The Great Hunt: Episode 20

“I think we got it,” Simon announced suddenly. Sam looked up sleepily from her desk, her eyes lidded heavily. The squirrel laughed softly as he watched her eyes close again only to perk up once she realized what he said. Even Cal in the corner was starting to pay attention now.

It had been weeks since Sam’s breakdown, and the agreement of Simon to work with Lyla fully. The vixen was over at the Tree almost as much as she was out exploring various portions of Alenkas, talking with Simon and Sam on where the IDM could possibly be located at.

Because they’d had so much practice searching Alenkas, even though some individuals had stopped searching, or were never searching to begin with, everyone else had gotten better, and most knew the city better than their home city. To Simon, this was a godsend.

As it meant in less than two weeks they had searched the entirety of Alenkas, and had once again come up empty. But Simon had a feeling, that there was something different about this time. Whether it was because of Lyla’s endless optimism -now at least- or something else, he felt they were fairly close to the IDM now.

The Internal Debugging Module. The thing that would let them essentially control their virtual world. It would also be able to tell them if something strange was going on, if there was only one or two people that actually controlled Alenkas, and had set them up to almost quite literally fuck each other to figurative death.

Simon felt they were lucky that they maintained enough rapport with each other that they could remain sane even the face of all the crap they had gone through. And he knew that they had gone through a lot of shit.

“Where, where is it?” Sam asked after a moment. She looked at the giant map of Alenkas that had taken her nearly a week to fully draw out. Parts were drawn in red, the parts that had already been cleared this latest time. The entire city was fully red.

“The outskirts. The warehouses, the ones that we checked early on? Despite the numerous times we’ve gone through the city, we’ve only checked those once or twice. But this time though, we’ve gone quick enough that I doubt they would’ve had enough time to even try to move the IDM. If it’s anywhere in the city, it’s out there,” Simon said.

“So we search out there. Right now. Come on, let’s go!” Sam said, pulling Simon’s scruff and running out the door. Simon ran and followed, after prying off her hand from his neck. He motioned for Cal to get up too, and it took a few moments, but the cat too eventually got up to go with.

Two cats and a squirrel. It sounded like the beginning of a bad joke, and yet they were so close to the final part. They had almost made it. There was only one section, and it was the absolute last one. They had come so far, surely they could make it just this much further!

The warehouse segment of Alenkas wasn’t used by anybody except for those that were searching the city. It was on the far side of the river, just past a small bridge that was the only link between the two areas of Alenkas. Simon noticed that it was extremely quiet as they got further and further away, already in the silent area of the city.

There were four warehouses, large tall buildings that were practically featureless. Even the roofs were just barely slanted. There were a few others scattered here and there, but those ones actually windows, and with a bit of climbing from the two cats, were quickly eliminated.

Each one had to be taken on differently. The first one was locked up tight, and if it wasn’t for Sam’s quick thinking they would’ve had no idea how to get in. A single window, on the third floor, on the side of the roof, closer to a sunroom than anything.

It took a bit of time, as the metal that the warehouses were made of weren’t exactly the best when it comes to holding a cat’s claws, but eventually Cal managed to make it up. He took one look, forced it open, and quickly dived down.

Minutes seemed like hours to the duo that was left. They both had the feeling that something was here, but they weren’t exactly sure of what. It made the silence deafening, and although both of them hoped for noise they also hoped that they wouldn’t be the ones to break it. So they sat in an uncomfortable silence, the albino cat and squirrel.

Their hearts raced as Cal seemed to be able to turn the lock. He smirked at them as he let them into the first one, and suddenly they realized why so many of the warehouses weren’t explored that well.

They were massive, for one. For the second, boxes stacked up all over the place. “Right…” Simon said, the first thing he’d said since they crossed the bridge. His voice echoed ominously throughout every angle of the warehouse. “Check everything.”

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Sam tore each box out and with only a quick look tossed it aside. Cal had already checked most of the levels and rooms, and hadn’t found anything. Simon did much the same as Sam, and slowly the duo worked through the entire thing. It took several hours, but finally Simon declared it checked thoroughly.

The second warehouse was much the same as the first.

The third was when they finally started to get a pattern down. Cal or Sam would climb in, and would drop down using the window. They would climb down using the scaffolding, and quickly let in the other two, where they were to check everywhere. The third was the second largest, with the fourth and final of the warehouses the biggest.

