The Great Hunt: Episode 4

Simon wasn’t sure how exactly he felt about this. He had been pushed outside by a combination of both Sam and Cal, saying that he should ‘get out and clear his head’, and had been picked up, quite literally, by the both of them and pushed outside by the two cats.

He had just barely been able to withhold the comment about irony. Just barely. But he had to admit that the two of them had a point; he’d been inside the library since the meeting, which was about a week ago, and although about maybe half of Alenkas had been explored, hopes were still high.

Well, they were high for everyone else. Simon had been starting to get the feeling that the outside world team’s were starting to mess with them, despite knowing that it would’ve been difficult to the point of impossible. It was, on the outside world, barely the middle of the third day.

Even now, Simon was having a tough time coping his head around the time dilation, even though he was the one that ran the equations in the first place. Although simply doing the math and actually living it were two very different things.

The sun felt nice on his fur, now that he was actually starting to walk around a lot more. There was a slight wind ruffling him up a bit, but it wasn’t to the point of having to shut his eyes.

The part of Alenkas that hadn’t been checked for the internal debugging module was on the far side from where Simon had chosen as his ‘home base’. Which meant he would have to walk several miles before he even got into the same territory as where it could be. The squirrel knew he shouldn’t have minded, he hadn’t gotten any exercise beyond the Heats for a good month, but still.

The glass from the shops glared at him using the sun’s rays. He spotted only a few people, and almost no NPC’s. Most of them had disappeared shortly after the meeting, but even before they had started vanishing, simply up and disappearing one day. Simon wasn’t sure why. Alenkas could easily hold all the NPC’s that they could come up with, with all the people of NuVO also in the system. The fact that they were disappearing…maybe there was a bug with the NPC systems?

Simon shrugged. He’d send it in the next report, which should be coming up within the next few days. Maybe there was an outside reason, although what it would’ve been he’d have no idea. The NPC’s seemed fine the last time he had interacted with them.

He spotted Lucas and Aiden, each of them carrying a bag full of groceries. They weren’t talking, which was rare for the two, but they also couldn’t see him over the tops of their bags. “Lucas, Aiden. How’re you two?” he asked genially.

The two canines stopped, and flicked their ears for a bit, as if trying to determine the source of the voice. Simon had stopped in front of them; he doubted they could see him any time soon. Although really, the furry tail that’s taller than his head should be more than a clue. He was about the only squirrel he’d seen in Alenkas.

“Is that you-” “-Simon!?” the two said, Aiden finishing Lucas’ sentence. Simon laughed as the two struggled to put down the bags without everything toppling over. “We’re fine, but what are you doing out of your tree?” Aiden asked, the first one to actually manage to put things down.

“My tree?” Simon asked with a raised eyebrow. He couldn’t take offense, especially from these two. He knew they meant no such thing.

“Yeah, your library. You know, full of wood, in the middle of the concrete jungle, essentially a hidey-hole…your tree!” Lucas tried to explain. Simon simply glared at him good-naturedly.

“I see. Is that what you’ve been calling it now?” Simon asked. The two canines laughed and nodded. Simon had to give them credit, it was the first time he’d heard a library called a tree before. Although he was still surprised that no one seemed to visit it. Without much to do in Alenkas, he thought it’d see more people.

“Lucas, Aiden!” he heard a voice call from behind them. A grey wolf, slightly larger than the three of them ran up and hugged the other two. Simon grinned as he recognized the naked wolf, Emma. “Oh hey Simon, finally out of your hole?” she asked.

“Hey Emma. I’ve been getting that a lot, I’m guessing you talked to Sam about it?” he asked with a soft glance. She looked confused for a moment, before she grinned as she got it.

“What, did she put you out like a cat?”

“Wait, she did what?” Lucas asked. Simon rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, both she and Cal,” he said. Emma grinned broadly, and Aiden had to hide his chuckle. Lucas did no such thing, and laughed loudly. “What’ve you been up to?” he asked, wincing internally a moment later. That kind of question would probably lead to too much information.

“Oh you know, looking for the IDM, fucking, that kind of thing. By the way, that reminds me, you two free?” Emma asked the other two canines. The two males shook their heads.

“Sorry, we got to put this stuff away, and after that we said we’d go to help George with something. Apparently he’s too big to look in some houses, and can barely get in through the doorway. He asked us to take a look,” Lucas said, smiling cautiously. Emma groaned, her breasts heaving in the open air.

“Oh fine. Simon, what about you? Anything planned?” she asked.

“Just continuing the IDM search,” he said. She grinned, and bounded up behind him.

“Great! I’ll help with that then!” she said. Lucas and Aiden both grinned at each other, before waving them off. “So, really, Sam and Cal threw you out of the library?” she asked. Simon rolled his eyes.

“Like a cat, yes,” Simon said. Emma laughed, the sound echoing off the empty buildings around them. The two made mindless conversation for a while, Simon steadily leading towards the unexplored area.

Simon wasn’t sure what he was expecting, maybe a slum of some detail, but instead it seemed like it was just a continuation of the explored area of Alenkas. The silence was deafening, and even the somber mood managed to penetrate Emma’s head too. She was quiet, and calmly looking around.

“Is that…” she asked after a moment. Simon spun around, busy looking everywhere for places to start, quietly wondering what she found. “It is! That’s a bar! Holy crap, I didn’t think there were any in Alenkas!”

Simon blinked. Sure enough, it was just a normal drab brown, with a slight overhang. It had a sign out front, simply saying “The Watering Hole”. “Even if it is, it’s probably not stocked. There’s one near the library too, and it doesn’t have anything.”

