Influx: Episode 18

“You know, Emma, I’m not even going to ask how you got yourself into this kind of situation, because I have a feeling I already know,” Lyla said as she walked in to the grey wolf’s house. A few days ago, she had been invited by the wolf to come over and chat a bit, which to Lyla meant that Emma probably wanted to fuck.

Or maybe for Lyla to watch Kevin fucking her? Lyla was never too sure with Emma. Although it did seem that she was steadily getting better in terms of general insanity and moodiness, she was still rather sex-hungry. Lyla was too, she had to admit, if only because she had gotten used to having her pussy filled at least once, if not multiple times per day for months on end.

“I don’t think I know you though,” Lyla asked the other horse, fucking Emma’s ass as deep as he could go. He was a Clydesdale, although Lyla had the feeling that the only reason she knew that was because Kevin told her a couple of weeks ago, about the time he and another horse had both taken Emma at the same time.

The wolf herself was on her hands and knees, her hands pushing herself off of Kevin’s chest with her legs splayed wide as the horse pumped his massive cock into her pussy, hilting himself inside her womb with every thrust. The other horse was on top of her, fucking her ass deeply. Inwardly, Lyla had to wonder just how stretched out would Emma’s insides be out in the outside world. And how she wasn’t screaming with pain with every thrust.

“I’m Ethan,” the horse introduced himself, his breath hitched a bit as he suddenly grabbed Emma’s hips. “Ready?” he asked. Emma only moaned loudly as her only words. Kevin said nothing, but he gave a quick nod as he sped up.

Lyla watched with satisfaction as she watched Emma’s genitals suddenly take far more cock than she probably should, far faster than she had before. Her pussy and ass were forced to stay open as she took every inch she could, moaning out her pleasure to the world. Ethan forced her ass onto his cock, and gave a soft moan as he came in her ass.

Kevin came a second later, hilting himself in as deep as he could, with barely a small groan. Floods of cum jutted out into Emma’s body, and although the wolf’s legs relaxed her stomach was slowly starting to fill, from being cummed in on both ends. She moaned with each kick of their cocks.

Lyla knelt down to the wolf’s head. “I feel bad for your drain,” she said quietly, taking a small teasing tone. Emma’s eyes opened, before shutting them quickly. Lyla chuckled as she waited for the inevitable snarking comment. Both of the boys were still groaning as they came.

“I just let it drain naturally, as I know you do too,” Emma said after a few minutes. Lyla grinned. There it was. “God that felt amazing…you two really know how to pound a girl,” Emma moaned. Large amounts of cum dribbled from her pussy and ass, remnants of their orgasm that she was slowly pushing out.

“I’m guessing Alex was found?” Kevin asked shortly. Lyla nodded. It was well known among the Alenkans that Lyla and Alex were a Thing -much like Simon and Sam, although no one had bets on Lyla and Alex…that they were aware of- and of course it was Kevin that had realized Alex had disappeared first.

“Yeah, he was over at the north tower trying to get Dave to fly around, see if he couldn’t spot anything from the skies,” Lyla explained. Kevin rolled his eyes.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well.”

“Of course not, it’s Dave. When does he do anything involving other people? Or the light of day in general?” Lyla said. Kevin chuckled, and afterwards Emma did as well. “Feeling good, Emma?” she asked teasingly.

“Oh very. You have to try it sometime, getting pounded by these two…they’re damn good at what they do,” Emma said. Ethan blushed, his fur turning a deeper red than what his normal coloring was.

“Right…Ethan, right? What is it that you do, then?” Lyla asked curiously. It was always interesting to her, ever since she had been trapped in Alenkas, what the Influxxers did that joined after their little ‘experience’.

“Oh, uh…I’m a banker,” Ethan replied. He seemed hesitant to continue, as if he wasn’t telling the entire story. Lyla wasn’t surprised, that’s how many of them actually took to things. They were a rather private bunch.

“A banker? No wonder you get along well with Emma then,” Lyla teased. The wolf glared at her, and Lyla only shrugged. “I’m just saying, since you’re good with finances and such…” she continued.

“Really? I’m surprised you guys have finances all things considered,” Ethan said.

“We have a harder limit nowadays, now that NuVO’s finally giving us at least something to subsist on. It’s harder than it seems though,” Kevin replied. Ethan gave him a quick curious glance. “Nah, we got it,” Kevin continued. Ethan shrugged, and gave a quick little bump of his hips.

“So why did you call me over here, Emma?” Lyla asked eventually. It wasn’t that she felt her time was better off elsewhere; she actually liked watching Emma get fucked as long as Emma knew what she was in for. Hell, that was the same with most of the girls, for Lyla. She definitely didn’t mind watching.

