Tails of Alenkas: Episode 22

“My god Aiden, my feet are killing me,” Lucas said, falling onto the back of the couch with a slighted huff. Aiden, a husky, merely laughed at his friend’s antics. Although he had to admit that he was pretty tired too. He grabbed a quick chair and started to massage the arctic fox’s paws.

“Well, we did get a lot done,” Aiden said. Lucas knew that he was right, but it certainly hadn’t seemed that way. He melted into his friend’s touch, his arms flailing off to the side, and taking up the entire couch. Aiden chuckled, and moved up to slowly rub the fox’s legs.

“It’s not that I don’t disagree with you, but we’ve done so much walking the last few days…” Lucas complained. Aiden started to respond, but quickly got interrupted by Lucas, and knew better than to try to assert his point. Instead, he simply let the fox vent. “We’re trying to meet everyone, and let them know about the damn meeting in a week, and we’ve barely hit, what, twenty one of them!? We’ve been just about everywhere in Alenkas, who the hell did we miss!?”

“They aren’t static, Lucas. Just think of how many we did find,” Aiden said. Lucas nodded, continuing to melt into his friend’s touch.

“Let’s see, we already knew Lyla, we met Alex from her. Emma, Kevin, Mia, and George were all met via convoluted methods that I’m not sure I quite remember,” Lucas said, shaking his head slowly. Aiden agreed with each one.

“We met Emma randomly, and she introduced us to Kevin and Mia, and George we met because Mia. Remember? The time in the restaurant? That’s where we met Kevin and Emma. Alright, how about everyone else?” Aiden said.

Lucas tossed it around in his head, “God that feels like it was so long ago. Hard to believe it’s only been a few weeks since we got into Alenkas. Even with the Heat going around, seems as if time’s just been flying. Let’s see, we met Jennifer-”


“Jen, Jennifer, same person. You know who I’m talking about. Let’s see, we met Dave, that crazy bird guy up in the north tower. Then there’s that Kathryn and and Mark. I swear, we’ve checked all up and down Alenkas, and there’s still people missing!” Lucas said.

“If it was easy, we would’ve been done long ago. Besides, even if we haven’t met all thirty I have no doubt that word will spread. We still have another few days before we have to worry anyways,” Aiden said, slowly dropping Lucas’ foot onto the table.

“I still don’t understand why Lyla thinks there’s something malicious going on. Weird, yeah, but someone deliberately wants us to have shit tons of sex?” Lucas said quietly. “I mean, what are we, in a sex series?”

Aiden laughed. “I have no idea. I think she’s just a cynicist and has no idea how else to come up with her ideas. Although I heard from Alex that she does bring up a few good points. Like, what if someone did want to get rid of us? Alenkas is the perfect opportunity.”

“So it’s more opportunistic than planned?”

“That’s what I’d think, if it was something malicious. But like I said, I doubt it. Pretty sure it’s just a bug,” Aiden said.

Lucas nodded. “Hey, can you hand me that journal? I’m gonna put in what teams each person belonged to. No harm in that, right?” Aiden shrugged and handed the fox a small plain black book. Lucas opened it to the first page, where it simply had the list of teams that had contributed to Alenkas.

Under Sound Design, only Lucas and Aiden’s names were there, written in a tiny scrawl that Lucas immediately recognized as Aiden’s. Programming had been separated out into the various teams, and Lucas could tell that he’d need something like a Venn diagram to be able to sort it out. Apparently the programming team was either so large, or had so many teams that it wasn’t uncommon for people to ‘float’ around to other teams that needed more people.

Lucas wasn’t a project manager, but he knew those floaters were one of the most important things; people that could be freely assigned to any team. Hell, even Lyla was apparently a floater!

“I think the programming team needs some help,” Lucas joked after a moment. Aiden looked at how many of the programmers went from different team, or got reallocated. His eyes crossed as he tried to formulate a response. “You can’t think of anything either.”

“No, not really. Dear god I feel bad for the project manager then. No wonder he was always stressed out before he got to us,” Aiden said. Lucas chuckled. Their old boss’s boss, a middle-ish age old man who always tried to step on people’s toes and get in their way no matter what it was about, was a bit of a joke to the sound team.

Lucas stopped laughing at old memories of various things that the sound team had come up with to describe said old man, as Aiden stripped out of his shirt and shorts. Lucas looked at him with a raised eyebrow, as Aiden gave a grin. The husky stepped over Lucas’ legs, baring his ass and tail into the fox’s eyes.

