Influx: Episode 23

Warning: This episode features a minor knowingly within hearing distance of the sexual relations. If this makes you uncomfortable, please skip this episode.

Emily woke up, stretching her arms and letting her breasts hang out free-form. She idly rubbed her eyes, wondering exactly where she was, before the previous day entered her mind. ‘Holy crap, have I really been here for practically an entire day?’ she thought, slightly panicking.

She did the math in her head. ‘Came in on Friday, all that happened early yesterday…so today’s Sunday. Good, still have all day here,’ she thought. She looked around for the black cat that was the kid -Haley- and found her lying in a tree. She was resting on her chest, letting one of her hands and feet dangle as she slept.

“Smart girl. Come on Haley, it’s time to wake up,” Emily said softly. She gave a quick look at the north clock tower, to make sure it wasn’t too early. ‘Although that was the best sleep I’d ever had…’ she thought to herself. ‘Good, it’s only 7. Too early but not too early,’ she finished. “Haley? It’s time to wake up,” she whispered into the kid’s ears.

“Whozuwhazzat?” Haley exclaimed sleepily. Emily put her hands right next to her, just in case she tried to roll over and fall. The cat didn’t though, instead pushing herself up with one hand, and swinging her other leg around easily. “Oh, you’re up…” she said, her eyes starting to close automatically as it looked like she wanted to go back to sleep.

“Come on, let’s get you down from there. We’ll talk as we walk,” Emily said. Haley nodded, and jumped down onto the grey fox’s back. She winced a bit, but hid it well as she felt the cat’s hands go around her neck. “So what happened after I essentially passed out yesterday?” Emily asked, chuckling softly.

Haley groaned, a low groan that was filled with sleep still, as she pushed her head into the crook of Emily’s neck. The fox giggled lightly before she stayed silent, continuing to just walk in peace. Apparently 7 was too early for the young girl on her back. Emily couldn’t fault her though; if she was in the real world she’d probably go back to sleep too. Especially on a Sunday, without her parents!

Meandering aimlessly throughout the streets, Emily took the time to notice that she wasn’t hungry or thirsty as she thought she would’ve been. She had slept overnight in the system, and that should mean that she’d be starving at the moment -she hadn’t eaten anything in the real world since Friday night, after all- let alone thirsty as hell, because she hadn’t drank anything since either.

Instead, she felt fine. Maybe a few hunger pangs, but nothing too awful, and she couldn’t feel her thirst at all. ‘How many brain signals get blocked by this thing’ Emily thought, thinking about the headset sitting on her head. It almost made her want to log out, try to deal with her usual morning bathroom routine, but the shifting of the kitten on her back made her rethink it.

Alenkas in the morning light had a strange almost salmony color of rust added to everything as the sun slowly rose over the mountains on the far side. The clouds were puffing along, and it made Emily wonder if those were actual clouds or just objects painted to be like clouds, instead.

“Are you two lost? Or…wait-” Emily heard a voice behind her. She turned lazily, trying not to wake up the black cat on her back. She smirked as she saw the mountain lion behind her. It’d been a long time since she last saw him. She tried to remember his name; Will, right? She thought there was no way she’d forget the name of the guy that first introduced her into fucking in the system.

“Hey there Will,” Emily said, smirking softly. William blinked, before grinning wide and throwing a wide hug around the fox, catching Haley in its tracks. Surprisingly she still wasn’t awake, and slept lazily hanging on barely onto Emily’s back.

“Emily! It’s nice to see you, it’s been a while. How’ve you been, what’s new?” William asked kindly. His steps matched hers easy. She was lucky that he had pants on, with a small shirt. It prevented her from looking at his dick.

More and more of the Influxxers were using real-world cash to buy clothes, so not all of them were nude all the time anymore. But a good portion of the population still thought of Alenkas as free-to-play, which it technically was all things considered, so there was still a lot of nudity.

“I’ve been…well-” Emily said quietly. How was she supposed to answer a question like that? There were so many possible answers, and all of them were technically correct. She’d been fucked by girls, fucked other girls, had entirely new experiences in ways that she couldn’t have even thought of…and subsequently lost almost all of it.

