2018 Special: A Snowy Day

Lyla looked out the window excitedly. Alenkas was usually warm, far too warm for this kind of weather, and yet…here it was. She smiled, which if this were the real world, would tell people that something was immediately wrong. She had woken up that morning with frost on the window, and it just slightly iced over.

Sure enough, the outside was a world of white. Snow covered the landscape, covering everything and everywhere with it’s powder. She raced outside, causing Alex to wake up from next to her. He blinked quietly before he, too, realized that it had snowed the previous night.

It was cold, was the first thought that Lyla had as she stepped outside. Yes, she was naked which was probably the reason that she thought it was so cold, but at the same time somehow actually comfortable. She thought the reason for that was because of the red coat of fur that covered her body, a form of a red fox. She didn’t pay much attention to that though, instead divebombing into the road, and laughing mad as she rolled in the frozen cold.

“Lyla…?” Alex asked as he wandered outside. He had barely had the time to put on some sweatpants as the grey wolf exited the building. He blinked as he saw the fox, now covered in the white powder, laughing madly. “I didn’t realize you’d get so excited over snow,” he grinned.

“I haven’t seen snow since I was a kid. Even then, it was only at my grandparents place, because it never snowed anywhere else I was. Sorry, just brings back good memories,” she grinned at him.

Alex looked at her, “Don’t apologize, just enjoy it. Come on, ever had a snowball fight?” he asked as he spotted a few people walk down the street. ‘Of course it’d be them…oh boy, this is going to be fun!’ Alex thought.

“A snowball fight? No, I haven’t. Why, you want to?”

“Of course. Come on, hide over here and pack some snowballs, we’ll jump Lucas and Aiden as they get through here,” Alex said. Lyla grinned, and tried to steathily make her way over to where Alex had hidden himself. The two reached down, and made a few good packed balls before they waited with baited breath.

They grinned at each other just as Lucas and Aiden, an arctic fox and a husky respectively, crossed their sight. The two yelled in surprise as they were suddenly pelted with small harmless snowballs, bouncing off their white and blue fur and coats. “Well done you two, picking a fight with us in this weather!” Lucas yelled, quickly making one before hitting Lyla right in the boob.

“You must be freezing!” Aiden said, deftly dodging one as Alex tried to pelt him with another. He reached down, and in one simple motion threw one at Lucas. The arctic fox growled lowly at him as he reached for the spot that it hit.

“Then we should warm up!” Lyla yelled, rolling randomly in the snow. Her feet were starting to grow numb, not quite used to the cold that perforated into her skin. She reached down, and packed some more snow before throwing at Aiden, managing to hit him right in the middle of his head.

The husky overacted, suddenly falling into the snow with an overdramatic death scene. Lucas raced over, leaving tracks in his wake as he tried to hold his lover after his ‘death’. “No, Aiden…No!” he yelled into the air.

Lyla was too busy laughing to react suddenly to the snowball that hit her ass. She jumped as she glared at Alex. “I thought we were on the same side!” she said with a laugh.

“We were!” Alex yelled. “Then you went and killed Aiden!” he pointed at the ‘dead’ husky. Lucas jumped up, quickly followed by Aiden. “Aiden, you’re alive!” Alex said with a laughing grin.

“No, I’m not, I’m just here to gain revenge for those that killed me!” he growled, still snickering in the corner. He grabbed a few packs of snow and threw one at each person, laughing as he hit them in the chest, or in Lyla’s case, one of her breasts.

They had a laughing time, each one acting out their own ‘death’, before Alex finally called that they get some food. Lyla sighed happily as she walked into the empty restuarant, followed on each side by one of the three guys. Her feet were numb, as were her hands and most of the other parts of her body.

“Oh careful, you’re about to change your tune,” Lucas warned as they all sat down in one of the booths. He gave an annoyed look as Aiden motioned for him to get out to get everyone’s food, before sliding back in. “You were going hard out there, I didn’t think you enjoyed the snow as much as you do!” he grinned.

