Influx: Episode 13

Emily was panting heavily as she felt Kara’s fingers go into her pussy. She could feel herself tense up, so close to going over that edge again, and Abigail was next to her massaging her breasts and clit. She could do nothing but submit to the whims of the two women that held her pleasure in their hands, and she knew that she was lucky her parents were out that night. If they came back, they’d already see her shorts soaked through with girl cum.

They’d decided to go into an alleyway, all three of them, and Abigail looked at Kara, and asked her why they shouldn’t just show Emily how to have a good time. The look Kara gave back was one that Emily figured was one that did show she had some experience in that area, but then her mind was lost to the flush of pleasure as the two of them dove onto her.

Her mouth, breasts, pussy, hands, legs…even her feet were moved and molded, pleasured ever so lightly with every feathery touch. Her neck, stomach…she could barely move, so lost in the world as she was. She tensed once more, feeling her entire body seize up. She felt her pussy flood with juice, and before she could say anything, felt the same feeling that she was urinating again. It was embarrassing…but according to Will, it was pretty hot for guys. Would Kara and Abigail like it as much, or hate it?

“She’s a squirter,” Kara noted absently, licking some of the juice off of Abigail’s surprised face. The cat started chuckling, before going back to eating Emily’s pussy and clit out with her tongue, getting the grey fox revved up again. Hearing the fox moan out her pleasure made both Kara and Abigail start to massage their own pussies.

Kara moved back, and gently moved Abigail’s hands away as she took over for the calico cat. Abigail moaned straight into Emily’s pussy, causing the grey fox to moan and spread her legs more. The shepherd massaged her pussy lips, taking care to only tease the edge, and never accidentally touch the small button that the cat was slowly moving her legs to get her to touch.

“Fuck, fuck…” Emily chanted as her hands softly pulled and pinched at her heaving breasts. She was close to the edge, again, almost as if no time at all had passed. Was she really this wound up? She felt Abigail smirk as the cat licked her pussy more, finally diving in and smashing her nose against Emily’s clit. “Fuck!” she yelled, tensing but not quite to the peak.

Almost in harmony, the three moved in such a way. Kara kept going slow around Abigail’s pussy and clit, letting the cat focus not just on the pleasure but on making sure Emily was having a good time, who was not only having a good time but having one of the best times of her life. Slowly Kara reached up with her other hand, and grabbed Emily’s foot softly, massaging it.

Emily tensed, her entire body shuddering as she came once more. Abigail finally let up, smirking as she pulled away from Emily’s pussy, now once again thoroughly coated with her juices. The fox was breathing heavily, laying down lifelessly as Kara continued to massage her foot.

Abigail let out a small soft moan as Kara continued slowly touching and teasing her pussy. “Come on…” she said softly, getting a small chuckle out of the german shepherd. Finally, in the time it took for Emily to gather herself back up Kara and laid down underneath Abigail, licking the cat’s pussy with her own long canine tongue. “Oh fuck that feels good…” Abigail said appreciatively.

Emily pulled herself down, her own pussy buried into Kara’s ears. “There are easier ways to do that Emily…” Kara chuckled as she felt how wet her ears were. She heard Emily giggle lightly as she walked around the cat, pulling herself down -still breathing heavily, Kara noticed, damn Abigail must work wonders with her tongue- to lie next to the german shepherd. Almost as one their tongues intertwined inside Abigail’s pussy.

The cat moaned loudly, feeling the twin tongues worm their way inside her. She could immediately tell which one was which; Emily’s was far less experienced, and had gone straight for her pussy, whereas Kara’s was still teasing her outer lips. But just the way they combined inside her…she was having a tough time holding herself up under the two onslaughts.

Emily didn’t know what she thought of this. She liked it, don’t get her wrong, Abigail’s pussy juice tasted amazing, but she felt that she didn’t quite get the gist of it the same way Abby or Kara did. It was sweet and sour and salty and was simply put divine. Kara’s own tongue was working well with hers, and she longed to stick her tongue down Kara’s mouth in a deep kiss.

She didn’t know how long they continued to lick out Abigail. By the end of the third or fourth minute her tongue was starting to get tired, being used in such a way that it had never been used before. But as Kara had been doing it for longer than her, it was the least she could think of to push herself through.

Soon enough Kara reached up and gently tapped Abigail’s clit, sending the cat through her massive climax. She yowled to the heavens as her pussy tightened on the two tongues, sending them into a frenzy inside her as she tensed. Moments later she fell to the ground, breathing heavily as her hips lay on top of the two canines.

“Holy…alright Kara…you next…” Abigail said lightly as she pushed herself to roll over. The german shepherd looked at them for a second, as if debating it while staring down at Abigail’s prone form. Suddenly Emily knocked her down on top of the cat, creating a Kara sandwich between the two girls.

Immediately Abby’s hands went to her pussy and breasts, massaging them with her own, as Emily shook on top of them. Kara’s tail went right between Emily’s legs, and the dog was more than capable of hitting it with the soft fluffiness, massaging her pussy easily.

