The Great Hunt: Episode 8

“Got an update from Lucas and Aiden; there’s nothing in the thirty fifth sector,” Sam said patiently. Simon nodded, and quickly put an all-clear symbol on the large portion of the map with a written ’35’ on it.

They were in the ‘Tree’, the large library that Simon had essentially declared his new place of work. Most of the books were empty however, some with covers that said they stored something within those pages, but in actuality didn’t. Cal was out that day, searching sector 37, a large warehouse at the end of the ‘Bar District’, as some of the Alenkans had taken to calling it.

At the end of the first month, Simon had realized that simply saying ‘search everywhere’ was not an effective way of eliminating areas at all. He, Sam, and Cal had retreated into the Tree for a few days while they worked out the best ways to essentially make a district map, and using Sam’s penchant for drawing things make enough maps for almost every single person in Alenkas.

Once she got the first one done, it was much easier for her to draw a second, which allowed both Simon and Cal to help by tracing over them. Using the blank books for extra paper, they allowed all thirty copies to be made in under a day. Although Simon did complain of getting writer’s cramp later.

Since then, they had started all over, this time using separate ‘districts’ as a way to eliminate certain areas from definitively having the IDM. Every so often, they’d get an update from one or two of the searchers, saying that they eliminated certain areas.

There were over 96 districts in Alenkas. All of them, each and every single one, needed to be searched and cleared by hand. And that wasn’t even counting the sheer amount of warehouses and empty space on the far side of the river. Simon didn’t even want to think about trying to search those spaces.

“Right, send them to 42 next. After that, 43 needs to be searched, Emma said she could handle 45, but her previous update said 34 needed to be handled by someone with a lot of strength; apparently there were a lot of doors that she couldn’t unlock or couldn’t open by herself,” Simon said.

The squirrel sighed. He’d been at this for over two months now; it was getting close to the beginning of the third month in Alenkas. Three months of his life shouldn’t seem that long, considering that he’d spent over ten years working on the Alenkas engine.

But time just seemed to drag on. One week very slowly became two, two weeks slowly became four, four became eight…he wondered if that was what it was like out in the outside world too. Constantly losing track of time, constantly wondering what would happen next. At least with Alenkas they could guarantee formulas and such to know exactly what would happen.

“Thinking about the outside world again, Simon?” Sam asked. The cat was behind him, in that way that cats can sneak around without anyone knowing or noticing. He jumped slightly, before sighing and nodding his head. “Don’t think about it too much. You’re doing what you can here, giving everyone hope as best you can. Don’t think, just go,” the white-furred cat said to him. Her tail whipped around lightly.

“Don’t think, just go…where’d you hear that from? It fits,” Simon said quietly.

“It’s a runner’s term. I used to run a lot when I was in the outside world, not so much anymore due to-” she pointed with her head at the maps laying strewn about everywhere, “-obvious reasons. It’s what I told myself in the mornings. Your goal is as far as you can see.”

“But what if you can’t see far?” Simon asked. There was a lot of subtext going on in his head, and he hoped that Sam could pick up on it.

She didn’t disappoint, “Then you go as far as you can think. After that, you continue. Your mind isn’t a prisoner of the body. Just as the body isn’t a prisoner of the mind. You should know that better than anyone.”

“Sometimes I wonder though,” he said, crashing down onto a chair. “I wonder if this can even be done. There’s nothing saying that the IDM exists except for what I know, and it’s been months since I’ve seen the code…what if I’m not right? What if-”

“Don’t ask what-if’s then,” Sam said, sitting down next to him. She grabbed his hand quietly. “What-if’s tend to only distract us from what’s important. Your conviction, my conviction to finding the truth, finding the IDM. That’s what should drive us; trust in yourself Simon.”

“What if I can’t do that?” Simon said suddenly. “What if I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust my own mind, I can’t trust my own thoughts…the Heat’s taken over a lot of it I think. I don’t know what is or isn’t my own head anymore.”

“Then trust in me,” Sam exclaimed. Simon stared at her, staring directly into her red eyes. “Trust in me that trusts in you. I’ve placed all of my trust in you, Simon, because I know you want to do the right thing. If you can’t trust yourself, then trust in me that trusts in you.”

Simon chuckled, and even Sam did after a moment. “I’ve seen that anime too Sam. Isn’t it believe, not trust? ‘Believe in the me that believes in you’?” his mind shot back to the few times that his friends in the outside world had sat him down and forced him to watch something on tv. Sometimes it was just shows, sometimes it was movies. He liked the ones that had a basis on scientific fact the best.

Sam laughed, her earthy and warm chuckle that spread throughout the silent library. “Yes it is, but I figure that trust works pretty well here. Even if the words weren’t mind, the sentiment was. Believe in the sentiment at least.”

