‘Season 1’ Outline Bonus

Hi all. You may notice that this isn’t an episode of Alenkas; I’m taking a break this week to make sure that ‘Season 2’ is as good as possible. It consists of two arcs, much like Season 1 did. ‘Influx’ and ‘Criminal Intent’. But I’ve been getting some questions as to what my outline and notes looked like while writing the first one. So I posted it’s entirety, as it is from where I used it, right here. Let’s look it over.

Season 1 Outline:
30 people get put into the VR simulation of Alenkas, to last 3 months (3 years Alenkas time)
Artificially induced Lust at seemingly random times. Lyla, Alex, Sam, and Simon understand what’s going on.
Simon thinks that maybe the debug console might help, but has no idea where it is.
Lyla figures out the timing. (Every six hours, approximately)
Lyla finds Simon, tells him of her findings. Simon figures out real life timing, realizes possible to use debug console to undo it.
Simon and Lyla start to recruit people to search Alenkas for the debug console.
They search the entire city, with only one place being left out; a seemingly brand new warehouse.
Recruit various people to use their skills to get in; from Emma’s Parkour to Simon’s mind.
Simon breaks in to the debug console, realizes that it’s impossible to shut the program down…but not to overload it.
Turns on the production servers, and opens Alenkas 2 months early.

Total Alenkas Time: 1 year. Total Real Time: 1 month.

Main characters: Simon, Lyla.

“-” – Already Written
“*” – Plot episode

Day 1: The Beginning
*-Episode 1: Lyla/Alex MF “VR world.”
*-Episode 2: Sam/Simon MF Intro to Simon/Sam
*-Episode 3: Emma/Kevin MF Intro to Emma.
-Episode 4: Lucas/Aiden MM
*-Episode 5: Lyla/Alex MF Base explanation of lust virus.

Day 2: Gathering together.
-Episode 6: Emma/Kevin MF
-*Episode 7: Lucas/Aiden MM Start introducing other’s timelines, introduction to Mia.
-Episode 8: George/Mia MF
-Episode 9: Sam SoloF Introduce Simon’s plot.

Week 1: Lust Virus
Episode 10: Simon/Cal MM Start introducing the ‘looking for debug console’. -Episode 11: Lyla/Kevin MF -Episode 12: Emma/Mia FF –Episode 13: Lyla/Lucas/Aiden MFM Side notes: DP. Better explanation of lust virus.
-Episode 14: Emma/Kevin MF
-Episode 15: Mia/Alex MF
-Episode 16: Lyla/Lucas/Aiden MFM Continuation of Episode 13
*Episode 17: Simon/Cal MM Start the full ‘looking for debug console’ arc.

Week 2: Lust Virus (con’t)
*Episode 18: Sam/Kevin MF Sets up Sam’s virgin status, denotes Kevin as decent
Episode 19: Jen/George MF
Episode 20: Emma/Alex MF Porn first.
*Episode 21: Lyla/Simon MF Meet up of the two main characters. Best explanation.
*Episode 22: Lucas/Aiden MM Focuses on all the different characters and what they did/do.
Episode 23: Mia/Cal SoloF/SoloM Denotes Cal’s Gay status

Week 3: Debug Console
*Episode 24: Lyla/Lucas/Aiden MFM Simon’s in it, talking about the Debug Console.
Episode 25: Jen/Kevin/Emma FMF
*Episode 26: Lyla/Lucas/Aiden/Alex FMMM
Episode 27: Simon/Cal MM
Episode 28: Sam/George MF

Week 4: Debug Console (con’t)
Episode 29: Mia/Kevin MF
Episode 30: Emma/Simon MF
Episode 31: Jen/Mia/George MFF
Episode 32: Cal SoloM

Month 2: Losing Hope
*Episode 33: Lyla/Alex MF
*Episode 34: Simon/Sam MF
Episode 35: Emma/Lucas/Aiden MFM
Episode 36: Lucas/Aiden MM

Month 3: Falling Victim
Episode 37: Jen/Kevin MF
Episode 38: Simon/Sam/Cal M/M/F

Month 5: Despair
Episode 39: Mia/George MF
Episode 40: Lyla/Alex/Lucas MMF
Episode 41: Emma/Aiden/Kevin MMF

Month 7: Hope
*Episode 42: Simon/Sam/Cal M/M/F
Episode 43: Lyla/Alex MF
Episode 44: Lucas/Aiden MM

Month 9: Light in the tunnel
Episode 45: George/Mia/Jen FFM
Episode 46: Simon/Sam MF
Episode 47: Emma/Kevin/Lyla FFM
Episode 48: Simon/Lucas/Aiden/Cal MMMM

Month 12: Finale (All characters are in every episode, the ones pointed out are just the ones in which have the sex)
*Episode 49: Emma/Robots M+/F
*Episode 50: Sam/Kevin M/F
*Episode 51: Lyla/Alex MF
*Episode 52: Orgy Everyone except Simon/Sam
*Finale: Simon/Sam MF

The first thing you’ll notice is that the episodes aren’t marked into the two arcs, New Beginnings and The Great Hunt. I didn’t start doing that until I wrote S2, which means this is separated into where they fall in the timeline rather than any particular arc. I tried to convey that via tone, but I know it wasn’t always good, so it was almost impossible to tell. And in the actual series, I made some adjustments on the fly; the actual time was only 2/3’rds of the original allotted time.

There’s a lot of things I changed, but I didn’t change on the outline. I didn’t, and still don’t, take notes all that well. Never have, and probably never will. It’s also easy to notice that there’s a ‘Finale’ with Simon and Sam that I haven’t posted yet. It will be, but as a special, because it doesn’t actually do anything for the plot; by episode 52 (GH26) the plot is done. It’s just more ‘what happens now’ kind of thing. Perfect for a special, but not good for a finale.

I hope you all enjoyed the look behind the scenes at my less than bare-bones outline, and wonder how the hell I managed to create what I did from…that. Trust me, I do too. Either way, I will see you all next week with the next episode of Alenkas, with ‘Influx’, episode 1!