The Great Hunt: Episode 19

“Oh fuck, oh gods, please, keep going!” Jen yelled as she felt the hard cock pound into her pussy. It had been hours since Lucas and Aiden had essentially escorted her to George and Mia’s, and while the rabbit was nowhere to be found -apparently she was out searching a particular spot for Simon and them- George was definitely here.

The bear’s cock was currently out, and extremely wet as it dove hard into Jen’s flooding pussy. The wolf was standing against the counter, pushing with everything ounce of her being to get the cock in deeper. It felt so hot against her walls, she wanted every bit of it, and George was certainly trying his best.

The bear said nothing as he gripped her hips, essentially picking her up to ease his angle, pushing himself in deeper. Jen moaned loudly, her legs hanging uselessly, her toes spread wide with pleasure. “Fuck, please!” she groaned out.

George seemed to still listen to her though, finally realizing that she could take every bit of power he had in him, and was pounding her as hard and fast as he could go. She moaned loudly, almost echoing into the empty apartment as she felt her juices run down her legs.

“Cumming!” the bear said after a few minutes. Jen groaned as she felt him push in deeper, and the hard hot rod got even hotter and wetter as he came inside. Her Heat was still affecting her, but at least he managed to get the edge off. She breathed heavily, her legs weak and barely able to hold herself up, yet she wanted nothing more than to be fucked, again.

“That didn’t help much, did it?” George asked politely after a long moment. Jen shook her head, her eyes almost tearing up as she wondered what was so wrong with her that the Heats would drive her this crazy.

“Why, argh! It feels good, don’t get me wrong, and even though I came early on it just…doesn’t…stop…” Jen whispered. She felt George’s cock pull out of her, and ignored the slight dripping of his cum as it came out of her flooded pussy. She groaned as he pushed it against her again, resting it lightly against her hips. “You have no idea how badly I want it again.”

“I think I can tell,” George said. He looked over to his side to see a white rabbit, who’d been there since early on, nodded solemnly. She ducked down, taking care to not be seen or heard by the arctic wolf above them both. The bear winced lightly as he tried to withhold a groan, the rabbit massaging his balls and wet cock.

Jen pushed her ass and pussy against the bear’s hardening cock. “You’re hard again? Please, fuck me…ass or pussy, whichever you want!” Jen cried out. Mia looked up, and mouthed ‘Ass’. George chuckled lightly as he thrust into her pussy a few times, getting a groan out from the wolf, before he pulled out and gently put it next to her asshole.

“Are you sure?” he asked lightly. Jen pushed herself back, her ass enveloping his cock in a tight hot vice. She groaned loudly as she started rocking back and forth. “That’s one way to answer…” George muttered, grabbing her hips and gently starting to fuck her.

Mia raced away for a moment, coming back with a sanded wooden stick. George grinned, knowing what the rabbit’s plan was. It wasn’t too large, but it was certainly enough to fill the rabbit, and when George wasn’t around it was her favorite toy. She was definitely proud of it, and George thought that she definitely should be, seeing as how she managed to make it all herself.

Jen felt her ass being spread apart by the large cock, and she loved every second of it. The rod inside felt so different from one in her pussy, one that felt…it was difficult for the wolf to describe. But she was surprised as hell when she felt her pussy lips be spread, and her pussy suddenly filled by a cold hard rod. “What the fuck!?” she cried out in pleasure.

“Hi. You didn’t notice me come in, did you?” Mia finally said from underneath her, her hands thrusting the wooden dildo in and out quickly. Jen moaned and groaned as she felt her body almost give up being able to stand up. George’s cock in her ass felt amazing, and with the dildo in her pussy she felt her legs not able to keep herself up.

“No, no I didn’t!” she called out as George lifted her up. “Fuck!” she continued as George sped up again, reaming into and out of her asshole was a fervor that he had only just shown on her pussy. Mia tried to keep up, keeping the same pace as the bear with the dildo thrusting into her insides.

Then Jen felt a mouth on her clit, and on her spread pussy lips. She came, and she came hard, her back arching up as she let herself submit fully to the glorious fucking of the two animals behind her. She could only moan and groan now, her arms barely able to lift herself up as she moaned with every breath she had and whimpered with whatever breath she didn’t.

George felt Jen’s ass clench up tightly against him, but kept up the same pace, and soon enough adjusted to her tightness with remarkable ease. Mia not as much, having to work a bit harder to keep going at the same pace, although her angle was already fairly hard to work with. She blamed the fact that she was licking Jen’s clit and pussy at the same time as drilling her with a dildo.

