The Great Hunt: Episode 14

“Oh gods yes, keep going!” Lyla cried out in pleasure. Her entire body was on fire, originating from the two cocks inside her body, one in her ass and one in her pussy. She moaned uncontrollably, barely letting up for a moment as she felt Alex, the wolf behind her pounding her ass, and Lucas, the arctic fox underneath her pistoning into her pussy.

“Does she ever run out of stamina for you?” Lucas quipped, continuing his rapid pace. Her pussy fluttered as much as she could around him, and she heard his slight groan. Snickering into his ear, she kept it up, trying to draw him as deep as she could.

“Nah, I don’t think that’s possible for her. That’s just how she is,” Alex responded behind her. His cock was massive to Lyla at the moment, pumped into and out of her asshole with a quickness that left Lucas to shame. His voice was strong, and Lyla clenched down, trying to drive some sign of weakness into it. He chuckled from behind, and kept going without a single blink.

She was on all fours on the bed, Lucas underneath her, with his hands next to her breasts, squeezing and grabbing them as he used them as leverage to pound her pussy. The red fox vixen didn’t mind, and actually loved having them manipulated as such. Alex’s hands were on her hips, keeping her tail clear as the wolf fucked her ass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Lyla started to chant. The pleasure of the two cocks was intensifying as they synced their thrusts. She knew that they knew she couldn’t stand that, and would cum quickly if they did, hell, they probably planned that somehow. They weren’t Lucas and Aiden, because the two of them didn’t even need to think, although this was the first time Lyla had had Lucas alone.

Hell, this was actually the first time she’d even seen the two of them apart in months. They’d become such a pair for most of their time in Alenkas, whether or not they were in the real world or not, they were definitely staying as such afterwards.

Her mind blanked out as the pleasure from the two cocks shoved towards her brain. She moaned loudly as she felt herself tighten instinctively. Her arms and legs gave out as she came hard, being only held up by Alex and Lucas as they continued to fuck her. With every breath, she gave a hearty moan.

She felt them bury themselves deep, as far inside her as they could go, and she felt herself stretch out to include their knots. ‘Oh fuck, they’re tying with me…they’re cumming inside me…!’ she thought. She felt their heat, and she felt her pussy and ass both become far wetter as they both let out loud groans.

All three of them breathed hard for several moments, before Alex finally let Lyla collapse on top of Lucas. “Oof. Oh god, that hurt,” the arctic complained as she landed on top of him. The wolf behind them laughed and chuckled, also out of breath. With every movement, Lyla felt more and more of their cum shooting inside her.

“Oh shut up, I don’t weigh that much,” Lyla said, continuing to lie on top of Lucas, and not even bothering to try and get up. Her muscles were still tensed, and right now she wanted nothing more than to relax and fall asleep. Whoever said that an orgasm coma only applies to males had obviously seen a female cum.

“It’s more along the lines of the sudden impact. Oh god, your fur is in my nose,” Lucas said, wiggling his face out of Lyla’s shoulder. The arctic was a lot shorter than the vixen, and the end result was that his face happened right next to her neck and shoulders.

Lyla simply looked relaxedly annoyed, before she moved in such a way that it stuffed Lucas’ snout directly into the crook of her neck. “Sure you don’t want to, I don’t know…say sorry?” she asked.

“You’re not going to win Lucas. A, she’s on top of you, B, she’s taller and stronger than you. You may have just tapped that ass but she can still kick yours,” Alex said from behind them. Lyla laughed, before she struck out with one of her legs, lightly kicking him. “Hey, I’m just saying! I’m on your side here!” he said with a grin.

“I don’t think I have a side at this point,” Lyla said. Lucas and Alex shared a glance, before they picked her up, and even while tied tried to move their cocks in and out of her body. She gave a light moan, barely expressing the ability to even do that. She was surprised she managed to do anything after cumming as hard as she did.

“You really don’t, considering our cocks are still inside you. But if it appeases you, oh queen of foxes, I apologize for even insinuating that you were heavy,” Lucas grinned, fucking his cock into her pussy. She moaned with a heavenly sound.

“Oh fuck…you’ve been learning from Aiden haven’t you?” she asked breathlessly. She felt Alex pick her up again, getting her in position for the both of them, still with erect cocks and knots. She smiled at the arctic underneath her.

