The Great Hunt: Episode 15

“I still can’t believe that she managed to get you down here too. I can understand me, because I’m too nice to say no, but you too?” Aiden said to the other person on their knees, slowly cleaning up the massive puddle of seemingly random goo.

Kevin looked irritated at him for bringing it up. “Well, I spilled the bread dough, so naturally I have to clean it up. Although I think I used too many eggs…” the horse said, cleaning up the spilled dough easily enough. The flour otherwise attached to it though, not as much.

“You already know a hell of a lot more than I do. How can you tell?” the husky asked. He himself was just using a normal wet washcloth to slowly scrub the kitchen floor, and after that Emma had said she probably could think of a few extra chores. Her payment this week was simply doing all of his grocery shopping for both him and Lucas.

It saved them nearly four hours, although he’d spent longer than that already at Kevin and Emma’s place cleaning up after them. It’d been a complete mess, and even with Emma regularly trading free favors to both him and Lucas, it seemed like the horse and wolf made an actual effort to get the place as dirty as possible for them.

Exception being the kitchen, almost every time they’d walked in they didn’t mind the kitchen as much. It was clean most of the time, the few exceptions being like this one, where Kevin was down on his knees helping him too. Hell, the horse had even helped with the living room too!

And to say nothing for the bedroom, as neither Emma nor Kevin would let either Lucas or Aiden in to even see that room. Although to be fair, neither of the two male canines had any wish to see what was behind that door. They had, however, several bets riding on the eventual outcome.

“See how it seems less doughy on the edges? Means there’s too much liquid. Liquid plus dough equals bad,” Kevin explained as though Aiden couldn’t tell a butter knife from a steak knife. The husky sighed though; the horse had improved over the last few months, but he was still short-tempered and generally an ass.

“I didn’t even know you knew how to make bread,” Aiden said quietly. Kevin stared at him for a moment, watching the husky struggle with a particularly tough spot. It had been some kind of sauce that both he and Emma had simply wandered around for several days; no wonder it’d become so tough.

“There’s a lot that you don’t know about me,” Kevin responded shortly. Before Aiden could respond, a knock on the door interrupted the both of them. Kevin groaned quietly before he got up, dusting off his knees. He merely unlocked the door and opened it up only an inch, letting the person on the other side have to force the rest of it open.

Emma growled, and pushed the door open with her shoulder. She had her hands full with at least a dozen paper bags, covering the majority of her body. She stepped in, and after only taking a moment to balance herself, kicked the door shut. “You could’ve opened it for me Kev,” she said after a moment.

Aiden had to identify her based on her voice and legs, as he couldn’t see anything above even her knees. Dutifully he got up and grabbed a few of the bags. “Thanks for getting stuff Emma,” he said kindly. Emma smiled at him, especially as he grabbed the ones that were right in front of her face.

“I’m glad that someone of you two knows some basic manners. Ooh the apartment is clean again!” she said, putting down the bags on the counter. She ran around, opening up the windows and letting the open air into the apartment. It was a crisp cool temperature this time, and Aiden could see some wetness flowing from between her legs as she showed herself to the world.

“Yeah, we did a pretty good job,” Kevin said, standing up with a groan. He threw a few paper towels, covered with the goopy dough into a trash can with an overhand showy throw. Aiden tried to not look too annoyed; he certainly didn’t want to have to clean up that other mess.

Emma turned around and jumped onto the couch, sighing with bliss as she hugged the clean pillows. She grabbed one and threw it between her legs, and started to massage her pussy. “Does she do this every time?” he asked towards the horse. Kevin nodded, giving his partner a simple glance.

“Oh right, my favorite part comes next!” the wolfess said, twirling around the couch seats until she stood on her hands and knees, her pussy and ass facing towards the two males. “Messing it all up again!”

Aiden stared with a makeshift horror, knowing that his and Lucas’ cleaning jobs really only did last a few minutes. ‘Damn she’s a horny bitch sometimes…’ he thought. Kevin had already moved forward, and had gotten rid of his sweatpants, pulling out his large erect cock. Aiden stared at it for a moment, wondering how on earth the wolf was going to fit that thing into her pussy.

She sighed with heavenly pleasure as Kevin slowly pushed into her pussy. He started out slow, and Aiden just stood there watching with amazement for a long moment. Before the husky knew it, the horse had already gotten a good chunk of his cock inside Emma. Apparently he had gone as deep as he could go, as Emma grunted with pleasured pain.

Kevin pulled out lightly before driving back in. Aiden heard the symphony of their moans as they aligned their bodies to each other. He wasn’t sure if he should be watching this or what…this actually seemed like a tender moment for the two. If tender moments could be rough fucking.

“Oh fuck, fuck, yes!” Emma moaned as she pushed herself back towards the giant cock. Aiden could see how much her body had simply gotten used to the size, as her pussy seemed to have no trouble opening up wider than seemed possible. “Go deep!” she cried with pleasure.

