Influx: Episode 1

William was excited to get home that day. He knew he really shouldn’t be, all things considered, but he was and he wanted to try it. He had read earlier in the day that NuVO’s flagship program, Alenkas, had actually shipped two months early without them saying anything.

He was a big gamer, and he absolutely loved the headsets that NuVO had made, years ago, that allowed him to actually visit the virtual reality worlds. They didn’t have touch, or the brain connectivity that Alenkas boasted.

He ran through the door, barely stopping in order to open it first. He shoved his backpack onto a chair, ignoring the spring’s whine as he heard the various crashing sounds, as he sped towards his room. Posters of various games hung around, and the only majorly clean area was the main spot he hung out in when playing the games. Everywhere else had some kind of debris littering the area.

“Come on, come on,” he said, hurriedly connecting NuVO’s headset to his router. Normally he’d just connect via Wireless, but today he wanted the best connection possible. NuVO hadn’t announced anything about Alenkas for a good while, ever since the horrible accident at NuVO’s headquarters.

One month ago, back when the first of the Alenkas tests were set to occur, an accident occurred on the lifepods that held the thirty testers. One by one, their life support failed due to a programming bug, or an error, or something. In the end, one by one, each of them died.

NuVO hadn’t said much on it, besides that it was ‘investigating’ the issue. It then found the Director of the Alenkas Project, Trevor Hill, was responsible for instigating it, with a few others including one of the lead programmers. Hill had taken to getting plenty of lawyers ready, and it seemed the case was going to be going nowhere.

Then suddenly, a week ago, evidence cropped up. Seemingly impossible evidence, from the witnesses and logs of Alenkas itself. Hill was still fighting, but it seemed as though eventually he’d go down. William had been following it almost religiously, and he had wondered how this would end up affecting Alenkas’ release…or if it would be released at all.

Since then however, he had heard from somewhere that Alenkas was actually up and running. Something had happened that caused it to open nearly two months in advance. William wasn’t going to complain, he’d been waiting for an opportunity exactly like this one.

Eagerly he connected his headset, a full head covering that looked closer to a helmet with a screen, to the router and jammed it onto his head. There were small pads that allowed it to read what was going on in his brain, and would intercept certain muscle signals.

He waited for the screen to pop up, barely able to keep in his giddyness. He scrolled through his list of games installed on it, and finally selected the only one that was unavailable. Alenkas.

He had gotten his login information ages ago, when he had first heard of NuVO’s Alenkas Project. A small keyboard popped up in his eyesight, with password and username blank boxes at the top. This was one of NuVO’s first experiments; if a person’s eyes could be tracked well enough to be accurate for passwords and usernames. The answer was a resounding yes…once some of the bugs were fixed up. They were, fairly quickly, but William remembered the first time had tried to login, knowing that it’d fail. He ended up spelling something so completely wrong he had no idea how that even worked.

A small loading screen interrupted his thought process. ‘Logging in’ it said. ‘Login accepted’ he saw with glee. ‘Activating brain-signal interface. Please sit on the ground’ it read, and he hurriedly complied with it, knowing what could happen if he didn’t…and then his sight went black.

He woke up in a blue chamber, seemingly stretching on for infinite. On the walls, five feet apart each, was a mirror. He had read that the Alenkas Project was all about new and fresh starts…maybe this what they meant? By turning into someone your not? He looked into the first mirror.

He saw what looked like a bobcat look back at him, mimicking his exact pose. It was bigger than an actual one -he had only seen one once, in the zoo- and it…it was him? He felt a kind of liquid drop over him, but as he moved his hands there didn’t seem to be anything there. He looked over his body, and saw that he had turned into the bobcat in the mirror!

“Woah…” he said, looking over his new body. He was lithe and tall, his chest must smaller than it was out in the real world. He was also slightly shorter, but he didn’t mind much. He thought about the tail behind him, and grinned as it moved to his thoughts. Grinning, he wondered if each look was customized for him or if bobcat’s were simply the next one on the list of default avatars.

