Tails of Alenkas: Episode 16

“Ow…” Lyla said as she struggled to get up. The second she tried a large pain lanced through her, centered on her pussy and…her ass? She winced as she struggled to get up. Her calls apparently woke up Lucas and Aiden, the dog quickly going to the kitchen as Lucas helped her up.

“Right, grab on to me and don’t sit down for a while,” the arctic fox said quietly. It was only once she was standing firm on her own feet that he let go, and Lyla realized that the pain in her ass had actually gone away, or at least wasn’t as terrible as it was when she first woke up.

“Shit…what happened?” Lyla asked. She looked around once she realized she wasn’t in her own apartment. The previous day flashed through her mind, finishing with the impressive achievement of getting cummed in both holes at the same time. Her eyes widened as she remembered the last night.

“That thing you won’t be doing for a long time, that’s what,” Aiden said, tossing a quick bottle over to Lucas. The arctic fox caught it easily, and Lyla tried to follow it to see what it was. Aiden shook his head. “So it was obvious to Lucas last night that you were an anal virgin, so…you’re going to be in pain for a while. Unfortunately,” he continued.

Lyla felt something cold on her tail, and she turned to see Lucas had applied some type of gel onto his hand, and was lifting up her tail. “Stay calm. This’ll help you relax a bit. Don’t be surprised if it stings a bit,” he said, applying some of the gel to her ass. She flinched a bit at the cold but she managed to stay herself.

“I…thank you both, but I need to get back,” Lyla said. She expected some kind of retort, or at least a negative. Instead both of them just gently nodded, and Aiden motioned to Lucas about something. He nodded his head and ran back into what was the bedroom.

“Right. Lucas went back last night for your journal, and we’ll help you get there. Least we can do, considering how much pain we’ve caused you. And will cause you,” Aiden said carefully. Lyla blinked a moment. ‘Oh that’s right…my journal…’ she thought.

“That’s right…” she said quietly.

Aiden continued, as if she hadn’t said anything, “I hope you don’t mind but Aiden and I put our own experiences in there. We’ll also start asking around, seeing if anybody can find anything. We’ve been starting to make a list of people that we meet in Alenkas.”

“A list of people? Why?” Lyla asked. Her mind was firing faster than usual, with thousands of thoughts per second, but she still couldn’t quite think clearly. As if there was something in her head preventing her from understanding what the two males were saying.

“Mostly because of what you said last night. Something strange is in Alenkas, and it affects all of us. Maybe it affects some of us differently. Lucas and I are pretty outgoing, so we’ve met quite a few people already. Maybe one of them knows something,” Aiden said.

“Here we go. I hope you don’t mind if we brought some clothes out too, we just kind of figured that you’d want to cover up,” Lucas said, walking back into the room. Lyla nodded. She had almost forgotten she was still nude, she was so used to it now. But it did seem to get in the way of her thinking, and she idly flipped through her notes.

She could see her own neat handwriting, as well as someone else’s sloppy but still readable versions. That was probably Lucas or Aiden, probably Lucas. Times were there, and there was a section in the back that detailed a bunch of names. Probably the people that Aiden had mentioned they had put in.

“Thanks but…why do all this? You don’t even know me,” Lyla said quietly.

“Lyla, we can tell when something is bothering someone,” Aiden said, grabbing a glass and putting some water in it. “As much as you like to pretend that everything is fine and dandy, it isn’t, and we can tell. We’re not going to pry, though. It’s your business, not ours,” he continued. He slid the glass on the counter over to Lucas, who gave him a heavenly smile.

“We’re all on the same side, Lyla. NuVO, us, Alenkas…we’re testing this system as a whole. Have some faith,” Lucas said, pushing the glass of water into her hands. They closed around the cold almost automatically, and she realized that she was far thirstier than she had any right to be.

“Besides, we haven’t gotten anything meaningful back on those reports yet. The sound team told us they’d tell the right people though,” Aiden said. Lyla quickly looked at him.

“Wait, you’ve gotten stuff back?” she said quietly. Lucas and Aiden looked at each other, confused, before turning back to her and nodding.

“Hadn’t everyone? We all have to fill out those reports right, and we file it to the team that we were on? I mean, that’s what Aiden and I did,” Lucas said. He pointed out to a few pieces of paper stuck on the counter. “We copied ’em too, because you know, paper trail. Despite the fact the world ain’t real, and all that.”

Lyla marched over to their reports, ignoring the burning pain in her ass -which actually was going away, whatever they used they knew their stuff- and looked them over. Similar to hers had been. Name, team, Alenkas date, and noticed bugs. Including in each one was a small area that could be used to describe the bug and explain what was happening up to that point. But there was something off.

Both Lucas and Aiden’s were a single page each, which made sense to her as they were sound designers, and the sound team’s stuff hadn’t broken at all. Although actually, she had no idea which team it’d be. She flipped through her notes again, going to the people section. Sound team, senses team, accounting, art design, weather team, every team that she could think of was there.

