The Great Hunt: Episode 26

Emma panted softly, her tongue lolling out of her mouth right before another pussy came in front of her, grabbing her head and forcing her to lick it. Her hands and knees soaked in the cummy mud below her, her mind ignoring the feeling of the two cocks inside her, one in her ass and one in her pussy.

She’d been at this for hours now, and she knew that her muscles were going to be sore for all eternity the next day. She’d had maybe thirty seconds of rest total in the last four or five hours, she had no idea how long she’d been gangbanged. She certainly enjoyed it though.

She felt the two behind her speed up, fucking her deeply and quickly as she felt them pulse inside her. She was reaching up to that peak, and right before she went over it, once again for an uncountable amount of times, they stopped, forcing her to the edge, but not letting her go over.

The wolf groaned in an almost physical pain. She didn’t mind the pain, but the fact she wasn’t allowed to cum certain didn’t help make the experience better. Or worse, in her mind. They pulled out of her suddenly, and dropped her lifeless body onto the cum pools lying around. She breathed heavily, her heart beating fast and her body tired.

She expected her body to be picked up again, and start the whole fucking process over again. Instead she lied there, breathing heavily as the cum soaked into her grey fur. She heard the NPC’s start to leave, heading for the back of the warehouse. At first she was worried, but she realized that she had been fucked for over five hours. She deserved a fucking rest.

“Are you ok, Emma?” Mia asked from the side. Her eyes looked everywhere for the NPC’s as they left. For hours she had watched them devour Emma’s body with their cocks and pussies, and slowly watched them leave after fucking her to oblivion, taking back their guard positions. They seemed to have ignored the large party that moved around the warehouse in the back.

Sometimes the ones that left to go back to guarding had come back for a second or third round with the wolf. There were only about twenty or so of the NPC’s, but seeing as how they were almost always ready and hot to go, they just kept going and going.

Emma slowly pushed herself up, her hands and knees sometimes slipping on the cold wet ground. “Yeah, I’m fine…” she said, slowly getting up. Her pussy and ass flared in pain, and her foot slipped out from under her, sending her slipping back down to the ground. “Ouch. Totally fine!” she yelled out.

Mia went over, slipping a bit on the cum on the ground, before pulling the wolf up. “Not fine. Come on, we need to head to the back of the warehouse, that’s where they all headed!” Mia said. Emma’s eyes widened, as she grabbed Mia and started to run. It took a while for her muscles to get used to working again, but they managed surprisingly quickly. Mia helped more than Emma had hoped for.

They looked wildly around for the NPC’s, but didn’t seem to see any around. It was as if they had vanished again, disappearing into nothingness. It freaked out the both of them, but they pushed it out of their mind as they rounded the corner.

The warehouse door was open, being held up by Kevin and George. They were holding it up easily, and Kevin seemed to sigh in relief as he saw Emma’s visage, until he got a closer look at her disturbed and cum-covered fur. He nodded over at George, who simply waved him on.

“You alright, Emma? You look like crap,” Kevin stated simply. Mia blinked, but Emma didn’t miss a beat.

“I’m alright. Where’s the NPC’s, how’d everything go? We don’t see any?” Emma asked. Her pussy was burning, and her body was paining with need, but she felt she needed to know more than she needed to cum. It was far too close for comfort though.

“Simon did something, which made them all vanish. I think he simply turned them off. We found the IDM, in case you couldn’t tell,” Kevin explained. Emma nodded, before looking at his cock with a hungry look on her face. “You don’t look alright…” Kevin continued, looking strangely at her.

“I just spent the last I have no idea how long getting gangbanged by NPC’s. And they didn’t. Let. Me. Cum. I want you to fuck me, right now,” Emma said, reaching down and grabbing his cock handily. She only paused for a moment to enjoy the hardness and heat running down the horse’s cock before she turned around, aligning her pussy to his tip.

“You just spent the last five hours getting screwed, aren’t you tired?” Kevin asked, worried.

“Of course I’m tired,” Emma said, pushing herself back as her pussy enveloped his cock. She sighed in relief as she was filled once more. She’d gotten so used to the feeling that not having it there for even only a few minutes was…distressing.

