The Great Hunt: Episode 13

Mia sighed loudly. It echoed painfully throughout the empty streets of Alenkas, now fully abandoned by the original NPC’s. It’s answering silence deafened the rabbit, and she knew. There was nothing to Alenkas anymore, nothing that retained that same zeal anymore. The original splendor of Alenkas that wowed her just…wasn’t there anymore.

She supposed this day would come, for her. It was much like moving to a new city for a job. After the move, everything was so new and exciting, but nowadays it just seemed like…it’s all the same. What was the point to anything, anymore?

Even the Heats, the things that once spiced things up, got old very quickly. Of course, she tired of all the sex within the first two weeks, but now, nearly four or five months in -she’d long since lost track of time- it just seemed like another part of life in Alenkas.

Unfortunately, the thing that would keep things up, and keep the positivity going, such as meeting new people, or getting new experiences, or even the various news from around the world, didn’t exist here. If it did, even the NPC’s, then maybe she wouldn’t be so…down.

The streets of Alenkas, almost all of them, were now familiar to her. They were familiar to all of them by now, and she could tell the fastest route to get almost anywhere in the city from where she was. All of the various alleys that led from one road to another, all of it.

Two months ago, it seemed like it was nearly impossible for a single person to know all of Alenkas. Then Simon had broken the news to them, rather as unsubtle as possible which was the squirrel’s preferred way of doing things, that they had checked the entirety of Alenkas. Even the warehouses on the other side of the river had been mostly checked.

And still no internal debugging module. Still no god damn IDM.

“Mia? I believe that someone in China did not hear that. Maybe you should try again?” George asked. The rabbit snickered a bit, knowing that the great bear was nearby ages ago. He definitely wasn’t a quiet sort, although bears in the wild could be silent if they wanted to. If the bear wanted to sneak up on her, then maybe he should’ve realized, using that great big X on his chest, that it was better to not try to sneak up on a rabbit, of all things.

She sighed again, trying to be even louder this time. George chuckled. “Much better. Come, let’s take a seat. What is bugging you?” he asked. He sat on the curb, letting his legs stretch out as he sat on his ass. He patted the same curb next to him, signaling he wanted her to take a seat next to him.

Resigned, the rabbit did so. She leaned into the bear’s fluffy fur -it was surprisingly soft- and just sat there for a bit. George didn’t pressure her to talk, knowing that she’d talk in her own time. Just as Mia was everybody’s therapist, he was hers. Sometimes, it was always better to simply talk.

Minutes later, she started talking. She didn’t care to make sure George was listening; she already knew he was. He was patient with her, and in her own humble opinion, one of the best people in Alenkas. “I’m just…tired. You know? Everything never changes, it’s almost too permanent,” she said.

“The NPC’s are gone, and it seems like the entire place was just a one-trick show. ‘See the world in Alenkas!’. Ha. What a fucking joke,” she continued. “And of course, we fucking bought it! Every single lie they told us, ‘you can quit at any time’, ‘it’s just a test, we’ll take care of everything out here’.”

She stayed silent for another moment. George said nothing, merely moving his arm to slowly rub her back. She groaned as she leaned into it. “And yet, what do we get? ‘It’s all clear’, ‘working as intended’…what a fucking joke. It’s like the last six years of our lives meant nothing to them!” she yelled suddenly. The bear said nothing, just continuing to rub her back.

“We spent years on this! I know Simon spent at least ten of his, and he’s barely twenty eight! He’s been working on this project since he was eighteen, and what does he have for it? NOTHING! Nothing but all of this crap, and the shit that goes down because of it. And now here we are, trapping in this godforsaken place, fucking the shit out of each other because some paranormal force wants us to at random times of the day!” she finished.

She breathed heavily for a while. George continued to say nothing, and Mia didn’t take offense to it. He wasn’t slow, but he was thinking of a way to provide her reassurance in such a way that it wasn’t a lie. Unfortunately, Mia thought, that was the hardest part. The last few months had been hard on everyone, not just her.

She felt her pussy moisten, and the tingling in the back of her head that signaled a Heat was blaring full blast. At least she’d have someone she trusted with her life next to her, to help with it. “Hold that thought,” she said, motioning to George’s pants. The bear stared at her, before he sighed and let her pull down his pants.

His cock sprang out, already fully erect. ‘It must’ve affected him before it hit me. Sometimes that happens, it seems. I wish I knew what was causing this…’ she thought. She reached over with a hand, and slowly, teasingly, gave him a soft handjob. She wasn’t surprised by how big his cock was; her hand couldn’t even reach all the way around. And even if she used two hands she didn’t think they could touch then at all!

She climbed up his body, using his legs as leverage as she squatted in between his legs. She reached down to grab his cock, and with her other hand opened up her moist pussy lips. George held her steady.

She sank down quickly, and both of them moaned, Mia far louder than George. His cock felt so big inside her, and she idly wondered if that would even work in the real world. She felt so full and warm, as if it was some iron pipe that had been heated up and stuck inside her.

Mia sat like that for a long moment, and George didn’t try to hurry it up. Mia knew that every instinct in his body was telling him to fuck her, to suddenly pound her body and pussy as hard as he could. To take her, truly take her for his own. But he wouldn’t, because he was George.

She started forcing herself off of him, only to sink back down a second later. That hot iron bar was splitting her apart, and she felt amazing for it. Her legs worked on automatic, pushing her up and off, only to sink to heaven again. The bear underneath her held onto her body, at least keeping her steady but he wasn’t pushing her up or down. He was letting her dictate the pace.

She was grateful for that. Every time she had sex with George, it seemed like his cock had gotten bigger, even though she knew that it really hadn’t. Her legs were going as fast as they could, and it felt heavenly, but it still wasn’t enough. Her pussy was so full, but there was still more cock. “Fuck, George, take me!” she called out.

Her wish was granted a second later, and she knew that to George, she’d been doing nothing but teasing him. His cock pistoned in and out of her pussy far faster than she had been capable of doing, and she moaned with wild abandon. He was splitting her apart, and making her moan for it.

She couldn’t say anything but moan, and could barely hold the breath long enough to do that. Her body and mind were focused only on the cock inside of her, stretching her deliciously with every movement. She heard the small groans from George behind her, and knew that he was close. She was too.

Pleasure filled her body, even more so, as she tensed up. Any breath she had was now being let out in a loud pleasure-filled wail, as she felt herself cum. George pounded her pussy harder, now being forced to as hard as he can, her pussy was simply too tight for him otherwise.

He hilted himself in her, a feeling which only stretched out Mia’s peak. She felt him pulse inside her, and knew that he too, was cumming. His cum was being pumped inside of her, the final sign of their sex and Heat.

She breathed deeply as they both rested, George’s cock still held balls-deep within her pussy. “I should be saying thanks, but I’m guessing you already knew that,” she breathed out. George merely nodded.

The rested for another long few moments. “It may seem bleak, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Trust in us, trust in yourself. We’ll be here for you,” George said after a moment.

And suddenly, Mia felt much better. She sighed, but this time in happy bliss. “Why is it you always know what to say?” she asked after a moment.

“I don’t. I just know you,” he responded. She smiled, and snuggled into the giant cross shaped scar on his chest. She hoped inwardly that he spoke true, but knew that he would never lie if he could help it. He truly, honestly, believed that. And she didn’t have to believe in it…she just had to believe in him. That…that she could do.