The Great Hunt: Episode 17

“They believe me now,” Lyla announced suddenly as she pushed the door open to her and Alex’s apartment. Alex was standing in the kitchen, standing over a stove full of what seemed to be tortilla’s and cheese. The wolf didn’t even blink before he raced over.

“They do? Then what’s the plan?” he asked without hesitation. He’d long since been indoctrinated to Lyla’s theories, that there was some big force over the top of Alenkas that controlled everything. He had to admit, a lot of things fit but it never fit like a puzzle. There was never a single sign that simply said, “Here’s the result, right here!”.

“Right, the plan. So Sam came up with it. Here’s what we do; we tell everyone to stop saying anything about the IDM, at all. Everyone. Then we have two weeks, from the time that we get the latest reports to the next one, to search the entirety of Alenkas. Simon thinks they’re moving the IDM somehow,” Lyla explained.

Alex smirked. “The final plan huh? Took ’em long enough. Right, you tell Lucas and Aiden, and I’ll tell Kevin and Emma. With those four, we should have the information disseminated across Alenkas in a few hours,” Alex came up with. Lyla nodded, before she sniffed the air a bit.

“Quesadillas?” she asked politely. Alex grinned at her, before turning back to them before they burned. After the quick meal -Alex was a decent cook, surprisingly- they both went their separate ways. Alex went down the hall, and made a quick face that Lyla knew well. It was the look of when someone had to go into Kevin and Emma’s apartment. Poor guy.

Her own ‘targets’, Lucas and Aiden, were both easier to find and harder to find at the same time. The two canines, an arctic fox and a husky, generally went everywhere together, but that wasn’t necessarily guaranteed. Especially lately, Lyla had found them separated.

She checked their apartment first, ignoring the biting hot rays of the false sun above her, and wasn’t surprised to find no sound coming from the inside. It reeked of sex, but that was usual almost everywhere in Alenkas and had been since the very beginning.

She sighed, going in her mind for where she thought is most likely the spot for them. There was the spot that they were going to be checking for Simon, district something or something, but those two were almost always the quickest at finding ‘nothing’. If she already did her own, then there was little chance that Aiden and Lucas didn’t finish before she did.

‘Maybe the store, then?’ she thought, as she raced out of the complex. The main store used by the two was just down the street, and it was the same one used by many others. It wouldn’t be a surprise to her to run into others.

She glanced at the clock tower in the north; she had a good hour and a half before the next Heat hit. Alex had done a good job of sating it this morning, and she had taken care of it herself when she was out searching. That meant she had some time. ‘Good, about damn time those Heats could be tracked!’ she thought.

The refreshing cool of the store hit her as she walked in. As usual, it was fairly empty, even in the early afternoon as it was. She ran throughout the front, seeing if she could find any sign of the two she was searching for.

She stopped though as she hit the vegetable section. She wasn’t too surprised, as a surprising amount of the women in Alenkas used them as masturbation tools. What she was surprised though was the presence of Jen, an arctic wolf who had been getting the worst out of the Heats for a while, furiously fucking herself using a cucumber.

The wolf was sitting on a display, her legs wide, as she moaned wantonly, absolutely shoving the vegetable into her pussy. Lyla’s watched on, as she walked slowly and silently closer. Jen’s hands were moving quickly, an absolute flood of pussy juice washing down from the wolf.

Lyla wasn’t sure how long she watched, but it had to be at least a few minutes. She saw that Jen came close to cumming a few times, and Lyla told herself that when she did she’d move on. Her own pussy was coming to life from the lewd show she was getting, but something still seemed off. Jen wasn’t actually cumming.

After the fifth time of Jen freezing up and not reaching that peak, Lyla decided to intervene. The fox grabbed Jen’s hand, and the wolf’s eyes opened wide. “Say what…?” she practically moaned out.

“Here. I’ll help. Just relax,” Lyla cooed, resuming the same pace that Jen had had. The wolf threw her head back, and gripped the black material that was present all over the displays. Her feet stretched out, wanting more as Lyla pushed the vegetable into and out of Jen’s pussy. It slid in and out easily, and was completely covered in Jen’s juices, as if she’d been at this for a while.

“Oh fuck, Lyla, gods…” the wolf moaned, her breathing heavy and her breasts heaving. Lyla smiled, knowing that this was something that probably wasn’t easy for the wolf to have to submit to. Her arm was getting tired though, and she didn’t want to admit that she had no idea how Jen managed to go for so long.

She felt Jen tense up underneath her, and whereas the wolf froze at this crucial point, Lyla didn’t, continuing to thrust the cucumber into the wolf underneath her. Jen moaned loudly, practically screaming as she came, and came hard. A veritable flood was unleashed from between her legs, and she threw her head back so hard that Lyla was afraid she might hurt herself.