Sam panted quietly. Of course the Heat would attack right now, they were so close! She sat down, and whispered just loudly enough to be heard by the two males. “Heat. I’m going to take care of it. Don’t watch.” She got a quick confirmation in the form of a whispered ‘ok’ from Simon. Cal was probably already on his knees blowing him.

The thought of watching the two guys blow each other was still hot to Sam. Simon and Cal often tried to go into a corner if they were going to take care of each other, meanwhile Sam stayed in the main portion of the Tree touching herself and moaning to give them something to listen to.

They had a system, and they did it well. Sam kept her moans low as her hands brushed against her sex, just loud enough to give some audio sensation for the two guys. She knew it helped Simon at least, and Cal had told her previously that he actually enjoyed listening to her moan, finding it rather sexy.

She wasn’t one of those types anymore where she fucked her hand, and fucked anything that moved. She wasn’t to begin with, but some people weren’t sure. Her hand teased the opening of her pussy, and she carefully flicked her clit, letting out a soft moan.

She could hear from the corner, both Simon and Cal going at each other. Simon was moaning just as quietly as she was, and she imagined the strong tabby cat she knew to be so submissive, on his knees with his face stuffed full of Simon’s cock. His tail flicked from side to side in her imagination, letting her see his asshole and the back of his ballsack.

She moaned again as she teased her clit, starting to rub it softly. Her pussy was wet, but she hadn’t let any guy have her yet, and she wasn’t going to for as long as she could help it. There was only one guy she wanted to take her fully, but he wasn’t there with her, currently getting blown as he was.

She massaged her breasts, slowly pulling them and rubbing them with her other hand as she kept teasing herself. She groaned quietly with every movement. She wasn’t trying to get off as hard as she could’ve, she wanted Simon and Cal to get off first. And she heard the long low moan that represented Simon cumming, she was halfway there.

She moaned as she heard them change positions, Simon now blowing Cal. The short proud squirrel, laying on his stomach as he licked Cal’s cat-like dick with ease. She started to rub herself more vigorously, her hand teasing both her clit and pussy lips at the same time.

After a few long minutes, she tensed as she felt her orgasm rush through her. She panted quietly, hearing the shuffling of clothes from the guys’ corner. They had finished probably right after she had, and she was grateful the Heat had faded from her mind. It’d come back, but she had gotten much better at masturbation these days.

It helped that she had a lot of eye candy.

She pulled up her shorts, and tried not to blush as they walked towards her. “Right, sorry about that,” she said quietly. Simon shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it. It affects us too. We can’t help it either. Come on,” Simon whispered. Sam’s ears just barely caught it, but she nodded. There were even more boxes here, and there was an area off to the side that was locked up.

Cal had found a sledgehammer though, and was pounding away at the windows. Sam and Simon had managed to actually finish the boxes -there were over four hundred of the suckers- by the time Cal had just finished the last window. They watched together as he dove inside, trying to avoid the glass that he broke. “Not here,” he said after a moment.

“That clears it up then. We have only one place left,” Simon said.

The trio walked out, only to be stopped by an uncomfortable sight. The various NPC’s of Alenkas had disappeared early on, with more and more disappearing every day until around the second or third month, when the rest of the city had been practically abandoned.

All of the NPC’s stared at them, the same hollow look on their face as they guarded the final warehouse. Simon gulped. “So…we know where it is at the very least,” Simon said.

“How long do you think we have before they move it?” Cal asked. Simon looked at him oddly, before he clarified. “I mean, obviously these were meant to block us from continuing towards them. Which means there’s probably a script set up to warn whoever controls Alenkas that were almost there.”

“Ah. Uh, give me a moment,” Simon said. He sat down, and started to relax as the NPC’s did nothing, just merely stared at them with a hollow look. “Let’s see, it’s been almost nine months since we got here…we’re on Day…269…if one day is that, then those days are…it’s seven out in the outside world.”

“One day is two hours right, approximately?” Sam asked quietly. “Because then we’d have about five days, but that’s assuming they don’t have someone watching us.”

“Which they probably do. So it’s safe to assume we have about one full day. Cal, find Lucas and Aiden. Tell them to gather everyone they can, we’re going to storm the warehouse,” Simon commanded quietly. Both Sam and Cal nodded. It was time for the Endgame.

Beginning of the end, it is. Not much further now. I hope you’re all enjoying the series as much as I am!