Kevin moaned loudly as he felt his cock slip in to her tight warmth. She was extremely wet, although he didn’t know if that was from the massive amount of cum inside her or from her own juices, he didn’t particularly care. A few others started to notice the pair copulating, although many others saw it and ignored it.

Kevin didn’t wait long for her pussy to get used to him, although he was sure that she was already sore. But if she wanted to fuck, he’d be available. He started slowly, waiting for the wince of pain from the wolf, but it never came before she took it into her own hands, shoving herself back onto his cock.

They were surprised by another moan next to them as Lyla showed up seemingly out of nowhere, being fucked in the same position as Emma by Alex. The wolf and horse looked each other in the eyes for a moment, before nodding and starting to ream out their respective partner’s pussy.

Both Emma and Lyla groaned loudly, Emma especially as she felt Lyla’s hand start to rub her clit lightly. “Oh fuck yes, fuck!” she chanted as she started to feel the familiar highs that she had almost reached earlier.

Lucas and Aiden looked at each other, and while they were tempted to do what Sam and Simon had done -sneaked out the front- they shrugged before offering their own cocks to the two girls on their knees. Each of them moaned as both Emma and Lyla groaned over their cocks as they took them in their mouths.

George and Mia watched over the ensuing fuck-fest, both of them staying out of it. “You know…I’m surprised Emma wants to still go at it. I just saw her get gangbanged for…way too long,” Mia said lightly. George nodded, then looked at the rabbit in surprise as he felt her start to stroke his cock. “It was…very hot,” she continued, staring up into George’s eyes as she leveled her pussy to his hot rod, thrusting back and taking it all in one stroke.

Emma was thrilled. To have someone else next to her in Lyla, taking similar cocks as she, one in her pussy and one in her mouth, and the fox’s hands rubbing her clit lightly, she was amazed by how far they’d come. And as she easily took Kevin’s cock all the way -something that she could do with ease now, to everyone else’s surprise- she couldn’t wait to finish.

And she didn’t have to wait long. It built up far quicker than it had with the NPC’s when she was getting mercilessly banged, and almost before she knew it she felt herself tighten down hard on Kevin’s cock. She had to push Lucas away, afraid that she might bite down as she bent her back nearly ninety degrees, screaming her pleasure to the air as she finally fucking came.

Lucas used the opportunity to grab her boobs, lining up his cock with them, and using her body as a makeshift boobjob. Emma could barely feel his hands as they tweaked her nipples and groped her hard, but she could definitely feel the hard shaft there, and inside her body that was still going.

Lyla heard Emma cum right next to her, and focused more on her clit, trying to see if she could keep the wolf going. The girl’s peak seemed to continue forever as she ran out of breath quickly, barely able to take in more before she kept moaning and screaming.

Finally Emma relaxed, her body being held up by the two guys. She was breathing quickly, and Lyla finally stopped rubbing her clit. “Holy fuck guys…that was…” she looked to see the two canines of Lucas and Aiden, Kevin still in her pussy, and several other males from throughout Alenkas come to surround her and Lyla.

The two girls grinned, and despite Emma’s state, demanded that they fuck them hard and rough.

Emma was far happier with this gangbang with Lyla next to her than the one previous. For one, this group let her cum, and let her cum a lot. Hearing Lyla’s moans, occasionally being the one to cause them as she often reached over and played with the fox’s body, or licked her pussy or ass, along with Lyla doing the same to her, while getting fucked in a multitude of ways…oh yes. She was far happier with this one.

For the second time that day, for hours she and Lyla were going at it. They almost always had a cock either in their pussy or their ass, oftentimes both, while their mouths were also filled. The guys however had far less cum this time, something that Emma was proud of, seeing that now she could actually take it all, and it wasn’t running down her legs.

She felt Lucas cum in her mouth again, for the third time that morning, and she eagerly swallowed every drop. Aiden was behind her reaming her ass, stretching it out with his thick cock, and she moaned as she saw Lyla wince up in pained pleasure as Kevin drove all the way inside her ass.

She moaned wantonly as Jen kissed her, also on her knees with Ivan behind her, plowing his own thick cock into the other wolf’s pussy. She felt Aiden go between her ass and her pussy, wondering out loud where she wanted him to cum.

