Tails of Alenkas: Episode 26

Lyla breathed deeply. It was the day of the meeting, when she’d determine with Simon whether or not them being in Alenkas with the Heat going on was something malicious or just another bug in the system.

She had been doing a lot of calculating, whenever she’d have time that the Heat could spare her, and had found that it was approximately four or six hours between each Heat, neglecting the ones that occurred at nighttime, as those were a bit more random and depended almost only on whether or not there were people awake.

She’d talked it out with Simon. The squirrel had merely shrugged, and seemingly filed it away, but did answer her question about how often that’d be in real time. About fifteen, thirty minutes. Something that would very definitely be easy for NuVO to set up a simple script to do, once they managed it once.

The park was bustling with more people that she’d thought Alenkas truly had. The NPC’s that were around the city were still mostly ignoring them, and a good half of them had actually left, just up and disappearing. Lyla wasn’t sure how many people noticed, but it had to be at least half. They just had far too many other pressing concerns.

Canines, wolves and dogs and foxes, felines, cats, leopards, there was even a tiger there. A few horses, a few birds. Lyla stared closer at the strange cats. She had never met them, but there was a lion, and a tiger. And off in the distance she could see one of the few bears, a black bear named George.

Everyone except a few were dressed well, mostly the ones that had fully accepted their place in Alenkas -Lyla wasn’t naming names, Emma- were naked. Lyla was truthfully rather glad of that; she didn’t know how she’d be able to take it if most everyone had been nude. That said, she knew that she definitely had had the tiny voice saying to just let go of her inhibitions.

There was a small concrete block that both Simon and she were going to use as a kind of stage, the closest thing they could get, considering there was no stadium or anything similar. ‘Another blackmark on Alenkas’ Lyla thought. She could do with some actual exercise besides sex.

“Lyla!” she heard a voice yell from behind her. She saw Kevin, and Simon on top of him, the horse holding him up fairly well, as she turned. She came up to them, trying to force her way through the crowd, occasionally pushing tails out of the way and having a few of them either grab her ass or her accidentally grab onto theirs.

“Simon, Kevin. Everything ready?” she asked. The squirrel nodded.

“Yeah, come on over here, it’s quieter,” he said, pointing to a far off corner. She could see Sam, an albino cat that was Simon’s common partner, and an orange tabby that she had met only once or twice. She didn’t think she ever got his name though. Or maybe she did and just forgot it. It certainly fit.

“What’s the plan?” she asked as they walked to the quieter area.

“Well, I’m thinking that you go first. Get Alex, myself, and Sam on note taking. Go one by one for each person, as I think we’ve all gotten the first reports back. After that, Sam, Cal, and myself will present the thing that we’re searching for.”

“Right then. I’ll go find Alex,” Lyla said, turning and trying to scour the crowd. It actually wasn’t too difficult, even in a crowd of thirty, because of how different everyone was. It only took her about a minute to find the grey wolf that was her friend, and she took off in pursuit of the young male.

She lost sight of him a few times, but quickly enough found him again. “Alex!” she called out. The wolf stopped, his ears going in every direction, before he turned to see her. “Hey, we’re about ready to start. No matter what happens though, I need to talk to you right afterwards,” she said quickly.

Alex nodded, “Alright. I’ll wait then,” he said. He ran off towards the best spot to try and see everyone. He was joined a moment later by Mia, a white rabbit whom Lyla had grown fond of in her time here so far.

The ‘podium’ was just a simple block of concrete. But it was the closest thing they had to a stage, so it was what they’d have to use. Lyla took a deep breath, and climbed on top. She wasn’t short, even in Alenkas, and there were still many that towered over her, like the bears or the horses. Or the lions, and tigers. One of the negatives of choosing a red fox back in creation.

“Everyone! Can we have your attention!” she called out. Her mindset slipped back to the one in the real world, where she was a programming team lead. There were many that said she wasn’t a good public speaker, and she’d agree with them, but right now she’d have to find a way to get twenty plus people to listen to her.

She heard a few murmurs of agreement, and waited with baited breath until finally she got mostly silence. She heard Emma, far off in the corner, talking about the possibilities of what was next. “Can you all hear me?” she asked, not so much yelling, but definitely attempting to project her voice.

