Tails of Alenkas: Episode 24

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Lyla called out in pleasure as both of her holes were filled. Her entire mind was focused solely on her pussy and her ass, her pussy with Lucas’ fox cock filling her perfectly and Aiden behind her, using her ass as he wished.

She had been finishing up some minor concerns with Lucas and Aiden before this, trying to figure out who they might have missed -they had gotten it down to missing just four people- although it seemed to her that everyone was accounted for.

Not that she cared at the moment, Lucas’ cock expanding her pussy wonderfully from underneath her, his powerful thrusts hitting the very back and top of her tunnel. And from behind her was Aiden, the husky fucking her ass. They had two very different rhythms, and with each thrust from either one, she moaned with pleasured abandon.

She was laying on top of Lucas, her arms and legs just barely able to hold herself up as she submitted willingly to the double dicking. Her entire mind was focused solely on her pussy and ass, and though her arms grew tired she didn’t care. She’d hold herself up to the end of days as long as her two lovers kept going.

And kept going they did, plundering her pussy and her ass with ease. She had been getting fucked a lot more in the ass lately, and it had gotten to the point where most people didn’t need to worry about her getting hurt from it, as long as they used lube. Lyla had found she actually loved getting stuffed in the ass, something that was seen as an anathema to her originally.

Alenkas had gotten to her quite well, she’d have thought. If she could think, but right now Lucas and Aiden’s cocks were doing amazing things to her insides, and she moaned loudly as they thrust inside at the same time.

She could feel them feel each other through her.

Her body tensed up, and she could feel her orgasm start to come a bit closer. Honestly, she wasn’t sure if this was Heat induced or not, just her own actual lust starting to come to the surface after being ignored for so long. She took a deep breath as both Lucas and Aiden slowed down. “Fuck, no, keep going!” she moaned.

Aiden laughed from behind her. “You want us to keep going?” he asked, continuing to force her ass to spread around his penis. Lyla nodded furiously, and heaved a heavy breath as both canines forced their cocks inside her again.

“I’m going to cum soon! Aiden, how are you doing?” Lucas asked from beneath her. It took a moment for the red fox to understand him, and as soon as she did she forced herself to come down harder on his cock. Aiden growled from behind her as her doing so messed with his own rhythm, but quickly held her hips in the exact position he wanted her to be.

“I can keep going for a while. How close? What about you Lyla, how are you holding up?” Aiden asked. Lyla moaned, and thrust her body back trying to get them to fuck her harder. “That answers that.”

“Fuck…!” Lyla said, forcing her body back. She had long since closed her eyes, or opened them just long enough to stare into Lucas’ smile. Their cocks were drilling her so well, she wanted nothing but for them to continue. Her orgasm was definitely building up, and was going to hit hard…

“I think I got two minutes left, unless we give her all we got.”

“No more star trek from you,” Aiden said immediately. Lyla’s eyes opened, taken out of the moment by the sudden reference. She stared into Lucas’ eyes, and he gave her a wide grin back. She moaned a second later as he thrust inside her even harder, his cock starting to stir with a delicious pressure in her pussy.

“Fuck me, with all you’ve got! Please!” Lyla barely managed to moan out. Lucas and Aiden shared a look, before doing as the young lady wanted them to, and held her hips in such a way that it was easy for them to penetrate her in both holes. She yelled out in pleasure as they stirred up her pussy and ass even faster, and she could start to feel their knots knocking on the entrance to both holes.

She wanted them both inside her. All of them, knots included, and she did everything she could to fuck her body harder down and back, barely able to get out of both of their grips as she drilled herself on their cocks, and they drilled her back.

She felt her pussy lips start to open first, with Aiden’s knot starting it’s own opening of her asshole. “Fuck me, cum in me! Both of you, please!” she yelled, not caring who heard her as both canines started to go even faster, as fast as they both could.

Lucas’ knot slipped in first, and Lyla moaned with pleasured abandon as she felt his knot quickly swell up all the way in her pussy, locking her with him. Aiden’s was only a moment later, his own knot forcing him to stay inside.

It was once both of them had fully knotted her, as they had kept thrusting as best they could while locked inside, that her own mind fully rushed over that pleasured peak. Her body tensed, and she let out a loud moan that made both Lucas and Aiden’s cocks even harder, if that had been possible. Her pussy and ass clenched down tightly and rhythmically, having no chance of self-control anymore, and her muscles lost all ability to hold herself up.

Which was fine, because she was set off a moment later as she felt Aiden lay on top of her, with both of her holes being filled with cum from them. Lucas’ cock was tensing, and she could feel the heat and liquid as it shot through her warm and tight pussy. Her ass, too, felt Aiden pulse behind as he shot ropes of his own jizz into her welcoming and wanting ass.