As he looked into the next mirror, he was pleasantly surprised. A mountain lion stood where once a bobcat was. He was taller in this form, he noticed, and although he was once again smaller in the shoulder area he felt stronger everywhere else. His tail was longer, and the coloring appeased him more in this one. The bobcat was slightly greyed, whereas here it was more of a dull brown or yellow. He had a few spots, but not nearly as many as he did in the bobcat. “Yeah…I think I like this,” he said aloud.

The mirror’s flipped suddenly, sending adrenaline surging through him. Had he said something wrong? Then he looked at the mirror again, and saw that it had finalized his form, but not any other descriptors. Hair, scars…anything he wanted he could look like. The general pattern was his own though, as every mirror he looked in was different but didn’t allow him to change any of that.

It took him a good ten minutes before he decided on everything. He’d have no scars to start with, as he’d probably get some within Alenkas anyways, if the system was as advanced as he thought it was. Long-ish brown hair, reaching down to his shoulder blades, or where his shoulder blades would’ve been if he was human.

Honestly he looked like a cougar formed version of himself. And he was perfectly ok with that. ‘Ok, now I need a name. Something tells me I shouldn’t be WarMaster64 here…’ he thought.

As he struggled to come up with something, slowly the blue of the chamber was changing to a glowing white. “Wait I’m not finished yet!” he yelled, trying to buy some more time, before he suddenly felt as if he was falling. Faster and faster, he felt the air fly through his…fur…now, before he felt himself stop.

The white slowly vanished, and he got his first sight of what he knew was Alenkas.

The city was massive, streets and buildings everywhere he looked. The sky was a cerulean blue, far bluer than anything he had in his hometown, and there was green everywhere. Trees, grasses, everything appeared to him in all its glory. The scents invaded into his mind, and it took him all he could to focus on the other…people?…in front of him.

There were ten of them. A squirrel, several cats and dogs, what looked like foxes were also common. The squirrel smiled at him, and opened his arms, “Welcome to Alenkas,” he said with a simple finality.

As his mind gathered back together, he suddenly realized that A) he was naked, and B) a lot of the girls in the lot in front of him were also naked. Most of the guys seemed to have on at least basic shirts and pants on, although they were all barefoot for some reason. He quickly crossed his hands in front of his junk -which he hadn’t gotten the opportunity to even look down at himself much yet- to hide from them.

“What Simon said. You don’t need to worry about anything here, I’m Emma!” one of canines said as she walked forward. His eyes were glued to her naked body, her tantalizing breasts bouncing up and down in time with each step. Her pussy was just barely visible, giving a small glimpse as to the wonders she held just within reach.

“Emma, put some damn clothes on. Actually that goes for the rest of you!” Simon said, turning around at most of the naked girls. Most of them gave a quick laugh before covering themselves, often with skirts or pants. Some of them didn’t bother putting on tops at all. Emma didn’t bother with anything.

“Oh hush, we should show him all of what Alenkas has to offer!” Emma said, turning and giving the cougar a quick wink. Simon sighed.

Another voice, that of a red fox vixen, suddenly called out, “Emma, why is it that your first instinct when you see someone new is to try and screw them? Hadn’t you had enough by now?”

“Hell no. I’m dead, remember!? I can do whatever the fuck I want! Or whoever, I guess,” she said, grinning back at the naked mountain lion.

The words soared through William’s brain. Dead…plenty of…wait a second…”You’re the Alenkas Thirty!” he called out in recognition. He got seemingly blank looks from all of them, not having recognized the name. “The dead testers, they call it the Alenkas Massacre. It killed the thirty Alenkas testers, thus, the Alenkas Thirty!” he explained.

Simon facepalmed. “That’s…fairly accurate, although…not entirely…you know, I’m not going to say any more,” he said quietly. William went back to holding his hands over his crotch, although it appeared that Emma had seen enough anyways, based on the way she was leering at him.

