepherd. He blinked, trying to see if he recognized her.

“Hmm? Oh Sam, you’re back already. Oh, is that him?” she asked, spreading her legs and giving him a sight directly into her wet pussy. She sat up, letting her breasts dangle in front of him.

“Yep this is him. Simon, this is Kara. Kara, this is Simon,” she said, introducing the two easily. Kara got up and smiled at the squirrel, offering her hand to shake. He returned it nervously, before looking at Sam with a confused look.

“Kara Tyson,” Kara finished her statement before Simon could say anything. “Although it’s Keller now, though I doubt you’ll recognize it,” she stated simply. Simon blinked, wracking the name through his brain.

Of course. The same day he was actually thinking about trying to see if he could find her and see how she was doing, it turns out she was in Alenkas. “Kara!” he grinned, throwing her a giant hug. “Good to see you, although I’m surprised no doubt. What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Well, I heard the Alenkas project got its foot off the ground, so I figured that I’d come take a look and see how far you guys went without my help. Needless to say, I am impressed,” she said.

Sam gave her an interested look. “Wait, when you said you knew Simon from before, I thought you meant high school or something. You knew him from the Alenkas Project?” she asked.

She nodded, “Yep. He, me, Revan, Trevor, and Kason. We were all in the same dorms together, me just down the hall, and we met down at the bottom cafe one day. We all had an idea,” she said.

Simon nodded his agreement. “Everyone deserves a second chance. Some people just have never been that lucky in real life, fate dealing them a bad hand or just making a wrong choice somewhere near the beginning. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. But here in Alenkas…we were all supposed to be equal,” he started. He looked at Kara, as if asking her to take over.

“All of us, meant to be free the way we never could in real life,” she voiced dutifully. She gave the next one to Simon.

“Given a second chance we never could afford.” Sam looked between the two. This was something that they had practiced obviously a lot, something that they knew just between the two of them. Or maybe the five of them?

“A path, a way out, unlike any other. A world safe from the insanity of the real world.”

“Protection from everything, just simply living in a peaceful world, a peaceful city, learning, and using those lessons to impact reality. That is why-“

“We want to start the Alenkas Project,” they finished at the same time. Simon and Kara sent a smirk back to each other. “Still know it, I see,” Simon said.

“What was that? That wasn’t anything I’d ever heard before,” Sam asked.

Kara shrugged, “It’s the elevator pitch that we practiced for weeks, if not months before coming forward to NuVO with our hacked together project. We must’ve said over a thousand, if not ten thousand times each. Each one of us put one line in, explaining the reason that we, personally, wanted to prove this project could work.”

“When I told you, Sam, that I put my life’s work onto this project, I wasn’t alone. Revan Kurt, the other head programmer, was also one of them. Kara was another one, but she quit several years ago due to Kason being a dickhead,” Simon explained.

Kara smirked. “So you did know what was going on. Did you ever tell anyone? I know HR tried to do something, but that just made the abuse of power worse. I couldn’t stand it after he tried to rip my shirt and bra in public. I started taking martial arts classes after that.”

“Both me and Revan had an idea. He was the one that went forward to human resources with it, but obviously because Kason was such a ‘needed asset’ we needed more proof. Stupid lawyer bastards.”

“And his ripping your shirt off wasn’t enough proof?” Sam asked Kara amazed. She knew full-well how much the NuVO HR department was terrible, she’d been the victim of many nasty rumors in the past, despite being just an intern. Needless to say, she much preferred the actuality of Alenkas over NuVO.

“They never saw it. I quit right after that. Went to a different city, proceeded to ignore any and all news of the Alenkas Project. Until I heard it came out…and killed thirty people instantly. Any news on who did that, by the way? I only looked at the headline, not the actual article.”

Simon smirked. “Oh yeah. Both Trevor and Kason are going to jail for a very, very long time. Revan’s in there as well, mostly because he was the one that actually pulled the data. From what I hear, he helped the police as much as possible, getting his sentence reduced, especially once it came out that he was blackmailed into helping.”

“Poor Revan. Kid didn’t deserve that. How long until he gets out?”

“Don’t know. I’ve heard five years going around, but after that, I’m afraid I don’t know the specifics,” Simon answered. He shivered suddenly as Sam reached over from behind him -when she did that, he had no idea- and grabbed his cock through his pants. “Sam!?” he asked wildly.

“There is another ulterior motive I had, if you don’t mind Simon…” Kara started. Sam gave her a smirk, and motioned with her other hand to continue. She got down on her knees, and unbuttoned Simon’s pants masterfully, and breathed in the heavy hearty scent that was Simon’s hardening cock. Sam moved her hand to grab the actual cock itself, slowly molding it in her hand.

“Don’t you have a husband?” Simon asked as Kara slowly licked around his dick’s head, playing with it using her tongue. She took it into her mouth, letting her warmth cover him as she took more and more of it into her mouth. Her other hands went to Sam’s, bringing her hand to Simon’s balls, slowly cupping and playing with them.

“I do, and he knows I’m here. Hell, he’s been wanting to watch me fuck another guy for a while. Trust me, if we had more than one Alenkas headset he’d probably be here too,” Kara answered. “You don’t mind being recorded, do you?” she asked, looking up to his face as she continued blowing him.

“Considering the Heats, I have no problem,” Simon answered. Sam grunted her agreement, more paying attention to Simon’s balls than any amount of conversation going on. She molded and fondled them lovingly.