Lyla shrugged, still smiling, before she froze as her numbed limbs started to return feeling to normalcy. “Shit, tingling…” she stuttered. Lucas laughed, before he reached down to grab her leg, massaging one of her feet and motioning for Alex to take the other.

Aiden returned quickly. “I guess she hit the returning feeling stage?” Aiden smiled as he saw Lucas and Alex tend to Lyla’s feet. Alex nodded as Lyla sighed happily, melting into the touch of the two males. The four ate in silence, while Lucas and Alex continued their ministrations with one hand while eating with the other.

“Should we have another snowball fight?” Lucas asked as they all got up. Lyla had wanted to go back out into the snow for a while now, and had been waiting impaitently for everyone to finish up.

“Nah, but I have an idea,” Lyla grinned as she stared at the three. The three looked at her oddly before they followed her out into the biting cold. The vixen shivered as the cold washed over her deliciously, heading into a small abandoned alley.

“What’s this idea then?” Alex asked. He had a feeling he knew what it was, and it wasn’t the first time that Lyla had been gangbanged by all three of them. Lyla grinned, and wandered over to the three, falling down to her knees as she pulled their pants down, taking Alex’s length down into her mouth.

She moaned loudly around Alex’s cock as she grabbed the other two’s, starting to pump them slowly. She had always, in the back of her mind, wanted to fuck in the snow. And here was the perfect opportunity. Lucas and Aiden both relaxed into her touch as their fur and jackets shrugged off most of the cold.

Lyla felt her knees quickly go numb again, but she didn’t care. She felt her pussy moisten slowly, far too slowly to be a heat strike, which meant that this was her own natural libido. She grinned as Lucas backed away from her hand. She reached out to grab him, frowning as she did so, but he dodged with a grin as he went behind her, grabbing some snow.

Her eyes widened and she froze in place as she felt him put some into her ass, followed by his cock at her pussy. He thrust in slowly, letting her get used to the cold cock as her body warmed him up amazingly. As she got used to the cold feeling in her ass and pussy, she relaxed into his fucking, and moaned around Alex’s length.

She groaned suddenly as Lucas moved up from his position at her pussy to her ass, still wet and cold with the melted snow. The arctic fox put some more in, using it as a type of lubrication as he slipped the tip in gently, stirring up her backside. Her tail waved from side to side as she enjoyed the double penetration, one in her mouth and one in her ass.

She felt Aiden slide away from her, allowing her to focus on both of her hands into the snow below as he slipped underneath her, warming up her breasts with chest, and thrusting up his hot cock into her warm and moist pussy. She moaned around Alex as she was fucked in three ways at once.

The three moved with a practiced rhythm, letting Lyla focus on the difference on the hot and cold around her. She moaned and groaned with every breath, letting Alex fuck her mouth as the other two canines got her ass and pussy. She was still cold, and yet far warming than she had been previously.

She moaned loudly around Alex as Aiden reached out to grab some snow, freezing his hand and putting it on her breasts, teasing her nipples. The cold added another dimension to their fucking , something that Lyla had never experienced before. Her sounds were muffled around Alex’s cock, now deep in her throat.

The three males fucked her deep and hard, making her moan and lose concentration with every thrust. For minutes on end they went, seemingly endless to Lyla, who had completely lost track of time. Even the times when Aiden would toss snow either into her pussy or onto her clit or breasts, or Lucas would toss some more into her ass, got lost in the general sense of sensation that she was assaulted with.

Finally, Aiden threw more snow onto her clit, freezing it. She came from that one, her pussy and ass squeezing down on the invading cocks, triggering their knots and cocks. Alex moaned from above her, and she felt his hands at the side of her neck, forcing his cock further down her throat as he came too.

Her pussy and ass were filled with the warm cream of the two canines, and Alex’s continued sputtering as Lyla slipped him out of her throat, having her mouth filled with the hot load. It was a hot treat in a cold alley, and Lyla loved every bit of it.

“Should we do this again next time it snows?” Aiden chuckled from underneath the vixen. All three laughed as she nodded her head quickly.