A few agreements later, and Lyla relaxed a bit. She could do this. “Right, I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors. We all know what’s going on, we’ve all been affected by it. So we’re going to do something about it.

“Many of you remember those reports that we were supposed to send in a week and a half ago. One for each person, for each team they were a part of. For me, I had four, as I was the lead for three of the Sense teams and the UI. I honestly wish I had less, that was a lot of paperwork.”

She got a few chuckles out of everyone, and knew without a doubt that these were professionals still. These weren’t people that would panic at the drop of a hat. These were people that knew the risks, that had taken those risks. They were programmers, designers, administrators…people that had already been proven to listen. Now, once again, they are listening still.

“We’re going to go around, and ask everyone individually what was on the reports that they had gotten sent back,” Lyla started. A small hand was raised, a small mouse named Barbara. The information flooded into Lyla’s head before she could stop, and she smiled innocently. Good thing she had taken the time to memorize as many people’s names as she could. “Yes, Barbara?”

“What if we hadn’t gotten reports sent back, or didn’t send any in?” she asked. Her voice was high, and it seemed to almost be an innocent little squeak. Whether that was something new to Alenkas or just Barbara’s personality, Lyla had no idea. She didn’t actually know Barbara from outside.

“If you didn’t get any, just say pass. Don’t worry about it, we’re all just trying to find our way here. How do all of you want to do this, individually or as a giant group?” Lyla asked. There were a few calls for individual, but most of them just said to get it done as a group. The red fox couldn’t fault them, group work tended to get it done quickly.

“Right. Group then. We have a few notetakers, Simon who’s doing something after me, Sam, and Alex who’s up in that tree over there. I have a feeling he’s going to fall if he’s not careful,” Lyla muttered under her breath. She called out again, “We’ll go from left to right. Hopefully I’ll remember everyone’s names. Lucas, you go first.”

The arctic fox grabbed a small piece of paper out from his pocket, making a show about grabbing the right one. The husky at his side, Aiden, quietly hit him lightly on the head. The fox growled, but started talking, “Right, so Sound Team says they’ll look into it, but in general had nothing new.”

Aiden started talking a moment later, “Same.”

The horse next to them, Ivan, started talking, “That’s pretty much the same message I got. I was on the touch team. They’ll look into it.”

A wolf on the other side of the group started talking, “Wait, mine says that everything is going as intended! Of course, I didn’t mention the whole Heat thing.” A few other murmurs of agreement echoed throughout the group.

It was obvious to Lyla that she had to get this group back together again, “Alright, hold on everyone, we’ll get to you. First, say if you mentioned the Heat, or if anything was said about it. You, Ivan. You’ll start.”

The horse looked at her. “Right, so I did mention it. They said they’ll look into it.”

The group went from there in a giant circle, “That’s what I got. I mentioned it too, just the usual ‘we’ll look into it’.” “I mentioned it too, but all I got was ‘everything is working as intended’.” “Didn’t mention it, got second message.” “Mentioned it, got the first one.” “I mentioned it, everything is working as intended.”

On and on they went, with a few of them starting to calculate things in their heads. Of the thirty, almost half of them had mentioned something about the Heat. Of those half, eight of them got the ‘all clear’, the other seven got the ‘looking into it’. All of the ones who didn’t mention it simply got the ‘all clear.’ Lyla was starting to panic, and she could tell that there were some others that were too.

“Emma, what did you get?” Lyla asked finally. Emma was on the far right, just watching the exploits. She blinked in surprise.

“Oh, uh…mine said ‘everything is working as intended. No bugs found, across all teams.’,” Emma said quietly. The amount of stares she got, managed to even get the exhibitionist Emma to start to wish the ground would swallow her up.

“Right, so that one is obviously a lie. We’ve gotten a few. Simon, what do you think?” Lyla asked.

“I think we need more information. On the other hand, this brings up a good point. May I, Lyla?” the squirrel said. The fox quickly helped him up, and jumped down lightly. Lucas and Aiden gave a quick thumbs up, before returning their attention to the squirrel on the podium.

“Thanks everyone for coming here. Few things first, I’m going to get the important one out of the way. In Alenkas, there is a machine, called the Internal Debugging Machine. IDM, for short. As most of you can tell by its name, it’s essentially a logger that we can use to see if the Heats are just an Alenkas bug, or something worse. However, the machine has been hidden, thank you so much landscape design. Anybody here from that team?” Simon asked.