“Come on Emma,” the fox said, grabbing the scruff of Emma’s neck. She tried valiantly to fight her off for a bit, before shrugging and letting herself be dragged off. “You can go and hit on the new guy after he’s had some time to grasp Alenkas. Just because we’ve been here for ages doesn’t mean that he knows as much as we do.” Emma shrugged, and made sure to spread her legs wide for William’s eyes. She grinned as she saw that his eyes were glued right between her legs.

“Ignore her. She’s been acting crazy like that ever since we told her. I’m Simon. You?” The squirrel said, reaching out with a hand. William noticed that most of them had left by now, including most of the girls. Only a single white cat with long white hair was the girl left, and only a few dogs and…foxes? were left.

“William,” he said absentmindedly. He shook his head, “Wait, no, I’m Alexander!” he said after a moment. Simon gave him a look, before turning to an orange tabby cat that had stayed behind as well.

“Alexander then,” the tabby said. “I’m Cal, the cat over there is Sam, and those two are Lucas and Aiden-” he said, pointing to the white fox and blue husky, “- and the other wolf there is Alex. As Simon said, welcome to Alenkas.” The male wolf gave a grin and a small wave.

“Alex, Cal, why don’t you two show Alexander around, get him to a shop to get some clothes, the rest of us will stay here and wait to see if anyone else comes through in the next few hours,” Simon said. Alex grinned and did a mock salute.

William nodded. He went up to the wolf, and was surprised by how tall Alex was; pretty much the same as his own height. He was pretty tall, in the real world he was a good 6’3″. Here though, he was obviously shorter, but how tall he was did have to do with how tall he was out there right?

He followed the wolf and cat silently, his head spinning every which way to try and see everything. “So how long have you two been here?” he asked after a moment.

“Too long,” Cal answered. Alex shot him a look before smacking him lightly on the shoulder. “About nine months or so. There was a time dilation that Simon reverted not too long ago, so even though we only spent three weeks real time, it was nine months to us,” Alex answered.

“Damn. I bet you two know everything about Alenkas then!” William said. He was barely able to keep watch of where he was goign, as most of his sight was being taken up by the various areas everywhere around.

“Probably,” Cal said. He gave a grin as he dodged Alex’s smacking hand. “No, seriously, I spent over seven months studying a map of this place. Alenkas is huge, and that’s not going into the time we had to search the entire damn thing. Hundreds of times.”

“Why would you need to do that?” William asked. He was only half-focusing on the conversation.

“Long story. Needless to say though, here we are now,” Alex interrupted. William shot him a look, as if he was expecting him to go on. “No seriously, we’re at a clothes shop,” he said, pointing to right in front of them.

“Prof. Moo’s Fine Clothing,” William read. It had the picture of a cow that was knitting together a shirt. “What the hell?” he couldn’t help but ask. Both Alex and Cal grinned before laughing uproariously. William chuckled under his breath too, despite the incredulous look on his face.

“Do you think that was Simon’s look when he first saw it?” Cal asked rhetorically. “I bet it was. Come on, you can choose a few outfits. Since you’re the first one here we chose to welcome you in person. Get whatever you want, we’ll pay,” Cal explained.

“That’s…very kind of you. Don’t most games like this usually just give basic clothes for free though?”

“They should. We weren’t told what NuVO’s schedule was in terms of financial stability though. Needless to say, Alenkas works much like the real world. They gave us a free amount of money for a while, and everything was free, so we’re still coasting by but…” Cal shrugged.

“Don’t worry about us. It’s only been a week for us since Simon opened up Alenkas. I think he undid the time dilation a few days ago,” Alex continued.

While William was out picking various pants and shirts -he was surprised by how lifelike the textures felt to him. He could feel even the individual seams!- he tried to come up with something to talk about. “So was that Emma girl…serious?” he asked hesitantly.

“What, about fucking everything that moves? Yeah,” Cal said at the same time that Alex said, “Probably not.”

The two animals stared at each other, before shrugging. Alex continued, “she’s had a rough time for it the last couple of months. Something was going wrong that we only just recently fixed. She made up for it with uh…well, sleeping with most of us.”

