2018 Special: Warming Up

“You know, I’ve always like this time of the year best,” Jen said quietly. She was walking down a dirt pathway in one of the parks, her bare feet barely able to be heard as she almost instinctively danced around the leaves on the ground.

The air around them was biting with its chill, and yet the trees and grasses were bursting with color. Each tree had almost its own unique shade, and if Jen didn’t know better she would have thought she was in the real world again. But here she was, in Alenkas, walking as a naked arctic wolf, next to George and Mia, a brown bear and a white rabbit respectively.

“Really? Because of the cold, the air, or the fact your stark naked with nipples as hard as fucking ice?” Mia said, her arms trying to cover as much of her body as she could. She actually had a dress on, a dirty green one that she could shrug off faster than most people could see, but the little fabric did little to protect from the cold.

“Are you cold, Mia?” George asked, a sly grin on his face suggesting that he already knew her answer. At her nod, he reached around and hugged her tightly into his furry body. Immediately she sighed happily, snuggling closer into the bear’s warmth.

“Honestly, a bit of both. The cold has always made me feel more alive, if you know what I mean. The trees, too, there’s just…so much color. It’s like nature’s fireworks display!” Jen said, motioning to the hundreds of trees around them.

“You got that from Calvin and Hobbes,” Mia said.

Jen shrugged. “Yeah, I did. But you have to admit it’s true,” she said. Mia shrugged. She knew that the arctic wolf had a point, but couldn’t quite see it herself. She knew what Jen was referencing though, the fact that fireworks usually exploded into hundreds of different colors all over the air, and it was as if the trees were mimicking them during the entirety of fall.

“Most are currently missing their leaves though. Months ago is usually better, at least here,” George corrected. He motioned to a large stack of trees on their left, currently bare as they were. Their trunks stuck out sadly, small branches acting more closer to thorns than actual branches.

“But there’s still plenty of color all over the place,” Jen pointed out. She shivered with a smile on her face, her nipples pointed in the cold. George reached around from Mia, making the rabbit shiver as his warm fur left her side as he grabbed Jen, pulling her into his embrace as well. The canine and lapine were a lot smaller than the bear behind them, and fit easily into his entire embrace.

“I think you’re only interested in the color of one place,” Mia deadpanned. She reached up and brushed the sides of Jen’s fur from her face, inviting the easily seen blush to the surface. Jen gave her a calloused grin.

“Well, can you blame me? Hell, I’m fucking soaked still just from walking like this. I’m surprised that they haven’t turned to ice yet!” Jen said, reached down between her legs. A wet ‘schlick’ sound emanated from their source as she masturbated herself gently. She pulled her arm back up, showing the wetness glistening from her fingers.

“Oh Jen…” Mia muttered. The white rabbit gave a curious glance to George above them, who gave her a wink back. She sighed as she pulled Jen’s arm down, sticking out her tongue and enjoying the sweetness of Jen’s juices from her hands.

Jen blinked in surprise as she felt the rabbit’s tongue twirl coyly around her fingertips. Then she felt George move behind her, setting his erect cock -when exactly he’d gotten said erection, Jen had no idea- right between the two girls. One of his hands worked their way around Jen’s boy, groping her breast roughly as he pushed his cock towards them.

“In case you need something to warm you up,” George grinned above her. She gave a sly smirk to the bear as she dove down, grabbing Mia’s arm as she did so. The bear was still curled up over them, giving the illusion of privacy that was still cold and perfect for what Jen had in mind.

Jen took one side of the bear’s dick, and Mia took the other of the extremely warm body part. George groaned as he felt them surround his cock with their tongues and mouths, layering their kisses all over the hard shaft. They took turns staying on their side, with Jen going to envelope the entire thing in her mouth, Mia licked his balls right underneath her.

Jen moaned around his monster cock as she took it into her throat. She always loved sex in general, but she always had a soft spot in her heart for oral and anal. Especially giving it, just the idea that she could make a man go soft in the knees with her mouth alone always sent shivers down her spine.

Mia for her part was the only one focused more on staying warm than on anything else. She felt the wooden dildo she had kept in her pocket bang against her thigh, and she couldn’t ignore the calling of her pussy either. Slowly, gradually, so as to not let anyone know she had it, she pulled it out of her pocket and lined it up with her pussy, spearing herself quickly. She masked her moan by sucking on George’s balls, although she had a feeling that he knew what she just did.

For minutes the trio stood there, each of them going off in their own little world. George’s consisted of ignoring the cold around him, his world focused on his cock and balls in the mouths of the girls under him. Jen’s mouth was amazing, and he knew that she was rather proud of her ability to force him soft.

