Influx: Episode 12

Emily breathed a sigh of relief as she logged into Alenkas. It’d been a week since her last amount of free time with the system, and she knew what she wanted to do immediately. ‘Well, ok, not immediately, first thing is to try and find Will,’ she thought.

She had spent what amount of free time she did have, mostly staying up late at night, trying to figure out what had happened when she had sex with Will. Obviously she had had an orgasm, but it just seemed so much stronger than anything she had felt in the real world.

Enough that when she went back out to the real world her shorts were completely soaked, and so was most of her body now that she thought about it. Sweat soaked in her shirt, her shorts were soaked with something that wasn’t sweat, and she had a glow about her that just screamed ‘satisfied’.

The grey fox smiled brightly as she wandered about. She noticed almost immediately that at least more people than last time were wearing clothes, although a lot of them were still going nude. She mentally thought about what it’d feel like with all of them, before she shook herself out of it.

Before, it was just the Alenkas testers -message boards had started calling them the Alenkans- that wore any, but it seemed like in the last few days NuVO had finally applied a patch that allowed currency to be brought in.

She only saw the patch notes for a few seconds, because the system was so quick to log in -it had slowly been improving its time- but it mentioned that currency was able to be brought in to Alenkas via credit or debit card…and that currency was also able to be brought back out to the real world.

How that worked, Emily had no idea. She was only a senior in high school, not even having gone to university or a college yet. And her economics class was less than helpful in trying to explain how it worked. But what that meant is that she had no money, and she wasn’t going to try and get any from her parents -they’d hate that she was even playing this game, let alone what she was doing in it!- which meant that for now she’d stay naked.

Or at least, that’s what she’d heard. Whether it had been patched in or not, she had no idea.

She eventually came out back at the beginning, where more people generally hung out during the day because that’s where they first came into the system. Surprisingly, none of the Alenkans were acting as tour guides, and Emma wasn’t there acting as a personal gangbang machine.

She wondered idly if Will was around. Sure, she knew his true name was William, but as he first introduced himself as ‘Alexander’, she felt she was obliged to call him by something that would annoy him. She looked around the sea of people, but didn’t see any mountain lions around, which wasn’t all that a surprise. There were numerous felines though, and plenty of canines. Wolves, foxes, dogs, cats, lions…there were dozens of dozens of people.

The ones that stood above the rest were the bears, and the horses. There was even an elephant back there, with a giraffe! That had to be surprising, considering that both of them were going to have an extremely hard time moving around the city.

“Can we help you, little girlie?” one of the dogs, a pitbull, said as he grabbed her arm. He was just as naked as she, and she felt him press up against her, groping her breast at the same time. She threw her other arm back, hitting him in the nose. There were two others around, also looking at her like she was nothing but meat to fuck.

“No, get lost,” she yelled in her best fight voice. The ones whose nose she punched scowled at her before he motioned to the other two, and the three gradually left, making provocative motions with their arms and erect cocks.

“Nice punch,” another dog -thankfully female this time- said as she walked up to her. A german shepard, Emily noticed. “Those three have been causing trouble for a bit now,” se continued.

“Thanks. I’m Emily,” she introduced herself with a smile. The dog smiled back, holding out her hand for Emily to shake.

“I’m Kara. You aren’t the first one to beat up those three, but they don’t ever seem to learn.”

Emily nodded. “Not surprised. Pain isn’t all that real here. But…they don’t ever succeed do they?” she asked hesitatingly. Kara shot her a sad look. “We need to teach these people some self-defense then,” she continued.

“Most of them don’t want to. Free new world, they say. I think they’ve just been tempted by the porn videos of the testers.”

“Porn? I didn’t think there were any devices to record anything. Unless you count Emma at least,” Emily responded.

Kara shot her a look, “I haven’t seen them either, but I know they exist. Come on, let’s walk,” she said. Emily nodded, not really having anything better to do and no idea of what to do besides simply explore. And exploring with another person was always more fun than doing it alone.

“Where are we going?” Emily asked after a few minutes. She’d never been on this side of Alenkas, although truthfully she hadn’t explored most of the city. She’d kind of gotten in, got well fucked, and then had to leave. She should do that sometime.

“Don’t know. I’m looking for someone though, a squirrel named Simon,” Kara said after a moment. “Want to help me search?” she asked.

Emily blinked. “But, didn’t you just…I…you know what, sure,” she said quietly. Wasn’t Kara just the one that said ‘walk with me’ and then it turned out she had no idea where she was going!? What the hell? Whatever, she was just going to roll with all the punches now. She could do that, she was a high school student. That meant she could take anything, right?

They walked in silence for the most part. Emily was curious as to what Kara wanted with a squirrel, as the grey fox hadn’t seen any squirrels in Alenkas at all. But that wasn’t too much of a surprise, all things considered.

The silence was finally starting to get to Emily. “You know what, let’s just ask the next person we meet, yeah?” she asked. Kara shot her a look, but shrugged.

“If it’s a tester, they’d probably know where he spends most of his days.”

“So it’s a he? An attractive he?” Emily teased.

“Used to have a crush on him, years and years ago. But we went our separate ways. I’m married now, just want to check up on him,” Kara answered.

“Wait, you’re married!? How old are you!?”

Kara shot her a look, “Thirty seven. I don’t even need to guess how old you are. Less than twenty?”

Emily’s wince told her everything she needed to know. “Wait, does that mean you have kids too?” she asked wildly. If Kara was thirty seven, jeez! Kara nodded, a small humble smile gracing her face. “Wow…I didn’t know you were so much older. I bet you must have so much more experience in…everything.”