She’d grown. In just a few days, she realized that she wasn’t the only one in Alenkas. There were others here, others with their own stories. And even now, their stories were being written. “Something wrong?” William asked. Emily shrugged.

“Just concerned for a friend. Have you heard the news recently?” she asked.

Will nodded. “Yeah, the missing persons right? Mia and what’s her name…Gail I think? I was actually asked to try and find them,” he said, puffing out his chest lightly. Emily rolled her eyes.

“So was I. Her name was Abigail,” Emily retorted hotly. Will blinked, before nodding. “But it’s safer in pairs than alone, especially nowadays all things considered. This is Haley,” she said, showing the black cat on her back. She let out a soft snore before going back with her breathing even.

“Abigail…dammit. I was at least somewhat close. Is Haley even old enough to be in Alenkas?” Will asked, with a confused look on his face.

Emily shrugged. “Probably not, I certainly don’t think so. She was staying with Simon and Sam though, so I figured I’d try to steer her back to them, but I kind of got lost and I don’t want to tell her where I was thinking about taking her.”

“Oh, the Tree?” Will asked. “I can lead you there, if you want?” he continued. Emily shot him a grateful look. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Haley’s help, but rather she was young, and Alenkas wasn’t exactly the best place for a young girl, especially one as impressionable as Haley was. “Come on, this way,” he said, motioning for Emily to follow.

He led them around a couple of alleys, and Emily got lost fairly quickly. It was only another hour or so before Will gave up. “Alright, I’m lost too. No idea where we are,” he said. The area around them was fairly deadbeat, cracks in the wood and glass that lay around. Beer bottles -which was strange, as Alenkas had no alcohol that she was aware of- lay scattered around, and there was grass building up in the sidewalks, moss and mold on the various houses and shops scattered nearby.

“Where are we?” Emily asked. She had been trying to keep quiet for Haley’s sake, if only to let the kitten sleep as she should. ‘It’s kind of surprising how quickly she grows on someone,’ Emily thought.

“The slums,” Haley said from Emily’s back. Will shot her an amused glance, which she returned with a wide grin.

“How long have you been awake?” Emily asked. The fox gave a soft glare to William, who simply ignored it. He was far too amused.

“Only about five minutes, but it’s been years since I was carried like this, and your fur is comfortable…” Haley said, snuggling in deeper. Emily sighed, before continuing to move on. She hadn’t yet forced Haley down.

“You know where we are, then?” Emily asked. Will took more of an interest in the surroundings, his ears strained to try and hear Haley’s answer.

“Yeah, we’re in the slums. North west area of Alenkas,” Haley answered dutifully. Will gave a thoughtful look on his face. Emily shot him a glance without saying anything, before he nodded. The grey fox sighed, she hoped that she had been able to be understood.

Will led them down another alley, when Haley spoke up again, “Wow, I can smell the sexual tension from here. Why don’t you two just fuck already?” Emily and Will shot her a surprised look, both of them surprised by her language and her -very much correct- words.

“Because you’re at least fifteen or younger!? If we wanted to do that, we’ll wait until later!” Emily said. She reached up and gripped Haley’s hands, slowly putting her back onto the ground. The cat gave a soft and insulted groan as she was put down.

“I’m twelve!” she answered.

“Even more of a reason!” Emily exclaimed. She had to wonder if this was just another ‘test’ by Haley. The girl was smart, Emily knew, but would she take this actual moment to try and run off? Could she have, in the few minutes that she had been awake, figured out exactly where they were going?

“Well…actually, this could be a good learning experience for her,” Will suggested. Emily shot him a wide-eyed look of general insanity, despite Haley’s nodding. “She’s right around the age where she’ll be taught sex ed, and if it’s anything like my classes were, it’s the poorest shit in the world. For you, too, right?” he asked.

Emily slowly nodded. “Yeah, but I say we leave that to her parents, not to strangers she barely knows,” she argued.

Haley nodded her agreement with Will’s plan. “Come on, I’ll stay well over here. You’re not thinking straight, Emily, I could smell it from here. Besides, I know you plenty well, we spent practically all day yesterday together!” she grinned.