It seemed to run for several minutes, that one orgasm, before Jen finally calmed down. Her breathing was heavy and uneven, and Lyla could tell that the wolf’s heart rate was soaring. “Thanks…Lyla…I just couldn’t cum…I think my Heat’s getting worse…” she said quietly.

Lyla nodded. “I agree. I say stick around some guys if you can, if you can’t…then feel free to stick by me,” she decided on the spur of the moment. Jen’s eyes widened for a moment, before she nodded. “Oh, do you know where Lucas and Aiden are? I have no idea,” the fox asked.

Jen shook her head. “I haven’t seen them, and I’m guessing you already checked their apartment, so maybe…the park? The one near the Tree?” she guessed. Lyla nodded, and pulled Jen up off the display. She came off it with a hurting smile as some of her back fur was practically glued to it. “Note to self; the floor is a better place than one of those things,” she muttered. Lyla smirked and turned away.

The path to the park was quick, barely fifteen minutes at their walking speed. Along the way, Jen asked various questions, such as why her Heat was getting worse, and if it happened to anyone else. Lyla shook her head, and answered whenever she could come up with a reasonable theory.

Sure enough, as she walked into view, she saw the two canines she’d been searching for. They were quietly taking a nap underneath a tree, their heads knocking on each other as they both unconsciously searched for their friend. Lyla pointed it out to Jen, and the two ran the rest of the way.

“I can’t tell if that’s cute or horrendously cute,” Jen said. Lyla chuckled, and poked one of their feet with her own foot. Lucas roused first, his blue eyes staring into theirs. He took a moment, as if seeing the two naked ladies were unusual for him, before he smacked Aiden’s shoulder briefly.

“Lyla, Jen…what’s going on?” Lucas asked, yawning. Aiden woke up a second later at his friend’s voice, and he, too, took in the picture of the fox and wolf in front of him. He rose an eyebrow at them, coming into consciousness surprisingly quickly.

“We’re moving forward with our plan. We need you two to go tell everyone to not mention the IDM on the next report, Simon has a theory that it’s being moved around on us. He’ll tell you more, but now we just need you to know at least that much,” Lyla explained.

The two runners got up, and stretched for a moment. “Hey…you two mind if I stick around you two for a while?” Jen asked sheepishly. Lyla stared for a moment before smiling. That was a decent plan; if she had a Heat while she was around those two she’d get the boning of her life.

“We don’t mind, do we Lucas? Come on!” Aiden said, propping himself up using the tree. He yawned, his mouth opening up wide. The three walked away a second later, the two runners telling Jen about their system of making sure everyone got hit in someway with the information.

Satisfied that she got her part done for now, Lyla headed back to her and Alex’s apartment. The wolf was probably going to be tired, as dealing with Emma usually meant fucking her at least once, and dealing with Kevin meant dealing with an asshole, and neither of them were that good at that one.

Luckily for her, Alex took care of that one. Lyla casually opened the door to her apartment, unsure of how exactly fast the time had passed, and peered in. Alex was on the couch, masturbating quietly. His eyes were shut, and his hand was slowly gliding up and down on his red cock.

Lyla wasn’t sure how exactly Alex was masturbating at a time like this, considering he probably just fucked Emma, but she wasn’t going to complain. She was still relatively turned on from having been leered at by Lucas and Aiden, and helping Jen out earlier. Grinning, she silently stepped over to the couch and the wolf.

“Maybe I can help you with that?” she asked suddenly. Alex jumped, suddenly releasing his cock in surprise before Lyla enveloped it with her loving pussy. The wolf and fox moaned loudly as she started riding him. “So what happened?” she asked.

“Emma and Kevin were in the middle of some…mutual distractions. I wrote them a note and ignored them when they called me back in. I’m gonna get some flack for that…fuck, Lyla! What happened to you?” he said. He thrust upwards whenever she came down upon him.

Lyla missed the sensation of a cock in her pussy, despite having fucked the wolf just a few hours previous. It was stretching her so deliciously wide, and was so hot inside her…it felt incredible. “Helped out Jen, and finally found the two in the park,” she answered briefly.

Alex moaned, both in pleasure and in understanding. His hands grabbed her hips, and she grinned in thankfulness as he started plowing her. “Ah, so it got you all hot and bothered then?” Alex asked, fucking her pussy as deep as he could.

“Yeah, basically,” Lyla answered, occasionally moaning and groaning, especially as Alex sped up, thrusting his cock upwards to match her downward thrusts. She felt his knot start to expand, and knew that he had been masturbating for a while. “You’re not going to last long, are you?” she asked.

“Not long at all,” Alex said, slamming her body against his as he finally got his knot inside her. Only a few dozen thrusts later and he stilled, pulling her deeply against him as he released inside.

Lyla moaned as she felt him cum inside, his knot locking him inside her for a good while. Her hands went to his chest, and she smirked at him as she felt his cock kick inside, giving her more of his cum. “I hope you know I didn’t get much out of something that short,” she said with a devil’s grin. Alex returned it, and only a few moments later, the two were back at it.