Kara shot her a questioning look. “What do you mean? Just because I’m older doesn’t mean I know more,” she said. She looked around and spotted a small calico cat, just walking out of one of the alleyways, looking deep in thought. “I bet she’d say the same thing.”

Emily looked at the newcomer. She saw the small brown spot near her mouth, and the various spots and splotches of random colors spewed everywhere. She looked rather cute, Emily thought, although a bit lost. “Hey!” Emily yelled, running up to her. Kara saw her go, before shaking her head and running with her. The cat looked up at the two canines. “Hey, we’re trying to look for someone. A squirrel named Simon, do you know him?” Emily asked suddenly. “Oh, and can you settle a small debate me and my friend were having? She’s saying that just because she’s older doesn’t mean she’s more experienced.”

“Simon? Uh…no, I can’t say I have. The name sounds familiar though. You might try asking one of the testers, I bet they could lead you right to him,” the cat said. She sighed a moment. “And depends on what kind of experience you’re talking about.”

“General,” Kara said at the same time as Emily said, “Sexual!” The german shepherd looked at her younger companion like she was crazy. Even the cat blinked at the two different answers.

“I mean, you must’ve experimented a ton in college and such, right?” Emily asked. Kara blinked at her, before rolling her eyes.

“Of course I didn’t! And even if I did, I wouldn’t just tell it!” Kara answered angrily.

Emily’s smile widened to a grin, “what, you didn’t have sex with any girls? Come on, where’s your sense of adventure! Come on, you know what I’m talking about right? The sense to do something that your parents utterly hate just because you can!?” she asked, turning to the newcomer. “Oh, right, I’m Emily!”

“Abigail. Can’t say I’ve ever had that same feeling…sometimes that’s just how it goes.”

“What!? Neither of you have even wanted to experiment?” Emily asked. Sure, it was one of the things she’d fantasized a lot of, wondering what it’d be like to have a girl’s lips on her own, but to hear that she was the only one? Did that make her bi then? Wow, her parents would not appreciate that!

“No, and if you’re done…you know what,” Kara said, waiting around only a moment before she turned away. Emily grinned and grabbed both of her shoulders, pulling her down for a long kiss.

Abigail looked at the lesbian show in front of her. She wanted so badly to just say it, but knew she shouldn’t. Although on the other hand…dammit, Emily wasn’t doing it right. Must have not kissed many other guys either. She stepped up as soon as she noticed that the shepherd was slowly starting to return the kiss.

“Go slowly, don’t crush her lips. She’s not like a guys, girls are far more tender,” Abigail advised as the two separated. Kara was breathing hard, and if both of them could hear right, was slowly cursing her husband out. Emily turned, and tenderly kissed the cat, who was surprised at first but slowly pushed herself into it.

Emily was surprised by how light Kara’s lips were, though that was nothing compared to Abigail’s. They simply melted together, Emily felt, and she felt both of their breasts rub against the others, melting into a liquid pleasure that raced up her spine.

As they broke apart, Kara took the opportunity to kiss Abigail, and Emily got a front-row seat to the two of them making out, shoving their bodies against each other. There was a strange scent in the air now, one that she’d only smelled a few times…and each time was in Alenkas. Was that the smell of sex? Or of sex to come?

Abigail reached down and found the juncture between both of their legs. Kara opened her’s up wider, and Emily stood in shock as she felt the cat’s hands slowly massage her pussy lips. “See what I mean?” she said breathlessly. The grey fox nodded, her body tensing with each stroke of the cat’s hands.

“I’m Kara. Fair warning, my husband’s watching this,” the german shepherd warned. Emily grinned, and pulled her in deeper for a kiss. Abigail paused for a moment, debating on if she should continue, but her hands kept doing their own thing, and she realized that even if they did meet in real life, it was the perfect source of anonymity.

“I really don’t care,” Emily said, pulling away and then mauling both Abigail’s and Kara’s breasts harshly. Both of them winced lightly, and the fox pulled away for a moment, shocked at their response.

“Not so hard. Slowly,” Abigail said, moving up her own hand from teasing Emily’s pussy to her breast, lightly touching and pulling on the nipple. Pleasure seized through Emily’s brain as she felt Kara’s hands start to pleasure her pussy. “Like this,” she continued, although she had a feeling that Emily wasn’t paying much attention.

“Oh god, please…keep going,” Emily chanted, her own hands pulling harder on Kara’s. The dog chuckled, and started to aim right for where she knew the clit was. She gave a small signal over to Abigail, who smirked as she started to massage Emily’s breasts harder.

The fox shrieked her pleasure to the sky as she felt Kara’s hands light her up like a fire. They were doing this out in the open too, and she had no doubt that there were others watching.

After a long moment, both Kara and Abigail paused their ministrations and let Emily come down from her high. She was breathing deeply. “That…felt amazing…is that was sex always feels like?” she asked breathlessly.

Abigail raised an eyebrow. “Girl…have you never masturbated before?” Even Kara had the same look on her face, wondering just how badly she’d messed up.

“No. Parents would always hear. Holy fuck we’re going to have to do that again,” she said quietly. She pulled Abigail down for another kiss, and the cat relented. Kara felt the cat’s hands on her back, slowly shoving her forward, to meet them in a three-way kiss.

“That was just the warm-up…” Abigail warned as she pulled the two of them closer. She wasn’t good with a cock…but damn could she do pussy well.

Part 1 of 2.