Influx: Episode 2

She didn’t know why she was doing this. Everyone said that she was crazy for doing it, she knew what had happened to the Alenkas Thirty. Everyone did. And yet still, Abigail held the headset in her hands, wondering if this was a good choice.

She sighed as she looked at the helmet-esque set. Alenkas had supposedly been opened, but that didn’t mean that she could get in. Sure, she had made an account, and she loved virtual reality games, but…

“Alright, let’s try this out…” she muttered. Her phone started to vibrate, and with a quick look at the caller-ID she started to ignore it. She didn’t want to get yelled at by her parents again. She carefully put the headset on, and navigated through the various menus that would allow her to connect to the Alenkas network.

She had to retry a few times when it came to putting in her username and password, as her eyes constantly jumped from place to place, oftentimes putting in an unintended letter. “Honestly, they’d probably make a load of money just in trying to allow that…” she said under her breath.

There was no one around, sure, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be loud.

She waited with unease as words popped up on her screen. ‘Connecting to Login server’. ‘Login accepted.’ ‘Connecting brain-signal interface. Please sit down.’ Abigail looked at this and raised an eyebrow, but as the program seemed to hang a bit, she sat down as she waited.

Only a few seconds after she sat down, the vision of her room -as tidy and neat as it was- vanished from her sight. It opened again in a blue chamber, seemingly infinite, packed to the sides with mirrors. Hesitatingly, she walked forward a bit, and looked into the first one.

A cat looked back at her, anthropomorphized. She blinked, wondering why she was starting at an animal before she felt her body turn. What felt like water dropped on top of her, yet as she tried to shake her head out there was nothing there, but she opened her eyes to see herself.

A calico, with various shades combined in a stretch almost impossible to describe. Various browns, whites, greys, blacks…it was as if someone dipped the cat into a tie-dye pool and then ran the hell away before the cat could see who did it.

Abigail looked at it, or herself as she really shoud have known, and then turned to really look over herself. There were other mirrors, but if they would do the same…no, she liked this cat. Idly she wondered if she should come up with a name for the avatar, but decided against it.

“Yeah…I’ll stick with this one…” she said aloud quietly. The mirrors turned around all at once, as if activated on some command. She looked in the first one, the same one that she had used to become the cat, and saw that some hair had developed on her head. “These must be the secondary characteristics…” she said. One by one, she looked through each mirror, finally settling on a short cut that stopped at the top of her neck.

Her vision whited out as she settled on it, and after falling what felt for a few minutes -but was probably just the logging in portion after character creation, she realized- she stepped out into another world.

The colors seemed more real, and seemed to jump out at her from every angle. Everything seemed sharper, as if she could see more clearly now than she could in the real world. There were a few people, all naked, moving around the beginning area. There were a few other animals that did have clothes on, probably the GM’s.

The sight of others nude made her feel more comfortable as she wandered off towards the streets. Each building was lovingly detailed, and even the grass and trees were unique. The concrete, which should have felt slightly rocky, instead felt smooth and almost malleable underneath her.

“Um…hi…” she started talking to one of the other cats that did have clothes, a white cat with small shorts and what looked like a tanktop. The white cat turned around, having been busy directing someone else towards a shop.

“Hi. Can I help you?” she asked, nicely. Abigail could almost hear the tired ‘here we go again’ tone in her voice. Immediately she tried not to be the kind of person that everyone worked in retail ever feared.

“I’m just…I just came through and wanted to know where you got those?” she asked, trying to seem kind and caring.

The white cat blinked for a moment. “Down that street, third shop on the right. You can’t miss it. I’m Sam, by the way,” the white cat smiled at her.

“Ok. Thanks Sam! I’m Abby,” Abigail said. Sam nodded on her, and then she got a front-row seat as to why Sam was so tired; the line of people were almost never-ending. There were massive amounts of people already around, so Sam didn’t have the opportunity to say anything else.

Abby didn’t say anything else as she was suddenly swarmed. Barely managing to get herself out before the horde hit, she was left with walking through the rest of Alenkas by herself.

And the city was amazing. There were lights and colors everywhere, in ways that Abigail would never have even thought possible. It was as if Las Vegas had come to life, got rid of the neon lights and added a crapton of green but kept the same colors. A physical impossibility made real.

She wondered idly about other impossibilities that could be made real. To test one, she went to the closest tree she could find, in the middle of the street. She was a fair distance aways from just about everyone that she knew and had seen. Alenkas was huge, and it was no surprise to her that she managed to get away from everyone.

She rubbed her hand down the tree, feeling the different texture of the bark on her hand, and how it changed if it was the top or back of her hand. “I wonder…everyone’s naked, so how perverted were they when they made this system…” she whispered, as her hand went up to grope her boob.

