The Great Hunt: Episode 9

Emma was bored. Normally not a problem, especially in Alenkas, but this time Emma was Bored. Ordinarily, she’d be out exploring or just out running, but seeing as how it was currently raining in Alenkas, the sounds of the water pounding against the window rather aggravating to her, she was stuck inside.

Also not normally a problem, as the wolfess lived with Kevin, a horse that was rather strong in almost every way and was starting to slowly become a better person. Honestly, Emma attributed that to the horse’s rather strong will more than anything she did. Everyone else that knew him before they went into Alenkas disagreed with her.

She normally had a massive amount of sex, enough to satisfy even her own urges. Unfortunately, Kevin was out at the moment, either exploring some factory or something at the behest of Simon, or out at the gym, Emma wasn’t too sure which. But she had to stay back and stay inside, as she was scheduled to give her own report of the area she was tasked with searching the other day to Lucas and Aiden soon.

So she had to stay where they could find her, and the rain kept her inside. She threw her head back and groaned, tired of waiting for the two canines to show up. ‘They’re probably going to show up at like ten or eleven,’ Emma thought, which gave her a good hour or so before their earliest time.

She looked around Kevin and hers apartment. She could spend the time cleaning; god knows the apartment needed it. Cum stains were splattered everywhere, a lot of them on the floor after he just caused a giant mess in her pussy. Papers were scattered, and it generally looked like a hovel.

Did the wolfess care though? Not really, she decided after a moment. The couches were still usable, and actually fairly comfortable after all the time she’s spent on them. Without needing to remove clothes -she never wore any nowadays, and her pussy was almost always soaking and ready for a fuck- she put her feet up on the coffee table, spilling some papers onto the floor.

She moaned loudly as her hands went and started rubbing her pussy vigorously. Her hands weren’t cold, but they could still feel the heat from between her legs. Her other hand wasn’t idle, and swiftly went to roughly grabbing her boobs, twisting and pulling at them as she lost herself in her boredom-induced lust.

She felt the hand between her legs get wetter from her own juices, and with a careless groan got up to check the refrigerator. She needed something more than her hands right now, and while a cock would be perfect she didn’t have one at her easy disposal. But she did have a decent makeshift one.

Grinning at her victory as she pulled the large cucumber out -the fridge was almost strictly Kevin’s domain, and he kept it fairly clean except for a few drawers that were Emma’s to use- she returned back to the couch. Her tail wagged with anticipated pleasure as she plopped down.

At first she went slow, just teasing herself rather than stuffing herself immediately. But she couldn’t stand teasing when Kevin did it to her, and she definitely couldn’t manage to tease herself either. So with a small groan, she pushed it inside of her pussy as far as she could slowly.

It wasn’t lubed up, but her juices covered it swiftly, making all further penetrations much easier. It was a decent length, and the cold felt fantastic in her hot and wet pussy. She kept her legs splayed lewdly, keeping the cucumber inside of her while her hands went and pulled at her breasts. Twisting and turning, she mauled them in her hands. Any pain was just a sensation modifier, and it was simply sensation that she wanted.

“Fuck…” she moaned quietly. Her pussy was stuffed, although she wished that it was a cock inside of her right now instead of a vegetable. Mostly so that way it could move and give her more pleasure, but the fullness was nice.

Her mind was shattered from its lust as she heard a knock on the door. She glanced a look at the clock. Not even nine thirty yet. ‘Damn, they’re early. Whatever, wonder if I could get both of them to fuck me again?’ she thought. “Come on in, door’s unlocked!” she yelled.

The door opened and sure enough, the two canines walked in. Their fur was soaked through, and it dripped incessantly onto the floor. They both looked resigned, as if they didn’t want to step inside. She saw Aiden’s face change into one of incredulousness as he looked around the cum stained apartment. Then he looked at her.

“Emma…please tell me that’s not a zucchini in your pussy,” he said. Lucas turned around incredulously, as if he couldn’t believe that Aiden would say that, before he too saw the apartment’s only current resident. Emma grinned, mauling her breasts some more as a show for the two guys.

“It’s not,” she said. Both Lucas and Aiden seemed to be relieved at that, before she interrupted whatever their lines of thought were. “It’s a cucumber instead!” she exclaimed wildly.

“Not much better…” Aiden said, traipsing around gently, as if having his feet touch anything would dirty them. “Were you in the middle of something?” he asked after a moment. Emma shrugged, before she moved her hand down the large green vegetable lodged inside her.

