Influx: Episode 10

“Maybe there is something you could help with,” Lyla offered. Both Abigail and William turned to look at her, wondering what she was talking about. “There’s probably been a lot of breakthroughs on brain research in the last couple of months, ever since the Alenkas Project debuted. Gather all of that up, and email that to me.”

“Um…sure, if I can find the time. What’s your address?” Abigail said. Lyla rattled it off from memory easily. The calico cat looked up, trying to make sure that she remembered it all. “You going to do it too?” she asked William a moment later.

The mountain lion looked confused for a moment before nodding. “Sure, two heads are better than one. Why do you want it all?” he asked.

“Couple of reasons. Come on, walk with me, I’ll show you the highlights,” Lyla said. She gave a quick wave to Mia and George, who went back to their game. The red fox could easily see the cum stains on the grass, flowing easily out. William and Abigail looked at each other, before nodding.

“Main reason is because despite what Mia says, I don’t honestly believe that what happened to us is just going to be ‘done’. I know we’re just data shells-” Lyla started as she walked off. Abigail and William hurried up to catch up to her.

“-You’re not just data shells, you’re actual people!” William interrupted. Lyla shot him a strange look, as if asking herself if she truly wanted to deal with this. She sighed.

“No, we aren’t. Not anymore. We might have been at one point, but you have to do understand that we are just the computer generated fictitous leftovers of people,” Lyla said. “We’re dead. Flat out statement, there’s no denying it, we’re dead. We should be alive, we should have a conciousness-“

“-But you do have one, or otherwise you couldn’t do anything!”

Lyla sighed, “Conciousness is just the string of electrical signals firing through the brain, that’s all. We, simply put, don’t have a brain.”

“But you can act, talk, remember, live your lives…pretty sure that means you’re still alive,” William said.

“Stop, stop, the both of you. Where are you going with this?” Abigail interrupted, halting both Lyla’s and William’s incoming speeches. The two looked at her in shock, before Lyla smirked.

“I like you. So point remains that just because we’re data shells doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected by things outside of our control. My idea is that we’re still being controlled to be more sex-focused than we should be,” Lyla continued.

Abigail threw the idea around in her head. It had merit, she had to admit, but it didn’t make sense. Why? “I don’t understand, why would anyone do that, even if they had the idea and capability to do so?” she asked.

Lyla and William both stared at her this time. She blinked at them, wondering what she missed. William came over and whispered a simple website name into her head, telling her to check out the ‘Alenkas’ series of videos. It was the reason why Alenkas was so popular with the types of people that it had been, and why so many of them were focused so heavily on sex.

“Alright, you two go on, I’m going to check that out,” Abigail said. The other two nodded, before a whispered “log out,” managed to bring her back out to the real world. She tilted her head back, throwing back her black hair as she manuevered her way out of the headset.

She had to strech out the kinks in her legs, sitting cross-legged as she had been. She looked at her phone for a second; three missed calls, all from her parents, probably yelling at her. God she started to hate the real world. Alenkas was fun, was easy…and no one cared.

She logged onto her computer, a small laptop that she’d gotten for cheap off some shady website. It probably had a metric crapton of spyware installed, but she didn’t use it for anything too important. She remembered the two address she’d been given, and quickly wrote them down in her phone so she wouldn’t forget. She found a post-it note somewhere and stuck it on her fridge with a note to do all the brain research Lyla had asked.

She surfed to the porn website, making sure that it wouldn’t stick around in her web history. She knew there were ways around that -looking at cookies and such- but she wasn’t worried. No one was here to antagonize her, and so she could surf at peace.

A series of videos from Alenkas, she noticed instantly. All of them timestamped, and all of them sorted by person. She checked out Lucas and Aiden’s, two of the testers that she had actually met, early on according to the system.

She watched Lucas bow down and give Aiden a blowjob, both of them moaning they enjoyed it, before Aiden taking Lucas in the ass. Hard, it seemed, but the fox seemed to enjoy it. She looked at the porn site, seeing that it was one of the biggest ones. No wonder Alenkas had reached out to millions…some of them had hundreds of thousands of views, if not more. One of them, of the mysterious Emma, had over two million views…and it was of her being gangbanged. For almost three hours it showed the female wolf -Abigail recognized her now, having seen her at least once somewhere- get pounded in the pussy and ass, and mouth.

She continued to watch video after video, her horror and shame sneaking up on her. No wonder they didn’t ever want to talk about it, if this was what they all had to go through. She searched through for some of Lyla’s, and was surprised by some of the things that the red fox had done.

She stared out the window in shock for several minutes afterwards, watching the rain fall almost silently. She thought of the horror; of being trapped in a strange world they didn’t know and essentially being forced to fuck for other people’s pleasure. She shivered at the thought.

She thought of the videos, and intrinsically she shivered. She’d best go back in and apologize to Lyla and all of them. She was glad it was the weekend though, and all of her school stuff had already been done. It gave her plenty of time as she logged back in to Alenkas.

As she suspected, Lyla and William were nowhere around, but they had given her essentially Lyla’s address. She wandered around, almost aimlessly but at least knowing where her end goal was going to be, in the part of Alenkas that almost no one visited anymore.