He got a bunch of no’s in response. He sighed, not expecting anybody to say yes. “Right, thought that’d be too easy. They mostly wanted it hidden to keep away from hackers. I said otherwise, but I got overruled. Thank you board of directors.

“Once again though, this means that the IDM must be found. But with it, we can potentially get to the bottom of what’s causing the Heats, or even turn them off ourselves. I, Sam, and Cal over here have already searched about a tenth of Alenkas. The IDM can be anywhere, so what we need all of you to do is to search. Search everywhere. Inside buildings, inside houses, shops, seemingly empty buildings, everywhere. The IDM looks a lot like this,” Simon said, pointing to Sam, who dutifully got up and rolled out a tall piece of paper.

On it was a detailed picture of what the IDM most likely looked like. It was a large machine, with a keyboard in the front, hexagonal in its shape. “It’s about this size too, I’ve seen it once, ages ago, when we first installed it in the Alenkas kernel.”

“I’ve heard about that too, doesn’t that need a lead’s password?” someone shouted.

“It does. Fortunately, we have at least two. Lyla, and myself. As I said, with it, Lyla and I can use it to deep dive within the system, and fix whatever is causing the Heats.”

“So it’s definite then, that it’s a bug?” someone else said.

“Whether it is or not, we can fix it internally. That’s what the IDM will do. If you spot anything, write down its location and put it under door 2B or 2A in the Hillshire Apartments. Thank you everyone, and you’re all dismissed,” Simon said. The group dispersed, talking amongst themselves.

“That went well. Think anyone will find something?” Lyla asked. Simon stared out at the various people, in creature form as they were. He shrugged.

“I can certainly hope so. Hope for the best…but prepare for the worst. We’re going to be here for a long time Lyla,” Simon said.

“So what did you need to talk with me about?” Alex asked. He was sporting a wide grin, one that Lyla saw through easily. He was probably still thinking of seeing her the previous day, getting fucked by both Lucas and Aiden, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Her pussy was still well-creamed, and she could almost feel the cum run down her ass.

“Oh, I just wanted to see how you’re taking all this. And…well…” Lyla blushed slightly. It was difficult to tell from her red fur, but Alex blinked as he saw it.

Lyla was the first person he had met in Alenkas, and the two had become fast friends after screwing each other’s bones out the first couple of days. They hadn’t separated, entirely, just been focused on different things entirely, and as time went on they had slowly gone their separate ways.

Alex had accepted that. It had become obvious to him that Lyla hadn’t, or was still thinking of those first few days, where they almost could not stop fucking each other. Whether that was what Lyla was thinking or not, Alex didn’t know. “I see. Feeling horny much? I thought you didn’t just spread your legs for anyone?” he teased.

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. “Are you mocking me?” she asked tensely. He continued his incessant grin, and it took another moment before Lyla too broke down, laughing. “Well, actually…I’m just…” she tried to say.

“Lyla!” they heard a voice yell behind them. They both turned to see Lucas and Aiden running after them. “Lyla, wait, hold on a sec,” Lucas said, breathing deeply. It took a moment for him to regain his breath; they had apparently been running a while. “Can we talk to you for a sec?” Lucas asked.

“Can it wait, like five minutes?” Lyla asked, pointing to Alex. He raised his eyebrow in confusion before crossing his arms. Lucas and Aiden did that one thing they were really good at, silent communicating with only their facial expressions, before Alex made up the decision for them.

“Personally I’d say just say it. We’re all friends, we can practically say anything to each other,” Alex said. Lyla gave him a look that simply said ‘oh god please don’t tell me you said that.’ Lucas and Aiden shrugged before they started.

“I’d prefer if I didn’t have to say it in front of them,” Lyla said, looking away somewhat tiredly. Her pussy tingled, and she could feel the oncoming moisture starting. Alarmed, she took a look at the bell tower, one of the few places in Alenkas that told the time well. “Looks like I may not get that option…” she said quietly. The three males looked at her oddly before she grabbed their hands, and started to run off into an alleyway.