Kevin rolled his eyes, and stilled. He was controlling his cock while it was deep inside her, seemingly lining himself up for something. Emma hissed in pleasure as he hit the spot she was searching for, and his eyes widened as Kevin went even deeper.

“Holy shit…” he said, watching as Kevin’s cock was buried as deep as the horse could go, farther than Aiden thought was safe. He held the size in his mind, and wandered around to get a good look of Emma’s body. “Are you…?” he asked before he could stop himself, but he felt he had to know.

“Yeah. He’s fucking my womb!” Emma cried as Kevin pulled out and just as slowly thrust back in. “God I always feel so full when he does this…” she said, forcing her body to still itself. “It feels so good…” she continued.

“You’re amazed now, wait until…” Kevin suggested, holding her body tight against his cock. With a simple move, he was thrusting, fully fucking her body. Emma moaned and groaned with everything she had, her mind lost in the pleasure. “Now!” Kevin said, not going slow anymore.

His cock flashed outside for only a glance before it dove back in. The horse was practically manhandling the wolf, and she was having the time of her life. Her hands sank into the cushions, pushing herself back as fast and as far as she could, her breasts hanging down and pointing towards the floor as she cried in pleasure.

“Come on, get in on this. Take her mouth,” Kevin said, pointing to the husky’s own erect dick tenting his pants. Emma moaned in agreement, seemingly the only thing she could do. Kevin thrust balls-deep again, and stopped moving for the moment. He stared at the grey husky, who sighed and stepped out of his pants.

As much as this sight was extremely hot, it still felt off to him to be doing this without Lucas. For nearly six months they’d been in every Heat together, but now this was a chance without a Heat? He wasn’t sure if he wanted to, but the choice was taken out of his hands as Kevin grabbed him, and pushed him towards the couch.

“Feel free to say no, we’ll stop,” Kevin said as Emma rearranged herself, keeping her head right above the husky’s red cock. As she stooped down to lick it a bit, Kevin resumed his fucking of her body.

Immediately Aiden was overcome with the feeling of Emma moaning around his member. He was in between her hands, struggling to get Kevin’s cock even deeper inside of her. “She wants this, remember. Feel free to grab her head and face-fuck her,” Kevin suggested. Aiden stared as Emma moaned and nodded her agreement. Apparently she’d do anything to make this situation even hotter for the horse behind her.

Tentatively, Aiden rose his hands to grab her ears. She moaned in appreciation, although Aiden wasn’t sure if that was from him or from the horse fucking her behind her. “Take control!” Kevin commanded. Emma moaned and nodded.

She took the chance to let go of the cock in her mouth. “Do whatever you want with me, just fuck me, make me cum!” Emma moaned before she dove back down. Aiden stared for a moment, being put into a situation that he had never even thought of before. Kevin rose an eyebrow behind the wolf, looking into his face, as if to say ‘you heard her.’ He maintained his rhythm the entire time.

Aiden wasn’t too sure what to do. On the one hand, the extremely hot wolfess was on top of him, getting fucked mercilessly by her partner and demanding him to take control. On the other hand, he didn’t want to hurt her, although at this point he was fairly sure that wasn’t possible.

“If you’re worried about hurting her, don’t. She’s a masochist, she gets off on pain. How do you think I go as deep as I do?” Kevin said. Aiden took that into account, but it was finally the look in her eyes that told him what she truthfully wanted.

“Fuck it,” he said, forcing her head down on his cock. She moaned and groaned in appreciation as he started to fuck her throat, her movement controlled solely by his hands. Kevin smirked from the wolf’s ass, finally enjoying himself and watching Aiden start to take control.

“That’s it…take her as your own,” Kevin complimented, enjoying Emma’s body as she tensed around him with every thrust by the both of them. “Oh, she’s about to cum,” Kevin noticed, keeping his rhythm the same. Aiden rose an eyebrow as he forced her head deeper, feeling his knot starting to expand.

“Yep, she’s cumming,” Kevin said, thrusting as deep as he could but changing up at the last second to go as fast as he could. Aiden growled as he forced Emma’s maw to accept his knot too, fully embracing the face-fuck. He actually couldn’t tell, as Emma was doing nothing but moaning and groaning now.

He felt a few taps on the side of his leg, and immediately let go of her ears. She rose off his cock, sputtering and coughing with a giant smile on her face. “Oh god, stop for a second,” she said. Kevin slowed, staying with his cock buried inside her. “That…was fucking amazing. I just want to say, that I’ve been having the time of my life for months now.”

“You want to continue?” Kevin asked tenderly. Aiden had to shake himself out of his amazement. The horse was almost always a jerk, but sometimes it seemed as there was another side to him. Emma nodded.

“Yeah, just had to say that. By the way, Aiden…” she said, looking into his eyes. The husky prepared himself for the inevitable ‘don’t do that again’ speech, instead she smiled. “Keep going. Make me gag!” she continued, her eyes blazing with enjoyment as Kevin took that as the sign to continue.

She had to moan a moment later as Aiden forced her head down.