Abigail slightly rolled over a bit, sending Emily toppling down with Kara in the middle of them. Immediately the cat held one of her legs with her own, with one of her hands rubbing against the dog’s pussy. Emily growled a bit, before she saw Abby’s plan and held down the shepherd’s other leg with her own, joining Abby’s hand with one of her own.

Kara could only lie there in pleasure as the two girl essentially held her down and fucked her with their hands. Their breasts massaged her own, their four to her two, both of them nibbling and lightly biting her neck as she moaned loudly. Her legs were splayed and held down as she couldn’t do anything but submit to the two girls on top of her.

Their hands teased and touched, parting and penetrating lightly, each one creating a note of pleasure that raced its way up Kara’s spine to create a symphony of ecstasy. She moaned loudly as Emily -Or Abigail, Kara was having a hard time telling the two apart now, her mind focused on other things- lightly grazed her clit, before the other one touched it roughly.

She tensed, not quite feeling the edge just yet but getting there shortly. “So close…” she whimpered. Her husband would have a field day with this experience. Not that she’d care, she’d probably just feel better for it. Although she was glad that he’d shown her how he was storing the recording; an encrypted drive that would keep it out of the way of her kids.

They both touched her clit at once, and she felt Emily’s hand wiggle into her pussy against that one certain point at the top of her pussy, and she was lost to the realms of pleasure that raced through her entire body. She tensed, screaming her ecstasy to the world as she tightened down on the two young girls.

It took them several moments to stop, with Abigail eventually telling Emily to stop, as she could tell that the winces that Kara had started making weren’t the good ones. The shepherd breathed heavily, lying against the ground with the two other girls on top of her.

“Feel better?” Emily asked.

Kara didn’t respond, merely barely looked in her direction as the grey fox chuckled. Abby gave her a sly grin. “Well, if you ever want a round two…or if your husband wants to watch again, you know where to find us. Wandering around aimlessly,” she said. Emily giggled.

Kara giggled lightly too. Her breath finally regained herself. “Thank you two. I’m gonna head home for now…hopefully NuVO will put in some kind of communication thing soon…log out,” she said quietly. Immediately her avatar disappeared in a flash of light, and both Abigail and Emily crashed to the ground.

They pushed themselves up, a small grin working its way to both of their faces. “That was…that was fantastic…” Emily said softly. Abigail slowly nodded. It seemed that Alenkas truly was a world of second chances. “So where were you going? Before we kind of…well, stopped to fuck.” she asked, blushing a furious red.

“Honestly, I wasn’t going anywhere in particular. I heard a library was open though, so I thought I’d head there,” Abigail said. Emily nodded after a second.

“Sure, that sounds like a plan. We kind of introduced ourselves on a whim, didn’t we? I’m Emily!” the grey fox said. Abigail rolled her eyes.

“We did. I’m Abigail. I don’t think it’s far from here,” the cat replied.

Emily grinned. “Nice to meet you Abby!” she said. Abigail rolled her eyes, but said nothing. She didn’t particularly enjoy the nickname, but knew that was about as good as she was going to get with Emily. Their legs were still kind of wobbly, but they both held each other up as they slowly got their control back.

It really wasn’t far, Emily noticed. Abby held herself up tall, she noticed, and seemed to always be in control of any situation, even the ones that had Emily blushing up a storm, like the alleyway that had a create that looked like it had been dumped in cum at some point.

There was a tall building just up ahead, with what looked like a small picture of an opened up book engraved into it. Emily grinned; ‘It really wasn’t that far at all! Only a few blocks,’ the fox thought. Abby turned to look at her. “Told you it wasn’t far,” she stated, as if reading Emily’s mind. The fox grinned, before running inside.

The cat merely smiled at her friend’s impatience. She wondered what kind of things would be in here, actual books, or something else? She grinned as she thought about what kind of things would be found in here.

She stalked forward, her feet silent against the concrete, until she felt a hand at the back of her arm. It tightened down, and Abigail looked back to see what looked like a giant bull behind her. His hands -and it was obviously a he based on the massive erect cock pressing against her backside- gripped her mouth and held her down so she wouldn’t make a sound.

She screamed, hoping that someone was paying attention. She struggled to get free, biting down on the bull’s hands, but without any luck. Her other hand immediately hit him in the side, and she brought up her legs against his balls the moment he let her even have a moment of freedom.

He tightened his hold on her mouth as she ignored his hits. “Oh, you’re a feisty one,” he whispered into her ear. She continued to fight back, before he punched her in the stomach. She winced, her wind leaving her immediately before she saw him get a better grip on her, grabbing her legs and arms. He held her mouth shut, even as she continued to struggle. Was he…carrying her off somewhere? She struggled harder.

“Abby? You out here?” she heard Emily say from the library’s entrance. She screamed as loud as she could, muffled though it was by the bull’s arm. “Abby!?” she heard the fox yell. The bull started running through the streets, and finally the lack of air caused the cat to fall unconscious.