A bit farther away, she saw George and Mia go at each other, the rabbit bouncing on the bear’s cock. She was pushing herself quickly, only to sink back down a moment later. Emma imagined herself in the rabbit’s position as Aiden fucked her pussy rapidly before cumming inside her again.

He pulled out, knot and all, only to replaced by Kevin again. Emma moaned as he drilled her pussy to her depths, opening her up wide. Lyla panted as Alex and Aiden both took her ass. Jen pulled her into a messy kiss, sharing the cum that Lucas had given her.

This was their Alenkas. Their new start. She didn’t think she could ever go back to the real world after the last few months. As she felt Kevin’s cock jump in her pussy, splurging his cum deep into her womb, she felt grateful to all who made Alenkas possible, and knew that no matter what happened, she’d found her peace.

Simon set up the IDM in the Tree, on the third level. Sam and Cal were next to him, eagerly looking over his shoulder as he started up the faux-laptop. Turning off the NPC’s was pretty easy, and that’s what the IDM could truly do.

It couldn’t make code. It could only alter what was actually there, but fortunately Simon knew one other thing it had. The ability to actually communicate with the outside world, and to record all the error messages that Alenkas might’ve transpired.

The squirrel checked the errors first, ignoring the more recent ones such as, “NullExceptionError.” He grinned, that had been when he had turned off the NPC’s, and seeing as how Alenkas didn’t need them anymore, they were put back into data shells in storage, to be loaded when Alenkas next called on them.

He scrolled back until the last time there was a Heat, during the warehouse search. “I don’t see anything…did either of you get the timestamp for that?” Sam said from behind him. The squirrel shook his head, he’d been too busy getting quickly sucked off by Cal to really check the time.

“No, but scroll back to seven last night, there was one then for sure,” Cal suggested. Simon nodded, and quickly continued to scroll up. There weren’t that many messages, something which Simon actually felt proud of, but there were several warnings of incomplete add-ons taking much of Alenkas’ CPU.

“I don’t see it…there aren’t any errors or warnings for the Heats. There simply aren’t any…” Simon muttered. Sam and Cal both looked at each other before suggesting he scroll all the way up to the very top. The first few days when they were in Alenkas. “Ok…” Simon stated, scrolling all the way to the top, ignoring the hundreds of warnings and errors generated by Alenkas.

His eyes froze as he saw the absolute first error. Sam’s eyes widened, and she gasped as Cal stared at it awkwardly. “What, what. I can see you guys are freaked out about something,” Cal asked as he stared at the screen. “LoginExceptionError…what’s that mean?”

“It means there was an error as soon as we came into Alenkas. Wait, hold on, see this message? Oh shit…” Simon said as he scrolled down a bit. There were thirty login errors…and thirty pod errors shortly afterwards. Warnings upon warnings and errors upon errors descended as Simon went into the madness that was the internal debugging module.

He cursed abruptly, screaming in rage and horror suddenly. “What, what happened!?” Cal asked. He was a user interface programmer, meaning that he only had to work with the character teams, but never any logins or the pods or anything like that. Most of them hadn’t.

“Life support exception, process terminated,” Sam stated with a simple finality. Cal looked at her, motioning for her to go on.

“We’re dead, Cal. All of us. All thirty of us are dead. We’ve been dead for over three weeks real time,” Sam continued. Cal stared at her. Simon sighed, and groaned loudly.

“She can’t be right. Tell me she’s not right,” Cal muttered.

“I’m afraid she is. Whoever put us in those pods killed all of us. But…those pods were used so much before, how could they have…they were tested so thoroughly, because exactly this type of thing could happen!” Simon whined after a moment.

“Here, we can think on it later. For now, let’s find the source of the Heats and get that off. From there, we can explore the IDM and see if we can’t find the cause of the error. We may be dead in the outside world, but we’re alive here. We can use this to talk with everyone, right?” Sam asked.

Simon groaned, before he took a deep breath. “Right. Heats first, then find the…I can’t believe we’re dead. All of us. No wonder we couldn’t get back out, and it was so easy for Alenkas to change us. We’re just…data shells now.”

“No we aren’t. We still have our memories, our personalities…there’s no way that all of that could be transferred to Alenkas.”

“It isn’t. It’s copied over when we called for it. How many of us thought to ourselves, ‘wow what a better world than the real one.’ when we first got here. Our lives were flashing before our eyes for the first several hours…no wonder we all had seemingly random thoughts when we got here. Alenkas was copying it for us,” Simon explained.

