The Great Hunt: Episode 1

Alenkas. A virtual world of rebirth, renewal, and second chances, a world where everyone got to be someone different, a world where no one judged you based on the outside. Simon sighed as he stared out the window into the cold dark greys of the virtual world around him.

He was the Head Programmer, the lead Programmer, on the Alenkas Project. The company that made it, NuVO, was considered a pioneer in bio-engineering and virtual reality. Alenkas was the first project of its kind to coordinate both into the same function, and it had been Simon’s code that had done it.

That cracked the barriers between the brains. That was the underlying zero’s and one’s that held information on everything around him. It was his code that the various teams used to coordinate the senses. Touch, Taste, Sound, Sight, Smell, Perception, Thermals…all of the potential senses were used. The world itself only uploaded into the brains, and the brain took care of the rest.

He was no neurologist. But there had been plenty, on the other side of NuVO, that had looked at it, experienced it, and knew that there were little to no side effects, aside from the usual effects of not walking around or taking breaks. NuVO was working to eliminate that too, but that was far harder.

Simon knew Alenkas better than anyone. He was one of the ones that had pitched it, originally. He knew its original design, knew how it had evolved throughout development, as everything did.

And yet, here he was. Nearly three weeks into a three year test, with the Heat approaching every four to six hours, and yet he still had nothing to show for it. Sure, he had managed to get every single person involved in the Alenkas test to help search the city for its Internal Debugging Module, or IDM for short. Once they found the IDM, he could figure out what was causing the Heats.

And they truly were Heats. One of the factors that led to the complete new-ness of Alenkas was the ‘Character Creation’ tool. It creates an anthropomorphic animal based upon the person’s genetics. They get to choose the species, but the tool creates what they look like.

Simon had chosen a squirrel. Something small, seemingly harmless. He’d rather run away than fight, and he wanted his choice of creature to represent that. Most squirrels weren’t vicious, and they could be damned hard to catch if they wanted to.

But because everyone was animals, it meant that they were also susceptible to an animal’s instincts. And that was exactly what the Heat was; a sudden increase in lust, at seemingly random intervals, that made them all horny like crazy, and essentially fuck like rabbits.

No offense to Mia, one of the few who had chosen a rabbit.

Things weren’t all bad though. They all had accounts made in the single bank of Alenkas, filled with NPC’s that would have the exact same transactions each day. They had a per diem, and free apartments.

And according to Lyla, one of the Lead Programmer’s for the senses team, the Heats came and went in the exact same way, and she had timed them down to the minute. Four hours, five hours, six hours, then back to four. Occasionally it’d skip at night, but it was impossible to determine that without more data, and more often than not the Heats would affect them at night too.

There were the people too. Simon had met Sam, an albino cat who was the first person that he had ever met in Alenkas. She was one of the few reasons that he kept going as he did. He had also met Cal, short for Calvin, an orange gay tabby cat.

The three of them had different apartments on the same floor, but had recently vacated them almost entirely for a place that was far more suiting to Simon’s tastes, and he had a feeling that both Sam and Cal agreed with him.

They had taken over a small library, as it had quite a few maps and various things that detailed Alenkas. Simon and Cal had taken to studying the maps, trying to find the IDM, while Sam would go out actually looking in some of the spots. Occasionally they’d switch it up, but in general it was mostly Simon and Cal.

Simon thought back to the meeting the previous day. There had been a meeting between everyone in Alenkas, to share what they knew of the Internal Debugger, and to decide for sure if the Heats were caused by a malicious entity.

Simon knew that if it was, which the official decision had been ‘It’s still possible, but hopefully not’, that things would get very complicated very quickly. The amount of details that had to have gone over his head…if it was malicious, there were very few people above him that could use Alenkas to do this.

And they had three months to do whatever they wanted. The test was only designed to go on for three months real time, which led to three years Alenkas time. Simon had been the one to ensure that the time dilation was safe for the human brain, and although it took some ingenuity, he managed it just fine.

It was somewhere around two or three in the afternoon, according to the one clock in Alenkas that was actually dependable, a bell tower that never tolled. According to Lyla’s calculations, there would be a Heat soon.

The Heat could be defeated, of course. They had figured it out fairly quickly on, thanks to the efforts of Lucas and Aiden, two sound designers that were more than friends. Cold water, applied quickly and suddenly, and without warning, would freeze up the nervous system, suddenly forcing the brain to switch off the lust centers.

The Heat would start it up quickly, but it allowed them to continue to think while in their lust, instead of losing their minds to it. Cal and Simon had taken to constantly using that loophole everytime there was about to be a Heat.

Simon had, using Lyla’s calculations, figured out when most of the Heats were about to hit. It wasn’t always correct, something that irritated the perfectionist squirrel to no end, but if he didn’t know the algorithm it was the best he could do with the information that he had.

“Losing yourself, Simon?” a voice called across the library’s upper levels. Simon looked up to see the orange tabby cat, Cal, complete with the two small canteens that they had been using to freeze each other with.