“I can do that, at least. Thanks Sam. Lyla set up a new algorithm for determining when the Heats would hit, and one’s supposedly soon,” Simon said. He stood up and gripped his own silver thermos, full of cold water that would help keep the Heats at bay for at least a little while. Or would allow them to keep full faculties.

Sam blushed, showing up well against the white of her fur. “We’ll be ready then. Mutual, would you say? Might be the quickest to get back to work,” she said.

“If you want to, sure,” Simon said. He got the feeling that Sam wanted something different, something a bit more, but he had no idea how to tell for certain, and if he was wrong then it was possibly he might lose her as a friend. And that was something he couldn’t do. She was the first person to talk to him in Alenkas, and was definitely one of the better parts about it.

He knew she was timid about a lot of sexual things, even in Alenkas. Even now, when most of the girls had gone fully nudist, and half the guys had too, she was still walking around in a skirt and tank top. Still showed quite a bit of skin, and if Simon was still the Simon of the outside world he’d probably blush every time he saw her.

For a while, after she’d just changed into it, he would still sometimes blush. It just made Cal laugh hysterically every time he saw them, for some reason. Although nowadays, the laughter wasn’t as it was. It wasn’t as prevalent, and even those that were naturally funny just seemed to have to work harder these days.

Simon relaxed back into the chair, and he could feel the niggling Heat creep up to him. It was affecting him just as it was affecting everyone in Alenkas at the same time. Or at least, near the same time. He waited an extra moment, before tossing his water onto Sam’s lap.

Somehow, in the time it took for him to sit down, she had already crept out of her skirt and tank top, and sat nude on the chair. She froze when the water hit her. “Shit that’s cold!” she yelled. “What do you do, put ice in it!?”

Almost as if in retaliation, she pulled his shirt up -he was still wearing the same thing that he practically wore to work every day for the last ten plus years, a pair of slacks and a work shirt- and dumped her water down it. He froze and shivered the same way.

“No, I don’t! Although I wonder if I should sometimes,” Simon said. “Cal gets the water for me,” he said. Sam stared at him, almost semi-glaring.

“Tell him he needs to stop putting ice in it. Dear god that’s cold,” she whispered as she sat back down. She spread her legs without another word, and reached over to tentatively touch Simon’s cock. She breathed a heavy sigh as she felt his hands start to explore the inside of her thighs.

His cock always seemed so large to her, even though she had felt it a hundred times. She gave him a casual smile, trying to ignore the feeling of her heart racing, as she slowly stroked him. He gave a light moan, and Sam’s stomach fluttered.

She gave a hearty sigh of her own. Simon’s finger’s knew exactly where to explore to set her off, knew exactly how to tease to get her engine revved. Her body tensed as he finally flicked her clit, after long minutes of just teasing. She was on the verge of whimpering if he hadn’t.

Simon tensed underneath her, and she knew it wasn’t a cumming tense, but simply an ‘awashed with pleasure’ tense. For some reason, at least Simon’s penis was far more sensitive than her body, at least to her. Although she would probably change her mind soon if Simon kept up what he was doing.

His fingers were dancing around her lower lips, only occasionally coming in to tap the small button that was her clit. Each time he did, he found her hips thrusting forward, asking and demanding for him to touch her more. He let out small chuckles every time she did, even as stuttered with the slight moans from him.

Her other hand, the one that wasn’t slowly jacking Simon off, went to her boobs, hornily measuring and cupping them. After it became obvious to her that she wasn’t going to get off that way, it went down to her pussy, and she slowly put in a few fingers.

Simon chuckled and moaned from his chair. He felt Sam’s hands fingering herself rather vigorously, with each pump her breath raised and harried. She moaned almost at every move either of them made. Although he felt he wasn’t going to last too much longer at this rate; her hand was moving quickly, bringing him up to the final peak far faster than anticipated.

“You should slow down, otherwise you may not get off as quickly,” Simon shuddered out. Sam’s hands kept on going the same pace, sometimes even going faster as she blatantly ignored him. “Fine then, you get what you wanted,” he said quietly as his hips unconsciously thrust upwards. Cum shot out of his cock, coating Sam’s hand and making it nearly impossible to see through her white fur.

Sam was mostly ignoring this, as most of her focus was on what was going on between her legs. Simon continued to motion and rub her clit, and with her fingering herself well, she too tensed up and moaned breathily into the air. Simon felt her clench up, and watched with a state of awe and understanding as she had her orgasm.

The two sat there for a long moment, breathing heavily from their own peaks. “Should we get up?” Sam asked. Simon shook his head.

“Nah, let’s wait for a moment,” he said quietly. Sam chuckled as they both rested.