“A day doesn’t mean you know me,” Emily answered, facing the girl completely. Somehow Will had managed to sneak up on her and hugged her tightly, pushing her back and tail against his muscled chest. She could feel every pulse of his heart and chest. His hands moved to her front, grabbing her breasts softly, slowly massaging them freely. She groaned with a hint of annoyance, before changing it to a small moan as the mountain lion twisted her nipples lightly.

“Everybody’s on edge because I’m young, but I’m fine. This is all part of the Alenkas experience, right? I’ll stand over here, and will do nothing but watch,” Haley said. She walked over to another wooden crate -somehow the alley had a few dozen rather than the usual one or two- and stood there simply watching.

Emily still wasn’t convinced, but she wasn’t in much of a position to say otherwise. Her pussy was burning with need and want, flooding with her juices, and right now her mind was entirely on the hands on her boobs, slowly molding them in Will’s strong hands. “What about now?” he asked, whispering in her ear. He thrust his hips slightly forward, just enough to tease her ass with his hard cock, ready to pound her.

“Fuck…fine…please…” Emily said, pushing herself against the wooden crate. Haley craned her neck, waiting to see just what the fuss was all about. She didn’t have to wait long as Will dropped his pants, and slowly massaged around Emily’s pussy lips. Emily moaned lightly, wanting his touch deeper in.

Haley blinked, before blushing madly. She had been all for this not long ago -she can smell it in the air easily- but now it seemed…a bit too personal? She knew people did this all the time, she’d seen it more times than she could tell already. And yet, with people she knew…she hid behind some crates, holding her ears against her head.

Figuring it was wet enough, he pushed two fingers into Emily’s pussy. She moaned around them, and even more when he thrust them in and out. He took them out a minute later, leaving Emily already fairly breathless and wracking herself with pleasure. He put one into his own mouth, enjoying the way Emily’s juices rolled off into his tongue, and afterwards put one right around to Emily’s mouth.

She sucked on it with a force, especially as Will pushed his cock to her entrance, shoving himself inside. She moaned heartily around his hand as his cock entered her, moaning even more as he thrust out, the small bumps teasing the inside of her pussy.

“Do you feel dirty, letting me do this to you here?” Will asked, whispering into her ear. His hot breath warmed her ear, and she tightened her pussy down on his cock even more. She could barely think, let alone remember that Haley was just right there. She should feel terrible for this. “I bet you’re close already,” Will said.

“You have no idea!” Emily moaned as her pussy tightened uncontrollably. She was almost at that peak, that edge that would send her over, and moaned with wanton need and lust as she was fucked to that point.

She felt him grip her hips, and start to plunge that hot and hard practically iron rod into her snatch. She could do nothing but moan, and wanted to do nothing but that. She clenched down tight, feeling him stretch her out more, before she hit that peak, and ran over the edge that led to her orgasm.

She moaned her pleasure to the air, practically screaming, as she came hard. The small bumps on his cock doing wonderful work keeping her orgasm afloat as Will kept fucking her. Finally, after another minute of fucking into Emily’s tightened pussy, he thrust in as deep as he could, and moaned his own orgasm to the world as he filled Emily’s pussy with his seed.

She breathed hard as she felt him fill her. It was an odd sensation, but it was a good odd. Definitely one of her more favorite things to do. She gave a quick look over at Haley’s spot, finding it empty. A shot of panic ran through Emily’s mind, “I’m…I’m so sorry…I don’t know what came over me…” she said, tears starting at her eyes.

Haley popped her head up, realizing that there wasn’t any noise anymore. “Are you two done yet?” she asked insensitively. She made her way over to the pair, crawling over the various crates until she stood in front of them, “it’s supposed to be a happy thing, isn’t it? Why are you crying?”

“Shame, mostly. It’s nothing shameful, Emily. Come on, we’ve checked this district pretty well, let’s see if we can’t check another,” Will said, pulling his whitened cock out and dutifully pulling his pants up. Emily nodded her head, and slowly followed the two after they left the alley, her head and eyes facing the ground.