Influx: Episode 8

“Fuck, fuck…” Abigail moaned aloud as she continued to rub her clit. Her mind went straight to the last duo she had seen, Lucas and Aiden, bending over and being fucked in front of her, like a front-stage porn done in front of her.

She was so close, she could almost feel her peak moving towards her. She rubbed more, hoping that she would eventually reach that peak that she wanted. Her feet were held up onto the walls, her legs spread lewdly as she played with herself. What she wouldn’t give for a nice tongue on her pussy right now…

With that thought, she shivered and trembled as she came. Relief and pleasure surged through her system, and after several moments of tenseness relaxed. She was back in her little cave-like area, the same place where she had seen Lucas and Aiden go at it with each other.

She shivered even more as she felt the afterglow slowly leave her body. She had been really stressed out the last couple of days, and at least here no one would care if they found a cat masturbating in a side-street. At home they’d flay her alive, figuratively.

She forced herself to get up, and slowly walk out into the blinding sun. She hadn’t had much of an opportunity to go into the system in the last few days. Which meant that by the time she had, she had almost completely forgotten how to walk on her hind legs.

She was still used to walking on her normal legs. Oh well, it didn’t take her that long in the first place, so that meant her second time should still be pretty quick, right? She paused as she held herself up against the wall. “That was not well thought out…” she said aloud. Cumming and then trying to walk on unfamiliar legs? It was hard enough for her to walk after cumming normally, yet here she was.

“What wasn’t well thought out?” a voice asked from behind her. She jumped at least a foot or two in the air as she suddenly turned around. A mountain lion…or a puma?…cougar…?…why does that animal have so many damn names?… was behind her, a small lock of brown hair covering the top half of his eyes. He was wearing a brown shirt that blended in with his fur damn well.

To say nothing of his pants, doing much the same. “Holy shit you scared me…” she said, covering her heart as she felt it pound, having the side-effect of covering her breasts to the new guy’s eyes. Her other hand covered her crotch, and the not too small amount of juices running down from her pussy. “Nothing, don’t worry about it,” she continued.

“No worries, just saw you and thought you looked a little shaky. Need some help?” the mountain lion said. “I’m William,” he stated with a simple confidence.

“Abigail. No, I think I got it, just might take some time,” Abigail responded. William nodded, and waited patiently for her to move. She stared at him. “What are you doing?” she asked eventually.

“Waiting to see if you’ll actually need my help in the next few minutes,” he smirked.

Abigail glared and proudly walked out, her legs walking steadily, her arms staying in front of her. Carefully she placed each foot, and without nary a mis-balance practically swaggered up to the cougar. “Really?” she teased.

William shrugged. “Well, I guess you were right, and I was wrong. My apologies, Abigail,” he said with a deep bow. The cat continued to glare at him half-heartedly. “I already apologized…and you don’t need to cover yourself. I’m not going to stare,” he continued.

“I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Ok, I may stare for a bit, but I promise it won’t be for long. I am a guy.” William said.

“I know, that’s why I don’t believe you,” Abigail said with a smirk, signaling her full-on teasing. But she decided to test him anyways, and slowly move her arms covering her more private parts. True to his word, William barely gave her a glance, although she could tell that he was struggling. After a long moment, she finally continued, “never mind then. Congratulations, you have successfully not looked at a naked woman in front of you for longer than five seconds. You are a credit to masculinity everywhere.”

William chuckled. “Yeah, I’m great aren’t I?” William said, smirking as he flexed his arms, making them appear only barely larger than normal. After a long moment of staring at each other, they both started laughing, most of the tension gone.

“Ahh…thanks. I needed that,” Abigail laughed, still giggling lightly, “but I have a quick question for you now; Where’d you get those clothes? I’ve been trying to look for a while but can’t find any. Don’t tell me you were a tester too,” she said quietly.

“Nah, I wasn’t a tester. I was one of the first ones to join in the Influx, so to celebrate actual people showing up the testers got me some. Supposedly NuVO has a private test realm that they’re testing some changes that they’re making, including an economy, so maybe I won’t be the only one for long,” William said.

“It’s about time. How long have you been playing though? You know about as much about Alenkas as I’d suspect the testers themselves do.”

“Been playing since the system was first turned on. I’ve been making sure to get a few hours in every day, just because. I feel bad for the testers though, they live here.”

“I’ve heard. I actually met a few not too long ago, Lucas and Aiden?” Abigail asked.

“Oh yeah those two. They’re hilarious when they want to be. But good luck finding them half the time, I swear, it’s like the testers just all hide if they can. I haven’t actually seen many of them, and I know I’ve been playing the longest asides from them.”

Abigail shrugged, “Well, it could just be they’re busy. Should we go out and see if we can’t find a few?” she offered.

William stared at her for a moment before shrugging too. “Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?” he asked. Abigail groaned, causing William to chuckle softly. She glared at him, causing the cougar to give her a cheeky grin.

She sighed, and joined William as they started walking. It was fascinating to Abigail to actually talk with someone who seemingly didn’t want to just fuck her and be done with her, or wanted to antagonize her in general.

The city was surprisingly large to the two of them. William suggested that they head to one of the many parks and open areas, as that was where most of the testers preferred to hang out during the day, although even William hadn’t met many of them.

Abigail saw nothing wrong with that, and slowly opened up to the mountain lion next to her. They talked about nothing in particular, just giving random specks of information about each other. William had apparently been going to college and had followed the Alenkas Project since it’s very humble beginnings, and was more than impressed with the final product. In return, Abigail told him about her own studies in the arts, and her own desire to eventually go into gaming.

It took them both longer than they had thought to make it to even just the closest one. Abigail was slowly growing used to her nudity, and although she still didn’t like or approve the appreciative glances that William occasionally threw her way.

The world opened up to them as they walked into the more open grassy knolls. Trees were planted seemingly randomly, and there were a few people just lying scattered around. A red fox slept underneath a tree, with a rabbit and a giant black bear underneath another calmly playing some board game.

The fox and rabbit were both nude, and William threw glances towards the girls’ naked beautiful bodies. The bear had no shirt on, showing off an impressive brilliantly white scar shaped in the form of an X. “Are these some of the testers?” William asked.

Abigail shrugged. “Should we go up and talk to them?” she asked. William shrugged, not having any particular idea. That was the plan, but just because that was the plan didn’t mean that it was a good one.

“Yeah…let’s go talk to them. Can’t be a bad thing, right?” William asked.

Influx and it’s sister arc, Criminal Intent, have a lot more of these ‘part 1’ ‘part 2’ esque episodes. Should I denote these with a new category for them? Thanks.