“Well, it looks empty. Come on, let’s check it out,” Emma said, turning the door. As expected, it was locked, and it jiggled harmlessly in her hands. “Hold on a sec, Jen taught me a trick,” she said quickly, taking out a hair pin. Simon watched her as she attempted to pick the lock, before he walked to the side.

A few minutes later she yelled, “Yes, got it!” as the door opened. “Oh, guess I didn’t,” she said after a moment. Simon was on the inside, with a cautious smirk on his face. “How’d you get in?”

“Side door was unlocked,” he explained. Emma looked annoyed for a moment, but quickly followed him in. The inside was dark, as most bars were. A few pool tables, Simon noticed, something that would probably be filled quickly. Games were rare in Alenkas, as far as he’s seen.

Behind the bar was where all the drinks should’ve been, instead sat mostly empty bottles. A few had water, but none of them were alcoholic. Emma sighed loudly. “I knew what to expect and I’m still disappointed,” she said.

“Alenkas was never designed for alcoholic consumption. It messes with the brain in such a way that the machine can’t interface with it properly, so I think most of the teams just left it out, because it can’t be recreated,” Simon explained.

Emma sighed again and flopped onto a pool table, spreading her legs lewdly and proudly showing off her goods to the world. Simon looked away. He had managed to keep himself looking away from her when they were walking around, but he was still too shy to actually look at a naked girl still.

“Come on, I’m not that ugly, am I?” Emma joked.

“No, it’s not that-” Simon sputtered.

“Then come on and take a look! I’m naked for a reason, Simon!” Emma said. She moved her hand down to her pussy lips, and gave a slight moan as she rubbed them lightly. “I’m not going to hurt you for looking, hell, I want you to!”

Simon sighed. “Look, I’m just not…”

“Oh, I think I get it. You’re one of those people that prefer to be in love before you fuck a girl, right? And how many times has that happened?” Emma asked. Her tone was harsh, but Simon could barely see that she didn’t mean any harm.

“Yes, I do! And I’m not telling you that, it’d be out in less than a day!”

“Are you calling me a gossip!?” she asked, acting offended before she broke down giggling. “Because you’d be right. Simon, it’s ok. I understand if you don’t want to fuck, although I’ve been hearing some raucous rumors going around about you and Cal. Let alone the shit that you and Sam get up to.”

Simon sighed loudly, “Anything you hear from rumors is fake most of the time, you know that?”

“Of course I know that. Doesn’t stop people from speculating. Like the time that you and Cal double teamed Sam in the library, going non-stop for two days.”


“Oh yeah, that’s a real one. Then there’s the one where Cal takes you in the ass and you fuck Sam, having a nice little train going.”

“None of us have done anything like that!”

“Well why not?” Emma asked. She tilted her head to the side a bit, a small smile on her face. This was a topic that was either well rehearsed, or something she was legitimately interested in.

“I…look, we’re not doing anything like that. Not for a very long time, if ever.”

“Why not? I know you know how to eat out a girl, according to Sam, but if these rumors aren’t based in truth at all…what are you waiting for? Everyone can tell,” Emma said.

“Can tell what?”

“Now that would be telling. But in all seriousness, if a girl is naked in front of you, feel free to look. Unless it’s a private situation. Seriously, Sam doesn’t get naked for you?”

“Only in the Heats. And we have a way around that.”

Emma sat up, now her attention fully on the squirrel in front of her. Her legs were still spread, and her hand was running up and down absentmindedly. “Besides knowing how to go down on a girl, do you know your way around a girl’s body…at all?” Simon glared at her for a moment. “I’ll take that as a yes you do,” Emma said as she backed down. The squirrel’s glares were surprisingly effective.

Her foot went up and slowly massaged near Simon’s groin. “But if you want any practice…feel free to ask me. I’m always down to fuck,” she said, grinning as his pants tented underneath her minstrations.

“Thanks, but I’m good,” Simon said. The niggling little doubt in the back of his mind flared up, and he felt an oncoming Heat. He wasn’t sure if Emma could feel it, or if she could if she was always in that state. She certainly seemed like she was.

“You sure? Because there’s a Heat coming up, and you sure look like you could use some release…” Emma said, grinning. She jumped off the pool table and undid Simon’s pants as he was concentrating on preventing the Heat from taking over his mind. She massaged his ball sack as she took a look at it. “You really look like you could use some release…your balls are huge…” she said, taking one of them into her mouth.

“I can’t. Sorry…” he said. He felt the Heat in the back of his head, and knew that it would slowly take him over. Emma’s mouth felt incredible, but he also knew that it was just a pure physical sensation. He tried to back up, but his muscles wouldn’t move.

Cold water poured over him as Emma tossed a glass at him from her place underneath him. He shook in shock, the Heat immediately receding from his mind. “Uh…what?” he said.

“Please, Simon, I’m not stupid. I can tell certain things. Come on, then just masturbate with me then,” Emma said, jumping onto a pool table. She moaned loudly as she spread her legs, her hand rubbing her pussy lips, obviously acting for him.

“Come on, masturbate with me!” she shouted, her other hand roughing up her breasts. She groped them seemingly painfully, gripping them tightly and letting them bounce back before grabbing them again. Simon knew that the Heat would be back shortly, and so grabbed his own cock to do as the wolfess wanted.

‘What a strange day…I’ll have to talk with Sam about what the hell’s going on. I don’t understand girls at all…’ Simon thought.