They must’ve thought that she was going to take it out of her, based on their relieved looks, but quickly facepalmed as she pushed it inside again, fucking herself with the large food item. She moaned loudly, acting as sexual as possible.

“Emma…can we just get your report and go?” Lucas asked after a moment. He stared at her face, not her breasts and pussy. Emma sighed; she missed the days when it was so easy to tease the arctic fox. Aiden, the husky, also wasn’t too easy to tease anymore. They’ve gotte so used to Alenkas…or at least Emma.

“Come on, you don’t want to fuck me first? Lucas gets the pussy and Aiden my ass? You didn’t enjoy me those times?” Emma teased. Lucas and Aiden looked at each other, before they both shrugged and sighed. Despite wearing only pants, they sure got out of them in a hurry. Emma grinned as she did a fistpump. Two cocks were far better than a mere vegetable, and she always did like seeing how much of a tent she could force on the two.

She sat up and with her feet cleared off the coffee table by scattering the papers all over the floor. She turned around, her tail wagging quickly as she placed her hands on the table, spreading her legs wide in anticipation.

Aiden stepped behind her while Lucas went in front of her. The fox snuck underneath her easily as Emma moaned with loud pleasure as Aiden filled her pussy. He fucked her quickly and primal, simply getting her juices all over his cock. “Right, I’ll go first then you, ok Lucas?” he said. He pushed himself into Emma’s ass, slowly stretching her wide. He seemingly ignored her moan of pleasure as he pushed himself as deep as he could go.

Emma, in the real world, always did like getting anal. But sometimes it was just a bit too much work, and she was lazy. That said, she played things safe, and didn’t take any chances with her sex until Alenkas. That first fuck with Kevin, on a wooden box outside somewhere, was fucking amazing. And here, she couldn’t get hurt even if she could feel pain.

Win-win, for someone like her.

She moaned loudly as Lucas hilted himself in her pussy, just barely waiting for the ok signal. Acting as if they were one unit, something that Emma always loved, they both started off at the same pace, fucking her easily. “One of these days I’m going to have to ask you how you two do that, because holy fuck I love it when you guys do that-” Emma moaned.

“Well, when you’ve been together with someone for so long, you just learn to know them,” Lucas explained, altering his own rhythm to match Aiden’s whenever the husky changed. Emma moaned, loving the feeling of the two hard and hot cocks burying themselves deep inside her.

She felt herself coming up the edge far too quickly. “Holy fuck I’m about to cum soon!” she moaned. Lucas and Aiden didn’t visibly react, instead both of them pounding her pussy and her ass even faster and harder they already were. She whimpered a bit, absolutely loving the feeling but unable to vocalize it anymore.

She tightened around the both of them, her pussy and ass clenching down roughly on the two cocks intruding into her body as she peaked. She must’ve really gotten worked up earlier, because usually it would’ve taken longer for her to cum. Then what really got her going was when the other two canines just didn’t stop.

Emma lost track of time quickly after that. The two of them plunging themselves deep inside her forced her to peak, and without any time in between to wind down, she just kept going. Her arms couldn’t hold herself up anymore, but now Lucas held her at the perfect height for the both of them. She moaned and groaned loudly with every breath that she could get, and whimpered with all other times.

She had no idea how many times she came. The feeling of her ass being stretchd out and reamed as it was, of her pussy being pounded…the only thing it was missing was Kevin, fucking her womb.

She woke up a few minutes later, her breathing still harsh, and she unconsciously was still moaning. She was on the floor, her head facing the ceiling. Lucas and Aiden were watching her in earnest. She noticed they were still naked, and still had hard cocks. Her pussy and her ass were still stretched and wet.

“You uh…you passed out there,” Lucas explained. “How much sleep have you been getting?” he asked. Emma blinked at him.

“Sleep? Who needs sleep?” she said, forcing herself up. She fell over a nearby chair, showing off her pussy and well-toned ass. Both of them were still gaping a bit. “Now fuck me, and even if I pass out I want the both of you to cum in me! Fuck me!” she yelled. She quieted down a moment later, “I want the both of you…I want the pleasure…I want the pain…just fuck me…” she murmured.

“I don’t think you’re in your right mind…” Aiden said. Emma groaned, as her hand roughed up her pussy some more. The fox and husky simply watched in horror as she slowly stopped, before snoring lightly.

“I don’t think we’re getting that report for a while,” Lucas said. Aiden nodded.