“But if we’re dead, how can it copied? There’s nothing for it to copy.”

“We aren’t braindead immediately. The brain needs to be deprived of oxygen for forty seconds to be called legally brain dead. On the other hand, forty seconds out there is…what, nearly an hour in here?” Sam asked.

Simon shook his head, “It’s about eight minutes. But it can keep going for multiple hours later if it gets a shock, and that’s what the pods were built to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if it managed to copy over all of us into the shells.”

“But then…that means…,” Cal trailed off, in the verge of a mental breakdown. As Sam was about to say something, he shook his head. “No, no I don’t want to hear it. I’m…I’ll come back, I just need some time to process this. Let me know if you get any more,” Cal said, walking out of the Tree suddenly.

Sam sighed. “That could’ve gone better. Anything on those Heats?” she asked.

Simon groaned, “No, not yet. Wait…wait, I think I did. Lyla was right, it was in a timer queue. That looks like…oh god what was his name…Kurt’s style. He always had a flair for that thing, I’d have just used a multithreaded loop and called it a day. Seems difficult to turn off, but I can alter it so it doesn’t change our libido at all.”

“That’ll work. It’ll still give us the Heats, we just won’t feel them.”

“Exactly. If that’s Kurt’s style though, then this was pre-planned…hold on, let’s see if I can’t find anything on why…”

“So Lyla was right, again. There was a malicious force out to get us,” Sam stated as she filled in Simon’s blanks. “Check any of the recordings? I know I saw that directory.”

“Recordings? Sure,” Simon said, as the screen showed hundreds of them. “Well. Fuck,” Simon sighed. It was separated out into person, timestamp, and point of view. There were three for each one…each one timed for each of the Heats. For curiosity’s sake he opened up from just not too long ago, labeled ‘EmmaNov22-0430-2’.

The screen exploded into sound and motion as they each saw Emma getting ganbanged right outside the warehouse. Simon blinked for a moment before he closed it quickly. “Well…that settled that debate,” Simon stated quietly.

“But if they were recording us…why would they be using it? Porn or something? Furry porn? Hmm…too bad we don’t have access to financial records. There’d probably be something good on that,” Sam muttered quietly. Simon got an evil grin on his face as he started typing furiously.

“Bingo. Which means they didn’t want Alenkas getting out for some reason…”

“I get the feeling you just got an idea. Why wouldn’t they want Alenkas getting out?”

“Oh I got better than that. See, Alenkas’s incoming connection nodes are off, that’s what made it an actual test, but the thing is that it was already ready to go, it just had to be turned on. Most of the time, after a test like this, they’d clean it up before doing so. They’d want to keep their little financial treasure going on, as the grants only go up until it’s released.”

“It’s not scheduled to do so for another two months. Can you even do that now?”

“Oh yeah,” Simon grinned, typing furiously as he checked the various directories. Finally he came up to a single page, asking for his username and password. After typing in his own, he got an error message saying it was deactivated. Not to be undone by something as simple as that, he typed in Kurt’s username and password -the man never changed it, and it was common amongst the base engine programming team to occasionally use each other’s login info in case they themselves were working on something that could break, but still needed to show they had done something that day- and got in.

“Ready, Sam? To unleash the floodgates?” Simon asked. He typed in ‘Y’ and simply let it sit there for a moment.

“Let them burn,” Sam said, a dark grin on her face. It was mirrored by Simon a second later, as he changed the one thing that had closed Alenkas to the world. If NuVO had planned to scorn him, to force his greatest achievement into a prison unlike any other…he was going to allow the greatest of visitation rights.

“Well…let the games begin,” Simon pronounced.

And that’s all folks. At least for what I called internally ‘Season 1’, the first fifty two short stories of the Tails of Alenkas. So to clear things up, now that the secret is out, so to speak; they were all dead in episode 1. Shortly before that first heat, as soon as they logged in, they were gone.

The Tails of Alenkas will be on hiatus for next week, but I’ll still post the outline, and for those of you subscribed to the specials, you get two this week. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that you enjoyed the series in the past, and will continue to enjoy it in the future.

Alenkas will be back in two weeks from now, starting with Influx, episode one!