The alleyway was dark and dim, with the hard gravel crushing underneath their paws. A simple wooden crate decorated it, like so many others in Alenkas. This one was more open, Lyla noticed as she started to sink into the Heat. There were only fences on each side, rather than buildings, and it seemed clearer. Much closer to the one she had originally fucked Lucas and Aiden in.

‘How ironic,’ she thought.

“Shit, I don’t have any water on me,” Alex said. “Do any of you?” he asked the others. He frisked his waist, hoping to find the canteen he usually kept on him. He remembered setting it down before the meeting; he must’ve forgotten to pick it up again. Both Lucas and Aiden shook their heads negative. This was intended to be quick, and they thought they had it all planned out, but it must’ve taken longer to find Lyla that they lost track of time.

“We don’t need it,” Lyla said quietly. The three males blinked at her. “We don’t need it,” she repeated. She quickly shimmied out of her skirt, and tossed away her shirt with ease, revealing her naked body to them. There was no shoes for her; she hadn’t worn any for a long time. She held out her hands widely, proudly showing off her breasts to the three.

“But then,” Alex said, feeling the Heat starting to come in for him too. Seeing Lyla’s stunning naked body in front of him, so proudly revealing herself without a second thought, was enough to get him to an erect state quickly, let alone with the Heat helping. His jeans tented out impressively.

“That’s what I was trying to talk with you about…” Lyla said, quickly dropping to her knees in front of the grey wolf. She undid his belt with ease, and dropped his jeans just as quickly. She gave a sigh as she smelled his musk, and reached up to grab his dick, stroking it lightly and gently. She repeated her sentiment, as she leaned forward to put her mouth on his cock.

“I don’t care anymore,” she said.

She moaned around his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum that had already decorated its top. Both Lucas and Aiden had quickly joined the duo, dropping themselves out of their clothes. Lyla reached out blindly for the two, grabbing their cocks lightly, and giving them some loving strokes, but she kept her focus on Alex.

She wrapped her tongue around him, driving him crazy into his Heat. She gave another moan, feeling the two cocks in her hands and the one in her mouth, and made to push herself deeper, starting to lodge him into her throat. He moaned loudly into the air, thrusting his hips forward into her maw.

She took a moment to grab her breath as she licked all around him, fondling his balls with her tongue. “I just don’t care anymore. Fuck me…all of you,” she said quietly, once again pushing Alex’s cock into her throat. Her pussy was almost dripping with wetness, and the three males could practically smell her Heat.

Lucas was the first one to grip her hand and take it off of his cock. He walked around her, and picked her up to put her on the crate. She moaned in an almost painlike state as she was forced to stop blowing Alex. As soon as she was laid on top, she rolled over onto her back, and once more started to use Alex’s cock to fuck her own throat.

Her legs were splayed lewdly and widely, and Lucas took only a second to line up before he thrust in. His cock went in quickly, and he could feel the extreme wetness of her pussy all around him, gripping him and tightening around him. Lyla moaned with pleasure, her throat reverberating around Alex. This entire time, she continued to stroke Aiden, who was merely sighing in relief at the pleasure her hand was granting him.

Lucas started thrusting haphazardly, simply going as fast as he could from the start. Lyla moaned with every thrust, her body instinctively pushing back and stretching herself. Her legs widened even more, and she crossed her legs behind Lucas’ tail, eagerly trying to get him to fuck her harder.

“My turn,” Aiden said quickly, almost pushing Lucas out of the way. He snapped out of his trancelike state, and wiggled his way out of Lyla’s legs. The fox groaned at the loss of his cock in her hand, but moaned when he quickly thrust in. Lucas took his place at her hands. She could feel how very wet his cock was, and her pussy seemed to get even wetter at the knowledge that it was her pussy juice that was on there.

Aiden’s thrusts were more contained, sharper and rougher than Lucas’ but slower in general. With every moment, he thrust into having his balls rest on her ass, her legs and feet spread lewdly into the air. She moaned onto Alex’s cock every time.

Having a cock in her mouth at the same time was turning her on immensely, and Lyla couldn’t actually tell if it was the Heat still affecting her or if this was her actual libido. She could still think, which made her think that maybe this wasn’t the Heat anymore. Although it certainly worked for the guys, so she wasn’t complaining.