“These reports are different,” Lyla said. Hers had her team already stamped on it, but she could tell that Lucas and Aiden had to write it in themselves. Hers had been larger, with far more bug spots. Was that because the reports were modified for each person based on the likelihood of bugs? But that didn’t make any sense, why would each report be individually modified?

“How so? They look exactly like the reports we used to make all the time,” Lucas said.

“You had to write in the team. Why would you have to write in the team? Something isn’t right. Argh, we’re supposed to be testing this and they’re taking so long in getting everything back!” Lyla complained.

Lucas and Aiden just watched her, saying nothing. They said nothing, and did nothing. She could tell they weren’t judging her, just…letting her be. “Didn’t they say that this test would only be three months?” Lucas said, after a moment.

Aiden shook his head, “Three years. Or rather, years to us, months to them.”

“Time dilation. That’s why it was taking so long. That makes sense then,” Lyla said, relaxing her body and posture. She winced a bit as another lance of pain raced through her. ‘Note to self, don’t take a giant knot up the ass without spreading it first,’ she thought.

“Yeah, what is that, twelve to one? I’m sure someone else figured out the math. Maybe we’ll just ask around, see if we can find anyone that knows anything. But as it stands, Lyla, I don’t think anything is truly wrong. I think it’s just a bug,” Lucas said. He rested his hand on her back, and slowly dragged it up and down. He didn’t go any further than her tail, and he didn’t go any more towards her front than her shoulders.

“Here, put something on. Once we get some food we’ll drag you back. Sound alright?” Lucas said. He held out a plain white shirt and some pants. Lyla sighed, before eventually surrendering to the other fox’s innocent charm.

“Fine, I’ll put some clothes on. I thought you liked looking at me though,” Lyla teased. Her mind froze. She wasn’t a tease. ‘God dammit, another lust strike now, of all times!?’ she thought.

Her train of thought was broken as Lucas tossed a shirt onto her head. She shook her head out and watched as the shirt fell onto the floor. “I think there’s-” she started.

A glass of cold water was sprayed onto her, immediately disabusing her of any lust she might’ve had already. She blinked at Aiden, who merely grinned at her. Then a bucket of water was pushed over him from Lucas. “That’s, how we deal with the whole thing. When it comes at times as poor as this one,” Lucas said.

“Cold water works? It didn’t work for me last time,” Lyla said. She remembered feeling it, and stepping into a freezing shower. She ended up masturbating anyways, letting the water flow over her as she furiously worked her hand over her clit.

“Yeah, you can’t pre-empt it. It has to be a surprise. Which reminds me, Lucas-” Aiden said, throwing another cup of cold water directly onto Lucas’ crotch. The fox stilled suddenly, breathing deeply as he shivered for a moment. Slowly, his hardening cock shivered and went back into its warm sheath.

“Couldn’t you have given me some warning!?” Lucas said.

Aiden laughed, a soft light sound that made Lyla wonder why he didn’t laugh more. “No, that would’ve defeated the entire point! Besides, you knew it was coming. Maybe.”

“Until they fix it, at least.”

“Bah, don’t be such a spoilsport. You used a bucket on me,” the husky said. He walked over and quickly sat on the couch, still dripping water from his back and face. Lucas laughed, and joined his friend.

“I’m not sure how I can repay you for all you’ve helped,” Lyla said, pointing to her journal. Already she had a few ideas, and the knowledge that cold water works…or at least helps…could make things a lot easier for the other people of Alenkas.

“Don’t get mad at us? That one works for me,” Lucas said quickly. Lyla chuckled softly. Her ass was going to be sore for a long time, she knew, but…actually…

“I’m not going to get mad. Actually I want you to do it again…” Lyla said. She was in her clear head this time, and though she still felt the lust spikes rising it didn’t seem as urgent as before. She could take her time now. She sat on the coffee table, splaying her legs wide and showing off her pussy. She had to hide her wince, her butt was still rather sore.

“Uh huh. Sure you don’t need some more water?” Aiden said. His and Lucas’ eyes were glued on her face and eyes, although she couldn’t help but notice their growing erections. She shook her head, and quickly leaned forward to put her watering mouth onto Aiden’s cock.

It was freezing cold, but her mouth warmed it up quickly. The husky sighed in pleasure. “I’ll definitely take that as a no…” he said quietly. Lucas chuckled softly, and Lyla felt him pawing around her pussy. She stood up, trying to keep her mouth on Aiden, as she moved over to give easy access to the other fox.

She wrapped her tongue around the hard shaft in her mouth, keeping care to not put any of her teeth on him. She took him as far as she could, only about halfway or so down the dog’s pointed cock. He was leaking pre-cum, a soft salty taste that had a hint of…lemon? That wasn’t weird or anything.

