Influx: Episode 24

Emily logged out with a soft smile, hiding the tears easily. She could trust William to take Haley back to Simon and Sam, or at least take her to where she could find them easy enough again. She did have to give it to him though; he was fielding most of her questions about sex easy enough that made her wonder if he was a teacher of some sort in real life.

At first she was hit with an almost agonizing contentness. She pulled off the headset with a small groan. The lights had been off, exactly as she had left it. Her lips were stuck together, and her first thought was how thirsty she was. She pushed herself up, ignoring the wave of lightheadedness that hit her. Once the dizziness started, she sat down on her bed abruptly.

It took a few minutes for it to be over, but once it did she was both thirsty and hungry as hell. Her panties were soaking, which was fairly normal she had learned. The system’s headset wasn’t perfect for anyone except the Alenkans, and even then that came with some pretty high negatives.

She steadied herself, and gently pushed herself down the stairs. Her muscles were weak and cramping from staying in one position for so long, and she wondered how many other gamers did it, sat in a single position for hours upon hours on end.

The first thing she did upon reaching the kitchen was grab a cup and drank enough water to make the Sahara Desert grow again. She breathed a sigh of relief with each glass, although she felt slightly uncomfortable after the third. She stopped at the fourth, letting the water drain through her system. She felt a twinge in her bladder and rectum, and ran to the bathroom.

She had only been in there for five minutes when she heard her younger brother, an annoying twerp who though he was cool shit because he was in high school now. “Emily!? You in there?” he yelled through the door.

“Yeah David, I’m here!” she yelled back. She took a moment to relax before starting to wipe. Her family only had one bathroom to share amongst all four of them, so sometimes it got crowded. Emily had gotten very good at being quick.

“Hey, so John has this new game he wanted to show me, I’m going to be gone a few hours!” David yelled. She heard him yell out his goodbyes as he left abruptly. Emily could only roll his eyes.

Her parents were gone, and she was intended to watch over David and herself. She could do it; hell she’d been doing it, although it’s not like they were the most high maintenance kids.

She groaned as she got up and flushed, taking care to wash her hands with soap and water. “And now…breakfast,” she told herself. She had to almost force herself to eat, as she wanted to get back to Alenkas quickly. It wasn’t just that it was new, because it wasn’t -she had had it for a few weeks- but rather something that could have actual consequences could happen in it. She wasn’t too sure why, but she felt like Alenkas was a better place for her to be than anywhere else right now.

She was out of Alenkas for barely an hour. The shame of what she had done was still fresh in her mind, and while a part of her wanted to ignore Alenkas and go do something else, she felt that she needed to finish what she started. She needed to find Abigail, make sure she was alright.

With that concentration, she logged back in to the world of virtual reality. The world of Alenkas. A white light, the usual sign that she was connecting, shot through her vision, before she landed softly and silently on the dirt of the alleyway where she had left only an hour or two ago.

“Any sign of anything?” Emily heard as she entered into the world. It was a breath of fresh air it seemed, although she didn’t recognize the voice at all. She tossed herself to the side, her breasts heaving with her breath, as she struggled to overhear more.

“None. If they had any sign that they know where we are, we couldn’t tell. We’ve seen plenty of them though. Too bad we just can’t kill ’em,” she heard another voice say. This one was deeper, and far more threatening. She covered her mouth with her hands as adrenaline surged through her body.

“Nah. ‘Sides, they’re damn good pussy,” the first one said. He laughed, a deep dark chuckle that threatened to send shivers down Emily’s spine. “I love this place. Speaking of, I’m gonna go fuck ’em again. Maybe up the ass this time. That’s always fun, to hear them scream,” he continued.

“You and your fucking dick. I prefer the money,” the second one said. He sent out a deep laugh, a baritone that shook Emily’s bones to their core. “But I won’t say no to free pussy,” he finished. She heard the two start to walk off somewhere, and by the time she pushed her head up, both of the owners of the voices were gone.

