Influx: Episode 7

Kara looked around at the world with a large smile on her face. It’d been too long only in her mind, and to see it finally realized brought a massive smile on her face. Although she could do without all the sexualization, she knew that that hadn’t been on their minds when she first had heard about the project.

She walked around easily, acting as if all her life she’d been what was essentially an anthropomorphic german shepherd. She didn’t know exactly how the system figured out which animal or species they were, or the order of the mirrors back in character creation. But…she wanted something different.

Well, it was near impossible to be more different than Alenkas. She had heard about the accident though, nearly a month and a half ago, and finally heard the various reviews from sites about Alenkas and what exactly it was. She had thought the project would’ve been shut down the instant the accident happened, killing thirty people.

Instead, it hadn’t. The investigation as to what exactly happened was taking its time, and although they had several of the suspects in custody the news hadn’t reported anything else on it, and like all news, eventually it became old and nothing happened.

“Hey baby, want to -” another dog came up to her, holding his stomach after she quickly palm thrust into his stomach. Immediately all of the other guys in the area left, not wanting to be around this dog that had, quite literally, punch another one of them out. If they wanted to fuck someone, it wasn’t going to be her.

She had it just fine at home, thank you very much.

She had a nice husband, with two nice children, and like all families should, took care of each other. Her husband did know about Alenkas and it’s reputation though, and it spoke about how much he trusted her that he let her go with only a small smile. She would live up to that trust the best way she could.

But damn, if the system didn’t want her to take advantage of it. She had seen more cocks and pussies in the last thirty minutes than she had in her entire life before. She wondered idly if that was always NuVO’s idea, as most of them seemed fairly well-modeled. Being a designer herself, she wondered about how the others would do.

More couples having sex than she had ever seen too. ‘This place would probably be pretty big to the swingers too, not just the furries,’ she thought. She had seen a few others duck off to the side together, and avoided those alleys as she walked into other ones.

The other streets, well away from the beginning area, seemed a lot more hospitable. There were others around, but many of these wore clothes, and were constantly checking something, like a schedule or a map. She saw two males, wearing almost exactly the same clothes -white shirt, black pants- walk across the street. “Um…excuse me,” she asked.

They turned, and she realized that they weren’t wearing shirts at all, that was just their fur color. White…and a hint of blue on one. “Hi!” one of them said. He was mostly white, and had a giant fluffy white tail. A fox, maybe? She had seen a few dozen of them, but never an arctic fox. The other was a dog too, much like herself. A husky, she knew.

It was a good thing she did at least some research on animals so long ago.

“Can we help you?” the husky asked politely.

“I’m just wondering…what are you all looking at?” she asked.

The husky blinked as the fox started to laugh. “Ha, that’s another fiver you owe me! These’re the schedules for the watch post, to help out the Influxers,” the fox explained.


“Oh right, that’s what we’ve started to call the new people that come into Alenkas. I’m guessing you’re new yourself? I’m Lucas, and this is Aiden,” the fox explained. he motioned to himself as Lucas and the husky as his partner.

“Yeah, I am. I’m Kara. How did you get clothes, and why is it that you’re the ones watching the post? How come I didn’t see anyone out there?” she asked.

“We bought ’em on our first day. That was…what, ten months ago? Damn it’s been a while. If you want we can loan you some to get some of your own, but then you’re just gonna get dragged along with the rest of us. Best to hold out until NuVO gets their shit in gear,” Lucas said.

Kara nodded, before realizing that neither had actually answered her second question, “And how come I didn’t see anyone out there?”

“You probably did,” Aiden answered, “but they were so busy or surrounded by people they didn’t get much chance to try and point you in the right direction. Unless it was Emma or Jen, then they’re busy.”

“Busy?” Kara almost hesitated to ask, and by the way both Lucas and Aiden looked hesitant to answer solidified her response. “Never mind. But why did you two get to be here early? And you said you were for ten months? How does that work?”

“Time dilation,” they said at the same time. Lucas continued, “We were part of the original testing group. When our bodies passed, our minds were left here with some…alterations. Come on, walk with us,” he said.

Kara blinked, before shrugging. “Sure, I have no idea what to do here,” she said.

“Oh it’s amazing! Even just listening to the sounds is awesome! I’m glad you managed to get over the sensory overload though, unless Simon made it easier. You know, before you got too scarred,” Lucas said, waving his hands around.

“You’re biased,” Aiden responded with a smile.

“Well, yeah,” Lucas said. He turned to Kara, “We were on the sound design team. Everything you hear that isn’t a voice, came from one of our heads. Even the sounds you can’t hear, like rain and such…all of that from us,” he continued proudly.

“Alenkas took a long time for everyone. Almost ten years, in some of our cases. Lucas and I on the other hand…I think we were there for, what, five years on the project?” Aiden asked.

“Sounds about right,” Lucas said.

“I know. I remember NuVO picking up the project. I was surprised by that…they took a major chance with that,” Kara said. She blinked. “Wait, Simon? As in Simon O’Neil?” she asked suddenly.