“That’s one way to put it,” Cal muttered.

“That’s the tactful way of putting it,” Alex corrected.

“No, I mean about the sensation thing. You guys can’t actually have sex here, right?” William said, slightly disturbed. He really didn’t need to know about that part of these guys’ history.

“Uh…no, it’s possible. There was uh…-” Alex started.

“Let’s just try and forget all about what happened previously, yes?” Cal interrupted. Alex nodded. William wasn’t sure what they meant, but decided to play off it anyways. It was better that he didn’t know, anyways.

After letting Cal and Alex buy one outfit for him, as they had already planned on doing, he quickly asked if they could just let him look around on his own. Seeing no harm in it, they simply said to ask if he needed any assistance.

As he stepped into an alleyway between two of the buildings, he was taken aback by how simply big Alenkas was. There was a tall tower in the northern part, where he had come out from the blue-chambered room, and it was the only clock that Alenkas had.

He sat on top of a wooden crate, placed seemingly for no reason, and simply enjoyed the various scents and breezes as they played around him. He remembered their words, about how sex was possible here, and Emma’s tantalizing breasts and pussy. He hesitated for a moment, as if someone would go and see him. Although none of them seemed all that worried about modesty, so they probably wouldn’t care.

He shrugged off his new pants, letting them bunch up on the ground, and laid with his back to the crate, facing away from the street he had come in on. His hands danced around his cock expertly, and he gave a soft moan as pleasure sensations ran through him. They were the same as they were when he was human.

He gripped his penis loosely, now fully erect. It wasn’t as big as his human cock, but it was still a good size, William realized. It had little spines that seemed to exaggerate all of the sensation he was feeling, and he groaned with a small smile as he started to rub himself.

He breathed deeply as pleasure ran through his spine. Each rub of his hand felt amazing to him, exacerbated by the fact he was doing this in public. His mind ran back to the sight of most of the naked girls he had seen when he first walked in. Their breasts and pussies easily available to his recalled mind, and he thought about what’d it be like to screw them.

He could almost feel Emma’s tight pussy around him as he jacked himself off. She was riding him in his mind, pushing herself off using his shoulders as he drilled himself upwards, causing her to moan loudly. He touched her mental clit, and she gave a low howl as she came on him, her pussy tightening around his cock.

His hand went faster, keeping up the same pace as the mental Emma went faster, despite the fact she had just cum. She whispered in his ear, William didn’t care about what, as he fucked his hand and air. Cum dribbled out from his cock as he continued masturbating, only to get his usual spurts hard.

It shot out onto the ground and the crate, as he turned when he felt he was getting close. He sighed a deep breath of relief for a few minutes, sitting in the leftover ecstasy from his finish. Finally he sat up, and determined he’d go…somewhere. And do…something.

He took a moment to take a look at the clock tower. It was five when he had entered, and now it was almost seven. His stomach growled at him, and he figured that now would be a good time to go and get something to eat.

He thought about how to try and log out. There was supposedly a button for it, but he didn’t know where. He could try and find one of the Alenkas Thirty, but he had no idea where they were, and he didn’t want to get too lost.

He tried making gestures with his hands, as they did in some popular anime. Each one was a resounding failure, and finally he slumped against the wooden crate another way. “Log out?” he said aloud. His vision went black.

‘Brain-signal interface deactivated. Welcome back, WarMaster64’ the screen read as his eyes opened. He had been sitting against a crate in Alenkas…and suddenly he was back in his room. That’s how they were supposed to log out? Interesting.

He reached with his hands to take the headset off, and suddenly felt a very uncomfortable and wet patch near his crotch. He looked down after a moment. “Aww, come on!” he said as he struggled to get out of his now wet pants.

Welcome to the Influx! New characters start showing up, some more important than others, and some having hidden history to those already there. This is the start of ‘Season 2’, so to speak. There are 2 arcs for this season, Influx and ‘Criminal Intent’, each with 26 episodes. I hope that you all have been enjoying the series!