“Great…so who do you want to take first? Your wife or me?” she asked. Sam blinked, her pussy clenching on nothing at hearing the word ‘wife’. Kara winked at her, smirking at Simon’s attempted explanation, and she gave a soft smile back. Before Simon could finish his stuttered sentence, Sam reached over and grabbed Kara, giving her hot kiss in front of the squirrel.

He stopped and instead just watched as the two girls deepened their kisses. Kara pushed hard against Sam’s lips, and brought her down to the bed’s level in a crash. Sam didn’t get too far before she moaned loudly, Kara’s hands massaging and starting to finger her pussy lightly. Sam moaned loudly, far more loud than usual, as she enjoyed Kara’s ministrations, before Kara stopped. She groaned with want and lust.

“You get either of us. Or both,” Kara said, wagging her tail around, showing off her tight and wet pussy hole. Sam smiled, spreading her own legs and showing off how eager she was too. Simon stared at the two of them, in the two different positions, opening up their legs for him willingly.

He mentally flipped a coin before going to Sam’s pussy, pushing himself in quickly, all tiredness forgotten. He moaned as her warmth encompassed him, and grinned as he felt her tighten up on him. She moaned loudly, far louder than usual, as she moved her legs on top of his ass, pushing him harder against her pussy as he started thrusting quickly.

Kara stared at the two with a smile, moving her hands to massage and pull at Sam’s breasts, keeping the girl going. They’d been going for a while already, and both of them were wound up, so Simon coming back couldn’t have been planned any better. She reached for a kiss with the albino cat, giving a tender and loving one, before turning and kissing Simon. It was light at first, even though he was pounding the hell out of Sam’s pussy, turning it a nice shade of red, eventually deepening it, sending everything that she had once felt for the squirrel to him.

He pulled out of Sam abruptly, getting a low groan of disappointment out of the girl, before moving behind Kara. She smiled as he slammed home into her, giving a loud moan into the air, the same volume as Sam had been. Simon grunted with exertion as he pounded into Kara’s pussy from behind, slamming into her hips as hard as he could. Sam got up and quickly pulled Kara into a kiss, followed by pulling at her nipples, folding and molding them as she wanted.

Kara panted, occasionlly moaning as Simon pounded at her pussy. He was going far faster than she had thought he could, sending her own pleasure skyrocketing. “Fuck, you fuck me so good…” Kara moaned out. She felt Sam shift beneath her, and she grinned as she saw the albino cat’s plan.

Apparently Simon did too, because he pulled out a second later, and slammed into Sam’s open-wide pussy, based on her loud moan and yell of excitement. Simon’s eyes were closed at this point, trying to refrain from cumming into the two beauties beneath him. “Keep switching!” Kara said. She moaned as he did a second later, slamming home into her pussy for a few dozen thrusts before going back to Sam, who did much the same.

Their pussies were both soaking wet, and the two of them mashed their clits together, wanting to cum together with Simon if that was possible. Sam moaned loudly as she felt her clit and her tunnel get pounded, before Simon stilled atop them both. He groaned loudly, pleasure filling his brain as he came into Sam’s pussy, his hot load being pushed inside the girl.

He was breathing deep, only for Kara and Sam to once again double-team him. Despite just cumming, his cock was soon hard again, and buried into their pussies. Sam’s pussy was far wetter with the introduction of his cum, and he frothed it up and shoved it inside Kara’s pussy, the two girl’s moaning their hearts out, trying to beat each other in volume.

Finally, after another fifteen minutes -where the squirrel got the energy for that again, he had no idea, but damned if he wasn’t glad for it- he came inside Kara, sending loads of cum deep inside her. She shivered with pleasure as she felt him cum inside, and grabbed and kissed Sam. This was something she’d have to do more often…

They heard a soft knock on the door. “Hey, you three ok? We got some news,” Cal’s voice called out. Simon looked at the two naked girls, both breathing deep and with cum running down their thighs and legs, before he nodded.

“Yea-Yeah we’re good. Come on in though, we’re tired,” Simon called out. Sam and Kara laughed softly. That was putting it mildly, they were both fucked out, although they could have gone for another two rounds if they wanted to.

“Right…” Cal said, opening the door quietly. He rolled his eyes at the mess on the bed. “Haley,” he turned outside, “stay out here. We’ll tell you anything you ask afterwards,” he turned back, letting Emily, a grey fox that Simon knew only because Sam had explained who she was, and Lucas with Aiden in. William, a mountain lion that was one of the first Influxxers, came in after them. Cal excused himself, and went to entertain Haley for a bit.

“Damn, you got busy!” William said. Simon rolled his eyes.

“So what you got? Sorry, we uh…haven’t gotten cleaned up yet,” Simon asked. Sam purred loudly into Simon’s ear, letting him know exactly that she didn’t want to ‘clean up’ anytime soon.

“We think organized crime has found its way into Alenkas. And that’s who took Mia and Abigail,” Aiden announced. He knew that Simon would ask more questions if it came from Emily or William, so instead Aiden took it on himself. Simon would trust both him and Lucas with his life.

The consequences of that statement ran through Kara, Sam, and Simon’s head. The potential falsehoods, the getting lost, everything of the last few days played out in Simon’s head. One by one, the pieces started making sense, and in the end Simon could only throw his head back. He said only one word. “Fuck…” he muttered.