She breathed heavily. Those must’ve been the kidnappers, or those connected with them in some way. Were they selling them for money? Or at least their genitals? The thought of what Abby and Mia must’ve been going through, and it had to be more than just those two. It pissed Emily off, and she had to force herself to not go after the two and pound them into oblivion. She couldn’t do it, she knew that, but damned if she didn’t want to grab a lead pipe or something and shove it down their throats!

She forced herself to even off, and she went over what she just found out. It wasn’t a single person, but rather multiple people. That alone meant that there had to be some communication. Which meant it could be intercepted. There was something far more criminal than what was going on.

She took off a second later, running without care for who or what she was about to run into. Her entire being was focused on getting to someone, to anyone. She was still in the slums, but the southern section, and she ran into some fences as she tried to head east, based on the direction of the northern tower now that she could see it again.

“Hey, you alright?” she heard a male voice, one far brighter and lighter than the other two that she had heard. She turned suddenly, her body still tense with repressed fury. She wasn’t sure how far she had gone, but it had been quite a while. She saw two people, a husky and an arctic fox -right around her size, she noticed in the back of her mind- both with the same kind of sweatpants that most of the Alenkans were wearing.

“Woah, hold on. Is she feral?” the fox asked, not unkindly. She snarled, adrenaline still flooding through her body, her eyes crazy and wide. “Certainly looks it,” he continued.

“Hey, we’re not going to hurt you,” the husky said, slowly walking forward towards her. She was trapped between the two and the tall fence, nearly twenty or thirty feet tall, separating the slums from the usual part of Alenkas. “We just want to know what’s wrong.”

She wanted to try to say something, but all that came out was snarls and growls. She was still just so pissed off, so angry with the world, with Alenkas, with everything…what was wrong with her brain? At first she was sad and ashamed, and now she’s uncontrollably pissed off, all with a simple swing.

She tried to push it down. “I’m…fine…” she managed out, although there was a dark undertone of hurt and angry growls in there. The two canines looked at her, and the husky continued his walking forward slowly. He put his hands out, ready to yank it away at a moments’ notice.

“I’m Aiden, and that’s Lucas. Can you control yourself?” the husky asked.

Emily tried to calm herself down, but there was too much running in her head -now that she recognized the symptoms, she cursed herself. Of course it would be now. Because that would be the worst time for it, and therefore it had to occur then- and she growled lowly, a deep rumbling that sent shivers through both Lucas and Aiden’s spines.

The animal in her head, the hormones running through her real body and her brain were triggering a lot of things she didn’t exactly want to be seen. She pushed it all down, recognizing it for what it was. She tried to relax, or to at least get back normal speech. It was surprising how difficult it was, and she certainly wasn’t expecting that.

“I think she’s calming down,” Aiden said, turning to Lucas. He turned back to the grey fox. “I’m Aiden. What’s your name?” he asked kindly, his tone light and airy. How he managed that with being next to a PMSing grey fox, Emily wanted to know, because damn that was some self control.

“Emily. Sorry, it’s…-” she muttered, the last word turning into a low growl. Aiden relaxed a lot, calling Lucas over.

He patted her shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. It happens to everyone. Just relax. Once you get your voice back we’ll talk.”

She tried, Aiden could tell, to relax. To get her voice back. She had barely managed to utter the three words, but couldn’t quite get there. “Well…shit. Lucas, any ideas on how to calm down a feral fox?” Aiden turned, asking the fox behind him.

“A feral? No, not at all,” Lucas responded as he stopped next to Aiden. There were only a few feet away from Emily. He sniffed the air, and met Aiden’s glance. “That’s one way, I suppose…” Lucas continued.

Emily made up the decision for them as Lucas and Aiden argued amongst themselves. She knew one way that would definitely satisfy her body, despite getting it literally two hours ago. She reached for both of the crotches of their pants, gently kneading their cocks. She felt them get hard quickly, and felt her pussy already soaking wet again.

