Influx: Episode 9

Lyla was taking a nap. She enjoyed her naps, especially nowadays during the Influx, with the constant people bothering her and everyone else. Thanks to Emma’s actions, most of the guys just wanted to fuck her instead of actually get to know her, which she didn’t particularly care for -now that the Heats were gone she wasn’t as sex-addled as she was during them- while most of the girls just wanted to know how much sex she’d had, and what kind of sex she’d had…

It was just kind of ‘slightly’ annoying. It pissed her off. She was here to be a tester, and although she loved the system, she loved the code and how it all worked together, but while actually in the system she was unable to do what she actually liked.

Maybe she should get a hobby. ‘Ha, and be like Emma and just fuck everything that moves,’ she rolled her eyes. So she knew that Emma didn’t actually screw everyone, but she certainly was looser than most of everyone else in Alenkas. Not that that was entirely a bad thing, as she was definitely considered a favorite for people.

She was considered a favorite enough that people actually wanted to ask her for hoping that she’d give them sex tips. Seriously. There was nothing wrong with that, but Lyla knew for a fact that Emma had experience, but not a whole lot of technique -Alex’s words, not hers- so Lyla didn’t know exactly why that was.

Although she supposed that if you were notorious enough to probably get a gangbang if you were asked, well…that’d probably make her popular too. ‘Maybe Emma has a point,’ she thought. ‘It’s not like Alenkas can give us any diseases or anything. And she is starting to get saner again.’

She heard the small laughs from Mia and George over in the corner. She had chosen this park because it was far enough that not many people would find her, but close enough that if Simon found something in the IDM that he wanted someone to look over besides Sam, he could find her just as easily. It was unlikely, but she wasn’t one to take chances if she didn’t have to.

So she was frustrated that Mia and George were at the same park, playing checkers or something. She wasn’t all that interested, she just wanted to take a nap and think about possible hobbies that now she has more than enough time for. Gardening maybe? Nah…

“Um…hi…” she heard a voice in front of her. She sighed internally. She was a lead programmer, she should not be frustrated if not everything goes her way. Or at least she shouldn’t show it. But she just wanted to take a nap, was that so much to ask!?

She opened her eyes slowly. The mountain lion, one of the first people that came in during the Influx -was he actually the first? Lyla didn’t know, that might be something she should check on- and…a cat. There were a lot of cats in the Influx. Calico, with what looked like a small brown patch on her nose. Interesting.

She gave a small yawn, ignoring the cougar’s appreciative looks on her body. “Hello there. What’s up?” she asked lightly. She ignored George’s subtle chuckling off in the distance. There was a reason she wasn’t involved with customer service, and the bear damned well knew that.

“We’re just wondering…what was it like testing the system? If you were a tester…” the mountain lion said quietly. Lyla let out another wide yawn, adding a bit more theatrics than she really needed to.

“Sexual,” came her one word response. Both the felines blinked at her, and the bear and rabbit laughed loudly.

“Ah, let her sleep. She needs her rest, yes? She was busy for a long time, so she deserves some rest. Come sit down, we will explain what she means,” George said loudly. The two felines looked over to the other two, and smiled at each other before heading over there.

Lyla gave him a simple wave before closing her eyes again. Her ears though were well-perked though, eager to hear anything that the bear and rabbit were about to say. “Mia, shall you explain?” George asked.

“Sure. I’m Mia, this is George, that was Lyla over there,” Mia said quietly. She heard a hum of agreement from the newer two.

“I’m William, and this is Abigail,” one of them said. Lyla expected the mountain lion, the voice sounded masculine, but that didn’t really mean a whole lot in Alenkas.

“Nice to meet you. What she meant by that is that every few hours, while we were stuck here due to us not knowing about the errors in the outside world, our lust would be artificially increased to sometimes massive levels.”

“Oh god, why would they do that!?”

“We do not know,” George said. Lyla could hear the slight accent that he had, the careful enunciation of each word. Was that new, or was the bear simply playing it up? Well, as the bear obviously hadn’t gone anywhere, it must’ve been that he was playing it up. He has been known to do that…

“But what we do know is the end result. Because of that, we had a lot of sex here. It’s something we’ve become a lot more comfortable with, although we all understand the reason why people would not always be comfortable with it,” Mia said. Lyla nodded unconciously slightly. Mia always did manage to phrase it the best. Maybe she should visit Alex again soon, it’d been a while…or perhaps Lucas and Aiden? Or all three?

“Wow. So uh…that must’ve been a relief once that went away. How long did that last? Surely not that long?” William said.

