The Great Hunt: Episode 7

“Nothing. Again. Nothing but damned words and lies. All of it!” Lyla said, throwing her reports onto the table in front of her. Alex said nothing, merely sipping his own coffee and letting her go on her rampage. He knew what she was pissed about, and she had every right to be pissed.

This was the fourth report that had been sent back. It had been nearly a month and a half since the first meeting, and since then no one had any idea what all was going on. Simon simply said that the IDM hadn’t been found yet, but they were still keeping high hopes and to keep searching.

Almost three months in, and they hadn’t found a damned thing. The report that Lyla kept getting back -she saved every single one, and urged everyone else to do the same- said nothing except ‘everything is going as intended’. It had long since been moved past just one or two of them saying it, but all of them.

Down to the same wording. “It’s obvious we can’t wait for anyone else in the real world to help us. We have to do this on our own,” Lyla finished her rant. Alex merely nodded, grabbing his own reports. They said much the same thing. It was rather disappointing that there was nothing extra.

Hell, he’d barely put in more than the minimum. He’d even heard that Emma this last time had wrote, ‘If you’re anything more than machine, please put at least ‘sorry’.’ He’d have to ask her how that turned out. With how almost every single line was typed out with the same ‘working as intended’, he wondered if someone had just spammed control V or something. It’s what he’d do. Maybe they had an intern do it or something.

Lyla hadn’t changed much over the last two months. Most of them really hadn’t, although they have become far more open about sexual relations. The exception was both Simon and Sam; they’d both clam up the second something sexual was mentioned.

She had, however, gotten much more open when it comes to nudity taboos, mostly in that they stopped existing. Lyla was almost always nude nowadays, and most of them have started to move over to that style. Emma was the first one, having stopped wearing clothes in the first few days.

Even Alex, too, had gotten far more used to wearing sweat pants, or other light pants that were easy and quick to take off. He’d actually found that despite being in Alenkas, in a virtual world, it actually too could give them muscle if they worked at it. Kevin had been the first one to figure it out, but it took him over a month easy, and since then the word had been set out. The wolf had long since stopped wearing a shirt, letting his chiseled chest out into the open.

“Should we go out and gather all of them?” Alex asked. Lyla sighed loudly, and grabbed one of the manila folders that they had stored around Alex’s apartment. The red fox was almost never in her own apartment, having instead basically moved over to Alex’s on a permanent basis. There were thirty of the folders, one for each person of Alenkas.

While Simon, Sam, and Cal had focused on trying to find the IDM, Lyla had doubled down on her need to prove that she was right. Or at least definite evidence that she was wrong, and had gathered every single person’s report that she could find. Some of the folder’s were empty, with their residents either never wanting to see Lyla or him, or more likely, they just couldn’t be found.

Most of the other people in Alenkas freely gave up their useless reports after the second one, and simply followed Simon’s plan. Lyla had nothing against the squirrel, but she was sure that the Locations Team on the outside would never let them simply find the internal debugging module.

Lyla pushed her own report into her folder, before grabbing Alex’s hand before he could get up. She stared into his eyes as she climbed on top of him, pulling down his pants with a practiced ease. “Before we do that, there’s something about a little itch that you need to scratch,” she said.

Alex chuckled as he let her line her pussy up -she was soaking right now, which meant she must’ve been thinking about sex for a while at least- with his hard cock, and sank down quickly. She gasped in relief and pleasure as she filled herself with his cock.

That was one other effect of Alenkas. The Heats hadn’t gone away, but had become almost semi-permanent. Most of them were still perfectly functional, although there were a few times where they lost all track of everything, and simply wanted to fuck. It was surprisingly rare, but it was always a possibility with every Heat.

But what all that meant is that the guys went around with almost semi-hard cocks, eager to get to full erectness almost all the time, and the girl’s pussies were wet ninety percent of the time. If they had any thoughts of sex, they’d quickly get wetter and wetter.

It was why Emma was so easy to find.

Alex sighed loudly as Lyla rode on top of him. His cock was fully stuffing her pussy, exactly how she preferred it, her breasts riding right in front of him. “Come on, you can fuck me better than that!” she taunted. Her arms pushed herself off of him, only to relax and plunge herself back down.

“Oh, you want me to be the driver? But you’re the one on top!” Alex said. He gripped her hips anyway and casually lifted her off, only to pull her back down. Pleasure filled his head and Lyla moaned loudly, her tail going every which way as she was fucked.

“I can be the driver if you’re the one that gets out and pushes!” Lyla said. Her hips bounced madly on his cock as she roughly grabbed her breasts. She mashed them against her chest, twisting and turning them with the same sense of one who was lost to pleasure. Alex’s hands pushed her down further, and he started to feel the knot rising up.