“I feel like this is the Heats again,” Lucas joked as he quickly shuffled out of his pants. He moaned softly as Emily grabbed his cock, slowly molding it gently in her hands.

“It does bear a sort of resemblance. Makes me wonder if the writer ran out of ideas,” Aiden continued the joke. He, too, moaned when Emily started jacking him off softly. They were both hard in just a few seconds, and getting harder with each second.

“Are you still of the opinion that we’re in nothing but a sex series?” Lucas grinned as he moved his cock away from the grey fox. She groaned with insistence, but quickly changed to a soft moan as she felt him at her entrance to her pussy. “Spitroast or DP?” he asked, going serious again.

“It makes sense! Also, DP if she’s up for it, spitroast if not. Which do you want?” Aiden asked. Emily said nothing. All she did was push herself back onto Lucas’ cock, enveloping it in her warmth and wet tightness. She wanted to go and suck Aiden off -although what she really wanted was to be pounded, but her vocal chords weren’t exactly working at the moment- so instead had to settle with just slowly moving her hand back and forth on him.

Lucas wasn’t idle, but he wasn’t slamming her the way she wanted to be pounded. He was going slow, more stirring up her pussy juice than anything. He was still moving, and she could feel his knot at the entrance to her pussy knocking against it, and it still felt good, but it wasn’t what she wanted.

Then he moved to her ass, and she froze. Lucas slowly pushed his cock in, waiting for her to disagree or to say something, growl or yowl, or even just flat out move away. Instead she pushed herself back onto him, taking him further into her ass. She moaned softly with a hint of pain, but forced herself through it. Lucas gently thrust in, spreading her ass wider around his girthy cock, until his knot knocked at her asshole.

She laid back gently against him. She had never had anything in her ass before, and even in her current feral state, she recognized it was probably going to hurt. But it felt so wonderful, she thought. She rocked back against him slowly, working her ass over his cock. Her eyes met Aiden’s, and took a look at the solid cock attached to him. She spread her legs wider, moaning as Lucas’ cock slipped deeper inside, and invited him to her wet pussy.

Aiden gave her a look of distinct shock, before shrugging and moving up to her. He took only a second to move to her pussy, and only another to fill her. She moaned, her feet barely able to touch the ground as she was lifted up by the two guys. She could feel them practically touch each other through her, and her pussy and ass kept sending out feeling of amazement.

They moved slowly at first, letting her get used to the both of them at once. She moaned with each movement from each of them. “Faster!” she commanded, surprising both herself and the guys as her voice suddenly came back. Lucas and Aiden looked at each other before doing as she wanted, pounding both her pussy and ass at the same time.

It took only a few minutes under the new rhythm before she found her peak, and screamed to the heavens as both of her holes tightened magnificently on the two. They kept going even through her orgasm, and found that as one peak left another formed. Juices flooded her tunnel and Aiden’s cock, and it was all she could do to stay awake as she was fucked.

She lay there in their arms, submitting her body to their rhythm as she kept going. She felt one particularly powerful start up, and with her extremely tightening and clenching pussy all over Aiden’s cock sent her juices out, squirting all over Aiden’s frontside.

He didn’t stop, didn’t tell her it was gross, but rather kept going at his pace. “Gonna cum, where do you want it?” he asked kindly. Lucas shot him a roll of his eyes, but the husky ignored him as Emily shoved herself down onto him. The arctic fox winced as she fucked his knot into her ass too at the same time as Aiden’s, and the two fell into their own orgasm as they sent their hot loads inside her.

She stood still for a while, simply enjoying being held as their cocks kicked and pulsed inside her pussy and ass. “Thanks…I’ve got quite a story for you two,” she said quietly. The two looked up, and nodded softly.

“We have plenty of time. Nice to meet you Emily, for real this time,” Aiden said. Lucas chuckled, his laugh sending his cock spurting another ounce of cum inside her. She smiled happily as she leaned against the two of them.