Influx: Episode 20

Simon wasn’t sure just how much trouble this entire thing should have spelled out versus how much it did. He was sitting at a bar, not drinking anything but rather keeping George company as the bear drank to his heart’s sorrowful content.

He had been originally been walking around Alenkas trying to keep his mind from driving himself crazy with thoughts of how Haley, a young black cat that Cal had found a few days ago, had managed to get into Alenkas, and what to do about it. Also mostly why she’d be so eager to jump in with a bunch of strangers.

She was a smart one, for sure, but kind of dumb in other regards. ‘A normal child, then,’ his mind supplied him. He chuckled a bit. That was before he went back to the Tree, and found that in his absence, only a few hours long, Alenkas had had; A) a kidnapping in broad daylight, B) two missing Alenkans, and C) financial problems, although that last one was fairly normal these days.

It was kind of sad how much the world can blow up in a few hours. A few days can seem like an eternity, and in the end everything changes. For better or for worse, Simon wouldn’t know, he only knew that it would change. It’s a constant, and something that will always happen.

Then while he was searching for the missing people, he came across George, a giant bear with an ‘X’ scar on his chest, and one of the nicest people that the squirrel had ever known. It was strange seeing the bear so depressed, as normally he’d be perked up and optimistic, and yet here he was seeing him now, sitting on a curb with a dead look in his eyes.

Usually the bear would be the first one searching, but…he seemed so dead, just sitting here. So Simon had struck up conversation, and the bear had quickly landed everything onto Simon. Everything that was bothering him, but especially the one thing that was eating away at his mind.

Mia was missing.

Simon would’ve had to have been blind to miss it. Much like he and Sam -and occasionally Cal, he would’ve thought with a blush-, Lyla and Alex, or even Kevin and Emma, George and Mia were together from the very beginning. Over ten months of constancy had forced them into doing things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, and as such they were closer than friends.

So the squirrel asked why George wasn’t searching. The bear responded that he had; he had searched all over Alenkas already by himself, as much as one bear could do, and hadn’t found anything. “Well, why don’t we search together, cover more territory?” Simon asked.

At first the bear agreed easily. Then slowly, street by street, hour by hour, became more and more depressed. Finally Simon broke down, and asked him if he just wanted to kick back at a bar for an hour or two. Alcohol hadn’t yet been introduced to the system -Both Simon and Sam thought that doing so would’ve just been asking for trouble, and with Haley’s appearance made them ensure that doing so was going to stay as a pipe dream- but yet George quickly accepted.

Which led them to now. Simon sitting on a stool, next to a bear nearly three or four times his size, slowly patting him on the back as George cried into his water. The squirrel was slowly kicking himself for not coming up with alteration for alcohol instead, maybe just leave it in the bars? Make a script or something that would check if they leave the premises the alcohol leaves their body? He might have to think on that…

A loud slam next to him jumped him from his thoughts. “Why! Why, why of all times now!?” George yelled into the empty bar. Simon was once again thankful that most of the Influxxers were more than likely to stay at the beginning areas, and hadn’t yet explored most of Alenkas. Those that had were going to stay away from the small bar that he and Emma had found so long ago.

“Mia is resourceful. If she was kidnapped, you know she’d find her way out. Or even talk the guy over to her side,” Simon reasoned.

George was not to be reasoned with, and the squirrel knew his words fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t that George couldn’t hear them, he just didn’t want to listen. Right now he wanted to rage, and be depressed, with so many tumultuous emotions tumbling through his brain that Simon didn’t blame him at all. If something happened to Sam or Cal he’d probably be the same way.

“Oh, hey you two…George?” they heard a voice call from the back. Simon turned to see the arctic wolf, Jennifer -although she much preferred Jen- at the small entranceway.

“Jen? It’s been a while, how’re you?” Simon asked as George tried to concentrate on the wolf in front of him. Like many of the more modest girls, Jen had taken to wearing skirts or shorts, with small shirts up top. She looked quite a bit like Sam, except the red eyes, and of course, being a wolf.

“Jen! Have you seen Mia!? Where is she!?” George roared. Simon took action quickly, holding the bear back as much as the squirrel could. Jen recoiled a bit, before relaxing. She trusted George implicitly, and would probably do so for the rest of time.

“I haven’t, no. I heard about it though, so I thought I’d give it a shot and try to find her. I came in here because I heard some voices so I thought it might’ve been them,” Jen explained.

“No, sorry, just us,” Simon responded. He let George go as soon as he felt the bear wasn’t going to scream and rampage at the newcomer, only for George to suddenly go pounding after her, giving her an extreme version of a bear hug.

“I’m not sorry at all then,” Jen said with a smile. “Sorry to hear about Mia George, but we’ll find her. I promise you that,” she continued with a determine look. George nodded sadly, before his eyes also gained that same determined glow.

“How have you been feeling Jen? Now that the Heats are gone…?” Simon asked. He’d asked that the day after he’d taken them offline, and she was the first to be informed that the Heats were gone. She had taken to them the worst, slowly losing both her sanity and her mind to them, her body demanding more and more to break out of them with each successive one.