Alex moaned as he felt Lyla push him deeper into her throat. With Aiden thrusting into her sopping wet pussy, she moaned and massaged around him, and it felt amazing to him. He probably wasn’t going to cum from this anytime soon, but damn if he wasn’t enjoying himself.

“Alex, let’s switch,” Aiden said after a few dozen more thrusts. The wolf looked up in a blanked haze, before the words recognition fell to him. He nodded, and gently pulled himself out of Lyla’s mouth. She groaned as she was left alone on the crate, stroking Lucas’ still wet penis.

She breathed deeply, and felt Alex’s cock resting near her pussy. He waited only a moment, before he too thrust in quickly. She gasped at suddenly being filled, her toes widening at the feeling on once again being full down there. Suddenly Aiden’s cock was presented to her mouth, and she took it without a second thought.

It was still rather salty, she noticed, but it had an undercurrent of sweetness to it, with a touch of bitterness that was foreign to her. Knowing that it was her own pussy juice got her engine revved even more, somehow getting more turned on.

Alex’s hands gripped her breasts tightly, and Lyla instinctively got ready for a rougher ride than the other two. Alex was bigger than them, not by much, but by enough to make a difference as he started massaging and rubbing her breasts, pounding her pussy hard. She was more than wet enough, and juice seemed to flow endlessly from between her legs.

Aiden’s cock finally stopped tasting of her own pussy, and she noticed that Lucas’ cock was starting to dry out a bit. She missed the feeling of Alex’s cock in her pussy though, and with a subtle groan pulled herself away from Aiden. If her plan worked, she’d get more than enough of it in the future.

“Alex, take my throat,” she said breathlessly. “Lucas, you get my pussy. Aiden, hand. Then next Lucas gets my throat, Aiden pussy, and Alex, hand. We’ll go like that, ok? I want all of you!” she said quickly. The three guys looked at each other and shrugged. Why wouldn’t they? They had a beautiful girl underneath them who wanted all of them, and was so turned on she wanted to taste her own pussy on their cocks. Who were they to say no?

With a slight groan, Alex pulled out from her pussy, before switching with Aiden. With only a moment, Lucas dove back into her pussy and Alex thrust into her mouth. She moaned passionately as she was filled suddenly, and she started to feel like she was going to cum soon.

Alex’s taste combined with her pussy shoved her more towards that edge. She moaned as she wiped off his cock with her mouth, trying to get every bit of her juice off of him. It took her only a minute or two, in which Lucas kept drilling her pussy hole fast and furious. She signaled by tapping the side of the box, and the three guys took only a moment to reorient themselves.

Lyla was in seventh heaven as Lucas thrust in to her mouth. Aiden was at her pussy, going his usual style, and Alex was in her hands. Aiden tasted the same as he had earlier, when she had gotten the idea, but it wasn’t the actual taste that turned Lyla on, it was the sheer idea of what she was doing.

She tapped the side of the box every few minutes, and moaned loudly as she was constantly drilled by the three males. Her mouth was active, constantly sucking her juice off of whoever’s cock was in front of her, the juice that they had just put on by fucking her pussy.

It felt amazing to Lyla. “Fuck me, all of you,” she said as she tapped one last time. “Someone, please, fill my ass!” she moaned. The guys looked at each other, before shrugging. Lucas was the last one to have her pussy, so his cock was still extremely wet. Alex took her pussy, and Aiden was at her mouth.

It took a moment for Lucas to wiggle his way underneath the red fox, but it didn’t take long before his cock slipped in skillfully into the warm tight embrace of her ass. Alex waited impatiently for Lucas to give him the all-clear, in which he felt he could fuck her while not hurting her. Aiden was already getting blown, and Alex could tell by the way she was breathing that Lyla was having the time of her life.

After what seemed like forever, Lucas finally gave him a simple thumbs-up. Smiling in relief, and looking forward to his relief, Alex thrust into Lyla’s still sopping wet pussy, and moaned as he felt the difference immediately. Having Lucas’ cock buried in her ass was the difference between night or day, and Alex could feel the thin membrane that separated their two cocks.

Lyla moaned proudly, now being filled in every hole she possessed. Not knowing what to do with her hands now, she gripped her knees and pulled her legs up, opening up both of her holes even wider, in the hopes of getting both of them deeper. They quickly obliged, and Lyla felt that familiar sensation of an orgasm start to come closer.