“I’m about to cum! Where do you want it?” Alex asked. Lyla merely moaned loudly, shoving herself down faster. Pussy juice and pre-cum was running out of her pussy and down her thighs, and she didn’t care at all. She just wanted more. Alex didn’t assume this meant she wanted it in her pussy, she had been kinky enough in the past to want him to spill in her ass, and walk around with it flowing out all day.

Of course, it had to be renewed every couple of hours. And Alex was more than happy to let out his load into the vixen. “Pussy! Tie with me!” Lyla moaned, shoving herself against him. Alex took that as his cue, and pulled her down harder, shoving his cock into her and forcing his expanding knot into her pussy.

She threw her head back and moaned as Alex kept up the same pace. He could feel her squeeze him all over his cock, and he could barely move now that his knot was inside, but his orgasm was only a few moments away. He reached down with one of his hands and brushed against her clit, just enough to send her over that final peak.

Her pussy squeezed down tightly onto him, and with only a small minor push Alex let out a soft moan, one that was echoed far louder by Lyla on top of him, as he started to pump his cum into her pussy.

The two sat there for a few moments, both of them breathing heavily. Lyla collapsed on top of the wolf, and breathed a simple sigh of relief into his ear. Her breasts mashed against his chest, and they both could feel the pumps of cum into her from his cock. “Fuck, you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting that,” Lyla said.

“I think I have a pretty good idea,” Alex responded. Lyla laughed, her pussy clenching with her laughs. “You want to wait?” Alex asked. The fox thought about it for a moment, before nodding. She had been fucked so much over the last few months that her pussy could stretch much wider than it had been able to before. It was still rough getting Alex’s knot in, but with some work they could extricate themselves early if they wanted. However, the vixen didn’t care right now.

Lyla lifted herself off of him, causing him to give her a raised eyebrow. She moved one foot next to his, and using him as leverage, forcefully turned around with him still inside her. He moaned softly, enjoying her weight and pussy on top of him and his cock. He held her closely, wrapping his hands around her stomach as he pulled her closer.

“I get the feeling you want something else right now too,” Alex said.

Lyla smirked up at him. “No, just waiting.”

“There’s a Heat coming up, isn’t there?”


Only a few moments passed before Alex could feel it start to hit him. His cock was already hard, but it seemingly hardened again in Lyla’s pussy. He felt her start to get wetter, and it took everything he had to not start fucking her right away. She struggled a little bit, and with a loud ‘schlick’ managed to get her pussy off of his cock. Strands of cum flooded out onto his lap.

Alex didn’t care, however, as Lyla remounted him. But not using her pussy as she did last time, but rather using her own pussy juice and his cum as lube, forced his cock into the opening of her ass. “You want me to fuck your ass?” he asked.

She gave him a look, and forced herself open and down, taking the entire thing minus the knot seemingly easily. “Take me. As hard as you can,” she said, falling back into his arms, his cock deep inside her asshole. She lifted herself off a little bit before falling back down, causing both of them to moan loudly.

Her ass felt simply amazing to him. It was tight, and far hotter than her pussy was. He had fucked her ass plenty in the past, but every time he seemingly forgot how good it felt to be buried as deep inside her as he was. He grabbed her hips, and she moaned lightly as he forced her to start bouncing a bit.

He did a big bounce, pushing her up until just his tip was inside her before pulling her back down while thrusting up, getting as deep in her ass as he could. She threw her head back into the crook of his neck, moaning loudly, her legs trying to find a way she could move more.

“Fuck me! Oh god, take me!” she groaned loudly as he started really going at her. His cock pistoned in and out of her ass with a speed that mirrored the way it was inside her pussy. He could feel the cum pouring out of her well-creamed pussy, rushing down her legs and meshing with his.

For minutes, the two of them engaged in their lusts, Alex picking Lyla up and thrusting his cock into her ass. They moaned loudly, not caring if the neighbors heard, knowing that they woudln’t care. They were probably engaging in sex too!

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” Lyla said, her legs shaking wildly as Alex fucked her. Alex didn’t change his rhythm, and seemingly ignored her as she tensed up, throwing her head back with her eyes shut from the pleasure.

Alex felt a rush of juice and cum run from her pussy, and knew that she would want a deposit there again fairly soon. He felt his knot, almost fully engorged again from earlier, and pulled Lyla down harder, wanting to get his knot inside. “Gonna cum, want to knot!” he said, his voice tense.

“Knot me!” she yelled, forcing herself down, and gasping as her ass widened around him, stretching her even further as he sank in. She shuddered with need as he groaned and came inside.

He breathed deeply as he shot spurt after spurt of his cum inside her ass. Lyla shuddered and snuggled on top of him, occasionally shaking her ass and causing him to groan and cum even more. “Feel better?” he asked after a long moment.

“A bit. Certainly sated the Heat. But me…never,” Lyla said. Alex groaned and smiled widely. He gripped her stomach and held his vixen tight, who merely snuggled closer.