She relaxed after a moment, breathing deeply while laying on Lucas, with Aiden lying on top of her. She kept her legs spread, knowing that it’d be a while before they could untie. This wasn’t the first time she had been double penetrated by the duo, hell, it wasn’t even the second. Hell, she had actually recommended them to Emma, who had been wanting to try it at some point. As far as she knew though, she hadn’t approached the duo.

“That was something else. You alright, Lyla? Feeling better?” Lucas asked from underneath her. She took a moment to realign herself, keeping her breasts from putting the fox into pillow heaven. Although she doubted he’d mind, but at least this way he could talk.

“Much. Thank you, both of you,” she said quietly. She felt more pulses from their cocks as they continued to shoot their seed inside her. Well, she was going to be excited for a long time; with as much cum as they were putting inside her she didn’t need to worry about having it all drip out in only an hour. It’d take at least several hours.

“So what were the other things you wanted to talk about? You got the spiel on the missing members, and we’ve started to go around collecting which teams they were on,” Aiden said from behind.

“I know. Thank you both for doing that. Meeting’s tomorrow, and I’m suspecting that the reports that we sent in a week and a half ago will probably be coming back tomorrow too. If not later tonight.”

“You really think that’s going to make or break your thoughts? We’ve been here for two weeks, Lyla, and you know what Simon said. Time dilation means it’s barely been a day out there,” Lucas said. Lyla nodded.

“I do. They can’t come up with thirty different versions of the same thing and have them all line up if it was malicious. If it isn’t, then they should all have the same thing. Of course, that’s for tomorrow to worry about. Everything is in place, and at least ninety percent of Alenkas’ inhabitants have been informed. Honestly, I think we’re good to go,” Lyla said. Her pussy twitched, and she felt Lucas give a mild groan. ‘How much cum does he have…? Is he still cumming inside me?’ she thought.

The three simply rested then, their bodies lying on top of each other. Lucas didn’t complain, and neither did Lyla. Honestly, the thought of her body sandwiched between the two men honestly turned her on more, and with Aiden lying on top of her, most of his weight was pushing down onto his cock, and forced Lyla to take Lucas deeper. The red fox didn’t complain.

There was a knock on the door, and the three groaned loudly. “Come on in, door’s unlocked!” Aiden shouted. Lucas gave a minor groan.

“You kept the door unlocked!?”

“And Lyla was going to accept us cumming anywhere except inside her? You know how well that’ll turn out. And considering we’re still a good twenty minutes away from untying, we’re staying like this,” Aiden said. Lyla agreed with a back thrust, getting a groan from the two males.

“Hey, Lucas, Aiden, do you know if-” Alex said as he wandered in. The grey wolf took a moment to take a look at the three of them, buried on top of each other. “Well, I see that I missed the party,” he said, grinning. Lyla turned to look at him. He had on a grey shirt, which went well with his physique, she noticed, as well as some cloth shorts. Easy to get into, she knew, and just as easy to get out of.

“Maybe next time then,” Lyla said. She stuck out her tongue, and Alex returned it. “So who were you looking for?” she asked. She felt her pussy moisten even more, and it clenched uncontrollably down onto Lucas. He groaned with a pleasured moan.

Alex shot a questioning glance at the arctic fox, before he answered, “You, actually. I wanted to know what your plan was for tomorrow. Simon’s been preparing a small presentation on the IDM, and I have no idea if you wanted to do something similar.”

“Not really. I had more than enough of presentations while working for NuVO. Simon can do as he wants,” Lyla said. Her entire point was based solely based on the reports and circumstantial evidence anyways, so whether or not she could even make her point was impossible to know ahead of time.

“Right. Well uh…have fun you three,” Alex said, giving a small minor smile as he walked out. Lyla reached out with one hand as he left, and it was the quick closing of the door that signaled her arm to drop.

Both Lucas and Aiden saw the sadness in her eyes as he left. Slowly, the two tried to extricate themselves so she could go after him, but they were still tied too deeply, and she let out a pained groan as they tried. “Don’t worry Lyla, he’ll see,” Aiden said. Lyla nodded her head, before she thrusted herself back down.

“Wait, what?” Lucas said, suddenly confused by her actions. She gave a sad smirk to the fox that she could see. Putting strength in her legs again, she pulled herself up a little bit, before letting herself drop onto his cock. She felt his cum get stirred up, and she felt a pressure unlike any that she had felt before.

“I wanted to talk with him a bit about…everything. But I can do that later, too, I think. So for now, I’m going to fuck you two again,” she said quietly. She pushed herself up, pushing herself further onto Aiden’s cock, as she dropped again onto Lucas.

Alenkas had definitely changed her, she thought, as the duo finally caught up with her thinking, and started fucking her again. Soon her thoughts were lost to the wind.