“Oh, I wanted to ask if you wanted to have a foursome with me and these two,” Emma asked with a straight face. Lyla blinked, before shrugging.

“Sure, but it looks like they’re rather…tied up at the moment,” Lyla said. Emma shook her head.

“Nah, Ethan’s cock is starting to rise up again. I can feel it expanding in me…you want him or Kevin?” Emma asked.

Lyla shot her a glance. Honestly, she didn’t particularly care, but what she definitely didn’t like was how Emma referred to the guys as hers to do with as she chose. “Honestly, whichever one wants me,” she said. It wasn’t that she didn’t want a foursome -god knows she did, and she could feel her pussy start to pulse with want and need- but rather Emma could have told her beforehand.

She would’ve been warmed up already. Although seeing the show of the double penetrated wolf…that would do it too. She laughed as both of the horses raised their hands. Maybe it wasn’t that Emma was controlling, but rather sex was just on their minds. Both could very well be true.

“How about Ethan, as it seems it’d be rather hard for Kevin to get up at the moment,” Lyla said.

“Oh it’s hard for both of them right now,” Emma teased. She moaned as she felt Ethan slowly extricate himself from her ass. Lyla’s eyes rose as she realized just what kind of cock the horse had. “He’s big isn’t he? Sometimes I wonder if this good for my sanity or not, other times I realize I don’t give a shit,” Emma continued.

Emma moaned in discontent as Kevin pushed her up, slowly getting up himself, and pulling out of her womb and pussy. “Aww, what’s that for?” she asked. Kevin made a quick glance at Ethan, before going around Emma, turning her around abruptly, and shoving her breasts into a table. She moaned as she realized what his plan was.

Amused, Lyla got into the same position next to her, lifting her tail up to reveal both her soaking wet pussy and lubed up ass. “Which do you prefer?” Ethan asked. Lyla thought about it for a moment, before shrugging.

“Surprise me,” she said. Emma gave her a shocked look right before Kevin thrust in to her pussy, causing her back to arch and her breasts to shove into the table as she moaned to the world. A moment later Lyla moaned as she felt her pussy start to get the large rod shoved inside.

She lay next to Emma, with both of their pussies stuffed, breasts being shoved against the table, moaning their hearts out. Slowly she took one of her hands and tapped Emma on the shoulder, causing the wolf to look at her, both of their faces starting at each other in ecstasy.

They groaned in discontent as both horses withdrew out of their pussies and shoved them into their asses. Emma moaned loudly as Lyla relaxed into the familiar feeling of a cock in her ass.

Lyla felt her ass being abused, and absolutely loved it. She shared a look with Emma, who also was feeling amazing at the cock being shoved into her ass. “Ready?” Ethan asked as Lyla felt his hands on her hips. She nodded shallowly, wondering just what his plan was. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Kevin did the same to Emma’s hips.

She was shocked as hell when Ethan suddenly pulled out of her ass, leaving her gaping to the open air, as he shoved himself back into her pussy. Her eyes widened as pleasure shot through her spine -she was glad that Ethan wasn’t pulling a Kevin, and plunging his entire cock into her pussy. There was no doubt that she couldn’t take the entire thing-, moaning loudly to the world.

For minutes the four continued to fuck, with both of the horses occasionally pulling out of their hole of choice and moving to the other one. Lyla was thankful that Alenkas didn’t need to bother with clean-up, because damn the feeling that she was getting from her ass and pussy both being fucked at different times sent her careening towards her peak.

“I’m going to cum soon, where do you want it?” Ethan’s voice called out. Lyla forced her arms to hold her up, the massive horse cock jammed into her pussy. She pushed him back, trying to shove it deeper inside her.

“She wants it inside her pussy!” Emma cried out from beside her. She shrieked as Kevin did a particularly forceful jab, her back arching impressively as she came hard. Lyla didn’t know how many times she’d come before, but it probably had to be quite a bit to last as long as she did.

Lyla herself was close enough to the edge that no matter what Ethan tried to do now she was about to cum herself. She felt her pussy and ass tense up, squeezing the cock inside her hard as her juices flooded her pussy. She groaned and moaned loudly, her body feeling nothing but pleasure as it shot up her spine from her puss and ass.

She felt Ethan jam himself in as deep as he felt it could go -there were still another four or five inches outside of her pussy, and it was already at the deepest level it could go- and felt her pussy flush with his cum. She groaned as she felt his cock jump, shooting waves and waves of cum inside her.

She breathed heavily as Ethan leaned over her. “Thanks…” Lyla said softly as she felt her eyes close of their own accord. Ethan chuckled as he felt himself cum inside her more. Kevin was next to him, also cumming inside Emma, and the two gave a quick high-five to each other as Ethan logged out.

And back to regularly-scheduled Alenkas.