Alex had originally started to time his thrusts to Lucas’, but had quickly learned that her pussy was simply too wet to even try any sense of timing. Since then he had simply grabbed her breasts roughly, and pushed every ounce of power that he had into pounding her.

Lucas was having the time of his life as well. Alex’s cock felt very different than Aiden’s, and pushed up against him in a completely different way. When Lyla had pulled her legs up, he gripped her hips and pushed everything he had into pounding her ass. He wanted it to gape when he was done with her!

Aiden was simply enjoying the view as Lyla sucked on him. Seeing both Alex and Lucas pound her body, he could tell by the way she had stopped moaning, but was now groaning with impending release, she was close to cumming. He gripped her shoulders, and after a quick experimental thrust, Lyla stilled her mouth, letting Aiden start fucking her throat directly.

It took only moments since starting to have her throat fucked that Lyla came. She tensed, all of her muscles squeezing down on the three cocks inside her. Her pussy shot out juice, covering all of Alex’s middle body. The wolf didn’t seem to care though, and continued fucking her. Luas didn’t pause either, forcing his way into her now tighter ass.

She had only a moment to breathe before she felt the same feeling come again. Aiden was thrusting into her mouth at a pace that probably would’ve hurt her at the start, but now she didn’t care. She just wanted more. She tensed again, squeezing down some more, and her mind blanked, awash with pleasure as she was.

“Cumming!” Aiden said, thrusting his way deeper into her mouth. Lyla didn’t even try to take her mouth away, merely opening her mouth even wider, trying to get the knot that was building up into her throat. She felt the other two’s knots starting as well.

Seed shot down her throat as Lyla managed to get the knot in her mouth. It was a fleshy bulb, unlike anything she had ever had in her throat before. The tip was in her throat, shooting Aiden’s watery cum down straight to her stomach. Lyla breathed through her nose, and tensed again as another orgasm shot through her.

“I’m cumming too!” Lucas said, burying his cock deeper with every thrust. His knot was knocking against her ass, and it was with a rough thrust that he overcame the tightness from her orgasm and started to cum inside, locked inside by his knot. Lyla moaned loudly, thrusting back at him, trying to get his knot deeper inside her.

The last one still going, Alex, felt his own orgasm start to come closer. He was pounding her pussy for all he was worth, practically mauling at her breasts. Her mouth had a large cock buried in it, all the way to the knot, and she probably wasn’t going to be able to speak for a while. He felt Lucas cum, the knot making it difficult for him to push his own knot through.

Lyla moaned with wanton lust as Alex was finishing. She had one orgasm left in her, she thought, and it wouldn’t cum until Alex came inside. She let go of her knees, and quickly wrapped her legs around his back, pushing him deeper. His knot shot inside, and rubbed amazingly against Lucas’ knot, and she felt his seed deposit inside.

Just as she thought, her last orgasm shot through her. Her mind blanked as pleasure shot through her, and all of her muscles once again squeezed on the three cocks inside her.

All too soon, she was left feeling tired. She smiled weakly, and knew that soon enough she was going to have to do this again. Three guys cum deposited safely inside her, she rested on Lucas’ stomach. Every once in a while she still felt a kick as one of their cocks shot more seed inside.

When she was fucking, she no longer had any worries. Her overactive brain didn’t think anymore, just focusing on the cock inside her, of the wanton lust she was feeling, and how she wanted to have it shoot inside her. ‘I can see now, why people could get addicted to this feeling,’ she thought.

It took a good ten minutes, in which Lyla focused on breathing out her nose, before she opened up her jaw again and Aiden managed to pull out. More cum shot out onto her tongue, and she grinned at the salty taste. She gave a light cough and felt how full her stomach actually was of the watery seed.

“So what did you want to ask me, Lyla?” Alex asked.

“Oh, if you wanted to keep fucking, regardless of who we fucked otherwise. Specifically, I wanted to know if you were ok with doing something like this,” she said. She gave another quick lick at Aiden’s cock, which was quickly deflating now in the open air. It gave a quick jolt.

“Lyla…” Alex said quietly. “I thought that went without saying,” he finished. Lyla grinned, and knew that whatever happened in the future, it was going to be a fun ride.