Jen lost herself into the mindless pleasure. Her Heat was fully sated now -maybe it required her to be assfucked? She certainly wouldn’t mind- but still she moaned as George spread her ass wide, and Mia fucked her with a dildo. She whimpered whenever she came, her muscles tightening harshly on the two cocks, one real and one fake.

She wasn’t sure how long the duo fucked her, but it had to be several minutes. George was reaming her harshly, with a fervor that she was sure meant he was going to cum soon. Mia’s fake cock couldn’t cum, but Jen hoped that she wasn’t going to stop just when George did. It felt amazing to the wolf to be double penetrated like this.

A few minutes later than even that, she heard a whisper. “George is about to cum. Where do you want it? Outside or in?” Mia’s voice whispered into her ear. Jen gathered whatever strength was still in her and tried to call out for her insides to be creamed. She felt George continue to go at it with no rhythm, before finally plowing himself in deep.

Jen breathed heavily as she leaned against the counter. George was still holding her up, and Jen felt Mia slowly pull out the dildo. The rabbit moved around the counter, barely in Jen’s sight, before moving the wooden dildo to right in front of Jen’s face. It was shining with a watery covering that Jen knew to be her juices. “You want it?” Mia asked. Jen nodded sharply, and Mia shrugged before taking a few good licks herself.

Jen watched as the rabbit licked her juices off of the fake cock, not everywhere, but just a few places, before she placed it in front of the wolf’s mouth. She quickly swallowed and licked every drop she could get from the dildo.

She felt George slowly lower her to the ground, and felt her legs buckle as she put weight on them. “Not going to do that then,” she heard him whisper. She groaned as she was picked up, and carried fireman style by the large bear.

She was placed on the couch, and smiled with a heavenly look as she spread her legs over the arms of the sofa. “Well, you look happy,” Mia said, rubbing the wolf’s ears kindly. George chuckled and sat in one of the armchairs, just watching the two girls, his cock soft and probably not coming back for a while.

“It’s been a long time since I was sated like that…” Jen said, one of her hands rubbing her pussy lightly. Her juices and cum covered it. She did a double take as she saw it that was frothy, and almost like whipped cream. “Are you ok, George? Cum doesn’t ordinarily do this, does it?” she asked after a moment.

“It does if you get pounded after getting cummed in,” Mia answered. “It’s surprising how common that actually is, really. The question, I mean.” Jen looked up, her eyes staring up at Mia’s.

The rabbit couldn’t help herself and started to rub the bottom of Jen’s neck, who forgot the question she was going to ask, her eyes closing in the surprising pleasure. It wasn’t like sex, but rather a gentle touch that seemed more real to Jen than anything she had felt in Alenkas.

“I like that look on you. You should smile more,” Mia exclaimed, smiling. Jen’s eyes opened, trying to ignore the feeling of the rabbit’s hands on her neck. “You’ll be surprised at how much that can help,” she said.

“Smiling’s not going to help me.” Jen looked away, hiding her eyes and face from the bear and rabbit.

“Maybe not, but that’s why you should try,” Mia said. The wolf looked up, her eyes partially tearing up in the corners. “I know what you’re feeling,” she said, looking up towards the roof. “You’re feeling like you’re worthless, and you’re body’s betraying you. Trust me, most of us have gone through that so far. You’re stronger than you think Jen, because we’ve already gone through it. You’re going through it now.”

“I fail to see how having thoughts later than everyone makes me strong.”

“Because even if you were questioning yourself earlier, you got this far, almost eight months in, without once voicing it,” George intruded from the chair. “Trust me, Jennifer, you’re strong.”

For the first time in years, ever since she had moved out of her parents, she felt her name wasn’t said rudely. “Well, you two are supposed to tell me this. You just fucked me well,” Jen said, smiling at the other two. She may not believe them, but the fact that they were trying at all said a lot.

“We’d say it anyways. Alenkas isn’t the easiest place to live. Come on, once you can move again, we’re going to have a long discussion,” Mia smiled. Jen groaned, throwing her head back.

Not exactly the most plot-filled episode, but it does continue to show the degradation of Jen’s mind, something that becomes quite important later on in the series. Also the whipped cream effect. First time that happened I was like ‘oh holy shit that cannot be real’ but is. I had to put it in then!
Only seven episodes left to the grand finale!