The Great Hunt: Episode 10

Lucas and Aiden weren’t sure of what to do. They were tasked with getting the reports for Simon, as they were two of the faster runners in Alenkas -Kevin was faster, but he was also notorious for being a goddamn prick- and they were generally well-liked. Everyone understood that they, too, had their own role to play in Alenkas.

But they were mostly sure that Simon had never expected Emma to pop up as an obstacle. She had done her job of exploring a certain section, but the problem then came of trying to get said report out of her. Last time, only a few days ago, Lucas and Aiden were lucky and it was Kevin who had answered the door, his cock still wet with Emma’s juices. It was obvious what they had caught them doing.

This time, however, they weren’t. It was raining outside, and while they were no stranger to the warm rains, it still wasn’t something that they wanted to be in all the time. And they had yet to find an umbrella in Alenkas, although that wasn’t for lack of trying.

However, because it was raining meant that Emma would stay inside. Which meant she’d be bored. And when they got there, she was bored. She had been masturbating, using a cucumber instead of only her hands. And then she had the gall to keep doing it while talking with them!

Emma being Emma though, had quickly turned around and asked to be fucked. Knowing that they weren’t going to get the reports until she was well-done, the two of them, the fox and the husky, acquiesced. She was warm and wet, and surprisingly tight considering who she lived with, and very, very willing.

Then she passed out after she came for the fifth time in a row. That had shocked the hell out of Lucas, who had been fucking her pussy at the time, as he quickly noticed that she had completely relaxed, and had either gone asleep or had gone unconcious. The both of them had quickly pulled out, and gently put her down on the dirty carpet.

“So now what, we have to wait for her to wake up,” Lucas had said.

Aiden shrugged. “Well, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long,” he stated simply. Lucas sighed and moved over to the side of his best friend and lover. Then Emma had woken up, and after disturbing the hell out of both of them, had fallen asleep. Lucas turned to say something, but Aiden cut him off, “Nope. You don’t get to say it.”

The arctic fox glared at him. Aiden grinned. “So since we have to wait until she wakes up anyways, and god knows how much sleep she’s gotten lately, considering she passed out while having sex, what do you say we do something that could help them out?” Aiden asked.

“If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, the answer’s no. The place is filthy, and to be honest I don’t want to be here longer than I have to be,” Lucas answered. Aiden nodded; his boyfriend had a point. Emma and Kevin’s apartment was a complete mess.

Cum stains were all over the place, especially on the carpet after it apparently dripped out of Emma’s pussy or ass. Papers, important files or not they didn’t know, were all over the place. The coffee table had been a useful place to put them…until it hadn’t because Emma had pushed them all over. The shades were drawn, and it was generally a depressing hovel.

“Come on, we can help them out. Who knows, maybe Kevin wouldn’t be as much of an asshole?” Aiden said. “I’ll do all the furniture. Come on, Luke. Let’s help them out,” he stated with a grin. He gave the same kind of smile that just sent flutters through Lucas’ stomach and head.

“You know I can’t refuse you when you do that. Alright fine. But we’re using their towels,” Lucas said. Aiden laughed and nodded, and the two went off through the apartment, looking for various implements of cleaning that they’d need.

Lucas found the towels, and luckily they were clean. Aiden found dish soap, and was relieved by how clean the kitchen seemed. He really wasn’t looking forward to having to clean that one. The husky also found a bucket, and loaded it up with cold soapy water. They’d have to be careful when they did the carpet, but fortunately the tiled floor was going to be easy.

It was a very welcome surprise when they realized the bathroom was spotless asides from the shower and bathtub. Aiden cracked his knuckles, and gave a look and smile towards Lucas. “You ready?” he asked.

“I still don’t know how I let you talk me into this. Alright, let’s do this!” Lucas said, grabbing a towel and getting as much water as he could off of it. Aiden did the same, and the two were off.

Most of the stains came off easy, a lot easier than either of them were expecting. Lucas was glad for it, as he thought he got the short end of the shaft by getting the floor. On the other hand, the water quickly turned a strange off-color, and neither of them wanted to pour that shit down the drain.