She stifled a small moan as she groped herself, playing with her nipple a bit. Pleasure lanced through her, and she knew the answer to her question, ‘very’. She took a look around for a long moment, before finding an out of the way corner far aways from everyone. If she was quiet, then even people that passed by wouldn’t hear her.

She wanted to experiment with the system. She wanted to test it, see how thoroughly they had really made it. She had never had sex with a guy, and truth be told she never wanted to. Her mind wandered to the white cat she had seen at first, imagining the kind Sam do a strip tease in front of her.

She sat down on the corner and slowly ran her hands down her body. Every hair was perfect and not disturbed, even after bumping into so many people at the start. She spread her legs, casually teasing herself but not touching herself. She imagined Sam do a small twirl, taking off her tanktop at the same time, revealing her gorgeous breasts. The white cat danced in front of her, letting her boobs hang out into the air in front of Abigail’s face.

She tried to open up her mouth to lick one, but right as she did Sam smirked and pulled away, taking each step carefully to show the bottom of her feet. She felt her hand at her pussy lips, and moaned lightly as she started to tease herself.

She felt each tip of her finger around her entrance, and she moaned softly as pleasure raced through her. Suddenly her ears perked up, and she tried to silence herself. There were others coming. Her hand stayed busy, so her other hand was used to cover up her mouth as she teased herself.

Moans had to be stopped by her hand as she continued masturbating. She heard their voices, two male voices, stop right outside her hiding spot. “Come on Aiden. It’s been a week since our last race!” one of them said.

The other, presumably Aiden, spoke, “Yeah, because we’ve both been too busy. Let’s just take a moment to relax.” Abigail’s inner voice wanted to yell out, ‘oh god, please don’t relax right here!’ she thought as she lightly touched her clit.

“It has been a while. Come on, should we head to the par-” the other started, before Abigail heard a crash. The voice started again, this time rather breathless. “Or…that works too. Someone’s got you worked up,” he said.

Aiden started speaking, “Yeah, you did. You with your perfect-” they stopped for a moment, and suddenly Abigail understood what was going on right outside her hiding place. “Come on, there’s a hole right there, nobody’d see us,” Aiden said.

‘Oh god please don’t,’ she thought as her hand wouldn’t stop. She saw an arctic fox and a husky go into the small area, where if they turned their heads just a little bit they’d see her easily.

The arctic fox turned, and her eyes matched his. She started to panic, before he shot her a wink. ‘Just enjoy the show,’ he mouthed at her, moaning louder than usual as the husky pulled down his pants and started to lick out his ass.

She stopped her panicking, and realized that this…these two either found it hot to be watched, or something. Maybe they expected her to join in? Or maybe the fox was just the kind of person to not get too weirded out by a voyeur. It wasn’t her typical style, and yet she felt herself starting to tense up.

“Oh god your tongue feels amazing…come on…enough foreplay…” the fox said. The husky, Aiden it would seem, grinned as he got up, and tore down his own pants. Abigail had to stop herself from gasping at the canine cock in his hands. Were they about to fuck in front of her!?

Apparently so, as the fox moaned loudly as Aiden thrust inside gently. The fox’s eyes met Abigail’s, and he let out a small smirk as Aiden started thrusting. She felt her body start to tense, and she knew that she was about to cum soon, and the added visual of two guys fucking each other certainly didn’t hinder her.

“Something’s different Lucas…who’re you trying to impress,” she heard Aiden say. Lucas started at him out of the corner of his eye, trying not to let him know about their little obvious voyeur in the corner, barely five feet away. Aiden hadn’t looked yet, and it seemed to Abigail that Lucas wasn’t about to reveal her.

Abigail finally moaned loudly, her hand coming off as she felt her full body tense, cumming loudly. ‘I didn’t realize the system could do THAT too…’ she thought as she heaved breathlessly. Aiden stared at her, continuing his mission to fuck Lucas’ ass, “Oh, that’d explain it.”

It took only a few seconds before he shoved himself in hard, obviously cumming deep inside the fox’s ass. “I needed that…” Aiden said quietly. He turned his head to the calico, “Hi, I’m Aiden. This is Lucas. We uh…weren’t expecting anybody to see us.”

“Oh it’s…uh…no problem. I’ll just…be…” Abigail started, getting up and brushing herself off. She was blushing furiously, although she had no idea how much of it was visible. She ran like a bat out of hell, pushing past Aiden as she did so.

“There are better first encounters,” she heard Lucas say. She also heard Aiden laugh as she continued to run.

‘How do I log out how do I log out,’ she thought, before finally she just said screw it, “How do I log out…” in a whining voice. Her vision whited out, and the last thing she thought before she ended up back in her bedroom was, ‘Oh. That’s how’.