The dirt dug into Jen’s knees before she pushed herself up. “Can’t stand it anymore in my mouth, need it in my pussy!” she muttered excitedly as she turned around, pulling up her tail and forcing George’s cock all the way into her pussy. She moaned as her legs started to give out, only for Mia to hold her up.

George grinned as he held Jen up with his strong arms. His cock parted her pussy easily, soaking as it was, as he pushed forward to see how fast he could go. As it slipped right in, he knew that he could do whatever he wanted, and the girl beneath him would do it. He grabbed her shoulders, ad started plowing her pussy as hard as he could.

Jen moaned wantonly as her pussy was speared deliciously. The hard as iron shaft filled her to the brink and beyond, forcing her mind to go out of any control she might have once had. Her legs were useless now, barely instruments to keep herself up. She panted uncontrollably as the dick filled her over and over again.

Mia sighed as she watched George fuck Jen. She knew the feeling of the bear’s cock well enough to know what she was missing, but it was the arctic wolf’s idea to come out here today, so the least she could do was acknowledge that. She sat on the ground, bouncing on top of the fake dick she had in her own pussy, knowing that it was nowhere near as good as the bear’s above her.

She felt George tap his feet close to her. She gave him an odd glance, knowing that George was probably set to go for a while yet, so why would he try to signal her that he was close? He turned his head to the wolf beneath him, panting and moaning with wanton lust. Specifically to the other hole Jen had, currently unused for anything.

Mia rolled her eyes. Of course George would want to double penetrate her. It was just unfortunate she didn’t bring her strapon device out, her otherwise she probably could have had some fun too. Oh well, she knew that George would reward her later. She pulled herself off the wooden cock, noticing that it was dripping with her juices. Even if Jen hadn’t lubed up today -unlikely, as she had developed a habit during the Heats to lube up everywhere- there was still more than enough to make it easily.

She gave a sly and coy smile to the bear above her, who nodded graciously. His cock was pounding Jen with everything he had, and he was going to town on her. Jen was barely able to stand, Mia knew, but after this it would be up to George completely. The rabbit put the toy right above Jen’s pussy, right at the entrance to her asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Jen groaned as Mia pushed it in slowly. The feeling of her anal ring slowly give way to the unyielding cock, with her pussy being speared open and wider by the monster cock of the bear behind her, made her tighten her muscles uncontrollably.

Pleasure surged her brain, her legs locking up as her pussy became wetter and her ass became tighter. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” she shouted. Both Mia and George kept up what they were doing, Mia slowly pushing the dildo inside her, and George plowing her pussy.

There didn’t seem to be a cooldown, Jen realized quickly. Mia grabbed the end of the dildo and started to pull it back out, pushing it back in, slowly fucking her with it. The change of rhythm from her pussy and her ass made Jen clench up again, not in orgasm but close to it.

“Where do you want me to cum?” George boomed overhead. Mia took that as an excuse to start using the dildo as fast as possible inside Jen’s ass, making the arctic wolf clench again and moan out her orgasm loudly.

“Inside, please, inside!” Jen screamed out as George sped up, somehow, her pussy able to take him in its entirety. It took only moments, but to Jen with her ass and pussy speared felt like eternity in the lust she felt, before George flattened out, thrusting his cock as deep as he could inside her pussy.

Mia slowed down significantly, letting the bear enjoy his orgasm as Jen came down from her highs. The wolf felt every kick of the bear’s cock, her pussy stuffed to the brink. “Fuck…” she managed to get out, feeling her pussy and womb get filled with the bear’s cum. It warmed up her insides marvelously, although she didn’t really need any help with that.

Slowly George pulled out, letting the large swaths of cum follow from her used and abused pussy. It dripped onto the ground, creating a small puddle above where Jen was standing. Mia reached over and licked the tip of the cock, getting the small pearl of cum that was starting to appear on it.

The three relaxed, Jen practically falling onto the ground, covering her pussy lips with the fallen cum. “That…sometimes I love Alenkas,” she muttered quietly. Mia laughed lightly, reaching for the dildo still buried inside Jen’s ass.

“Now you just have to return the favor,” the rabbit said slyly as she pulled it out. Jen laughed, and started to reach for it, only for it to be pulled away by Mia a second later. The makeshift game of tag continued until George reached down and grabbed it, giving to Jen. “Oh now this isn’t fair-” she muttered as George manhandled her, splitting her legs quickly as his returning cock danced against her pussy.

The cold day wasn’t all that cold, anymore.