“You know it. She definitely wants more now, Alex,” Lucas answered.

The two of them started moving again, slowly at first. She moaned softly now, starting to recover from the fucking from earlier. “Oh yeah, she wants more. So, is it true, Lucas, that you and Aiden managed to fuck Emma into unconsciousness a few months ago? I’ve been meaning to ask but never found a good time,” Alex said.

Lyla’s mind was somewhere else, and was only mostly following the conversation. How the two canines could have a conversation at all, a conversation that existed beyond simple terms was something far beyond Lyla’s mind at the moment. Her head was more focused on the two other heads pounding the hell out of her body, and she felt heavenly in them doing so.

“Well, not quite. Uh, well, she hadn’t been getting any sleep because apparently her natural libido is actually higher than even the Heats in Alenkas, so combined with both was tired beyond belief. So when Aiden and I fucked her apparently she fell asleep and basically passed out,” Lucas explained. He stuffed himself further into Lyla’s hot and wet pussy, trying to get her to make more of those heavenly moans she always did.

“Damn. I’m surprised that with both of those that she has the stamina to keep going,” Alex said.

“She is a free runner. She’s apparently damn good at it from what Kevin says, although neither Aiden nor myself have ever seen it. We’re thinking of learning ourselves and challenging her at some point,” Lucas responded.

Lyla continued to have her body broken as the two cocks shoved inside her. By now her asshole had been stretched enough that even with the full knot Alex was going full pelt, from practically nothing to balls-deep, and her pussy was having much the same effect from Lucas. Her knees and arms couldn’t hold herself up, haven’t been able to for a while, and she was depending almost solely on Lucas and Alex to keep her up.

She honestly thought that even if they let go, she’d still be upright just from feeling how hard the two cocks fucking the shit out of her were. Even through a conversation, the two kept going. She breathed heavily, every time she had the opportunity for a moan she felt like she had to let it out.

“You ok Lyla?” Alex asked from behind her. Her mind was still out of it, focused solely on the two men taking her completely. She nodded, and Lucas said something about her looking out of it but she did nod. She could almost feel Alex’s shrug as he started to go faster, slamming himself into her ass.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out. The two of them, with Alex speeding up, had started alternating instead of keeping the same rhythm. Which meant that for every one that was pulling out, another was pushing in. Combine that with the knots, and she was almost on stimulus overload.

“Gonna cum again!” Lucas shouted, suddenly going far faster. She moaned loudly, her pussy feeling like it was on fire from the hot rod shoving itself inside of her. It seemed to continue forever, but couldn’t have been much longer than a minute before the arctic fox hilted himself inside of her again.

This time she actually felt the cum shoot inside of her. Usually she just felt her pussy become even wetter, but this time she felt almost every individual spurt as it shot inside of her pussy. She moaned dramatically and clenched down as she peaked once more, her pussy and ass both fluttering on the both of the two guys.

Lucas groaned as he felt it all over him, but Alex simply sped up. ‘My ass is going to be gaping after this,’ she thought as she felt him push himself in as deep as he could. His own knot slipped inside easily, and she thought she heard him groan too as he came again.

The three layed there for a few minutes, breathing heavily. Lyla was still in heaven, especially as she felt the cocks sometimes kick inside of her, spurting more of their cum. “Holy shit…think you guys can go for a round three in a few minutes?” she asked, her breath heavy and harried.

Alex and Lucas simply looked at each other and nodded. “So where is Aiden, Lucas? Usually you two aren’t separated at all,” Alex asked. He winced as he tried to pull out, only to push back in. “Damn, still sensitive.”

“Just wait a minute. Aiden is with Emma, she apparently asked if we could come over to help clean their apartment. Again. And of course, Aiden is too much of a nice guy to say no,” Lucas responded. He grinned at the wolf beyond Lyla’s relaxed body, and slowly pulled out to push back in.

Lyla moaned lightly as she felt him do so, only to do another loud one as he started pounding her pussy for all it was worth. “You’re making me look bad at this rate…” Alex muttered, starting to fuck Lyla’s ass again. She was having the time of her life, and she didn’t want it to end anytime soon. Hopefully it never would.