Lucas and Aiden both blanked out at her. “Uh…you know, I don’t think we’ve ever asked what his last name was. Most of us just go by first names. Maybe we should…I’m Lucas Vera,” Lucas said. “This is Aiden Vera,” he continued. Aiden gave a small nod.

“Wow, you two spent how long with this guy and you don’t know his last name? Can you bring me to him?” Kara asked. Lucas and Aiden shared a smirk.

“Can we?” “We’re the best runners in Alenkas. We know everywhere here, asides from the warehouses to the south. Even then, only reason we haven’t run those is…well…” Lucas said, “mostly because the designer in charge of that area was a big fan of those anti-geometry games.”

“Follow us,” Aiden said with a smirk. Kara blinked as both of them suddenly took off. They were damn fast…but so was she. Chasing around two rambunctious children did wonders for her agility. And these two…acted much like her kids. She caught up easily, and she noticed that even at their speed they weren’t breathing hard. They were holding back!

“Oh wow, you know most people would fall back by now, but you’re keeping up!” Lucas said with simple amazement. “Why don’t we see how fast we can really go? Goal is the tenth block on the right, sixth building on the left! The giant library!” Lucas yelled, getting a large grin as he sped up.

Now with actual directions, Kara put on her speed, and watched with amazement as both Lucas and Aiden pulled out in front with no problems. Even with her legs pumping as hard as they were, still the other two were faster.

She followed them still though, turning when they did. Aiden barely managed to beat Lucas there, touching the closed wooden door with a loud slam. “Got it!” he yelled with a giant smile.

Lucas swore quietly. Both of them were breathing hard, and when Kara got there a few seconds later, she too was breathing hard. She hadn’t had a race like that in years! “Wow…you two are fast. How did you get that fast?” she asked, breathing heavily.

“Like we said, running all over the place for nine months straight,” Aiden said, chuckling. “This is the Tree, as we call it.”

“The Tree?” she asked with a confused look. Was it just her, or was her pussy wet? Damn…well, she always was more attracted to the smart guys rather than the strong ones. She could control herself though.

“Yeah. See, it’s a library, so it has tons of wood, and contains a squirrel and two cats!” Lucas said, grinning. It took a moment for Kara to actually get the joke, before she laughed quietly. “See! Told you it was funny!”

“So this is where this Simon lives? Not an apartment or somewhere?” she asked.

“Well, he used to. Most of us did. Apartments got too expensive quick, and NuVO refuses to help us, saying that it would ‘ruin the planned economy’, which we already did by being here for nine months, so we just moved in to empty places.”

“Wait, what happened?” it took a moment for Lucas’ statement to clear her mind.

“Oh yeah, we were all kicked out. We used to be in those apartments over there, but then well…Simon pulled the release switch,” Lucas explained. “None of us blamed him for it, hell, we would’ve done the same thing if we were in his place. Hell, some of us wanted to do it again anyways,” he chuckled.

“Hmm…couldn’t be him then. He wasn’t that antagonistic…” Kara muttered. Aiden looked confused for a second before he looked at her.

“Are you alright?” he asked. Kara stared at him.

“Yes…why wouldn’t I be?” she responded. Dammit, now that she thought about it she could smell her pussy juice. Could it be that he could smell it too? She hoped not; that’d be embarrassing as hell.

“Just…never mind. Come on,” Aiden said, shaking his out and walking in.

The Tree was massive, taking nearly three stories tall and was considerably larger than it seemed. Stairs abound on each corner heading up, and the shelves were full of thick books, although Kara noticed that some of them looked older than others. She peeked at a few, the newer ones seemed like they had a bunch of text while the older ones were completely blank.

“Hey, are these supposed to be blank?” she asked. Lucas and Aiden shrugged, before going up the stairs. Rolling her eyes at the two man-children, she marched up there with them. She followed them around the second floor, before they stopped at what looked like a door made of steel bars. It had a heavy lock chaining it closed.

“Hey, Sam, Simon, Cal! You three there!?” Lucas called out.

They all waited a moment. “Simon? Sam!?” The fox continued. “Huh…guess they’re out. Wouldn’t surprise me,” he said. He gained a mischievous smirk on his face, “Want to grab Jen and see if we can’t mess with the IDM?” he asked Aiden.

“Nah, we shouldn’t. Besides, Kara here needs a moment alone,” Aiden said. Lucas blinked, before sniffing the air. “See? Come on, we should let her log out. Maybe by the time she comes back the other three will be back.”

“Wait, how do I do that?” Kara asked. She had to acknowledge that Aiden knew what he was talking about. She was still soaking down there, although that didn’t mean she was going to let just anyone into her pussy. Lucas and Aiden looked at her, before shrugging.

“No, seriously, how do I log out?” Kara asked before her vision whited out. She found herself on her bed, exactly as she had been before she logged in. The headset was glowing, and she moaned softly as she felt her husband’s hands on her nethers.

“You know, it really threw me for a loop while I was in there,” she said softly.

“I know, I was reading about it. Thought I’d do it anyways,” her husband threw her a grin. Kara threw her head back and moaned softly. The kids were at school, and her husband had come back for lunch. Yes…Kara Tyson’s life was doing pretty well.