There were apartments around here, but there were also a few houses that seemed broken into. ‘One of these is Lyla’s’ Abigail knew. She steeled herself as she knocked on the door of one, a small blue house, probably no bigger than two bedrooms, if that.

She waited a moment, before realizing that no one would answer. She’d been out in the real world for a while, nearly thirty to forty minutes, so by all rights she should be there unless something happened or came up. Hesitantly she opened the door.

She immediately heard moans coming from the back, almost pained moans that sounded as if whoever was voicing them was either in pain or was struggling for something. Immediately Abigail abandoned all notices of silence and ran to the door.

She hated herself the next moment. Lyla was on all fours, just as she had been when the bear was fucking her earlier, with William at her ass, pounding away. He seemed close by the way he was spontaneous, his cat-like cock thrusting deep into the fox’s ass.

“Hi there,” a voice called from behind her. She spun around, and was greeted by the sight of a grey wolf, male thankfully, dressed with small sweatpants that fit his frame almost perfectly, and once again not wearing a shirt. “Is she at it again? Who with?” the wolf asked.

“Um…William, but I don’t think you want to-” she said quietly as the wolf smiled at her, and carefully peered over into the doorway. He gave a small thumbs-up to the cougar pounding Lyla’s ass, as he turned away.

“Huh, one of the Influxer’s. Kinda weird, but normal, I guess. I’m Alex, you are?” The wolf stated, smiling at her. Abigail blinked, before shaking his hand nervously. She noticed offhand that although he was pitching a tent he hadn’t taken a single glance down at her breasts or pussy.

“Abigail…” she answered quietly.

“Abigail. Nice name. Mind if I just call you Abby?” Alex asked. “Please, sit down. You want any tea, or coffee? I can tell by the way she’s moaning in there she’ll be cumming soon,” he continued.

“Wait, you have all that? How…-” she started. She remembered where she had heard of Alex before; one of the videos on the porn site. He was a tester…and had been one of the first ones, if not the first one, with Lyla in Alenkas.

“Well, it’s difficult to get more at the moment. But we’re passing by just the same. Now, how can I help?” Alex asked, sitting down across from her in a comfy chair. They both ignored the sounds of panting and moaning coming from the other room, although Abigail could tell that Alex wanted nothing better than to go and fuck the red fox too.

“I um…I just wanted to say sorry to Lyla. I brought up some…-” Abigail started.

Alex smiled, and nodded at her. “It’s something I don’t think you need to worry about. A lot of us have been getting strange questions like that. You didn’t bring up bad memories at all, but rather extremely pleasurable ones…which is why Lyla’s worried. She feels like she shouldn’t get off on…well, basically having consented to rape.”

“Well…it’s not like it’s your guys’ fault for that. You could’t help it, so just…”

“Enjoy it while we could, yeah. Even now, Lyla’s still a bit looser in the sexual sense than she was when she came here first. Hell, she’d never had anal before and now she loves it,” Alex explained.

They were greeted by silence as a red-faced and grinning William walked out, his cock stuck back into his pants. He took a single look at the two in front of him before backing away slowly. Alex gave him a grin, “I hope you gave it to her well, at least?” he asked teasingly.

“Oh gods I’d say he did. Fuck…” Lyla answered as she walked out of the room, also naked. Abigail could see the cum trails from her ass as it leaked out. “Now then…I already have a pussy and ass full, but I can use another load…” she said slyly as she slid up to Alex.

“Knowing that we were listening got your motor going, didn’t it? Ass or pussy?” Alex said, pulling his erect cock out of his pants. Abigail stared, knowing that this was now round three of people fucking each other in front of her. She looked away and closed her eyes, waiting patiently for them to finish.

“It did,” she heard Lyla say as they got on top of each other. Abigail could hear the bumping of skin against skin, with the short schlick-sound as Alex’s cock got buried somewhere in Lyla’s body.

“Isn’t that hot…?” William said next to her. Abigail shot him a glare. “Ok, I guess you’re not a voyeur…”

Abigail didn’t bother to correct him. It was safer and easier for her if she didn’t. But as Lyla moaned loudly she did look, and was surprised to see that Lyla had essentially stuffed her pussy on top of Alex, and was sitting there moaning breathlessly as Alex held her down.

“Now, then, Abby wanted to say something?” Alex asked after a few minutes of Lyla breathing hard. The red fox stared at her with a grin on her face, her pussy almost clean of the cum that was stuffed inside her.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “No one should’ve had to go through what you thirty did.”

“That’s it?” Lyla asked. As Abigail stared at her, “It wasn’t a problem, you didn’t know. Honestly, you should try it sometimes. Find a guy that will treat you right, and you’d be surprised by how enjoyable it is here. Although I can say try not to fuck a horse immediately. From experience.”

Abigail turned red faced, and simply muttered a quick ‘log out’. Lyla shrugged, wondering what the calico’s deal was, and what exactly happened in her life that turned her away from all things sex. “That’s not weird at all…come on, I want to be DPed by the both of you,” Lyla smirked. William stared at her in shock.