Lucas was about to say something, before Aiden slowly lowered himself down, grinding his ass against the fox’s groin. “Someone’s horny,” Lucas said. Aiden nodded his head with a smirk, and continued moving his ass around. “Keep going like this and I’ll be penetrating you this time,” Lucas said quietly.

Aiden tensed up and moaned lightly into Lucas’ ear, grinding into the fox’s growing erection slowly. “What if I want you to?” he said playfully. Lucas shot a look at his friend. He slowly gripped the husky’s hips and pulled him up slightly. As soon as he got the room he pulled down on his own shorts and took off his own shirt. “Ahh, there it is,” Aiden said with a small chuckle.

Lucas let out a small groan, finally enjoying letting his cock out into the open air, before being warmed by Aiden’s groin. It was already halfway out of its sheath, slowly coming into its own. “Careful, or else-” Lucas warned.

Aiden smirked and whispered into Lucas’ ear again, “I’m already lubed up,” he said quietly. A surge of blood to Lucas’ cock made it stand up even quicker, and Aiden carefully wiggled it into his own ass. “Ahh…” he moaned quietly as the tip poked inside.

“When did you…?” Lucas asked. He wanted to tense up, thrust upwards…to fuck his best friend…but Aiden always did have more energy than he did. He simply relaxed and enjoyed his friend starting to ride him.

“This morning. I figured you were getting tired so I planned to make it back here early. And then, well, I kept horny all the time so I figured I’d be the one this time,” Aiden said. Lucas grinned, and watched as his friend opened more of his ass up, taking his cock inch by inch.

“Ahh…I keep forgetting how big you are…” Aiden said softly. Lucas chuckled, slowly helping his friend downwards. Once he sat fully on his lap, Lucas let out a small chuckling moan.

“You’re bigger. You know that right? And I do this all the time,” Lucas said quietly. Aiden laughed, the notes running down through his body and clenching down on Lucas in time with the music.

“Maybe, but god you feel almost too big. How do you do it so often?” Aiden said, pulling himself up just a little bit, letting Lucas’ cock slip out a bit before pushing it back in. Both canines moaned loudly. It took a few moments, but Aiden soon had a good rhythm going, riding on top of the arctic fox.

“Just practice really. I think we’re going to have to switch roles more often!” Lucas joked, his cock bouncing in Aiden’s ass. He felt the heat penetrate straight through him, setting off all of his own pleasure signals. Aiden was, as always, tight, hot, and by using more than the usual amounts of lube, wet.

“I don’t know about that, as good as this is I think I like being on top better!” Aiden said. Lucas laughed. It was a common joke between the two that they were actually ‘verse’, or versatile, instead of just being on the top or the bottom. They were, but it was always nice to be able to switch things around. It kept things always fresh for the two of them.

Aiden sunk down and rolled his hips, making Lucas moan beneath him. The husky always did enjoy that particular move, Lucas thought. It felt amazing for him too. “If you keep doing that,” Lucas panted, “I’m going to cum soon.”

“What’s to say that wasn’t my plan?” Aiden said, taking a few moments to take a deep breath. He kept up his rhythm, slowly bouncing up and down on the fox. Lucas sighed, knowing that his friend was merely teasing him now. Aiden was probably close too.

Sure enough, Aiden tensed his entire body, barely letting out a quiet moan. His ass fluctuated around Lucas, clenching and loosening amazingly in an impossible rhythm. Lucas let out a small growl as the husky stopped, before taking his hips in his hands and forcing him to move. Aiden moaned loudly as Lucas lifted him up and let him drop. It took a few moments before he was able to move on his own again.

The slight pause allowed Lucas to refocus, staying off the urge to fill his friend’s bowels. The effect, however, only prolonged them another minute or two before Aiden tensed again, and this time Lucas thrust upwards, filling Aiden’s ass with his knot, which quickly started to fill with blood.

“Cumming!” Lucas said, thrusting wildly into Aiden. The husky moaned, even as his body refused to cooperate with him.

After a few dozen moments, Lucas sighed and relaxed into the couch again. Aiden sat on top of him, his ass filled with Lucas’ cock and knot. They were both breathing heavily, and they gave each other the satisfied smiles of two people who just had sex.

They hugged each other tightly, and knew that it’d be another several minutes before Lucas’ knot began deflating enough to slip out. “So, still think it’s a bug?” Lucas said quietly.

“Yeah, I do. Any ideas on where the debugger could be?”

“Not a one,” Lucas sighed. He stared into Aiden’s eyes for a long moment. “Something tells me the others aren’t as comfortable with this as we are.”

“No, I don’t think so either. They’re getting over it though. I just hope they don’t lose hope.”