They’d been going for an hour before they caught a niggling little feeling in the back of their heads. They both sighed and looked at each other, frustrated at the timing of this Heat. “Shall we do the same as we always do?” Lucas asked. He jumped onto the now clean couch, and pushed up his hips, letting his hard cock hang out towards his body. His fox tail was sweeping the floor a bit, and he was holding up his ass.

“You really want to fuck when Emma is right there?” Aiden asked. The wolfess let out a loud snore that showed what her body thought of being pointed out. Lucas and Aiden both looked at her, before chuckling softly. The husky marched over, and with a quick kiss grabbed his hard cock and slowly buried himself into his lover’s ass.

They had fucked enough in Alenkas to know that it had become a morning ritual for both of them to lube their assholes, knowing that the Heats could come at any time. The easiest way to handle it was to simply fuck it away.

Lucas moaned softly as he felt Aiden fill him, and did quiet groans when he pulled away and thrust back in. The husky wasn’t going fast, wasn’t pounding him for all he was worth as was his favorite style, but simply enjoying the heat and tightness of his boyfriend underneath him.

“I’m surprised you’re going so slow. Come on, I know you can’t last much longer-” Lucas teased, pushing him against Aiden’s grinding cock inside of him. He saw the signs of orgasm approaching his lover, and wasn’t surprised. Even after an hour of cleaning he was still showing the signs of his fuck with Emma earlier.

“You know I can last, even after earlier. I just want to prolong your orgasm, you see,” Aiden said back. Lucas grinned at him, before thrusting himself harder against his lover. “I see you don’t want to prolong it.”

“Nope. Stop holding yourself back. I want you to cum for me,” Lucas smiled. He grinned as he felt Aiden pick up the pace, and moaned quietly as he heard Emma continue her snoring off in the corner.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Aiden said. Lucas groaned as he felt his boyfriend’s knot expand inside him, locking him for a while. His own knot was still in the open air, waiting and wanting to be touched. As the husky stilled, and Lucas felt him start to cum inside, Aiden looked down to see the wanting cock. A few touches later, not even thirty seconds of teasing, and Lucas had exploded all over himself.

The two breathed hard for a moment. “Damn. That was hot!” Emma said from the corner. Both the fox and husky groaned loudly. The wolfess laughed. “No, I’m serious, that was damn hot! But what are you doing here, and why did you fuck on my couch? Although I’m not disappointed,” she said, jumping over to the couch and licking some of Lucas’ cum off his chest.

“Heat,” Aiden said simply. Emma merely nodded and looked around for a moment, as if that explained everything. No one could completely control the Heats, and even the two that discovered the whole water trick could combat it all the time.

“D’ya think it’s possible that you guys could make a show of some sort? I know some girls that would absolutely love to see two guys go at it,” Emma said. Aiden glared at her, and she merely shrugged. “It’s just an option,” she muttered. Lucas sighed, before trying to pull himself off Aiden. The knot refused to budge, and Lucas relaxed some more. It’d still be a bit more time then.

The wolfess looked around, suddenly realizing that something had changed. It took her a moment for it to sink in. “Holy crap, have you guys been cleaning up? It hasn’t looked this good since we moved in!” Emma said, going and opening up the shades. As natural -or as natural as light got in Alenkas- light came in, it highlighted exactly how much stuff had been cleaned up by the two in a mere hour. “Damn…I’m going to have to hire you two on a more permanent basis.” Even with the rain, it still let more than enough light to brighten up the entire room.

“And how exactly would you pay us?” Lucas asked. He had to stifle a chuckle as he felt Aiden’s cock pulse inside him some more. He tried to get untied again, and he heard Aiden laugh quietly behind him. The arctic fox relaxed as he felt Aiden’s cock slowly slide out of him, and he felt the husky’s cum run out. Just another thing for them to clean, oh well. At least it was something they did do this time.

“I don’t know,” Emma shrugged. “Sex?” she offered. The two looked at her for a long moment, before she sighed. “You’re right, I have no idea. Well, maybe later then. Anyways, once you clean that up I’ll let you know my report,” Emma said. Lucas and Aiden sighed, once more getting off-track.