“Ten months.”

Silence. Oh yes, Lyla loved that shocked silence. That they were talking to people who have been through a hell of a lot more than they should be. “Oh…uh..”

“Here, if you want we can show you what’d it be like,” Mia said. Lyla rolled her eyes. Of course Mia would. She sighed and just perked her ears as she heard the shocked gasps from the two onlookers.

“Um, no, that’s alright…” William stuttered. Ha, like that’d stop Mia. She heard the small gasp from the two onlookers as Mia let out a small moan. Yep, that wouldn’t stop Mia. Lyla wasn’t going to watch though…but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to listen.

Whatever William and Abigail were doing, it was probably exactly what Mia wanted. Lyla heard the gasps and moans come from the rabbit’s mouth, along with the small deep groans from George. She heard them start to speed up, a loud slapping sound echoing across the empty park.

“Oh fuck yes…cum in me!” she heard Mia moan out.

“Wait, can’t you get pregnant!?” Abigail’s shocked voice came through. Lyla snickered.

“Nope! Can’t get sick either!” Mia said as she groaned out loud, obviously cumming in her intensity. Lyla groaned; of course Mia would’ve been worked up. She was probably just waiting for an opportunity like this to come knocking. Oh well, she couldn’t argue, she’d probably do the same if she was worked up.

She heard George groan, and knew that he was probably cumming deep inside the rabbit. “See?” Mia asked. “Just like that,” she continued, her breathing deep and hardy. Lyla rolled her eyes. Showoff.

She had to chuckle at the silence though. She didn’t bother to open her eyes yet. “Let me guess, now they’re running for the hills?” she asked quietly, laughing at her own joke.

“No, just…not used to people having sex in front of me,” William said. Abigail must have nodded, or some other form of agreement, as she didn’t say anything.

Lyla finally pushed herself up, stretching out her arms, legs, and tail, jutting her breasts out. “So really, why are you here? It can’t just be to hear old tales and watch Mia and George fuck each other,” she asked.

“Um…mostly we wanted to know the kinds of things that happen in Alenkas, and…”

“It’s a lot of sex,” Lyla said. Mia looked as if she wanted to say something. “Don’t you dare, Mia, I know what you’re about to say.”

The white rabbit smirked at her. “Oh? Then you know what I’m about to say.”

Lyla blinked, staring at Mia. “Wait, he’s good to go again already!?” she said as she felt George’s massive hands on her hips, slowly pushing her over. She felt his massive cock near her already slick pussy -hearing Mia got her turned on, let alone doing this in front of two complete strangers- and pushed herself back to impale herself on it.

She moaned loudly as she watched Mia, Abigail, and William stare at her swinging boobs as she was fucked by the massive bear at her back. “Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say,” Mia chuckled as Lyla felt the massive pole get shoved inside her. “All of us were changed. Sometimes it helps more than it seems, at least until Simon continues to get into NuVO’s records.”

Lyla stopped paying attention to the three, instead focusing on the hard flesh fucking her pussy hard. She opened her legs wider, trying to make it easier for George to fuck her despite already going as deep as he possibly could. “Where?” She heard George’s single sentence, probably after he repeated it a few dozen times.

That was a loss of time, but dear god did she enjoy the fuck. “Inside, like always!” she cried out as she felt her own peak start to sneak up on her. George changed his angle, just enough to push her over her edge, causing her to moan loudly -pausing any conversation going on- as her pussy spasmed and tightened wildly on the bear’s cock. He was a moment later, shoving himself in harder before cumming. Lyla could feel the warm liquid seeping into her insides.

“Are…all of the testers like this?” she heard Abigail ask. There was a hint of nervousness to it, and Lyla almost wanted to shout ‘no!’ but instead she only breathed heavily as she enjoyed her orgasmic afterglow.

“No, not really. Simon and Sam are the two least like this. But we experiment with things like this, and I think NuVO’s about to do something about the constant sex. It’s driven up the ratings, supposedly, according to what Simon told me,” Mia said.

Lyla heard a sigh of relief from both of the two Influxers. She pushed herself up, and slowly dislodged George’s cock -still hard- out of her pussy. She enjoyed the feel of cum running out of her. “Ten months of constancy will do that for a person,” she said quietly. Both Abigail and William stared at her, nodding slowly.

“Too bad we can’t help,” Abigail mentioned offhandedly. Mia and Lyla shot a quick look, and a smirk appeared on their faces. Maybe she could help…

The influx. It’s a thing.