Simon had recently sent him out to make sure they were both full. The squirrel still wasn’t sure about the whole Heat thing, despite having it affected him so much during the last three weeks. He had managed to keep away from Sam during most of it, not wanting to inflict himself upon her, and Cal was more than happy with his mouth.

“All the time, Cal,” Simon called back. He heard a dark chuckle coming from the cat, and wasn’t surprised when he leapt off the second floor, landing on top of one of the bookshelves, and with a second quick hop landed on the ground. ‘Bloody cats,’ he thought with a smirk.

“Well don’t think too hard. Cheer up! We got plenty of time,” Cal said, handing up one of the two canteens. It was a simple silver color, similar to a thermos. Except that in this one was ice cold water.

“Time is the one thing we have that’s our ace in the hole,” Simon said.

It was a common feeling to him now, to feel the tightening in his pants that signaled the oncoming Heat. Lust welled up inside him, and he grabbed the cannister with the last of his thoughts. He couldn’t use it on himself; somehow the expectation of the water broke it’s lust-breaking effect.

But he could use it on Cal, and he saw that Cal had done the same. Water splashed in the middle between the two, continuing its journey relentlessly anyways.

Simon coughed as he pushed his now wet brown hair out of his eyes. The Heat had broken, but it was still there, underlying at its surface. He saw Cal, who was shivering lightly from the sudden freezing cold. ‘Cats don’t like the cold, do they?’ Simon thought.

“That’s a lot colder than I remember it being,” Cal said quietly, a small underlying tone of anger and fury underneath his calm words. Simon had to stop himself from chuckling. The Heat was at the back of his mind, affecting him even now, but now he could think at least.

He resolved to help Cal out with his before he attempted to relieve his own. He pushed his chair out of the way, while the orange tabby was still trying to get water and hair out of his eyes. ‘Fur complicated a lot of things, didn’t it?’ Simon thought as he went to his knees in front of the cat.

“Oh god that feels wonderful,” Cal moaned as Simon took the entirety of the cat’s cock into his mouth at once. The change in temperature must’ve set Cal off, as his cock right now was cold, yet still as hard as a pole. The tiny spines that dotted its surface gave an interesting texture to Simon, who was doing his best to ensure that his friend broke out of the Heat. The squirrel had once figured that the spines should have hurt, but didn’t. Whether that was because Alenkas or because a cat’s cock didn’t actually hurt, he didn’t know.

The cock in his mouth warmed up quickly, and it wasn’t long he was wrapping his tongue all over the tip and head. They had done this so much over the last couple of weeks that it had become almost second nature on how to blow his friend. The same could be said for eating Sam out, and both Cal and Sam had gotten good at blowing him too. They hadn’t gone any further than oral, and he was thankful for that.

The library was almost dead-silent to begin with, but now it was filled with the sounds of Cal’s moans. Simon wasn’t sure how long he was down there, at least several minutes, running his tongue up and down on the cat’s cock. “I’m going to sit down…” Cal said, grabbing a chair. He spread his legs lewdly, and Simon grinned. The Heat was back in his head again.

“I thought you were about to say something else,” Simon said. Cal laughed, which quickly went to a moan as Simon dove back down. The squirrel could feel that the cat actually was close, and simply tried to delay it further by sitting down. The small tenses in his prick, and his balls were starting to move up closer to his body. All signs of an oncoming orgasm.

Simon gave it all he got, using his hands to pull on Cal’s balls lightly, and finally Cal grabbed Simon’s head and thrust in. “Cumming!” he yelled, pulling Simon’s head closer and trying to get his cock further in the squirrel’s mouth.

Simon felt each spurt from Cal’s cock, and tasted each one as it went in. It hit the back of his throat, painting it white as he sucked and swallowed ferverously. It was quite a load, despite the fact that Cal had cum just earlier in that morning. Again, Simon was glad in the back of his mind that Alenkas helped make up the slack.

Cal relaxed, and leaned back with a satisfied smile on his face. Simon took a deep breath, and with one last lick of the cat’s cock, went back to standing. His own hard cock was standing proudly, ready for its own. Cal took a moment, before leaning forward and expertly taking it into his own mouth.

Expertly was definitely the word that Simon would have used. Cal was twisting and turning his tongue all over Simon’s cock, and it almost shamed Simon that he wouldn’t last very long, only a few minutes at most.

“Cal!” Simon whispered to the empty library around them. The cat said nothing, and focused more on the dick in his mouth, and waited patiently while Simon came. He swallowed what he had to, but as the flurry ended he made a show of tossing the cum around in his mouth, tasting every bit of it before he swallowed the rest.

“Thanks Cal. Should we get back to work now?” Simon said after a moment. Cal looked up at him with a thought.

“In a moment. I’m still tired. How’s Sam doing?” Cal asked.

Simon shot him a look. “One of these days Cal, I’m going to make some radios just so you can’t say crap like that,” he growled out. Cal grinned at him, and inwardly Simon prepared for a statement that would infuriate him.

“Good luck!”

Dammit, he wasn’t wrong.