Lyla kept her mouth on Aiden, enjoying the light soft moans of pleasure that emanated from his mouth. She felt Lucas’ cock on her pussy, and she quickly flicked her tail to move him from her wet pussy to her ass. She wanted him in her ass, dammit. Although she did like getting double penetrated yesterday…

She could feel Lucas’ questioning glance at her, and she gave him a half-hearted glare. She was in perfect control of her mental faculties, this time. She wondered if this is what cold water did; it didn’t make it any better but it made it easier to keep control. She’d have to test things out a bit. He shrugged, and suddenly she felt a sudden chill of a different sort on her butt.

“Oh right, should’ve mentioned that. It’s going to be cold…although you already knew that,” Lucas said quietly. Lyla moaned as she felt him spread the lube around, and she had to hide the wince as he carefully inserted a finger into her. Aiden echoed her, feeling her moan around his cock. After a few moments, Lucas apparently decided that it was lubed up enough…and then used a bit more. Finally Lyla was starting to get impatient enough to wrap her tail around the arctic fox and push him closer.

“Haha, fine. You can’t be too careful with anal, you know,” Lucas said. He carefully put his cock at Lyla’s ass, slowly spreading the lube around it. Lyla moaned happily as she lifted her tail up, giving Lucas an amazing view of both her pussy and her ass in the same time.

Lyla felt the other fox go slowly, manuevering his cock around to make penetration easier. She was probably insane for trying to do this, she knew, but she didn’t care. It felt amazing yesterday, and she was a virgin at anal. Then she went and took the fox’s knot. She felt Lucas spread her wide, with just the tip inside.

Aiden had put his hands on her head, but wasn’t trying to fuck her mouth like she thought he was going to do. Instead he slowly guided her up and down, and let her breathe easily. Most of the work was on her part, and Aiden’s hands just guided her as she went down on his cock.

Lyla’s legs had to still themselves multiple times. She was stretched amazingly wide in her ass, as Lucas slowly penetrated her. She clenched down on him a lot, and was surprised to find that there was little to no pain anymore. She moaned with a sigh on Aiden’s cock when she felt Lucas bottom out, inside her as deep as he could go. He gripped her hips, and slowly pushed himself out.

Then fucked himself back in, and Lyla couldn’t help but moan loudly, taking her mouth off of Aiden for the first time. She arched her back, and drove herself back into Lucas. “Woah, hey take it slow! You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep doing that. Anal is different from vaginal, you know?” Lucas said quickly.

Truthfully, Lyla did know. She just didn’t care as she went onto her knees and jammed Lucas’ cock inside her tight ass. Aiden sat and watched as the red fox fucked the arctic in front of him. “Fuck you’re tight…” Lucas said. Lyla said nothing except moaned louder as she got more of Lucas inside her. “Although, I think my friend wants a bit of you too,” Lucas said, pointing out to Lyla the husky in front of her.

“Right…sorry…” she muttered as she went back onto her hands and knees. She worshipped Aiden’s cock with her mouth, slowly licking from the base to the tip and back. Lucas continued to drive himself into her, slow thrusts that never picked up speed, Lyla doing most of that work for him.

She tongued Aiden’s tip, and gave a nice healthy suck onto him. He moaned loudly. “If you keep that up I’m going to blow,” Aiden warned. Lyla pretended not to hear him as she shoved herself back onto Lucas. A cock in her mouth and in her ass…Alenkas Lyla was happy.

She clenched her ass down on Lucas’ cock again, and he made a pained sound that was as if he was trying to hold back. She licked Aiden’s spot again, getting a nice moan out of him as she breathed out, “Cum inside, please! Fuck me!”

Lucas got the message and finally started to thrust himself faster and harder into her. With each one Lyla moaned louder, getting more of the pleasured sounds out of Aiden. The husky gripped Lyla’s ears and shut his eyes tight. “Cumming!” he said, holding her in place with an easy grip, in case she didn’t want it in her mouth.

Lyla stayed there, kept fucking herself back onto Lucas’ cock, letting Aiden explode into her mouth. She kept most of her mouth on him, occasionally tickling his cock with her tongue as his seed came from the tip. He was slightly sweet, and kind of watery. Truthfully, he tasted kind of like a berry, which was a big surprise to Lyla.

She then felt Lucas bury himself as deep as he could go, his knot having expanded entirely. She felt his cock pulsate inside of her ass, and the feeling of the two cocks inside her cumming at once, with one in her ass, triggered her own orgasm.

She moaned around Aiden’s cock, before finally taking him off of her mouth. Her orgasm took a while to die down, and she moaned softly every time she felt Lucas cum inside her ass more. Truthfully, she felt better than she ever had, just a little tired, and it was a lot better than most of the other orgasms she had had in Alenkas.

“That was…nice…” she muttered quietly.

“Rest up. Once you’re up again we’ll head back to your apartment. We’ll keep an eye out, Lyla,” one of the two said. She couldn’t tell which, and she fell asleep into the comfortable couch with the feeling still of Lucas cumming inside her ass.