“Much better,” Jen answered. She had gone underground for a while, sneaking off the first week that the Heats were gone, but well before the Influx came in massive amounts of people. This was the first time in nearly a month that he had seen Jen, and she did seem to be a lot better. Definitely less seeming achiness.

“Good. That is good. Very good. Now then, Jen, will you join us in our search? The Second Great Hunt?” George asked. Jen bowed deeply, grinning. “Well then…we shall search. Come, Simon. Come, Jen! To Mia!” George pronounced. Simon smiled at seeing George act at least somewhat better.

“It’s good that you came when you did,” Simon whispered to Jen as George led them outside the bar. The arctic wolf nodded.

“Yeah. Lucas and Aiden found me, told me that Mia was missing and George was in bad shape. I hurried over as soon as I could,” Jen whispered back. “I want to take his mind off of Mia, but I’m unsure how…”

“You could just talk to him. I’m going to head back to the Tree, see if Alex has been found yet,” Simon said. Jen nodded, and with only a moment’s hesitation Simon was gone, weaving between the buildings as if he’d been born in them. Although, Jen thought, that was the closest statement to true with Simon.

Jen matched step by step with George a few seconds later. She wondered what the best way to get George’s mind off of Mia. She could always fuck him, god knows she’d love to, but she wasn’t sure if that was the best answer in this particular scenario.

Suddenly George stopped, staring at a park a short ways away. It was a different one from the last one that he and Mia visited together, but the parks in Alenkas were similar anyways. “What did you and Mia last do at a park like this?” Jen asked. She changed her focus; rather than not focusing on Mia at all, focus on the good times and how they’ll continue.

It wasn’t an end. Not for them, not yet.

Jen had once lived with George and Mia for a while, back during the Heats. When Jen’s were starting to get worse and worse, they were the first two that noticed, and they took steps to at least make it better for the girl. She hadn’t yet repaid that debt, and was most likely never going to. But this was a good first step.

“Checkers, because chess on a carpet doesn’t work nearly as well. Who are those two?” George responded absentmindedly. Jen did a second look to see a fox of some sort -based on the tail- and what looked like a black cat. She thought through the many cats she knew of, but a black one never came up.

“I have no idea. Let’s go find out,” Jen suggested. George shrugged, before starting to walk along towards them. Jen gave a quick sigh before trudging along after her friend. Her mind was split, the first part wondering who these two were, and the second part worrying about George still.

“Hi,” George said quietly. The black cat -surprisingly young, now that Jen thought about it- looked up with wide eyes. “We’re not here to hurt you,” he continued a second later. The cat relaxed, and looked over to the still sleeping grey fox.

“I know you aren’t. You’re hurting too, just as she is,” the cat said, pointing to the fox. She let out a loud snore a second later, showing what her sleeping self thought of that provocation.

“I see. And may I ask what you’re doing here then, young lady?” George said, sitting cross-legged in front of the girl. Jen gave an odd look to George, who merely continued staring at the cat in front of him. Slowly the girl got up and moved over to him, sitting in front of him the same way.

“I’m not young.”

“Far too young to be here. Shame be to your parents, young lady. Do they know where you are?”

“They don’t care.”

“I assure they most likely do. Incapable as they may be of showing it, they do care.”

“How do you know?”

“Because it’s the same story told over a thousand times. Please, what is your name young lady?”

“Haley,” the cat answered hesitantly.

“Haley…that is a nice name. I am George. This is Jen. I assume Emily here is your escort?” George said, pointing to the sleeping fox.

Jen gave a double take. “Wait, you know her!?” she asked incredulously. She had known and met all of the Alenkans, but never these two. Were people able to log in more now? She’d been staying at the warehouse district, far to the south of Alenkas proper, testing the various seeds and seeing if she could grow anything, alone. She’d wanted some time to herself, see if she could slowly reconstitute herself.

“Yeah, she is. We’ll be fine. Thanks…George,” Haley finished a moment later. George gave an appraised glance, ignoring Jen, before getting up. He nodded to Haley, giving an almost deep bow, before walking away. Jen looked wildly between Haley and George, before finally sighing and walking with the bear. “Hey, uh, Jen! Tell George I said thanks!” she yelled to the duo.

Jen gave a small wave. She caught up with George a second later. “Haley says thanks. Although for what, I’m not sure.”

“We all have our own problems. Some are little less visible. That does not mean they are less problematic,” George said. Jen gave her an odd glance, before glancing back at the black cat, still staring after them.

“You’re a good person, George,” Jen said softly. “Could I ask you to be good for me, just one more time?” she asked.

George gave her an odd glance. “What is it that you’re asking of me? If it’s anything I can help with, I assure you-“

“It’s something only you can help with,” Jen said. She led the bear to a small alleyway, and quickly shirked off her clothes. She laid down against a wooden crate, putting her wet and leaking pussy exactly the same height as his cock. “I know, it’s in really bad tas-” she said, before moaning as George pounded in.

“Do not forget Jen, that we and Mia…we made a promise. To help you in any way we could. Just because the Heats ended does not mean that our promise did,” George whispered. Jen moaned softly, her body tensing as she was taken, George’s large cock pounding into her pussy.

If they truly did make that promise, which was something that Jen thought was highly likely, then she would have to do even more to level that debt. She could start after George came inside her, and find the missing Mia.